Played by Philip Winchester

Full Name:    Jack Heart


First Appears in: Tea Shoppe

Subsequent Appearances: –

Job: Criminal

Ability: smart Genius level

Place of Birth:  England

Previous City: England

Date of Birth:    03/24/81

Height:    6’2″

Hair Color:     Light Brown

Eye Color:   blue

Build:  Athletic

God Associated with:   –

Significant Other:     –

Parents:    –

Siblings:  –

Children:    –

Best Friends:    –

Enemies:  Hatter/David

Tattoos:   –

Scars:    –

Favorite Pastime:    –

Mode of Transportation:    Car

Weapon of Choice:   Gun

Pets:    –

Best Childhood memory:    –

Worst Childhood memory: –

Best Teen Memory:    –

Best Adult Memory:    –

Favorite Scent:

What’s your Favorite movie of all time?

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?     –

How do you spend your day?     –

Nights?    –

What is your life aspiration? To own Alice


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