Andrea Larson

Andrea Larson

Vika (Victoria) Levina aka Andrea Larson

Name: Andrea Larson, (Drea or Andy) Age: 17 Species: ?? Other Half: Jason Smith

Bio: Andrea had moved many times in her life.  She had lived in Houston area since she had to leave Pittsburgh due to the Steel Mills shutting down.  She had shuttled between schools, then later when her parents split, she had been told to move to Galveston which was not good for her with the schools she had gone too.  School Rivalry huge in the deep South.

She had come to Tucson, basically tired and withdrawn.  That is until she met Jason.  He challenges her, and she comes to relish times they compete.  Jason moved himself into her classes that he cared to be in.  She tested so high she was in College level classes.  She thinks in math terms almost all the time.  Anything like Computer skills, Accounting or even memorizing the engineering information for her best friends father is a walk in the park.  She is very insecure, her family having stripped it from her.  She talks with Jason a lot as friends, they have discussed everything from news to their futures, including her wish for many children.







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