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All my stories are written to song. I own nothing.

Chapter 1: A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay 

Chapter 2: Undertow (feat. the Fray & Esthero) by Timbaland

Chapter 3: Aftermath by Lifehouse

Chapter 4: Counting Stars by OneRepublic

Chapter 5: Believer by American Authors

Chapter 6: Stateless by Lovelife

Chapter 7: Gotta Be Tonight by Lifehouse

Chapter 8: Beauty of the Unhidden Heart (feat Sister Crayon) by the Glitch Mob

Chapter 9: Rise Above It by Switchfoot

Chapter 10: Nothing Left to Say/Rocks by Imagine Dragons

Chapter 11: This Life (Radio Mix) by Josef Salvat

Chapter 12 Aviation High by Semi Precious Weapons

Chapter 13: The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars


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