Down to the Line!

Down to the Line!

Outlaws and Angels 2b

This is it, folks.  You have 9 hours to get those entries in unless you have talked to me about an extension.  And you still even have time to contact me about them!  And don’t forget to pick up your Participation Banner!!!  It’s in the page, that is linked to the above banner.

Also…  Once those entries are in, you have limited time on the site…


See we are doing what I suggested before… We are moving hosts.  We had Blue Host but got insider information, so our wonderful Robin aka 4Padfoot went out and has snagged us a shiny new host.  I am going to make sure all the other sites are updated to not make it where you have any interruptions in reading.  I am on: Better In Texas, FictionPad, A03, TWCS, Fanfiction Affliction and Fanfiction (but not really). My name is the same on every site.

What does this mean?  This means Thursday night, the site will go down as we move the site over to the new host.  I say we, but it is really Robin who will be doing it.  I will assist her in any way I can, but there is not much on my end.  I am the writer, banner making sometimes and someone who is working her way through how to do things on the site.  Heck, I am happy how to figure out how to add things to the site, though Robin has to go behind me and make sure everything is ok.

She is awesome!




I admit, time slipped through my hands, so the next thing I am doing after hitting publish is going to put in my nominations!  Are you going to join me?

October 2016 1

Also, there is the new contest.  I am excited about this, the possibilities are endless.  A crossover is your only restriction.  And then I gave you some hints courtesy of BuzzFeed.  I would love to drop on that post, and tell the lady who compiled all that, there are some answers to her requests!

TexanLady 1

I just did this interview over at the Non-Canon Awards!!!

About me – I have stated that for now I am only editing chapters for fanfiction, (I have 30+ on Sacred alone!) and until I am done, I will be doing on that as I work on writing the Original Fiction.  I have only months left to get that done. If I don’t then Fanfiction will be dropped to push through the dream of working through writing.  So please, no demanding comments that I have to finish stuff.  I want to finish stuff, I really do. The muse goes where it wants, and do you really want lackluster chapters?  Written for the purpose of only giving you chapters and no meat in it?  Why?

For those that ask about When I Pretend… All I can tell you, is that Every Dark Night has made it hard for me to continue with the plans for What If. I am having to shit that story cause I can no longer write Alice the way I saw her when I first wrote her.  Also, I wrote that one in the midst of losing my job, sick and barely able to leave the house.  To say I was depressed to one of the furthest reaches I have gotten is not far off the mark.  I have struggled with it, and am bringing it out of the darkness it resided in.  I have more to write on it, just haven’t got there yet.

However, When I Pretend is going to be worse on Alice and Edward if not the rest of the Cullens.  I cannot write and finish What If if I work on that one too much.  That is not fair to that story.  I had warned people from the beginning that I wrote When I Pretend to some requests of fans, even though I had not written much beyond the first couple of chapters.  It was in the section for pending stories and never meant to be more than that.

Now, the people who follow me here and talk to me through here, have not been as pushy as others in the other sites.  But there are a few who do it here as well.  All I have to say is that telling me to write on a story or else is not the way to get me to work on it.  If anything it makes me mad and I could work on it, but never release a chapter, cause why should I?  To have you get hateful when I go to others?

So let me go where I want.  I will ALWAYS finish stories.  Never giving up on any of them.  I am going to work on reposting Tea Shoppe for Twilight and Alice fandoms here when I get a breather.  I have no beta for it, but I have people asking for it.  While I can add it to the Universe I am building, I figure why do that when you guys want it so much?  I never thought the story would be liked as much as it ahs been.  Shocker to me.

I am off to post some chapters to the other sites, then go back to working on my original Fiction.  I have a chapter of In The End and Our Road is Long out to betas.  They have real lives as well, so give us all a break.  I know there are stories out there you want, but some of them are waiting for real life issues, and I rather give my betas all the support through their real life issues than demand chapters from them.

Can’t you do the same for us?


New When I Pretend Chapter!


Only one chapter left on my bargain, and that is with the Beta.  And yep, lemons are included for your reading pleasure!

Many thanks to thewriteashley for her help!!! Through thick and thin, through problems no one could have predicted, she came through!!! I just now have to write for her when I get done with Tea Shoppe.  LOL  I gotta stop making bargains!

An update where I am on my vacation.  I have added the one shot into it’s place in Tea Shoppe and I just finished Chapter 21.  I have 10 more chapters (Since the last chapter had been beta’d when I did it) to edit.  Then I will end the story!  Not in one chapter.  I have much more to write, and I will be strictly writing on this one.  Once done, I will take a break from it and catch up more chapters on the other stories and send them off to Beta’s.  For them to do as they wish, but no more than once a week.  Then I will working on What If, getting that one done.  Then back to Writing, then to editing and be set up for my weekly updates again.

It may take awhile, and as you can tell, I am not planning to go the entire time without no updates, if this isn’t a clue that I can be bargained into chapters.  You just have to find authors I am waiting for updates and talk them into bargaining with me.

Hopefully I will see you guys soon.  Flu had made me miss a couple of days (okay a lot of days) and somehow, one of my Betas and I get sick with each other.  I am not sure how that is fair since there is one of me and many of them.  But it happens.  And this is why they wanted me to take a vacation from the high pressure I was putting myself on to get you guys chapters.

Enjoy the chapter!


New Chapter of When!

Jasper 13

Another update!!!

And this one has been up for awhile, and the most awesome thewriteashley posted it for us on Facebook!  And she did it even after she updated my new favorite story Thirsty For Your Love.  (Bella/Damon) if you haven’t checked it out yet, click on her name in the Beta box, and it will take you to her WordPress site.

I am off to update this in all the sites, have fun reading!!



New chapter of When!


The Next chapter of When is up and ready for your perusal.  Warning.  THIS IS NOT A CHILD SAFE CHAPTER.  THIS IS NOT WORK SAFE.  This is bluntly, a lemony chapter and the mating.

Thanks to my beta who is awesome!! thewriteashley (Look at the beta listing, she is on there!) and you can read her stories!! I am hooked on her Damon/Bella one.

Also.  My facebook group has been aware of this chapter since I am not feeling it today to be online.  I got on to give notice, but you could have been already reading this if you were a follower!  As it is, FanFiction is getting a SHORT chapter, and this is the only version of the full lemon that will be posted.



Chapter 2 of When is up!

2012 04 24_0676

Many, many thanks to TheWriteAshley for her Betaing this story. Otherwise it would still be in the possible stories section.

Also, please check out my beta’s on the side.  Their names are linked to their sites, and so many of them are writing!! They are freaking awesome!! I can’t write and beta.  But they give their time to let me bounce ideas on, help me manage the Facebook Group and beta chapters for me.  I love their stories and will be promoting them!!!

Warning, this story is me trying to let go of some of the filters I have.  So it is NOT safe for Children under 17.  This site will be the uncensored version, and the pics I have are not explicit, but they are suggestive.  If this bugs you, please do not read! There is cussing, there will be sex (As early as the next chapter and there is a lime in this one).  I don’t want to have to lock the story out and only those who have the password can get it, so lets all be adults.

Enjoy the story, and remember, Today is Wednesday, the official day I allow the Beta’s to hit publish on their stories for the new week.  As usual, when Publish is hit and before I do my stuff, the Facebook Group is notified with links to the new chapter first.  All are welcome to the group!

All stories but What If (who’s beta is on vacation (which I am jealous of!), Revelations (Which I will be working on here shortly) and Once (who is a totally different kettle of onions!!!) are with the Beta’s.  I know ED is ready and waiting for me to get done doing my parts!


New Story!

Jasper 2

Yes, along with all the updates I have given you today, you also have a new story! Twilight And a Jasper and Bella Fic.  This one I am going to try to write without censoring myself.  Warning!!!  Click the picture to be taken to the Title Page.  There you will find the link to the first chapter, along with the Song list and Character List.

Description: Blood is spilled, and instead of James losing his life, a mate is found and the world is in a world of hurt.  The God of War is about to give lessons on why leaving him and his alone is a good idea.

Rated M for a reason folks. This will be heavily edited for and the only uncensored version will be here.

This is called When I Pretend.  It was in that Possible stories for the future.  And the most voted on to be continued.  When thewriteashley came onboard, well Twilighted Tea Shoppe is really another eye to make sure I made the changes it needed to fit in the Twilight world.  In the Beta chatroom a begging came about to have her do When I Pretend.  She read it.. and waffled… and chose it.  I then asked if she wants, she could have Twilighted Tea Shoppe.  She said yes.  And it began…

So… In The End is updated, along with: Tin Man, ED, You’re Twilighted Tea Shoppe.  Revelations is tomorrow.  Tea Shoppe is with the Beta.  Once is getting ready to be published here soon, What If needs to be finished.  That’s ALL of them folks.  Seriously.  10 fics and most of them updated this past week.  (today a lot of them!)  So forgive me when I say, after tomorrow, I will be lost in a writing haze.  Yes actually writing new stuff!!!

Enjoy the new Story!


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