Played by Andrew Lee Potts

Full Name:    David Christopher Temple

Nickname(s):    Hatter

First Appears in: Tea Shoppe

Subsequent Appearances:

Job:  DJ, music mixologist, wealthy entrepreneur

Ability: Prodigy with electronics, genius

Place of Birth:  Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

Previous City:

Date of Birth: 10/29/89

Height:   5’9″

Hair Color:    Dark Brown

Eye Color:   Dark Brown

Build:  Athletic

God Associated with:   n/a

Significant Other:   Alice Hamilton

Parents:    Carlisle and Esme Temple

Siblings:  n/a

Children:    n/a

Best Friends:    At beginning?  N/A

Enemies:  Jack Heart

Tattoos:   N/A

Scars:    n/a

Favorite Pastime:    Dj, inventing new toys

Mode of Transportation:    Corvette

Weapon of Choice:   His fist

Pets:    n/a

Best Childhood memory:    Being adopted by his father

Worst Childhood memory: When his mum told him lies about his father

Best Teen Memory:    Jack Heart, meeting him

Best Adult Memory:    When he betrayed Hatter

Favorite Scent:

What’s your Favorite movie of all time?     Godfather

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?     Home

How do you spend your day?     Working, being with Alice

Nights?    Alice

What is your life aspiration? To have a family with Alice