No, this is not a writing Challenge.  I am not sure I am up to dealing with that at this time.

But, My mind wouldn’t let it go when I was watching tutorials on photoshop.  I ended up making a banner that made me think of a way to have a challenge that will be for the purpose of challenging others that normally are not shown on this site as much.

Banner Makers.

Yes, I am Hosting a Contest for Banner makers to enter into.  I am hoping the banners will inspire writers to do a story on them.

The theme is Steampunk.  You must have one item in it that is considered Steampunk in it to qualify that is NOT the Font.  I have an example below which contains a Clockwork horse that qualifies as the Steampunk idea.  I figured it would be a different idea that might allow those of us to stretch our mental muscles.

Depending on the outcome of this will determine if there will be more Banner contests.

This is open to all, with the hopes that you will inspire others. All fandoms are welcome, or generic people that can be replaced later if the banner is adoptable.   Which will be an option for the ending.  You get bragging rights.  I’m sorry I can’t offer more, but all banners will be linked back to the artist’s choice of a site with their Author card, and if the banner is adopted, to that site.  The rules will explain more of how, what, and the other questions you have, hopefully.  The top banner is linked to the challenge page.  Any other examples from me will be added, and since I am using banner making to get me back to being able to sit in front of the computer, I will be endeavoring to make more examples.  And, no my examples are NOT eligible for the contest, but they are up for adoption.

Just remember, I am trying to make it where we inspire more stories period.  If you get inspired by your banner, you are more than welcome to let me know so that I can mark it taken at the end of the contest.

I am excited to see what the banner makers that take up this gauntlet can come up with!!!!

Results Are In

Results Are In

So Sorry everyone.  I had no idea what was happening until it was way too late to do anything about it.  And even then it took me until a week and a half ago to admit I needed more help than I was getting.  I got it and I am finally getting to where I actually wanted to be on the computer.

I didn’t even really want to play games or anything.  I was thrilled on the days I got out of bed.

If anyone else is going through Depression, please know you do get out of it and are able to breathe once again.  It has taken me a long time, as well as this being one of the worse episodes that I ever went through.  Luckily, M and I talked daily about it, with me letting him know when he needs to do to help.  It is one of the hardest things I ever done, but thankfully, he listened.

One of the things I was suggested, was to pick up a new hobby, so I am learning to sew.  My mom was a seamstress, so she is the one teaching me.  I am 41 years old, and I am just now learning how to sew.  My thing though, is I like household items more than clothes.  She already signed me up for a Quilting Class, and I am currently learning to sew a Roman Shade and Valance.  Thank Goodness my mom knows how to do these things since we had to scrap the pattern and make our own.  Sadly, we forgot to buy regular needles… So guess what I will be buying this coming weekend?

Enough about me, here are the results for the contest:

1st Place:

2nd place was close.  Literally, only 3 votes separated them!

Thanks again for those who entered.  I will not be hosting a 3rd Quarter contest due to the depression.  I will be working forwards to the Christmas one, so be on the lookout for that one.

And huge thanks to those who wrote to me during the time I was battling depression, your words helped me more than you know.  Now I am off to hopefully sleep since I have appointments to run Grandma to.  Have a blessed day, and thanks again.


Let’s Talk About…


Specifically my personal Hell aka Depression.

First, there is this general idea that if you have depression, you are depressed.

Not true.

For me, it means slowly going numb,  I might feel something once in a great while, but it is fleeting and gone before I can realize that something cut through the numbness.

It also means I have to talk to myself each and every time I wake up on why I should get up.  And then try not to feel guilty when I cannot manage to get out of bed.  Or when I actually managed to get out of bed, why I didn’t get dressed, why didn’t I take a shower, why didn’t I do anything?  Even though getting out of bed was a major achievement, I am reminded by myself how pathetic it is that I think that is huge.

It makes me wonder why I keep trying, then shrug and keep on trying.  Since to me the alternative is worse.

I try to talk to my hubby.

I try to get back on track and do the things that were so easy just yesterday, this past week, last week, and so on.

I feel ashamed that I could not clean house because it felt too big a chore and start hating everyone and everything that didn’t clean up after themselves.  I get mad and feel like it is useless to clean up when everyone won’t care to keep it up so why should I?

But it is an excuse to not clean.  Because again, it is too hard to acknowledge that I failed to do anything.

I feel guilty for not doing things that are so easy for others.  I feel guilty if I feel happy for a fleeting moment in time.  I am depressed, I shouldn’t be happy.

I am bored to death, can’t find myself interested in even reading, or start on a new hobby that I asked to learn.  I play crystals on a game only because for some reason it is the only thing that allows me to exist and not feel so lost.

I am not saying all this for sympathy points, but to have the chance to tell someone out there, that I DO know what you are going through.

One of the things that have helped me is a page on Facebook called the Mighty.  Reading that, I find out more about people like me, who suffer through the same things.

Found out about the fog, but that other people might call it other things.  I never thought of it as a fog, since to me fog meant I was not clear minded.  I could think very clearly, but my feelings?  The urge to get up and type out the stories playing out in my head was overridden by the inability to get out of bed.  And for me, that is unusual.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a week. But RL keeps butting in and those few days that I feel able to work, are instead used to take people elsewhere, to spend time with hubby, who is trying, but not succeeding in cheering me up.  I have actually taken days to write this post, in fact.

I forget to eat unless he makes me food.  Unfortunately, this feeds into the existing condition where my body thinks I am starving it.  I don’t eat enough but I never lose weight.  Which of course doesn’t help with the depression.

Then there is my insomnia.

My personal demon and what led to everything going worse.  It comes to haunt me all the time.  Its been worse lately, leading to more and more of the thoughts that aren’t helping.  The ones that make it harder to deal with everything.

But, through all of this, I will say this.  My pets.  They DO help.

They are freaking wonderful.  When people talk about the things that make them conitnue, it is them.

Just this morning, they were the reason I got up.  And I had all of them lying at my door looking up at me.   Since then I’m not alone.  At least one pet checks up on me, including my moms cat.

And then there are the wonderful ladies that help me.  The betas and especially Royal Ember.  They tell me they are there.  That if I need to talk or just vent to they are there.

I just wanted to let you guys know, I’m alive.  I’m fighting.   And I’m grateful for you guys.  Thanks for being patient as I work myself out of this funk.  I know I need to announce the winners, and I will try to get there soon, as well as writing and posting.

please be patient, I’m getting there.

And please, if you need to talk, feel free to reach out. I will gladly listen to you.

For I know what it is like to think that I am a burden on others or that this is all a waste of time.  Very intimately.

It happens, and you are not weird, wrong to think or anything else.  You just need to realize that it is your depression talking and not really you.

i hope this helps someone, as it has helped me these last few days as I fought my way to being out of bed.  To eat.  To shower.  To do anything at all.

You are worth it.

Let’s Get Ready to …. READ!!!!

Let’s Get Ready to …. READ!!!!

If you have been a part of the Kittyinaz’s Group, you have already seen the banners.  As well as my goof that I fixed.

But now is your chance to read, review and VOTE!!!  You have 10 days to Vote on what story you think is the best.  There will be a first and Second place in this contest.

Click the banner to be taken to the contest.

Also, for those following along on the voting in the group, that chooses the next story for me to work on, (hopefully soon since I am getting tired of being 1) side tracked with drama, 2) Tired from weird insomnia bouts, 3) I wanna work!!!) it is now being tied for 2nd place.  A reminder, that you can vote MORE than one time.  I purposely made that a choice as well as allowing my readers to add any stories I may have missed (I found the Edge story was missing!).  IT’s kinda funny to see the stories move up and down the list.  A late entry of the Mummies made by Star is now on the list and moving slowly up.  I had no idea anyone enjoyed it that much!

So enjoy this, wish for rain for me, so that I don’t need to mow the lawn and can work.  Since I got maybe 3 hours last night, I am going to be crashing soon.


Just Some Friendly Prime Day Tips!

Just Some Friendly Prime Day Tips!

As some of you may know, today starts the buildup for Amazon Prime Day which is on July 10th.  (And I am apologizing ahead of time for no pics, but I am stopping in the middle of getting some stuff done so I can work on my computer!)

Thanks to the Krazy Coupon Lady, I have some information I can share with you.  And yes, the links I have here, are for me to get credit, cause, well I need it!  Also, by the way, the Krazy Coupon Lady is great for those who want to save money, but have someone else do all the work.  And though her name says coupon, she is more about how to save you money without needing to cut coupons.  She looks for sales, like for Old Navy, Carters and so on.  She is as in love with Target as I am, so it really helps me!!

Here we go:

  1. Sign up for a FREE 30-day Prime Trial to gain access to the sale.  Then cancel if you want to.
    1. Yes, you can really get it for free, and take advantage of the great deals.  Plus, if you use my link (Hint!) I get extra credit for Prime Memberships.  (every bit helps!!)
  2. Get $10 for streaming your first video or movie by July 7th.
  3. Follow the Krazy Coupon Lady to get “Up to the minute” information on Prime Day Deals.
    1. She has an App, that I use all the time. Also, I get emails with the great deals on them.  I often pass them on to my family. It really does help me, as well as telling when there are great deals!!! She also tells you HOW to get the deals.
  4. Shop a day early (July 9th) and view deals that will be on July 10th!
    1. Just click “Upcoming” to see what deals are coming up.
  5. Sign up for Paribus and get Amazon gift cards when your shipments arrive late.
    1. If any of your Amazon Prime shipments arrive even one day late, Paribus will negotiate with Amazon to get you either a free month of Prime or $10 Amazon gift card.
  6. Add Lightning Deals to your cart before the sale is live.
    1. They are called Lightning Deals for a reason.  These things sell out FAST.  So if you want the deal, click it in your basket, and be ready to check out with 1-click to get the deal.
  7. Shop through Alexa for exclusive (and better!) deals.
    1. Just ask, “Alexa, what are your deals?”
  8. Take Advantage of the daily deals featured from today to the 9th.
    1. Today is Alexa voice shopping
    2. July 6th is Amazon Music
    3. July 7th is Amazon Prime Video
    4. July 8th is Everyday Essentials
    5. July 9th  is Amazon Reading.

For more information (since I only highlighted her blog on this) please visit this page: 18 Amazon Prime Day Tips You Need to Know.  As I mentioned, I have been using her and noticed some awesome deals that I have taken advantage of through her. And again, She gets all the credit for researching this, I am just sharing her post on it for my wonderful readers!

As for the chapters and the writing contest, I am working on the banners.  You guys submitted some awesome stories, so I am trying to stretch my banner skills to showcase your stories!  I already learned one technique that I suspect will be handy other times also! I am off to finish cleaning, then mowing the grass since I am up early.  Then I will be in the nice cool office working after all that.  If I don’t need a nap!!

Here is the link again for me to get credit for your shopping at Amazon.  Remember, it does NOT cost you a single penny, or even a halfpenny! The Kittyinaz-20 part is what gives me the credit, so look for it when you open the site up at the top, after that it will disappear, but as long as you don’t leave the site, you are good.

Have fun shopping!!!


Writing Contest

Writing Contest

Just a heads up, I have all the submissions for the contest.  I am going to be working on the banners and posting the chapters this weekend.  Robin is on vacation, so I am unsure if I will be posting before she gets back or not.  There are some parts she does, so I might be trying to figure out what she does.  (It shouldn’t be that hard…).

But I wanted to let you know things are being done, and there are reasons for the delays.  As you know, I am more than happy to grant extensions, since I, of all the people out there, know how capricious Muses can be!

And just a heads up for those wondering, I finished up the rough draft of I Never Did Chapter 24.  What that means, is now for every chapter I write, I will be going back to editing a chapter.  Hopefully, that means you will have a chapter of I Never Did until it is done.  Nothing guaranteed, but with me being five chapters ahead, I feel better about editing the chapters I have.

Have a great weekend!


No One Go Into Shock…

No One Go Into Shock…

Seriously.  I had long thoughts on posting this on the shock value alone.

Cause… I got a chapter of I Never…Did for you guys.

Take a Breathe.



There we go.

Now before you go off to read it, I will need to say a few things.  (And give you more chances to be calmish…)

The Writing Contest entries have been accepted and sent to me.  If you needed an extension and we didn’t get back to you, it was accepted.  You have until Friday to contact us again.  Otherwise, I will be reading and making banners.

I am up to chapter twenty-something on this story.  So this is not the last post on this story for awhile, it will be beginning.  Editing the chapters evidently got my muse on board for some more chapters and hinting she wants to finish this.  I am trying to accommodate her right now.  Feeding her might help, just saying.

Also, as I mentioned to my group last night (or this morning, who knows) the vote going on in the group is fluid.  They can vote as many times as possible, and IND has won it’s place.  So you guys are the ones who determine what story is next.  No guarantee that the muse will finish, but I will edit what I have at least… So vote as many times for what you want next.  Right now you got IND being worked on until it’s done.

Now here is the chapter you guys have waited on.  And I hope this shows my promise of finishing my stories.  No longer how long the updates take.  And you get a partial Lemon…


Writing Contest Entries are due tomorrow at midnight!

No worries if you are not finished.  I already granted one extension.

If you have sent in an entry and have not received the confirmation of it, please let us know.  We just checked the emails just now…

Hope to see what you guys have for me!


In other news, I can safely tell you, I am working on I Never Did.  Two chapters  (18 & 19) been sent to the beta, and I am working on the 2nd newer chapters (20 &21) right now.  So, I am off to work some more on them while the muse is being more than cooperative.

Sorry I Am Running Late!

Sorry I Am Running Late!

No cutesy pun in the name, sorry.

But I do have a chapter for you!!!

But first, the boring stuff.

Writing Contest is due on Thursday.  If you need an extension email us and we will grant one.  I will probably be busy all weekend, so it’s safe to say I won’t get to the banners until next week at the earliest.

Also, for those that have not done so, the voting is still open.  You can choose more than 1 choice. For those who are on their mobile devices, it is the pinned post on the top of the group.  And the results are still changing.  I am paying attention, and that is why you are getting this chapter in particular.  It was voted 3rd for being wanted.  Also, there is another poll open for an opinion of you guys. I want to know what you think on something.

Now you can enjoy the chapter.  As always the banner on top (which will take you to the main page for this story) or any other banners take you to their subjects for you.

Let me know what you think!

I’m Certainly Charmed To Give You This!!

I’m Certainly Charmed To Give You This!!


So… I had a hurt Kitty that I took to the vet on Thursday Morning.  She had either got stung or punctured somehow on her neck and it healed enough to stop draining.  She had a little sack growing on her neck and I called the vet and they took her in.  Seems she is a fighter, she hates to be drugged.  She fought it to the point that she was drugged, but was stubbornly still awake. (20 minutes after being given it, which is 15 minutes longer than normal and five minutes longer than any other they have had, especially at her small weight.) They took her back, gave her a touch of gas to get her put out all the way, then proceeded to cut and clean the wound.  They gave her an antibiotic shot (thank GOD!!! Giving cats pills is NOT fun!!)and told me she is fine to run around and even outside.

I get home and released her out of her carrier.  She ran out the door.  All day long we checked on her constantly outside.  She was under the house, on the part that the ground is higher and we can’t climb under the house to get her.  She stayed out all Thursday and Friday until the late afternoon when she was close enough for me to grab her.  I took her into my room and proceeded to check her over.  She had bled some more, but we cleaned it as well as we can.  And she was exhausted and stayed in the room.

I did as well since it calmed her down.  Saturday we did errands whenever she retreated to the window to sleep with her teddy bear.  And yes, she has a teddy bear that she claimed that is as big as she is at 10.5 lbs.  She has had it since she was a kitten.  My dresser is next to the window, which creates a ‘safe’ spot for her.  She stayed there unless she wanted to drink or eat.  Or use the litterbox finally.  This continued until Sunday she had escaped when we went for food.  Connor and Murphy were upset on me staying in the room and opened the door.

The joke was on her, since that day and the other times she escaped outside, it has stormed or rained.  She has given up on it finally yesterday.  Today is the first day she is not being needy by following me room to room, sleeping in my lap, or on my chest.  And I am not allowed to do anything but pet her.  That is what has happened to delay this chapter.

But as soon as I could, I got online to admit people into the Kittyinaz Group, and now to release this chapter online.  Connor is thrilled to have me in the office and is in his preferred spot under the desk, with Murphy watching so he can take it if Connor leaves.  Plus it is the coolest room in the house, purposely since it has a lot of computers in here.

I also wanted to get this out since tomorrow I am taking Grandma for haircuts.  She has decided to go where I do so that she can just hitch a ride with me.  At least I get my hair done on a schedule now.  LOL.

The banner on top will take you to the main page if you need to reread for any reason.

Here is the chapter:

Enjoy and leave some love in at least in the form of a like on the bottom, please?