Blooded in Death



This is the first story I tried to publish ever.  It can never be added to Fanfiction since it is a In Death series and Twilight crossover and Nora Roberts doesn’t want any of her stories published on that site.  But I thought you guys may want to get a view of it.  It is multi chaptered, but I will add them all.  And at the end, it is just dialogue.  I ended up giving up and in fact that set me back almost a year before I tried to publish Alice and Hatter.  So, it is very raw, but here is my first try, just let me know what you think:

Chapter 1


In 2060, life for vampires has become relatively easy.  With body shops extending the looks of someone well past their 60’s to look like they are still in their 20’s has helped.  Synthetic blood invented during the Urban Wars since so many were dying and not enough donors also helped.  There are more covens living with humans side by side since there is no need to hunt humans as their only source of food.

The Volturi still ruled from Italy and the main rule was: don’t let our presence be shouted out to the general public!  They encouraged the use of the synthetic blood since it helped keep the secret.  The world in general still didn’t know of our existence but the scientific world was aware now.  They helped in our charades as long as we didn’t hunt humans.   In return we helped them in using venom as a research in helping humans live longer.  Of course there were the outcast scientists who tried to use our venom in the use of war and on drugs, but humans will be human.  And to be fair there were renegade vampires out there hunting humans. My job was to hunt them.

The Cullens have found living in the major cities to be easier. We still hunted animals and this made it easier for us to blend without having to go to extremes. We always maintained a residence outside the city to hunt in, but inside the cities we can stay for longer periods of time without being questioned.  By now we were one of the richest families in the world.  But we tended to play down on that.

Alice was a fashion designer (No surprise) but she still loved to play Bella dress up.  Now she just gets to do it with a lot of models too.

Jasper was teaching history.  He is quite good at it and helps gets his students into the classes. He is consistently voted the number one professor in NYCU.

Renesme and Jacob were spending more time back in Forks with him being the Chief there.  They were happy and enjoyed not having to ever hide who they were from anyone in the tribe.  We often went back to visit them and Forks.

Carlisle had helped during the Urban Wars and Edward had been there right along with him.  They helped save countless lives.  Carlisle and Edward now work in hospitals and in their own clinics helping people.

Esme was head of her own renovation company.  She went all over the world renovating places and also during charity work.

Rose loved being in NYC and being able to stay in one place for longer periods of time.  She is a lawyer now.  She helps those who have been  raped and other similar situations.

Emmett just fiddles around and loves being anywhere his family is.  He really loves the advances in technology that allows him more time playing games.  He also helps Esme in her company and is my partner in my job.

Me?  I am a private detective working for the Volturi.  I help find those vampires that are threatening the peace and my family.  The rest of the family often helps me out.  Most of the jobs the family has are so that they can help me out, but we have to hide our real purpose.

And here I was sitting in a tree looking out over a crime scene that can tear the peace we have apart.


It was the winter of 2060.  Murder seems to happen at any time, anywhere.  And for Brandy Moen, it has happened now.

Eve was on the way to the crime scene after being contacted by headquarters that this was a code blue case.  She had been at one of Roarke’s parties to make up for the time he had been spending helping her out with her cases.  She hated not being able to go home and change clothes since someone would have to make a comment and therefore she would have to bust their balls.

Eve turns and looks at her husband Roarke.  “You could have stayed.  I could have had Peabody pick me on her way.  You know the guys are going to say something about the vehicle.” She complains to Roarke.

“The party was over and I can drop off my wife if she needs a lift.” Roarke comments with the accent from his birthplace on the Emerald Isle floating in his voice.

Eve frowns at her husband .  He laughs at her.

Roarke looks over and stares at her, while fingering the grey button in his pocket.  He remembered the first time he saw her wearing that ill fitted grey suit at a funeral for a victim for whom she stood for while running her hands through her short hair that was the color of a deer’s hide around a face of angles and planes.

The vehicle stopped at Central Park and she looked out on a crime scene lit up by police lights.  She sighed.

Roarke laughed.  “Problem dear?”

“No.”  Eve stalks out of vehicle and to the crime scene.

She hears a wolf whistle “WOW look at her….” There was a sound of someone smacking the back of a head.

“Don’t you know who that is? That is Lieutenant Eve Dallas and you do NOT want to go there” she hears Officer Trueheart tell whoever the idiot was.

She grins to herself and keeps walking to the crime scene.

“Do you ever get tired of that?” Roarke asks as he walks besides her to the taped off scene.

“Nope.  And you can go home.. wait who is this I am talking to…  you never go home.” Eve drags her hands through her hair.

“Ah you are finally learning.. I will do the normal and wait out here.” Roarke laughed and handed her his gloves.

“You lost yours again.”

“Thanks… Summerset probably misplaces them.” She sighs and looks at Roarke standing there with his black hair waving in the cold wind looking like an angel come to earth, his blue eyes laughing at her.

“You know this has got to be bad.. They never call a code blue on normal murder victims.  And I am not aware of a Brandi Moen being famous.  Have you?” She asks hoping this is not another one of his ‘ex girlfriends’.

“No.”He stands back and watches her whiskey colored eyes turn into cop eyes – sharp, cynical and cool.  She walks over to the tape.

She seals up with a can handed to her by Officer Trueheart.  “Is Baxter somewhere out here or is he still sleeping off his hangover?”

“No ma’am he is waiting for you to look at the scene.  You are primary on the case.” He tells her.

She quickly looks at him.  “Have you looked at the scene Officer?”

“No Ma’am but first on scene is still here and a friend of mine.  He was the one who called it in.  The Commander immediately called for you as primary and coded it blue.” He takes back the can of seal it.

“Hmm. We will get back to the reason why the first on scene called you in after it was coded blue. Is Detective Peabody here yet?” Trueheart ducks his head.

“Yes ma’am she is waiting for you by the body..”

Eve ducks beneath the tape and walks over to her partner.  She could see her bundled up in a purple coat and scarves.  She had on purple ear muffs over her bob of dark brown hair.

“What are the details on the victim?” she asks as she gets closer.

“Good Evening Lieutenant.”  Peabody looked up at her. “WOW awesome dre.. “

“Peabody!!!!  Information please!”  Someone always has to make a comment.

“Yes Ma’am.” Peabody looks at her notes.

“Victim is indentified as Moen, Brandi Lee of Forks, Washington. Female, mixed nationality, age 30.  Vic is unmarried.  It looks like she was in town to have a good time.”

“Not much of a good time right now huh Peabody?” As Eve came closer, taking off the stupid heels as she tried to walk closer.

“No ma’am.  But she looks like was out clubbing with those shoes and dress.” Peabody looks down at the shoes.  “Nice shoes, but designer knock offs.”

“Whoever killed her must have dumped it here since she doesn’t have a jacket on.”  Eve mentioned looking over the body. “Have you got TOD yet?”

“Yes ma’am.  It was midnight.  That was not long before the call came in.” Peabody mentioned.

Eve did a double take.  “Did you double check it? “

“ Yes “

Eve got down beside the body and turned it over.

“Peabody.. What happened to all her blood? And where are her wounds that would indicate a bleed out?”

Chapter 2

Eve made her way through the bull pen.  She was hoping the candy thief had left her stash since it was 6am and she and ruined another one of her dresses.  She had everyone searching the park looking for the initial site.  No one had found anything to indicate that the victim had been dragged in or had been killed anywhere but where they had found her.

Peabody got up and walked up beside Eve glancing at her from the corner of her eyes.

‘You want me to notify next of kin?’

No.  I will do it.  I also want to see what information I can get.  You find any more information about the victim?

She is a member of the Quileute tribe.  Their Cheiftain is Jacob Black.  Now here is where the computers are either glitching or something.’  They walk into Eve’s excuse for an office.

How so?

Well either they have never updated the pictures, which is impossible, or Jacob Black and his wife have some unusual genes.

Anything is possible Peabody.  Now anything else I need to know?

They have some interesting beliefs, but nothing that should be a problem with you calling them.  Besides the time zones.

Do you think it is going to make a difference for Brandi Moen’s family to find out that she is dead?

No ma’am.

Where was she staying in the city?

‘It looks like she just got here today and checked into the Roarke Palace Hotel.  It looks like she came alone.’  Dang can murder just for once NOT happen either to someone he knows or where he owns property?

Why would someone come alone? ‘Peabody why would someone come to NYC on vacation and not meet someone or travel with someone?’

Maybe she was to meet up with someone later.

Find out what you can about that.  Meanwhile I need to call her parents.  And where is my coffee?

Eve called Brandi’s parents and broke the news to them.  They took it badly and asked if their chief can call her later to get more information.

It was an unusual request but she like any civil servant knew that they had to get along with the Native Americans and comply with any reasonable request.

She started working on feeding the information that she had to her computer. There was not a lot of information.  She thought for a second and called Dickie.

You have anything on my victim?

Eve when will you learn that when I have something that I will call you.  I am backed up at the moment and working on five different priority cases.

The commander has coded this blue.

Shit.  I will work on the information as soon as I can.

Knowing what Dickie wanted she offered a case of Roarke’s whiskey for a move up on the priority.

She hung up and called Mortis.

You have anything?

Eve.  When you get a chance I would like to talk to you in person.  The information I have cannot be given to you over the link.

I will be over there as soon as possible.  I need to update the Commander and I am playing under the line to get as much information as possible right now.

Just come over here.

Eve got off the link thinking.  Mortis has never asked her to come to morgue like this.  She got up and went to her window and drank her coffee.

Before she could turn and leave her link beeped.

She looked over and saw it was a call from Washington.

Eve Dallas.

This is Jacob Black.  I understand one of my tribe has died in NYC?

Yes sir.

Why is one of New York’s top murder cops investigating one of my tribe’s deaths?

She was murdered in my city and I am the Primary on the case. He was beginning to irritate her.

I am within my rights to have a person present while you investigate the case.


Sir this case has my top priority and..

I insist upon my rights.  My representative will contact you shortly.

Damn damn.  Eve kicked her desk.

What’s wrong?

We are going to have someone from the tribe to be part of our team.

Well since they are coming from Washington, it may take them a few days.

Washington is not that far Peabody.

Washington as in the state.

There is a difference?

Eve’s link sounded.

Eve here.

Commander wishes to see you in his office now with your partner.

Yes ma’am.

Shit and double shit!!  Can this day get any better?

Well we can always be outside in that.  And Peabody points outside.  To where it is a white blur outside her window.

Chapter 3




Brandi is dead.  Someone took her from Eclipse and drained her.


Alice came to me and said that she couldn’t find Brandi but could smell that she had been in the club to meet us as planned.

And since she is a half-breed of course Alice could not see her anymore.  Edward tried to read her mind but could not find her.

We tracked her scent and smelled another vampire.  I tracked her to Central  Park where the cops found her and has started a case.

And they noticed that her blood has been drained but they are not suspecting anything odd right now.

OMG..  Could you not keep your own great granddaughter safe!!


I’m sorry.  I just can’t believe this has happened.  Have you found who had done it and do you need some wolves?

Right now I am working on finding out what is going on but I am on the case.  Also can you help me out and get me added to the case.  You know insist on your rights as a chief of a native American tribe to have your representative as part of the team.

Sure sure.

Jacob we will find out who killed my great granddaughter.

I got off the link and turned to the family.

He took that better than I thought he would.  And why did you ask him to have you added to the case.  You could of either hacked into her system or gotten your information from Eddie boy.

Do you know who the primary is Emmett?

Eve Dallas, the wife of Roarke.  And per Edward she has a private mind like me. So we do this the right way and actually assist the good police of this fair city.

I looked at my family.  Alice was still dry sobbing.  She was really close the Brandi.  Jasper was holding her and sending waves of calm to her.  Esme and Rose were both upset over the death of one of family even if she was part ‘dog’.

Carlisle was trying to get home from the hospital to be with us in our family sorrow.

I looked at my husband and sighed.  It looks like I have a case since a vampire has drained a human.  But how do we know why and who?

My link signaled and I answered it.

Ok I will be on my way.

And you called her Commander?  I want to make sure she realizes she does have to work with me.

Thanks Jacob.

I looked up at my family.  Carlisle came in the room.  Bella!

I looked at him shocked.  He has never risen his voice since she could remember.

Yes Carlisle.

You realize you will be working with Roarke right?

My face must have gone blank.

That is her husband’s name. But I do not understand…

He knows.

He knows what?

He knows about us.  And he helps his wife in her cases.  And you will probably meet him.

You will need to call Aro since another human that is not part of the group will know who we are.

Crap and my day has gone from worse to shitty.

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