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2017 Christmas Writing Challenge

Yep, it's that time already.  I know I am running late, but RL has been a real pain this year. I went back to the prompts since it is what I promised.  As it stands, these are the 10 for this year.  And I did throw one in there that made me laugh.  If you guys can...

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I am an Idiot.

Seriously. See, my desktop is my main computer.  It crashed on me, and after trying multiple times to make it work again, I walked away from it.  I used my laptop to work on things for the contest, such as the few posts.   Everything else was done before the stupid...

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And the Contest is on!!!

I know... I am late.  But RL has not been kind to either Robin nor I. Stuff happens, life goes on. But we have LOTS of entries, enough to make me think I may do this next year with a different theme. Now here is the idea.  You vote for your favorite banner.  You can...

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The banner contest seems to be a hit!! I have received multiple entries, and can't wait to show you guys the amazing artwork! You still have time to get your entries in!!  I have a class tomorrow, as well going to be busy the rest of the day and Saturday, so you can...

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