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Sorry, we had a family emergency last night and my heart was no longer in looking for and posting chapters.  The situation is good now and we are waiting for news for what caused it.  So, for those ladies on Facebook who offered prayers for a good resolution, while not knowing what is going on, thank you.

Now, to the second story I posted yesterday.

If you want to go back and read from the beginning, well you have two choices.  There is the beginning of the series:

Then there is the beginning of this part of the story:

There will be at least one more chapter updated on a story for the ladies in Facebook, and 2 more for you guys who are not followers of the Group.

When They Come For Me…

When They Come For Me…

I will be in bed wishing that I was better.

Seriously, this stuff gotta end, but there is not much hope of that.

The good news?  The title is the name of the new Revelations chapter.  Not is the song that it came from one of my favorites, it also made imagery come alive, making this chapter one of my favorites.

Now the bad news?  One, the pics I originally had for this are as lost as the bathroom one for Teashop.  I looked, but nada.  I can’t even remember how I found them, but they were of a balcony looking over the city, but you really didn’t see any city details.  And it was a railing as if made out of wood, but stone.  Think Rivendell for the interior of the Kingdom of Knights.  Then add in some nice stonework to support everything, and you have it.

The other bad news is the insomnia, being sick and so on is hitting me and has been hitting hard.  Part of it is the heat.  According to the people who do the warranty, our AC is fine.  To us?  80+ degrees in the house is too hot.  But because it is under the 20 degrees under the heat index, it is fine.  Yeah… No.  Along with this is the fact I feel like crap, so I don’t want to get out of bed most days.  The other is that I want to kill animals since they decide that 8 am (after I go to bed a 5am) is a great time to come meowing, or commence barking under the house.  Right underneath my bedroom in fact.

But I did learn some stuff and found out new features on my Photoshop to help with pics.  I am nowhere done, but I am working on it.

I did come up with a new idea for the writing challenge.  Thank you IMDB for a name of a set of photos.  It made it all work.

I received the files, and there are some really awesome stories.  I will be working on them tonight, hopefully if my body agrees.

Though, I have found out I suck at first person shooter games.  My hubby can tell you how I killed 5 people to his 25.  In fact, I personally killed him 1 time. After the second time, he shot up my backup.  Seems I cannot control the aiming thing very well.

Ok not at all.

I’ll stick to my RPG games thanks.

So here is the chapter, hope you enjoy it.  I am going to try to eat, and see if I can take a nap or something so I can work tonight.




Many Revelations Today!

Many Revelations Today!


First off, Thanks to everyone who voted in the Better In Texas Awards!  I won the following Awards:

2ndKittyinaz - Crossover and Crossing The Fine Line 3rdKittyinaz Favorite Fandom Story - This is not the Beginning, this is not the End

Either banner will take you to the Better In Texas Site.

This week is going to be short.  I have a busy day here, Stormy is off getting fixed so that we have no worries about kittens, as well as being microchipped so we can find her again.  I also have my Grandma to take to the Doctors.

Because of Stormy being fixed, it might be a couple of days before I am back online.  I have to keep her in the bedroom to try to limit the access of the pets to her.  Not fun.  She is very loud when she is wanting out of the rooms.  I only have to try to keep from jumping for 2 days, then she can only do small jumps.

I think the comment issue is fixed, but anytime you have issues with the site, the kittyinazsbetas@gmail.com is monitored often.  We are working on a form to add to the bottom of the site for you to fill out also.

Other than that, I think that is everything.  Enjoy the Revelations chapter!

Revelations 12 1


More Revelations!

More Revelations!

Revelations 11 1

I know, you wanted more Clocks, but I don’t have a lot of those chapters.  I do however have lots of Revelations.  So I am dribbling out the Clocks chapters between them.

And for those that have never heard or read this story, let me tell you about Revelations.  It came about since I rewrote the show Alice (by Syfy).  It was my first Fanfic.  Later I went back with a lady and we redid the chapters to allow them to flow better.  It was bad in the past.  It features my first Lemon that I go back and laugh at.  I was so freaking nervous.  But I finished it, and couldn’t help myself, started this sequel. Which brings in MORE than the first time, Alice in Wonderland (2010).  If you like the books, as well as the movie, you might want to give this a try.  Click on the banner below to go to Alice and Hatter which starts this off.  And since I rewrote the movie, (Alice Syfy) you really don’t need to watch the movie.  But then you miss out on Andrew Lee Potts.  He makes this movie.

Alice and Hatter

(PS: Banner credit is not mine, but MissRon80!) (more…)

It is Official!

It is Official!


One, that I really have to thank whoever it is nominating my stories and banners for the BIT awards.  Holy Cow!!!!!!!!

Two, that I AM working on In The End.  I am currently time lining it as well as True Blood for Season 1 & 2.  Seems I like rewriting them.  Wonder why?

I am planning to not only finish it, but work on a bunch of stories that need to be finished.  The ones that are up for consideration are:

In The End 1

Revelations 1

What If 1

Heavenly 1b


Path of Stars 1

Wisdom 1

Tin Man 2

This is NOT a Promise that these will be worked on, or finished.  But I want some of these older ones gone to make room in my head for others.  And yes, all the banners are links to their stories. I will be continuing to publish on Mondays (or Tuesdays if it happens) and I will be pushing to publish on other sites about that time also.

For now, I am getting my ducks in a row, as well as asking for help on translations.  German is taken care of.  Now for the rest….

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