If you have Facebook, you know how they show you memories of things you posted in the past.

Today it showed me this pic.

For those that followed me from the very beginning, will recognize that this was the first Writing Challenge I ever issued.

Yep, that is the one that started everything.  I had some awesome people who wrote for it and amazed me that they participated.  If you are interested in reading those stories click the picture to be taken to those first entries.  And mucho shout outs to MissRon80 who made those first banners!

And yes, I am using this to remind everyone that the writing contest is less than a month left!!!!  March 15th is the deadline.   You know the exceptions, but you have to contact us to get them.

Click on the banner below to be taken to the current challenge page, as well as to grab your participation banner if you have submitted a story.  Just remember, you can’t tell anyone which story is yours!

Now I have to wait on an AC guy, so I am off to edit today while I can with my cup of tea and music playing.

What is going on?

Well, I am trying to get used to having the house, as well as the work we are putting into it.

M and I talk about each and everything.  Mainly I am the idea person, I tell him what I want, and he makes it happen.  Or tells me I am off my rocker.

Or tells me I am off my rocker.

Either way, it is more than our old ways of just doing to keep up stuff.  With it being ours, we are making changes, trimming up things and even talking about how to mow the grass.  To the EXCELLENT recommendation for the Troy Built Mower, thanks.  It took awhile to convince him, but he is much happier with it than the one he wanted.

Yes, we both have mowed grass.  I even did it with a riding one when I was younger.  But we have LOTS of little things that we need to watch for, trees, stumps and so on.  We are also trying to reclaim some of our yard back from when the yard people neglected it.  I also severely cut back one rose bush, while we look at the other climbing one trying to figure out what the heck happened with it.  Gone nuts is the least of it.

Then there is the keeping up the house as well as buying the stuff to redo the office.

It’s busy, but we want to get as much as we can done now, while it is cool, so that we can maintain when it is hotter.  And do the things inside the house.

What this means is that time management has been failing me, however, the muse is loving all this work.

I am writing on You’re sequel and Edge.  In fact, I am taking a break to get my mind in gear before I write a new chapter of Edge.

Other stories have been getting chapters as well as we work.  My laptop is for writing only since I am comfy, as well as this allow me in the living room in the evenings when we come in from whatever we did that day.

Plus it seems to like to rain here.  I don’t mind as long as the weather stays in the 60’s.  Since that seems to be our ‘winter’.  But tomorrow is supposed to be in the 80’s and it rained heavily today, so that will mean humidity.  I think I will be cleaning inside tomorrow.

But I wanted to let you know that I am still alive and that the muse is busy.  While she is willing to work with me, I am trying to write as much as possible.  Which means not as much work for the betas.  We will see if life gets into a groove we can work with.

Off to write.

And for those who are members of the Group, there is another chapter of You’re’s sequel teased out.

(the great thing about being home alone is that I can have headphones on and sing whenever I like…)


Just a reminder…

Just a reminder…

First off, that there is a writing contest that entries will be accepted until March 15, 2017.  Please click on the banner to be taken there.

Then I also published these stories:


And I am done…

And I am done…

I spent most of the time between the last post and this one making my first ok Manip.  But I needed it since I couldn’t find any other pics to work for me…

However, the bad news is that I am done with updates.  So you will be getting two of them at once this time.


And of course here is the beginning of the story:

And the last chapter is:

And here it is from the beginning.

And that will do it.  I found some stuff to work on, as well as I am trying to finish Tired Wings up so that I am ready for the next Marvel story that I have written to the edited.  Lots for me to work on, as well as I need to start editing my original story that I am trying to write for publishing.

But hopefully you guys can motivate me along!!!!  And for anyone who has left a comment, I haven’t had a chance to read any of them since I have been working on getting these out.  But any and all are appreciated!!  They do help me feel like writing and working on this stuff.  I just need to balance writing with RL.  At least I will get more sun mowing the grass…

Until next time!

I’m Still Here!!!

Sorry, we had a family emergency last night and my heart was no longer in looking for and posting chapters.  The situation is good now and we are waiting for news for what caused it.  So, for those ladies on Facebook who offered prayers for a good resolution, while not knowing what is going on, thank you.

Now, to the second story I posted yesterday.

If you want to go back and read from the beginning, well you have two choices.  There is the beginning of the series:

Then there is the beginning of this part of the story:

There will be at least one more chapter updated on a story for the ladies in Facebook, and 2 more for you guys who are not followers of the Group.



Things are not going as planned.

I expected to be done and I am only 2 stories in.  Part of that is my fault.  I had a miscommunication with a beta, and it means I will be working on Tea Shoppe to update to the present tense.  (winces) Oops…

And the other one, well we will say I was in the wrong story.

Then came the great outside attack on what others call the Devil Bush.  It’s a Bougainvillea I brought with me from AZ.  It has nice flowers and according to my hubby, M, It will never die.  But he was tearing away the dead branches from the freeze, so we can allow it to grow and there won’t be dead growth in it. (It happened once before.  We learned our lesson then that it being dead and doing it now is much easy than with the live branches being involved with the dead ones.)  The saw gave out about half way through and we will work on it tomorrow.  Or Saturday, I am not sure on that one…

We had to attack the burned pot that my father had done bad enough that it was a half inch thick of solid burnt bottom.  M literally chipped it out to save the pot.  Don’t fall asleep making chili.

After that and how we ran out of soap, dishwasher soap and paper towels (and yes in that order) we went to Sam’s.

We won’t be running out anytime soon.

So I am back, finished the second story, letting you know this was the first and going back to work on finding the rest.  But on the other hand, if I don’t finish, I don’t have to clean the house tomorrow, so I can work on this some more.

Think of it this way, it is showing me what to work on.  For Editing.  I have tons to edit , like Sacred and Tired Wings…  You guys like those right?

I will warn you, I cried writing it.  And for those that don’t know, here is the story banner with a link to the main page:

Yes, It is an original story. Enjoy!



I am declaring today a day for you guys.

Plus, as I announced in my Facebook group, I feel like Shenanigans.

So…. What does this mean?

It means I will be publishing things today.  Since I am not sure when I can get another chance since I was supposed to be cleaning and so on.  Not sure what I have from the betas, but we will start in the A’s (Alice) and go from there. I will also be making notes of what stories are available after this for posting as well.  Maybe spend a day making banners and making chapters ready so all I have to do is hint publish and link? Maybe…

This means of course that the Facebook Group will get the notices ONE story before you guys do.

I need to reward their patience with all my teasing, especially when I am not able to start editing their new favorite until the end of the month when Dr. Strange comes out.


Ok we survived the buying process. so far….

I am just now sitting down to my computer in the office for the first time since we signed the papers for the house.  You know, the room that I do most of my work in.

The Laptop is awesome for writing, but not for editing.  Though it has transferred a lot of my words and names from the desktop, there are still some arguments that we have.  And Grammarly is NOT on the laptop.  So while I can write away on that one, it’s not yet set up for editing.  When I need it to be, it will be.  Right now, I want it to be for writing and playing games.

So for the house.  We are looking into a few things, but soon should be moving the office furniture out of this room, and getting ready to rip it apart.  I am looking forward to not freezing my feet in the winter (when it is actually cold) or wearing nothing to keep cool.   Pier Beam houses are awesome for flood areas but suck on insulation for the old ones.  But we are going to fix that, and save us some money by spending it. Seems to be an ongoing theme lately.  <sighs>

But I am here, I will see what I can edit, in between working through the piles of paper on my desk.  Seriously, every single sheet of paper since the closing was laying on my desk, along with anything M found when he was looking for something else.  Like all the Flex account stuff, the statements, and the actual closing papers.   No wonder he shied away from me going into the office when he was home!!!

So we will see what all I can send off to the Betas.  I will tell you for those of you who are Tea Shoppers, the new beta has done chapters far in advance of where I stopped.  And for those that have been with me as Alice fans, I am writing new stuff.  When I have time!

See ya later, off to work and clear my desk!!

Public Service Announcement

Per our wonderful Site Admin, I have been asked to tell you the following:

Feb 2 from 8 to 10 mountain time bluehost is doing server maintanence. There will be 30 minutes of total site down time while they reboot their servers.

We wanted to make sure you guys are aware of what is going on.

I am hoping that tomorrow will allow me back to normal, but I may need a day or two, to figure out the mess on my desk.  It’s kinda scary.

Update on Me

Update on Me

I know I have been missing online pretty much.

The reason is we got the house!!! Yeah!!!!

The bad part is that we seem to have to be shopping for it a lot.  I did get new furniture, for the first time in 15+ years.  Seriously.  My chair is absolutely awesome, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being able to sit in it and be comfy.  This is only the third time I sat in it since Thursday, but we have been busy, busy, busy!!

I am the driver for my grandmother, and I had a lot of appointments for her last week and only one this week.  Tomorrow was supposed to be a free day, but I broke a filling, so I will be seeing if I can get in.  If not, then I will be getting my oil changed.  Or both.  Who knows?

Tuesday will be taking her to an appointment, and Wednesday we get the new fridge we desperately need as well as someone coming out to look over the AC and to see what we need to be more energy efficient. Thursday I may actually get.. wait… Nope.  I have to go for the woman’s torture session that we have yearly.



We might be starting the first room to redo at that time…

So we will see!!!  My desk is seriously piled high with papers for me to scan for the house as well as other items we have.

But hey, new furniture!!!

And trying to get a lawnmower on sale is freaking difficult!!!  Just saying!!!  We have a huge yard, thick grass and no we are NOT going to try the push mower again.  Yes, we did try it on a 1/4 acre of land, and I will tell you, misery!!!!

But this will all calm down soon.  Or at least I hope it does!!!  But…

I will tell you it is a great feeling knowing you own the house you are in.  And thank god my parents and others are willing to help when we have questions!!!

That is all for now, I am tired and getting sleepy, so I will be signing off.  Just wanted to let you guys know that life is running me over but in a good way.

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