Kelly Thorpe


Kelly Thorpe

Allison Mack aka Kelly Thorpe

Name: Kelly Thorpe. Age: 17 Species: Human Other Half: Sean McMillian

Bio: Kelly had been the typical rich girl being spoiled.  She had been bored not finding anyone who could be her friends for the right reason.  She ended up forging ID’s to get in with the crowd who partied and be trusted.  Luckily for her, She found Andy before she could be caught.

Kelly’s ID’s were works of art, and still are.  There are no difference in them from the real things.  She got paid top dollar.  But once she met Andy, That all changed.  Andy didn’t want her money, she didn’t want her connections, all she wanted is to be friends with the funny blonde.  And instead they became sisters.  Kelly’s parents soon fell in love with Andy and remade a suit of rooms to allow Andy to stay more often. Then they met the rest of the gang, and that changed everything.  Parties were fun to have, everyone pitched in to make it cost effective.  But at the same time, they loved all the time that the gang came over just to talk.  Kelly soon caught the interest of Sean, and they took their relationship slowly, until it was obvious to everyone.

Played by: Allison Mack







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