Jason Smith

Josh Kloss 4

Jason Smith

Josh Kloss aka Jason Smith


Name: Jason Lee Smith. Age: 18 Species: ?? Other Half: Andrea Larson

Bio: Jason had been a laidback teenager coasting through life. He is a natural leader, and alpha male.  He had a trust fund and a company from his biological parents. He lives with very little input from his adopted parents. He also has many connections that give him what he requests, often far ahead of technology of the times. He is very loyal to his friends, but had become bored and lazy. He was at one time a playboy.

He tested way above normal, was considered a genius in all levels, however he never applied himself. Not until the day he met his Andrea. She challenges him, and he does anything and everything to prove himself to her. He is the undisputed leader of their group though he often doesn’t accept the mantel at first, and is planning to marry his Drea as soon as she accepts him. He looks forward to their future, imagining them running his company, along with having many children as his Drea wishes for.

Played by: Josh Kloss










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