Origins 1

The Creator, the All Being, looked about the space around him.
He was lonely.
He made a decision, and then came the cosmos expanding, life all around him and he was no longer lonely.
He found one planet, and decided that unlike others, he will give the beings free will.
Then he moved on to see what else he had brought about with his decision.
Unfortunately, he was called back to the planet that he had given the blessing of free will, and saw that the creatures there are now gone. A happenchance had happened, and the life on the planet was teetering on becoming nothing.
Wanting his idea to be fulfilled, he made the changes, while mourning the loss of the giants that had walked the world. But he decided to put into place some stopgap measures to make sure the species coming would have more of a chance to survive.
He made four underlings, one of Fire, one of Earth, one of Water and one of Air. He gave them the power to watch out for the species coming to the earth, and made sure they acknowledged their powers of free will.
Unknown to them all, he also put a fifth power to watch over them all in place, one that can reach out and notify him if need be. He named this one Fate, and told the others that it would be the one to ask if they need guidance.
Then he left.
The four beings, most being kind, invited Fate to their meetings to find out what is going to happen. What they will do.
At first, it was a time of ease for them, for them to find their powers, and what they are. Two fell in love, and once they admitted it and went to Fate, did she acknowledge they are true Mates. They were thrilled at the news, and after thanking her, left to tell the others.
Neither noticed the tear that rolled out of the eye of Fate, knowing this was the start of the end.
As the population of humans rose, the four gods found themselves stretched thin, and went to Fate to find a solution. After much discussions, they determined that they will make minions, that would be completely under their control to make sure none acted out.
The idea was great, but the gift of Free Will extended to every being on the planet.
For a while, there was pantheons of God’s, most of them coming to be called Wish Demons. But after the betrayal of the Wish Demons, they were killed until there was only one left.
This demon was of Earth’s creation, and served his Master lovingly. He was the only Demon that Earth had made, and to be fair, he was often too busy to listen to his brethren. But Earth was kind, and made sure he had freedoms that the others also didn’t enjoy in reward for the Demon’s help.
For this, he lived when others died, and faded into legend.
For the All Being came back to look over his world.
He was not pleased with what he saw and with the power of Water, caused the world to be remade rewarding the one family that had stuck true to their stories.
The others had too much evil in their hearts, instigated by the Wish Demons who wanted the power of the Four.
All Father also showed them the power that their Wish Demons wrought on the world. For because they had been there, others would appear. Including a lesser breed of the Demons.
He stayed for a while to help them when the others came about. He was watching, and then became proud of his underlings, for as each type came about, they were more attuned to one type of element than another.
Nuada took what would be called the Fae. He became their God, as well as their leader. He had not wanted either, only wanted to protect them, but after a nasty battle, they had declared him the only one that can lead them. After speaking with the Father, he soon took them to his pocket universe and ruled them there.
Freya took the Angels, aka Seraphim. She lead them to their new lands, and from there, they all worked to make the life of Mortals better.
Hades watched, and when the new Demons came about, he took them. They were closely allied with Earth, and with having the only original Wish Demon left, he felt a kindred with them. These were not the demons that modern times had come up with, they looked like humans, but were not.
Namu left and went on her way, only she and the All Father knew who she claimed of the beings that came.
Many died out, too aggressive to live in the new world that came about. But many allied themselves with the races who had been blessed to have a god looking over them, and came to live with those races.
Then came the time when the All Father left, and Jealousy struck as Fate had seen it do all that time ago.
On the way to Nuada’s Freya, was taken.
The Goddess of Fire and God of Air, were cursed to never find each other until the fated three came.
This was told to them when the three of the Gods came to Fate to find what could be done to save Freya. They had been told that there will be only once they will be allowed to be on Earth as themselves, and that will be have the Child from each that would bring about the Fated Three.
Until then, they can only be on Earth as shadows, or in their Avatars.
Nuada spends most of the time on Earth at the beginning as his wolf. He searched the world for the woman he loves, never stopping until Hades brought him to his senses. Only then did he take a hiatus in searching for his mate, only to concentrate on finding someone to be his Heir.
After much searching, he fell in love with a Fae, and with her sired his Heir. He loved the female child more than anyone even Freya.
At the same time, Hades also found a woman in his wonderings and got her with child. To both of their joy, the children met, and fell in love with each other, only to be verified through Fate that they are Fated Mates.
The celebrations were immense, but jealousy came into play once again, and the Heir of Air was taken.
Immediately, Earth and Air banded together to gain their Heirs back, but sadly, by the time they came to the Heir of Air, she was nothing but her soul left. In rage, Nuada struck the ones responsible, and took his child away.
Earth came back to find his own child withering with the pain of being separated from his mate. With heavy Heart, Hades took his child and went to his domain, and eventually gave his child a large part of his heritage to help him.
Then sadly, when that didn’t help, he allowed him back on Earth, but took away his memory of what caused him so much pain.
As the child of Earth, he was thought to be a Demon, but he was more powerful than any other.
He roamed the Earth and finally in a forgotten place in Egypt, he found a call to his soul that helped some of the pain he felt. He answered it, finding a man whose fair skin could not stand the scorching sun. His fair coloring heralded him from being from the far North, but the slave collar on his throat told so much more.
When the man tried to stand to fight him, he found what else had encouraged the Egyptians who looked for the unusual to purchase this man. His height and sheer masculine beauty. The part that had him ready to die from beatings is the sheer pride and strength found in his eyes and body.
This man is far from being beaten. With that in mind, he offered him a chance of life, but at his side for eternity.
The man accepted, and that began millenniums of their being comrades in arms, and more.
Later in life, people started to call him a North Man, Norseman and so on. They allowed them to underestimate him, and played up the story. Never telling how old either were really.
Then came whispers of a prophecy.
A Prophecy of the Three.
It had been whispered about for thousands of years, until one night, an elder told it to the youngest, and passed the parchment that contained the words. A wisp of wind came and damaged the paper in the fire and then it flew out of the tent. When retrieved, it said something about the Fated Three Mates.
That started the hunting.
Fate had put into effect three mates many times, and this time was no different. She watched with sad eyes as the ones that were to help the world, fell to pain and deceit. Even the supernatural ones she watched over fell to the same lies.
Only thing that happened was the last Heir was born during this time.
The board was set.
Events started to pick up, readying themselves for the end games.
For the date has been set.
The world would know the ending of what they know.
December 21, 2012.

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