Writing Contest Entries are due tomorrow at midnight!

No worries if you are not finished.  I already granted one extension.

If you have sent in an entry and have not received the confirmation of it, please let us know.  We just checked the emails just now…

Hope to see what you guys have for me!


In other news, I can safely tell you, I am working on I Never Did.  Two chapters  (18 & 19) been sent to the beta, and I am working on the 2nd newer chapters (20 &21) right now.  So, I am off to work some more on them while the muse is being more than cooperative.

Sorry I Am Running Late!

Sorry I Am Running Late!

No cutesy pun in the name, sorry.

But I do have a chapter for you!!!

But first, the boring stuff.

Writing Contest is due on Thursday.  If you need an extension email us and we will grant one.  I will probably be busy all weekend, so it’s safe to say I won’t get to the banners until next week at the earliest.

Also, for those that have not done so, the voting is still open.  You can choose more than 1 choice. For those who are on their mobile devices, it is the pinned post on the top of the group.  And the results are still changing.  I am paying attention, and that is why you are getting this chapter in particular.  It was voted 3rd for being wanted.  Also, there is another poll open for an opinion of you guys. I want to know what you think on something.

Now you can enjoy the chapter.  As always the banner on top (which will take you to the main page for this story) or any other banners take you to their subjects for you.

Let me know what you think!

I’m Certainly Charmed To Give You This!!

I’m Certainly Charmed To Give You This!!


So… I had a hurt Kitty that I took to the vet on Thursday Morning.  She had either got stung or punctured somehow on her neck and it healed enough to stop draining.  She had a little sack growing on her neck and I called the vet and they took her in.  Seems she is a fighter, she hates to be drugged.  She fought it to the point that she was drugged, but was stubbornly still awake. (20 minutes after being given it, which is 15 minutes longer than normal and five minutes longer than any other they have had, especially at her small weight.) They took her back, gave her a touch of gas to get her put out all the way, then proceeded to cut and clean the wound.  They gave her an antibiotic shot (thank GOD!!! Giving cats pills is NOT fun!!)and told me she is fine to run around and even outside.

I get home and released her out of her carrier.  She ran out the door.  All day long we checked on her constantly outside.  She was under the house, on the part that the ground is higher and we can’t climb under the house to get her.  She stayed out all Thursday and Friday until the late afternoon when she was close enough for me to grab her.  I took her into my room and proceeded to check her over.  She had bled some more, but we cleaned it as well as we can.  And she was exhausted and stayed in the room.

I did as well since it calmed her down.  Saturday we did errands whenever she retreated to the window to sleep with her teddy bear.  And yes, she has a teddy bear that she claimed that is as big as she is at 10.5 lbs.  She has had it since she was a kitten.  My dresser is next to the window, which creates a ‘safe’ spot for her.  She stayed there unless she wanted to drink or eat.  Or use the litterbox finally.  This continued until Sunday she had escaped when we went for food.  Connor and Murphy were upset on me staying in the room and opened the door.

The joke was on her, since that day and the other times she escaped outside, it has stormed or rained.  She has given up on it finally yesterday.  Today is the first day she is not being needy by following me room to room, sleeping in my lap, or on my chest.  And I am not allowed to do anything but pet her.  That is what has happened to delay this chapter.

But as soon as I could, I got online to admit people into the Kittyinaz Group, and now to release this chapter online.  Connor is thrilled to have me in the office and is in his preferred spot under the desk, with Murphy watching so he can take it if Connor leaves.  Plus it is the coolest room in the house, purposely since it has a lot of computers in here.

I also wanted to get this out since tomorrow I am taking Grandma for haircuts.  She has decided to go where I do so that she can just hitch a ride with me.  At least I get my hair done on a schedule now.  LOL.

The banner on top will take you to the main page if you need to reread for any reason.

Here is the chapter:

Enjoy and leave some love in at least in the form of a like on the bottom, please?



I have a couple of reminders for you guys.

First one is that the writing contest is ending this coming month.  No freakouts, there is plenty of time, plus you can ask for an extension.  Especially this time, I will have no issues with it since I was swallowed up by writing and forgot to do reminder emails.  You can click the banner to be taken to the page.

The second one is that there is a poll on the Facebook group for what story to be edited first.  I should say second since first is leading by a huge majority.  There is multiple votes allowed since I am aware that a lot of people have more than one favorite.  But this is your chance.  I have a disclaimer to allow for RL and muse interruptions.  But right now, she is VERY interested in that first story.  You guys won’t mind me finish editing that story to write more on it, would you?   Don’t ask me which is first, since you can visit the group to find out.

The third reminder is about the donations and Amazon. Click the banner above to be taken to our budget pages. I have updated the Donation and Expenses page from my side, but I know Robin needs to do her side.  Right now as it stands, we are both paying for things for the site out of our pockets.  I have paid out $73.07 in total so far, and Robin is projecting her loss to be in 257.58.  Again, this is before Robin has updated her side since she works and I write instead.

For my side, I take the monies we earn from you using this link: when you enter Amazon.  From that point, all you click and buy gives back to me without costing you a cent.  The clicks make it where if someone else comes behind you and buys the item, I get credit then in a .01 higher percent for each click than an item that is not clicked on.  Basically, I am being paid for recommending the site to you.  We have added an add on the bottom of the pages, that will take you to the site and give me the credit.  Again, this costs you absolutely nothing but the time to click the link.  My hubby has the link saved as his quick link to the site, aka bookmark.  (yes, hubby has two reasons for his own, one, he gets gift cards from work when he completes some projects and he also likes to gift me, which he can’t the other way.)  While I know what was purchased, I have NO idea who does it.  No clue at it at all.  I mostly never look unless someone asks me to.  (which they do, wanting to make sure they used the link right,)

Robin’s side depends on the donations people make through the donation button.  She is looking at some programs to help do a Drive for the site, so you can see your donations and how they affect the site.  Anything extra gets funneled back to the site for upgrades and so on. Stuff to make the site run even smoother.  We are always looking for ways to improve the site.

So please look forward to that information as it comes.  The Donation button is on the right side of every page except the main menu’s since they are specially built for your ease of managing through the site.

I am working on editing, and I promise you that you will have a chapter to read this week soon.  Sorry again that the muse took over my life for awhile.  Hopefully, you guys will enjoy her work.


Yep, Still Alive

First off, thanks for the likes and so on, on my one shot.

Second, I finally finished the Fire series prequels.  And they are kinda huge.


The first one is 12K and the second one is less (don’t remember) but the third one?  Seventeen THOUSAND words.   And all are in the Rough Draft stages.  When you think of 1-2K chapters I normally add about a thousand words, you get where I come from saying uh ohhhh.

The prequels take place directly after Avengers, touches on Iron Man 3 with changes to the storyline of it, changes the heck out of Winter Soldier and accompanying Shield episodes then touches on Thor Dark World.  All before coming to Ultron.  During the process of these 3 one shots, it wipes out Civil War, with the last of it being taken care of during the actual story.

It has been a work of love, and frustration.  I hate battle scenes since I always feel like they are inadequate.  It was hard to bring the entire cast into this story, but I think I did as well as I can with players not fully of my design.

Now I am off to start editing it and the other stories that I have written but not edited.  The stories that follow are all having a chapter(s) for me to edit and send to betas:

Both have tons of chapters for me to edit.  Beta is more than ready to go on it.  lol

Need to go back over the story, and edit it.  I am tackling this one from now on alone, so it may take a bit to make sure I have a grasp on it.

Need to edit chapters written.

You will be seeing a post on this in the next week or so.  I have some chapters to give to you guys once I go over the changes.

Edit the multiple Chapters I have written for it

Edit chapters I have written for it.

Edit the chapters written for it.

Edit the chapters written for it.

Beta has chatper, will post soon.

Need to write more for it….

Beta has last chapter I have written.

Need to post what I have… Soon!

Edit what I have.  Which is like 30+ chapters.  *Wincing*

Need to post on this one.

Need to post and edit the last on this one.

Got a Beta on this one!!! Time to edit!

And the lastest one that I need to start editing.

So you can see.  There is plenty for me to do.  AND I need to write more for you guys as well!   But at least you have some stories to look forward to, and Fire Series is done until Inifnity Wars.  Just so I can mess with it.  I am waiting on the sequels for Tired Wings for Thor 2.

I am off to work, also all the banners?  They are links to the stories if you want to refresh yourself.





Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend

For many of you, this is nothing new.

I often do a reminder post of what we are celebrating this weekend.  A way to say thank you to all those who served and gave that final gift to allow me to sit here and write my stories.

I know there are people out there fighting about anything and everything lately.  That Confederate statues should be torn down.  That they were ‘pardoned’ by some act of Congress and so on.  That we shouldn’t be fighting other people’s battles, that we should.  That war should not be.

Sadly, our world has been formed by war.  It is has been around since man was made.  It has made nations, torn them down.  The stories were written by the winners, so we never know the truth of those long-ago battles.

I grew up during the Cold War.  I remember watching unbelieving that the Berlin Wall was being torn down.  It had been there my entire life up to then, as well as the threat of nuclear war.  Then I was in high school when the Desert War happened.  I lived in Tucson, AZ during that time.  For those that don’t know, Tucson is home to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.  In Sierra Vista, we have the Army.  It affected many of my classmates directly.

Then my cousins grew up and 2 of them went and served.  One in the Air Force, the other in the Marines.  Things started being even more personal.  I grew up with hearing about my Grandfather being in the Air Force.  So, I always had an insider view into life as an Air Force Family.  But now, I watched my aunt deal with her son being in the Air Force.

And I am proud of them.  So very, very proud of them.  They did what so few do.  They served our country.

Now I hear about how people disrespecting our soldiers.  Past and present.  I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA.  Proud as hell of being a Yankee.  When I moved to Houston, TX, I got to see more about the South.  It hit me differently than it did when we visited all the places in Virginia.  What I learned in those early years up North was not what I learned in the South about the war.  It was not just about Slaves.  It was about so much more than that.  And people went and died for that belief.

Just like they did to free us from England.  It was not about the Tea then.  It is never about whatever people tell you the main reason is.  There are so many other reasons why, but people want to sneer down at others.  They want to dump hatred on others.  Right now, it is the Confederate Army.  People don’t research the reasons behind it, they just judge and spit on other’s past.

I can’t say anything more on this because it hurts.  It hurts that there are others out there, getting undeserved attention for mocking the life sacrifice of others for their beliefs.

Because for one thing, you have that ability for being hateful due to other’s giving the ultimate sacrifice for your right to do so.

So while you have your bar-b-que’s, playing on the beach, bad mouthing whatever you think deserves it at that moment, remember, people died to give you that right.  And they keep on giving you that right, with each time one of our soldiers dies.  Cause until the Last Shot is Fired… they can’t put down those guns and come home.

I wrote this story a long while ago, meaning for it to be for one of the holidays that deserve it.  I am glad to remember it.  It is a mix of fandoms, but it is all inspired by ‘Til the Last Shot’s Fired by Trace Adkins with the West Point Glee Club.  The first time I saw it was presented by a Soldier who was wounded in Afghanistan fighting for your rights.

Please, do take a moment of your day tomorrow, remembering the real reason for the day.

Click on the Banner to be taken to the story.


Still Alive…

Still Alive…

Barely, but still alive.

I finished the first prequel two days ago and it is 12K for a rough draft.  I am expecting it will be about 15K at least when I get to editing it.  It’s a monster of a one shot, but we are not allowing it to be other than that.

For one thing, my muse is driving me to write.  Not able to really sleep, or do anything but write this prequel.  I dream about it when I get some sleep, and falling asleep is nothing but time for my muse to present scenario after scenario to me.  Which would be fine, if I could remember the lines!  I remember the gist of it.  That’s all.

I WANT to work on any of the stories, to edit, to write, to do anything!  But instead, my muse is being a bitch of a taskmaster.  So I am working on it, hoping to finish it, and to then start on editing it.  My beta is very ready to get to work on it.  But then, any of my betas are ready to work on their stories.

I know… You guys are waiting for anything, and I have plenty to edit and write.   But the sad thing?  Is that the Fire Series is just beginning.  Luckily I may get a break so I can work on some of the others stories that have nothing to do with the Fire Series.  But we will see.

But I wanted to let you guys know I am alive.  And to also remind you of the current Writing Challenge…

New Writing Challenge!!!

New Writing Challenge!!!

I finally had time to sit down and make a banner.  I was trying to make it different from the last one, and I think I did it:

It is the Fairy Tale Contest, but I couldn’t help myself and used Once Upon a Time.  I added some more elements than the castle, in hopes it helps inspire you.

Click the banner to be taken to the contest screen.  The rules are about the same, the only change is that you can still use any fandom and that I will not accept PDF’s anymore.  I can’t copy and paste them, and for some reason, I couldn’t pull them through Word this time.  So please don’t send them to me, use whatever program you write in.

Also, on the contest page is a link to Wiki’s list of fairy tales and such.  I also list other possibilities.  Just remember, this is supposed to be a prompt to help you get an idea and write.  I also included Maleficent since I wanted you guys to think of maybe turning the world on the edge by telling the Villain’s tales in a different way.  I know I didn’t think of Maleficent of being the bad person as much after the movie!

I am looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us!


So guess what happens when you are being in a hurry as well as not paying full attention.

Thankfully kleannhouse was very considerate and pm’d me asking.  Thank you so much malady!

The winner was a Heaven Sent by krispybee12.

I’m on my iPad so I can’t attach anything, but since insomnia has had me up almost all night and I’m finally ready to fall asleep, I didn’t want this hanging around.

Thanks again to kleannhouse for letting me know!

I am very sorry for any confusion.


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