Every Dark Night Turns Into Day

Every Dark Night Turns Into Day

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Godric is sidetracked from his errand to Seattle, which not only changes his destiny, but the destiny of a lost girl, which will set them both free.

Disclosure: Twilight is owned by Stephanie Myers and True Blood is owned by HBO, Allan Ball and Charlaine Harris.  I own nothing.  Well nothing more than the dream which spawned this.

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Prologue – Set You Free
Chapter One – Gentle Implosions
Chapter Two – Hush Now, Don’t You Cry
Chapter Three – Be My Baby
Chapter Four – I Wanna Call You Mine
Chapter Five – Strength To Go
Chapter Six – But I’m Yours
Chapter Seven – Glorious Sadness
Chapter Eight – Pick Yourself Up
Chapter Nine – When You Love Someone
Chapter Ten – I Won’t Let it Go Down
Chapter Eleven – The World is Rising
Chapter Twelve – Harder to Find What’s Right
Chapter Thirteen – Resignation to the End
Chapter Fourteen – Keep Trying
Chapter Fifteen – Two People Meant to Be Together
Chapter Sixteen – I Was a Lonely Soul
Chapter Seventeen – Eighteen and Beautiful
Chapter Eighteen – Your sweet Moonbeam
Chapter Nineteen – Paradise is Coming
Chapter Twenty – Distance in Your Eyes
Chapter Twenty-one – Cleaning House
Chapter Twenty-two – Feel So Far From Home (outtake)
Chapter Twenty-two – Feel So Far From Home
Chapter Twenty-three – Put Dream to Paper
Chapter Twenty-four – If I Had My Way
Chapter Twenty-five – Have It All
Chapter Twenty-six – Your Love Lifts Me Out of Time
Chapter Twenty-seven – It’s Incredible
Chapter Twenty-eight – So Sick At Heart
Chapter Twenty-nine – Just Too Much That Time Cannot Erase 
Chapter Thirty – It’s Only Love, It’s Only Pain


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March 17, 2015

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  1. andrewpine

    Looking forward to Eddie and Alice both dying.could you please let that happen soon??


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