Charming Outlaw’s Angel By Jenna Tee

Charming Outlaw’s Angel By Jenna Tee

A/N: This is just the start of a story. More will come later. Not sure if it’ll be a one-shot or longer yet.


Summary: Bella moves in with Charlie when a werewolf pack in Arizona won’t leave her alone. Now the Cullen’s and the Quileute wolf pack is stalking her in Forks, Washington. Charlie sends her to live with some friends in Charming to protect her. This is just the start of a story. More will come later.

Not Beta-read for contest. Will be Beta-read AFTER contest.


Charlie sighed as he saw the fast blurs in the woods behind his house. The Cullen’s and the Quileute boys didn’t think he could see them, or sense them. But he wasn’t completely human. He was a werewolf. A true werewolf, not like the boys on the rez. He was a child of the moon, but he hid it well. Everyone assumed he was a human.

Bella had moved in with him months before because a werewolf pack had been bothering her. He knew why, she now knew why, but she hadn’t before. Now the Cullen’s, who were a group of vampires, and a pack of shape-shift wolves-The Quileute Pack was sniffing around her, stalking her. He was at his wit’s end. It was time to send her to a friends house. Someone that no one knew he was connected to. Gemma and Clay Morrow. Charlie was good friends with Gemma and her late husband, JT. He had met them when he was on a trip to Ireland when he was younger. He had a lot in common with JT. Such as being a werewolf. They kept in touch over the years. Now, he was friends with Gemma and her current husband, Clay. He was aware of the things the club did. He turned a blind eye to it. This past week, he had called in an old friend, who was a witch. A warlock actually. A male witch. Roderick had set up wards around the house. Bella and Charlie had to invite supernaturals into the house. Everytime. It wasn’t a one-time invitation, and the supernatural had unlimited access. The supe had to be invited each time they came over. He also put silencing wards on the whole house. So, the coven and the pack wouldn’t hear anything said in the house.

He sighed again and picked up the phone. He dialed a number he had memorized a long time ago. The phone rang a few times before someone picked up.


Gemma heard her phone ringing and looked at the caller id. She smiled as she answered. The rest of the club looking at her curiously.

“Charlie, it’s been a while,” Gemma said with a smile.

“Hey, Gem. Is Clay with you? I need to ask you both a favor.” Answered Charlie.

Gemma frowned a bit knowing something was wrong.

“Of course, just a second Charlie,” Gemma replied. She pulled the phone away from her ear and looked at Clay.

“He needs to talk to us both. Has a favor to ask. Something is wrong.” She told her husband, who nodded, and began to lead her to the chapel. “All of you in here now.”

“Charlie, the whole club is here, but you can trust them. I promise.” Gemma said into the phone, before putting it on speaker phone.

The rest of the club followed them into chapel. Curious about what was going on. You see, The MC wasn’t just an MC. They were also a pack of supes. Well, some of them were.

“Ok. I trust you.” Charlie said.

“What’s going on, brother?” Clay asked, as he sat at the head table, and pulled Gemma into his lap. She put the phone on the table where everyone could hear.

They heard him sigh and run a hand over his face.

“You know Renee and I had a daughter. You also know we adopted her. She isn’t our biological daughter. You know how she came to us, and if the rest of the club wants to know, she or you can tell them later. What none of you do know is that she’s a supernatural too. She’s an Angel. An honest to God, Angel.” Charlie explained.

“Oh, Jesus. So, she attracts more supes to her all the time.” Gemma said with a nod.

“Yes. Renee sent Bella to live with me in Forks when a pack of werewolves was bothering Bella. Trying to get her to join them. Swear loyalty to them. They even tried to kidnap her and force it. That’s when she came to me. But now, I have a coven of vampires, and a pack of shape-shifters in my town who have figured out what she is, and have started stalking her. They have even snuck into my house. I have contacted a warlock friend who has set up wards around the house so that they can not come in again unless invited, and they can’t hear anything inside the house. But I can’t protect her 24/7 outside of the house. I’m at a loss here. I was hoping she could come stay with you. You have a pack there. I need help.” Charlie explained, begging near the end.

Gemma and Clay looked at each other, then to the rest of the club. They were all nodding their agreement.

“Of course Charlie. You know we’ve always seen her as a niece. And Jax has always adored her.” Gemma answered him.

“Thank you.” Charlie breathed a sigh of relief.

They talked for a few more minutes, getting details. It was decided that the charter in Seattle would bring her to Charming.


Clay had just hung up with the Seattle Charter President. He walked back over to the group.

“It’s all set. They leave tomorrow morning.” He told him.

Gemma nodded, then looked at Happy and Chibs.

“I want Happy and Chibs to train her. Hand-to-hand and weapons.” She told them.

Both men nodded that they would.


The next afternoon, late afternoon, Gemma was in the office at the garage, while the guys were working in the garage when they heard the thunder of motorcycles pulling into the lot. They looked up to see the Seattle charter pulling in with a van behind him.

They all headed towards the Seattle charter as they parked and turned off the bikes. They watched as the President, Mike, helped a girl get off the back of his bike. She took the helmet off and smiled at him.

“That was such a rush. Thank you!” She exclaimed happily, handing the helmet back to him.

The Charming guys chuckled, realizing it was her first time on a bike. Mike grinned at her “You’re welcome, darlin.”

Gemma grinned recognizing her. “If it isn’t my goddaughter.”

Bella spun around and ran up to Gemma hugging her tight. “Hi, Aunt Gemma. I may not remember you much, but Daddy always talked about you, JT, Clay, and his godson, Jax.”

Gemma smiled and let go of her. Clay hugged her “Hey Baby Girl. Don’t worry. We’ll protect you here.” He then kissed her forehead and let her go.

Jax stepped up to her with that heart-stopping smile “Hey babe.” and hugged her tight, then took her hand, and kissed her palm softly. Everyone sucked in a breath at the display, knowing what that gesture meant. Even Bella was staring at him wide-eyed. Jax had just staked his claim. Bella couldn’t say she minded much. She didn’t know him much, but he was gorgeous, and from what her father had told her, he would be good to her.

Gemma saw the look on Bella’s face and wondered if the girl knew what this meant. She decided to find out.

Once Jax let go of Bella, Gemma wrapped an arm around her shoulders, and began leading her to the clubhouse, all of the guys were still talking, so Gemma leaned in to whisper into Bella’s ear “Do you realize what just happened with Jax?”

“Yes, Ch-Dad has always trained me in all ways MC. Even though he isn’t in one. I think he knew a long time ago, I’d end up with you guys. He wanted me to understand it all. Jax just staked his claim on me. And while I really don’t mind, I’m still going to make him work for it.” Bella told her with a wicked grin.

Gemma smirked at her. “Good girl.”

“Now, you will be staying here at the clubhouse. It would be easier to protect you here, then at anyone’s house for now. You can either have your own dorm room, or you can share with Jax. He has a house, but he’s been living here in his dorm for months because his junkie whore of an ex-wife is living in his house. She’s pregnant, so he doesn’t want his child on the streets. They are divorced and he can’t stand her, so you don’t have to worry about that.” Gemma explained.

Bella thought about it for a minute. She hadn’t realized that the guys had walked up behind them, and were waiting for her to decide.

“I might feel safer if I stayed with Jax if he’s alright with that.” She answered, now realizing that the guys were standing wit them as well. She looked back at Jax with a smirk “But that doesn’t mean he’s getting any……yet.”

Jax chuckled and nodded. “Understood, darling. But you’re still mine.”

She nodded. “I know, but you’re still going to work for it.”

The guys, including Jax, laughed. He smirked at her.

“Prospect, put her stuff in my dorm,” Jax told the prospect, tossing his key to the room to Half-sack, who nodded.

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October 5, 2016


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