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Josh Kloss 4

Josh Kloss aka Jason Smith


Name: Jason Lee Smith. Age: 18 Species: ?? Other Half: Andrea Larson

Bio: Jason had been a laidback teenager coasting through life. He is a natural leader, and alpha male.  He had a trust fund and a company from his biological parents. He lives with very little input from his adopted parents. He also has many connections that give him what he requests, often far ahead of technology of the times. He is very loyal to his friends, but had become bored and lazy. He was at one time a playboy.

He tested way above normal, was considered a genius in all levels, however he never applied himself. Not until the day he met his Andrea. She challenges him, and he does anything and everything to prove himself to her. He is the undisputed leader of their group though he often doesn’t accept the mantel at first, and is planning to marry his Drea as soon as she accepts him. He looks forward to their future, imagining them running his company, along with having many children as his Drea wishes for.

Played by: Josh Kloss

Vika Levina 2

Vika (Victoria) Levina aka Andrea Larson

Name: Andrea Larson, (Drea or Andy) Age: 17 Species: ?? Other Half: Jason Smith

Bio: Andrea had moved many times in her life.  She had lived in Houston area since she had to leave Pittsburgh due to the Steel Mills shutting down.  She had shuttled between schools, then later when her parents split, she had been told to move to Galveston which was not good for her with the schools she had gone too.  School Rivalry huge in the deep South.

She had come to Tucson, basically tired and withdrawn.  That is until she met Jason.  He challenges her, and she comes to relish times they compete.  Jason moved himself into her classes that he cared to be in.  She tested so high she was in College level classes.  She thinks in math terms almost all the time.  Anything like Computer skills, Accounting or even memorizing the engineering information for her best friends father is a walk in the park.  She is very insecure, her family having stripped it from her.  She talks with Jason a lot as friends, they have discussed everything from news to their futures, including her wish for many children.

Played by: Victoria (Vika) Levina


Allison Mack aka Kelly Thorpe

Name: Kelly Thorpe. Age: 17 Species: Human Other Half: Sean McMillian

Bio: Kelly had been the typical rich girl being spoiled.  She had been bored not finding anyone who could be her friends for the right reason.  She ended up forging ID’s to get in with the crowd who partied and be trusted.  Luckily for her, She found Andy before she could be caught.

Kelly’s ID’s were works of art, and still are.  There are no difference in them from the real things.  She got paid top dollar.  But once she met Andy, That all changed.  Andy didn’t want her money, she didn’t want her connections, all she wanted is to be friends with the funny blonde.  And instead they became sisters.  Kelly’s parents soon fell in love with Andy and remade a suit of rooms to allow Andy to stay more often. Then they met the rest of the gang, and that changed everything.  Parties were fun to have, everyone pitched in to make it cost effective.  But at the same time, they loved all the time that the gang came over just to talk.  Kelly soon caught the interest of Sean, and they took their relationship slowly, until it was obvious to everyone.

Played by: Allison Mack


Luke Mitchell aka Sean McMillian

Name: Sean McMillian, Age: 24 Species: Human Other Half: Kelly Thorpe

Bio: Sean is an Air Force Brat.  He has moved as many times as Andrea as his family moves from base to base. He had developed a love for genetics, they seem to be a great question of what is out there.  For him, he finds them easier than most. He had been in his senior year when he met Andrea.  He had to take a health class that he had somehow missed all this time, and he has never regretted it.

Over time, he has been very close to Andy, her mind amazes him as well as how she has opened up under the loving care from the group.  He knew Jason from rumors, but seeing the so called playboy fall so hard for the tiny girl had made him laugh.  Since then, Jason and Sean have become close.  Sean is also responsible for the group to get the credits for the college level classes they are going through.  He has also, over time become very fond of Andy’s best friend, Kelly.  He is the leader of those who have stayed around the group after graduation.  He is also the one who the group turns to with medical issues.  His calm demeanor is often a lie, hiding a mischievousness that is equally matched by Jason often.  And even though he is older, he and the rest of his group fall under Jason’s leadership.

Played by: Luke Mitchell


Jordan And Zac Stenmark 3

Jordan and Zac Stenmark aka David and Luke Hudgins

Sean O'Pry aka William Foykes

Sean O’Pry aka William (Bill) Foykes

Dormie aka Cillian Murphey

Cillian Murphy aka Robert Paul Collins (Big Mike)

Tom Welling Mike

Tom Welling aka Michael Paul Collins (Mikey or Little Mike)

Rudi Dollmayer aka Peter Goodkin

Rudi Dollmayer aka Peter Goodkin

Logan Lerman 2 aka Justin Longcast

Logan Lerman aka Justin Longcast

Trevor Wright aka Matt Jones

Trevor Wright aka Matt Jones

Robbie Amell aka Shawn Manor

Robbie Amell aka Shawn Manor

Jessy Schram

Jessy Schram aka Lauren (Laurie) Schwimer

Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes aka Sarah Gaines

Blake Lively 1 aka Elizabeth Atkins Spy

Blake Lively aka Elizabeth Atkins

Emmy Rossum 1

Emmy Rossum aka Carrie Pollock

Freddie Highmore aka Stephan Hokins

Freddie Highmore aka Stephan Hopkins

Willa Holland 1 aka Jillian Starkand Martial Arts

Willa Holland aka Jillian Starkand

Slade Pearce aka Kenneth Long

Slade Pearce aka Kenneth Long

Aly Michalka 1

Aly Michalka aka Kathryn Mekasi

Andrew Garfield aka Chad Holmes

Andrew Garfield aka Chad Holmes

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts aka April Sumners

Annalyne McCord 1

Annalyne McCord aka Stacy Neeci



Joaquin Phoenix aka Mordred

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