Possible Stories for the Future

Look over them and tell me what you think.

I think I will post some story ideas and what I have written on them.  Comment if you like or whatever.  These are NON Beta’d as they are all just ideas.  There is no promise I will make them in stories any time soon, but like and comment.  As I get to a place to write something new, I will look here and see what you like and what captures your ideas.  Just remember, these are partial and to get an idea out of my head and onto paper.  It would be easier for them to be all in one place and let you guys see my head.  It is an odd place.  And yes, for awhile, I was writing Twilighted and Alice only.  Now I know of the different worlds, so feel free to give that opinion also.

This Disclosure is for all stories contained under this heading: All characters belong to their respective creators and those that hold the copyrights.  The stories inside are of my own imagination. Please don’t steal, it’s not nice.

Blooded in Death

Lost and Insecure

Meet in the Middle

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