Played by Susan Sarandon

Full Name:    Esme Temple

Nickname(s):   Ma

First Appears in: Tea Shoppe

Subsequent Appearances:



Place of Birth:  England

Previous City:

Date of Birth:  10/4/73

Height:    5’7″

Hair Color:     Red

Eye Color:   Light Brown

Build:  Average

God Associated with:

Significant Other:     Carlisle Temple

Parents:    –

Siblings:  –

Children:    Hatter/David

Best Friends:    –

Enemies:  Jack Heart

Tattoos:   –

Scars:    –

Favorite Pastime:    Making tea

Mode of Transportation:    Cars

Weapon of Choice:   Mind

Pets:    –

Best Childhood memory:    –

Worst Childhood memory: –

Best Teen Memory:    –

Best Adult Memory:    –

Favorite Scent:   Scents of tea, depending on her mood

What’s your Favorite movie of all time?     Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?     Visit David

How do you spend your day?     working

Nights?    With Carlisle

What is your life aspiration? To be happy


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