The Suitor Discussion

This is going to be a page for one thing, and one thing only.  For you guys to voice your opinions on the Suitors for Bella.  I am starting the Banner off with the three we have met so far.  There will be ones you will add and take off.  The Facebook group has the thread and they will more than likely add to the chit chat.

Have fun, and nothing mean.  Anything that is NOT about the suitors (Aka story requests for updates) will be removed.




Revision 1.  Added Dobby per motion by Facebook Group.

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  1. goddessnyte22

    my votes are for lucious malfoy or snape. sry not a good speller at 6am my time.

    • Kittyinaz

      No problem!!! I am excited you are!!! The group has made a lot of revisions to the banner, and I will be updating it once I start the chapters here!!! I hope everyone will enjoy the mysteries!

  2. geenakmom

    I’ll love whomever you put Bella with but my vote is for Sirius.

  3. deltagrl

    Any of then would be good, but I think Sirius would be great.

  4. wolfblood14

    i vote Sirius

  5. Rebecca


  6. Amanda

    hmm I think Lucius or Sirius

  7. vikinglass26

    I would like either Lucius or Sirius, but Lucius is my 1st choice.

  8. goddessnyte22

    i didn’t know the other guy was sirius. nice then i change my vote to number 1 choice: luscious malfoy. 2. sirius. 3. snape. i switch snap to last because it would be weird considering he was in love with Lilly. and bella would probably question if he truly loved her or because she looked a bit like Lilly. would make for good angst tho lol 😀

  9. Rebecca

    Lol dobby but no my vote is for sirius

  10. Kim

    I vote Sirius Black all the way

  11. LennyY

    Sirius Black first then Lucius then Doby then Snape, mostly because I feel that it would be awkward if Snape loved Lily than went after Bella, but the again if you make it where Snape loved bellainstead of Lily then it would be simpatico

  12. jlynnk93

    My votes would probably have to be

    2. Severus (like others have mentioned if you use him make it where he loved Lily has friend/sister not lover or it may be kinda weird.)
    3. Lucius

  13. Shauneen Donnelly (@Charmed2100)

    My vote is for either Lucius or Severus because I think that they are two of the most severely under-used characters in HP. I also think that they are the most under-estimated as well. Severus and Lucius will do anthing for the ones they love e.g. Severus protecting Harry for years after Lily died and Lucius will do anthing to protect his family. Love this story so far. Can’t wait to see who you have picked for her suitor.

  14. Melissa Murray

    My vote would be

    1. Severus
    2. Sirius
    3. Lucius

    I am really hoping Severus and Bella get together. BTW LOVE this story cant wait for more.


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