Sean McMillian


Luke Mitchell aka Sean McMillian

Name: Sean McMillian, Age: 24 Species: Human Other Half: Kelly Thorpe

Bio: Sean is an Air Force Brat.  He has moved as many times as Andrea as his family moves from base to base. He had developed a love for genetics, they seem to be a great question of what is out there.  For him, he finds them easier than most. He had been in his senior year when he met Andrea.  He had to take a health class that he had somehow missed all this time, and he has never regretted it.

Over time, he has been very close to Andy, her mind amazes him as well as how she has opened up under the loving care from the group.  He knew Jason from rumors, but seeing the so called playboy fall so hard for the tiny girl had made him laugh.  Since then, Jason and Sean have become close.  Sean is also responsible for the group to get the credits for the college level classes they are going through.  He has also, over time become very fond of Andy’s best friend, Kelly.  He is the leader of those who have stayed around the group after graduation.  He is also the one who the group turns to with medical issues.  His calm demeanor is often a lie, hiding a mischievousness that is equally matched by Jason often.  And even though he is older, he and the rest of his group fall under Jason’s leadership.

Played by: Luke Mitchell

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