Fíli’s Fairy Queen by MsDawnSilverKnife

Fíli’s Fairy Queen by MsDawnSilverKnife

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do own any of the characters of the Hobbit that privilege is left to Tolkien. I am only borrowing them for this story.

} Khuzdul {

] Ancient Khuzdul [

“Fairy” Italic

>Black Speech<

~”Mental Speech”~

In the Shire, there is a lovely hole in the ground that goes by the name Bag End, which has currently been invaded by 13 dwarves and a wizard. It also has one very upset Hobbit running around, and a very feverish fairy, that coincidently the dwarves and wizard do not know about, but will be finding out about very soon.

Currently the feverish fairy was tossing and turning in her bed, unaware that her healers would be there to help her in moments of her waking from her having a flash back, but right now she is to delirious and unaware to understand that she is suffering from a nightmare that is being caused by, the poison from her wound, and her brothers emotions that she is feeling from her gift of empathy.

For now we will watch over her as she suffers her flashback.


Today has been unusually warm, and I still haven’t found any rabbits for that stew Bilbo wants to make for dinner, maybe I should fly out further see if I have any luck.

As she is dreaming she is getting more and more tangled in her covers, which is causing her to whimper.

Why am I feeling so constricted all of sudden, there’s no one holding me down. What was that… Why do I feel fear?…I don’t see any one around me, wait I hear a child crying, I also hear….is that orcs?…Why are orcs so close to the Shire?…The last time they were that close was during the Fell Winter?… Oh no they have a family?…That one is very big, too big to be a normal orc. Maybe if I distract them the family can get away.

As her dream progress’ she is starting to whimper louder and thrash harder

No don’t hurt the family…Did they get away?…Why are they grabbing my wings like that?…They aren’t supposed to be able to hold my wings when I grow from my first form to this form….No!…Don’t do that!…So much pain!…NO!…She hears nothing but laughter from the Orcs that are causing her pain.

<End Flashback>

“NO!” She screamed out in her delirium and never heard the feet running to her room, or the door crash open.

When the hands grabbed her to hold her down, she started to fight.

“No! No more!!” She screamed out trying to get away from the hands trying to hold her down and keeps swinging.

“Bella!” She heard and felt the voice and emotions of her brother Bilbo and it stopped her in her tracks.

“Bilbo?” She said in such a small voice that sounded so scared everyone in the room wanted to cry.

“Oh Bella yes it’s me; no one here wants to hurt you. You were yelling in your sleep, and we got worried you would hurt yourself. Now can you open your eyes, it might actually help you calm down if you saw everyone sister dear.” She could hear the humor in his voice and had to give him a watery smile when she realized she didn’t open her eyes until he mentioned it.

When she did, she saw him smile when he saw her eyes and say, “There they are, my sisters beautiful eyes. Now I think you need to have Gandalf and another healer look at your back. Since you have a fever from what those orc did to you my dear.”

She just nodded at him in response to what he said, and then said, “Why are there so many dwarves in my bedroom?”

When everyone laughed in response, Bilbo just smiled and said, “Well you did scream kind of loud sister dear.”

“Oh I’m so sorry. Did I interrupt something important Bilbo?” She asked him

“It can wait till Gandalf and our healer look at you.” A deep voice said from her left, which made her startle a little, and when she looked towards that direction she saw the face of a very handsome young looking blonde dwarf that had a very lovely short beard and braided mustache.

She also saw two other dwarves giving him a funny look; one was younger looking than him, with a scruffy looking beard, that looked like he was trying to grow it in. The other was older, and had silver in his mane of black hair and also had a short beard. The main thing they all shared is similar looks, so Bella figured they were related, but she assumed the eldest was their uncle rather than father since the look was similar but not exact.

When the eldest cleared his throat, and the blonde looked at him, she got to see him go red in the face; she wondered why until the eldest turned to look at her and began to talk.

“Yes, as my nephew Fíli stated it can wait till Gandalf and our healer have looked at you. By the way I am Thorin, and the leader of this company of dwarves.” He told her with a wry smile on his face, and she returned it with a slight smile on her face, until the pain in her back got to be too much.

When that happened, it turned into a slight grimace and she cried out in pain, which brought Gandalf and another dwarf forward.

“My dear can you tell us where your pain is?” Gandalf asked her

“It’s her back Gandalf; the orcs cut off her wings, you see she’s a fairy.” Bilbo told them by way of explanation.

Everyone in the room froze when Bilbo told them that, then they turned to me in and Thorin said, “You are the last one then?”

Bella managed to nod in answer before crying out in pain again, which prompted Gandalf to jump forward and saying, “My dear I am going to have to rip the back of your shirt open if that is alright.”

“Just do it.” She cried out in pain again.

Gandalf just nodded in answer knowing that she was in pain, when he asked for a knife Fíli handed him one of his many daggers, and Gandalf reached forward, turned Bella on her stomach, and cut the back of Bella’s shirt open. When everyone saw her back they gasped.

“My dear you said it was orcs that did this?” the dwarf healer asked her

“Yes.” Bella said though clenched teeth.

Gandalf said something that really got everyone’s attention, “The orc used a Morgul Blade my dear, unless we can find Athelas to get the poison out there is no hope of healing your back.”

“Garden.” Bella managed to spit out from between her clenched teeth

“What my dear?” Gandalf asked her not understanding what she had said.

“She said garden.” Bilbo told him, and then he asked “What is Athelas?”

“Oh you would know it as Kingsfoil.” Gandalf told him

“Oh I know exactly where she planted that in my garden.” Bilbo told him then went running out of the room.

Bella would have laughed at the surprised look on Gandalf’s face if she wasn’t in so much pain, but she couldn’t at the moment.

“I take it your gift of foresight told you to plant it my dear?” Gandalf asked the poor fairy.

“Yes.” Bella almost hissed out at him in her pain, and Fíli did hiss at the wizard, this had his brother looking at him funny again, and his uncle looking at him in contemplation.

Everyone was distracted from the odd behavior, when Bilbo came barging back into the room with what looked like a bundle of weeds in his hands.

“I didn’t know how much you would need so I just grabbed a bunch.” Bilbo stuttered out because everyone was looking at him in surprise with how much he was holding.

“Well that’s alright my lad; we could always save what we don’t use for later on.” The dwarf healer said so cheerfully it had Bilbo grinning at him.

Bella would have smiled at him for it in thanks, if she could have, but she was in too much pain.

“Alright Bilbo we are going to need a bowl with some warm water, an empty bucket, and then a backless shirt for your sister.” Gandalf said to get everyone moving.

Bilbo nodded getting ready to go get everything. Then he froze, “Why backless?”

Gandalf looked at him and said, “Well she will need it for her back to be able to heal properly.”

Bilbo just nodded and headed out of the room, never even asking about the empty bucket, which Bella was happy about; because she knew he was going to be pretty upset when it came time for her to use it.

It wasn’t much later when all the supplies were together and ready to go, and Bella finally knew the name of the dwarf healer because he had asked what they needed the bowl of warm water for.

“Well Oin we need to shred the Athelas into it; then spread it onto Bella back, also onto my hands, and hers. Then I need to make a link with her to combine our powers to be able to heal her. When we do this we will both be speaking in her language which will be fairy, so please do not get upset if it sounds different than what you are used to. I will let you know now it is a beautiful language so please just listen, and I will translate what we said later if you must know, alright?”

Bella watched as some of the dwarves nodded in answer to what Gandalf said then she felt him spread some of the Athelas on her back, then her hand and held it in his hand, then he set another of his hands on her back, and then they linked together.

She took a deep breath and then when she felt that they were linked, and her marks glow, which had the dwarves in the room gasping over, which she decided to ignore for now, they both began to speak, “Spirits of healing, I call on thee from across the skies. Come forth! The power of healing that you can do, I ask of thee to deliver into this wound through and through. Oh spirits of healing, I call on thee. Answer my cry, so mote it be.”

When they were done she knew it was working because she felt the poison leaving her system, and Gandalf put the bucket in front of her, which she would have said thank you for if she wasn’t busy puking the poison out of her system.

“Oh boy, that has to be the worst ways to get rid of poison if you ask me. Dori can you go get her a throat soothing tea please.” She could hear Oin in the background, and she would have laughed at his statement if she wasn’t so busy.

She could also feel Bilbo’s distress for what she was going through, and knew he would need something in a moment. She nudged Gandalf hoping he would understand what she was trying to get across to him.

“What my dear, Oh never mind I understand.” Gandalf said almost to himself.

“Dori will also need to get poor Bilbo some chamomile tea.” Gandalf said to Oin in a low voice.

“Alright, I think a few of us will after this, we don’t like seeing women hurt no matter what race they are.” Oin said to Gandalf.

Bella felt nothing but honest gratitude towards Oin in that moment when she felt the truth coming from him. When she was done with her expulsion of the poison she fell back against her pillows, and couldn’t even complain when Oin came forward to wipe her mouth clean like she was a little baby, even though she was 2,000 years old. So she just smiled at him in thanks, which had him smiling at her in return, and patting her shoulder gently.

When Dori came in with her tea, she almost hugged the dwarf her gratitude was so great, and when Gandalf started chuckling, she just looked at him in question.

“He probably would have blushed all the way to the tips of his hair if you had been able to do so my dear.” Gandalf said in response to her thought, which had her wondering if he read her thoughts or her emotions.

When the dwarves around them gave them confused looks, Gandalf just chuckled even more.

“She was thinking about hugging Dori for bringing her the tea.” Gandalf said in answer to their confused looks, which had Dori blushing really red, Fíli giving him a really nasty look, Kíli giving his brother a confused look, and everyone else laughed in understanding.

“Well thank you for the tea, Dori.” Bella said to him in a very scratchy sounding voice, which had everyone wincing in sympathy.

“Oh sis please don’t talk until you at least sound somewhat normal.” Bilbo whimpered out

“Alright Bilbo.” Bella rasped out before going back to drinking her tea, which after a little while was making her feel rather good. She didn’t know what Dori put in it, but she was going to start having it in all her tea from now on if it made her feel this good.

Bella start shifting around in her bed feeling restless, tingly, and hot. If she didn’t know any better, this is the same feeling that she had felt around women when they were with their mates during mating season, but that wasn’t right, why would she be feeling like that. What would make her feel that way; unless….Bella looked down at her tea…Gandalf shot her a quick look before he gave a chuckle, and left the room.

“Bella, are you alright?” Bilbo asked his sister; because he had seen her shifting restlessly on the bed and began to wonder if something was wrong with her.

“Hmm, I’m just fine brother dear.” Bella said, and this time her voice came out sounding very smooth, with a slight purr to it.

Bilbo snapped a look at her, but the thought that went through his head was quickly dismissed because he knew it was impossible. He knew she didn’t get a hold of any honey and he didn’t give her any at all.

“Are you sure you’re okay sis?” Bilbo asked one more time, sounding very worried about his sister now.

“Oh I am just fine Bilbo dear.” Bella purred out, which had Fíli snapping his focus towards the bed, and Kíli and Thorin watched him, because their understanding was that he may have found his One. Thorin was denying it, because he wanted his nephew to find her in a dwarf not another race.

“What’s the matter Bilbo?” Oin asked sounding suspicious about someone second guessing his healing techniques.

“It’s almost like she got a hold of some honey, which for a fairy is something you don’t want, it’s an aphrodisiac to them, and they would need their mates nearby if they got a hold of it. Since Bella has yet to find hers that would be a big problem.” Bilbo explained sounding very troubled

“How big a problem?” Oin asked, and Bilbo heard a tone in his voice that had him snapping his head towards the healer.

“Why do you ask that way?” Bilbo asked slowly, which also drew Thorin closer, but to where he could keep a close eye on his nephew.

“There was honey in her throat soothing tea.” Oin said in a troubled sounding voice.

“To bad I don’t have my mate here then, because I would spread honey all over him and then lick it off very slowly, starting from his toes, then traveling up slowly north, towards his hmmm.” Bella purred out from her bed, which had everyone snapping a look towards her.

“That is why you don’t give her honey.” Bilbo squeaked out with a very red face, but it was a choking sound that drew a look from Thorin.

When Thorin saw the look on his nephew Fíli’s face he knew, he quickly walks over to the poor dwarf, and whispers in his ear, “Go find the bathroom and take care of yourself.”

Fíli just nods and stumbles out of the room, almost tripping over his feet in his hurry to get out of there.

“Uncle?” Kíli sort of questioned from Thorin’s right side.

“Your brother is having a reaction to what she said that is all.” Still wanting to deny that his nephew has found his One, but he saw the look on Kíli’s face and stopped.

“Uncle if he reacted this way, then she is more than just some female, he has never reacted to any female this way.” Kíli told him and saw the look of surprise on Thorin’s face.

“Are you sure, are you absolutely sure he hasn’t reacted to any female this way?” Thorin asked him, desperately trying to get Kíli to deny what he was now figuring to be true.

“Yes uncle and some of them have said things worse than this and not by accident. Some of have even thrown themselves at him, naked and on purpose, and he never reacted this way. Well he did but with disgust, you could even ask mother if she was here, or ask Dwalin, he was there for some of them. They only did it because of Fíli being a prince, and he has never reacted this way, that is why he has never been with a female.” Kíli froze when he realized what he just revealed to his uncle.

Thorin looked at Kíli in complete surprise and asked, “Are you saying he is a…”

Kíli just nodded really quickly so Thorin didn’t say it, and said with a red face, “We both are because we didn’t want to sleep with anyone that was after just the title.”

“Oh Kíli.” Thorin just grabbed Kíli in a hug, because he realized in that moment that his nephews missed out on a lot because of the females that were title chasers.

“You might want to help your nephew.” Bella spoke out of the blue from the bed, still having a purr in her voice, but she also sounded very frustrated.

Bilbo kind of giggled out of nowhere, and had everyone looking at him in question.

Bilbo cleared his throat rather quickly and said, “She has the gift of empathy, so she can feel the emotions around her, and if she is still under the influence of honey and feeling frustrated it’s not her feeling frustrated. I laughed because it sounded funny to have her purring from the bed while sounding frustrated.”

Thorin snickered after Bilbo said that, until he realized who would be feeling frustrated, and why he would be feeling so.

“Kíli if you and your brother have never…has anyone ever explained how to…?” Thorin almost hesitated in his questioning.

Kíli rolled his eyes then spat out, “We haven’t ever not done anything with ourselves Thorin.”

Thorin relaxed, then said, “You might want to go remind your brother about something he neglected to do then, because if he’s feeling frustrated enough for her to feel it.”

Kíli finally understood what Thorin was alluding to and said, “Oh okay.” And took off towards the bathroom where his brother would be.

When he got close enough, he could hear his brother almost crying in frustration, he didn’t bother knocking he just opened the door, and went in.

Ever since they were younger and started getting interested in anything alluding to sex, they talked about it together. When they started to experiment with masturbation, they figured out real quick that they had to massage their balls first or they wouldn’t get anywhere with their pleasure, or they would but it would last forever. Which if they wanted it to last awhile was a good thing, but if they wanted to get it over quickly wasn’t a good thing.

So when he saw how upset and frustrated his brother was, and how sweaty and red in the face he was. He realized Fíli, had rushed things and forgotten to do things correctly. So instead of saying anything, he just crooned out, “Oh Fíli.”

He walked up behind his poor brother, and snugged up right behind him real tight, and rather than let him fight, like he knew Fíli would, Kíli reached down, and letting Fíli continue squeezing and rubbing along his shaft and tip, went straight for Fíli’s balls and massaged them; and the very moment he did he felt Fíli stand up straighter because every muscle Fíli had tightened. He also heard Fíli suck in a deep breath, and Kíli just tightened his other arms hold and continued to do his light massaging. He could feel Fíli speed up his work on his shaft, and also felt Fíli’s balls tighten and knew that it wouldn’t take much longer, so he reached behind where he was massaging, for the patch of skin, and lightly pressed and massaged the perineum. Once he did that, Fíli chocked and Kíli moved his other hand, which had been holding his brother to him, and covered his brothers’ mouth. When he had it over Fíli’s mouth, Fíli was able to hide the roaring shout that would have been quite loud otherwise, when he was finally able to orgasm.

Once he felt every muscle in his brother’s body relax, Kíli stopped his massaging, since it had only been causing Fíli to twitch, and held his brother to him. He also uncovered his brother’s mouth so he could breathe like normal, and once he did his brother spoke.

“How did you know?” Fíli asked in a quiet voice sounding very tired.

“Your One has the gift of empathy, and even under the influence of honey, was still able to feel your frustration. Thorin was the one to realize what was happening, and after I told him what was going on with us, about us not going after any females and such, he sent me to remind you about something you may have forgotten in your haste to relieve yourself. I came in here to tell you, and saw you were too far gone to talk, and decided to just help instead; which we will not be talking about to anyone ever, nadad.”

Fíli gave a tired sounding chuckle and said, “Don’t worry nadadith I would have done the same for you.”

Kíli just hugged his brother tighter, and then let Fíli up so he could get dressed.

Fíli then cleared his throat and said, “Although it’s going to be pretty difficult to keep what she said out of my head.”

Kíli just laughed at him and said, “I can imagine it will be nadad.”

They walked out of the bathroom after Fíli had finished getting dressed and cleaned up, and headed back into where Bella was, to find one very cranky fairy with an amused audience around her.

When Fíli and Kíli walked back into Bella’s room, Thorin looked at his nephews, and gestured for them to come over to where he was standing.

When they did, they noticed he had an amused look on his face, and looked at him in question.

Thorin shook his head and said, “Bella is pretty cranky right now because when her and Gandalf linked powers to heal her back of the poison something they didn’t expect to happen, happened.”

“Okay, so what happened?” Fíli asked in concern about what was happening with his One.

“I’m growing my wings like a newborn fairy.”  A feminine voice growled from the direction of the bed, and their heads snapped in that direction and they saw Bella glaring their direction.

What had them looking at her in awe though, instead of hesitation or fear, was she had what looked like tattoo’s glowing on her face.

Kíli noticed that they were the same color as his brother’s eye’s and filed it away for later, because for now he could see that she was really irritated even though he had no clue what she had said.

“Alright, I have no clue what you said, but I can tell you’re upset.” Kíli said with his big innocent eyes and grin as he walked towards where all the others were standing.

When she looked at him in confusion for a second, then snickered and said, “I said, I’m growing my wings like a newborn fairy, and don’t think the innocent eyes and grin will get you out of trouble with me too often, curious little wolf. No that one I won’t explain so don’t try it.”

Bilbo snickered when he saw the look on Kíli’s face at what she just said, and also at what she just called him, because it was really fitting for him.

“Bilbo I wouldn’t snicker at that if I were you. I still have to pay you back for allowing them to dose me with honey.” She dryly said then raised her eyebrow when he glared at her.

“Why am I getting paid back?” Bilbo yelped out in outrage

“Well brother dear what else goes into soothing throat tea, it was your kitchen, and since I am your sister for the last 21 years I feel like it.” She said before sticking her tongue at him.

“Why do I have a feeling I liked you better when you had a fever for the last week.” Bilbo muttered.

“Be nice or I’ll let you go with all these nice dwarves on their adventure alone, and I’ll stay here and let Lobelia steal your house in a years’ time like she plans on doing. Besides you need to do this and you know it, or I wouldn’t have told you about company coming 2 weeks ago, and to get all those cookies made, which you really should be thanking me for Master Dwalin.” Bella said with a raised voice, so those out in the hall could hear her.

This had Dwalin himself yelping out in the hallway, and what sounded like a cookie jar breaking and the sound of someone getting smacked on the head.

“Now see what you did, now clean it up, and quit eating all of Bilbo’s cookies.” Came Balin’s voice from the living room.

Bella giggled from her bed, and she looked at Bilbo who was looking at his sister with a weird look on his face.

“Sister, are you telling me you knew all this was coming?”

Bella got a sad look on her face and took a deep breath, before she told Bilbo, “I told you a long time ago I have the gift of empathy correct?” This had Bilbo nodding his head, and had Bella looking at Fíli in confusion when he went very red in the face, which had Thorin clearing his throat; Kíli just turned his head and snickered.

Bella then looked back at Bilbo and said, “I also have the gift of Foresight, it can often tell me things years in advance of them happening, such as when the Wizards would be coming to Middle Earth; or the Shire was settled by Hobbits in 1601 by brothers Marcho and Blanco. There are also times I don’t see things in time to stop them or be warned about them, such as when Smaug invaded Erebor, and when I look back on it I asked why it would be that I wasn’t warned of why? I also had to ask why I wasn’t warned about Thrór’s madness getting worse when the Arkenstone was being removed from the mountain, and then I realized the two are linked.”

Bella stopped there when she heard Thorin suck in a breath, because she knew he must have realized the same thing, and when she looked at him she saw the look on his face. When she looked at him, she almost started crying in reaction to the heartbreak she saw on his face, but she waited until he spoke to say anything.

“Did we ask to be invaded by Smaug when we removed the Arkenstone from the mountain?” Thorin asked her hoarsely

“What was its name before it was renamed the Kings Jewel?” Bella asked him in a trance like voice, which had Gandalf snapping her a quick look, and raising a hand to Thorin when he would have said something about the question.

Thorin realized she was having a vision and instead tried to remember, it was Balin’s hoarse voice that answered from the doorway, “It was called The Heart of Erebor, my lady.”

“Heal the Heart of Erebor, King of the Mountain, and you will not have to worry about losing the Line of Durin, my son.” It wasn’t even Bella’s voice at this point.

Thorin dropped to his knees when he realized who it was that was talking to him.

“What must we do Spirit Father?” Thorin asked their Father

“Follow the Queen of Fairies, she will lead you home, my son. Do not question her too much, or she will lead you on a very merry chase indeed. She will tell you how to heal the Heart of Erebor. It was never meant to be the Kings Jewel, my son. True Kings don’t need a Jewel to rule, just a true heart, good people to advise them, and love for their family. This I know you already have my son, and you have the guide of a 2,000 year old mischievous fairy to guide you and keep you on your toes. I will warn you now my son; do not ever piss her off to much, because those that do don’t ever live to tell the tale twice. Ask her who removed her wings; he was the one who killed your grandfather Thrór, who just told me to tell you he is very proud of you. Let Bella deal with the Gundabad Orc, he will know more pain with her, than he ever would with you, my son. Now I must go, for to talk to you through Bella makes her tired. Know this my son; I am also very proud of you.” When everyone looked up again it was to see Bella looking at them with every mark of hers glowing.

“Umm Bella you’re glowing.” Bilbo stuttered out.

Bella just growled at him in answer to what he just said and he squeaked and went silent, and folded down to the floor in a very low bow. When Bella looked at Thorin, Thorin could see that her eyes had even started to glow.

“Azog is after you Thorin, son of Thráin, son of Thrór, King of the Mountain.” Bella growled out towards him, and her voice had an ethereal quality to it this time.

Kíli saw, out the corner of his eye, his brother shutter in response to her voice, and nudged him to get him to focus; because they really didn’t need a pissed off fairy queen to feel a dwarf that was feeling lusty towards her.

“Azog still lives?” Thorin asked her hoarsely, in disbelief and horror.

“Yes it was him and his group of orcs that removed my wings a week ago, when I saved a family of hobbits from them.” She told him, only this time she sounded almost gentle.

“He still has the price on your head, but he also has a price on your nephews’ heads. This is why if we come across him, you will leave him to me, Thorin Oakenshield. If you go anywhere near him I will take my blood debt out on you instead of him, is that understood?” Bella told him sternly

Thorin nodded to her in understanding, even though she knew he didn’t really understand, and she also knew he would try to protect her as any overprotective male dwarf would. When she looked towards Fíli, she could feel the haze of lust and protection clouding his mind. She decided to gently push the lust back so he could actually think straight for a little bit, and once she did so she saw him snap a look of utter surprise and complete embarrassment towards her.

When Fíli saw her looking at him in confusion, he knew she didn’t understand the surprise or embarrassment, and he knew they really needed to talk. When she turns away from him towards Bilbo, he almost feels like she cut him off, and he had to admit he felt slightly hurt even if he knew she had done no such thing, let alone understood why it would hurt so much.

“Bilbo do we still have all that unused cloth?” Bella asked her brother

Bilbo thought for a moment and then he shook his head, and said, “No we ended up giving it to the Gamgee’s so they could make their new little one some clothes.”

“Oh drat that’s right.” Bella said then she sat there thinking for the moment.

Bilbo walked a little closer to his sister before asking her, “Why did you need the cloth sis?”

Bella looked up and saw more than her brother looking at her, but only Gandalf was looking amused, “Well this is the only backless shirt I have, and until my wings finish growing in I won’t be able to wear regular shirts. I also won’t be able to switch back to my second form until they are done growing.”

She watched as the look of realization crossed Bilbo’s face and confusion crossed the faces of everyone else. Before anyone could say anything she decided to explain.

“This form I’m in now is technically my normal form, and my fairy form would be the one where I am about 3 inches tall with wings. You see in this form my wings would cover my back in the form of a tattoo, and would probably be the same color as my marks when they show. When I am in my fairy form, my wings would be more transparent and the ribs would be the color of my marks.”

Thorin was the one to speak next and he sounded kind of confused, “Why do you say it that way when you say, the color of your marks?”

Bella looked at him for a second in confusion, then a look of understanding flashed across her face before she answered him, “Because whenever my marks have glowed or my wings have been visible I have never seen the color of them. So I do not know the colors they are, you see when a fairy is in the presence of her true mate, it is the only time they take on the color they are meant to be, and that is a unique attribute to her mate. I say it that way, because my mother’s took on my father’s hair color because it was very unique among his people. It had a green tint to it when he was alive, so her marks and wing ribs were a shade of green. So my marks and wing ribs would be the color of my mates’ unique attribute.”

Gandalf was the next one to ask a question, “My dear you say your mate like you don’t know who he is.”

“Fairies never do until the male tells her. So I truly won’t know who my mate is until he tells me Gandalf, just because I can feel the emotions around me doesn’t mean it would tell me anything. I also wouldn’t be given a clue by foresight; I tried looking a long time ago a saw nothing but blackness. When I asked my mother, she said I would never see my mate that way, and that I would have to be patient and wait for him to come to me and tell me I was his like all fairies have had to, and to answer any other questions yes fairies are only females. That is why no male fairies have been seen, well at least none with wings, so far at least.” Bella told them and you could hear the sadness in her voice when she told them she would never know who her mate was.

“Are you saying anyone could walk up to you and tell you that you belonged to them, and you would have to believe them?” Bilbo asked in anger, and Kíli felt the same way he did and Fíli felt like growling, which Kíli and Thorin knew so they held him back.

Bella actually started laughing at that one, and no one could understand why Gandalf joined in.

“No Bilbo, but thank you for reacting like a true brother would. You have to remember I have the gift of empathy. If just anyone were to walk up to me and tell me that I would feel their deceit. If my True Mate were to walk up to me and tell me I was his mate, he is going to be feeling what a True Mate is supposed to be feeling Bilbo, so I would feel the truth of what he is feeling. I would also have the reaction every female fairy has had since they began. You see, when a female fairy is told by her mate that she is his mate all her marks glow, and she can visibly see them for the first time in her life. Along with a special mark that is unique to her mate alone that only shows itself after they have bonded through their mating, but that will be determined by my mates’ race. So for the first time in 2,000 years I would be able to see my marks glow not just feel them glow.” Bella said with a giggle, but after she said it Fíli relaxed, which had Kíli and Thorin relaxing their hold.

} “Tell her soon, nephew” { Thorin muttered to Fíli.

Fíli just nodded in answer to what his uncle just said. Kíli just patted his brother in the back because he knew his brother was actually nervous about the conversation, so he decided to nudge his brothers’ memory of a certain item he had finished before coming to the Shire.

} “Don’t forget what’s in your left pocket nadad.” { Kíli muttered to Fíli.

Fíli startled and looked at his brother wide eyed, and Kíli almost laughed, because he realized his brother actually did forget. When Fíli’s hand went to his left pocket, and felt that it was actually still there and his brother relaxed, Kíli did snicker, Fíli nudged and muttered for him to shut up, Kíli continued to snicker.

Balin was the one that brought up Bella’s courting rituals by asking her, “What are Fairies courting rituals when they finally find their mates?”

Thorin look at Balin in surprise for his asking such a question, and said “Balin don’t you think that might be a secret where her culture is concerned?”

Bella looked at Thorin and said, “No it’s alright, and to answer your question Master Balin, it would all depend on the race my mate came from. You see Hobbits for example, court by going to parties and asking their mate to dance. Then they give her a potted plant so she can have a flower or plant to grow for years to come, and not just a bouquet of flowers that would wilt and die. They would then exchange more gifts that would get them prepared for their lives together as a married couple, and all the while prepare for their wedding. While this is all going on they would have chaperoned outings together to get to know one another better so they would know things such as favorite flowers, colors, and childhood friends and memories. Now if I was unlucky and found my mate in an elf there wouldn’t have been much courting because when one finds their mate in an elf they are basically bound as soon as they know they are meant for the other, and they sleep together under the stars as soon as they find their special spot within the woods. As soon as that happens they are then wed, which I find the least romantic of all the races if you ask me, and they all act as if they are the best of all the races. I do have to admit they have some great healers, but for the rest they sure are stuck up assholes.”

Bilbo sputtered at that one and turned red in the face when he saw the look on Gandalf’s face. When he saw everyone looking at him for an answer, he just shook his head and said, “She called the elves stuck up assholes.”

All the dwarves started laughing in response, even if Dori looked pretty scandalized that a lady used such a term.

“So you’re saying that you have to use the courting rituals of the race your mate comes from?” Kíli was the one to clarify and he sounded happy and upset all at the same time.

Bella looked at him for a moment with a blank look on her face before she gave him a gentle smile and said, “Yes, but I do not mind curious little wolf, as long as he is not from the elves I won’t mind. Of all the races, the 2 cultures that I find I love the courting rituals of the most are the dwarves and the hobbits. Well I find the dwarves come before the hobbits in regard to who I love the most, but you guys get the idea. I mean as a fairy I feel close to nature, but I have always felt more drawn to healing plants than to all of the plants in nature, I have also found myself drawn to gems when out in nature. I remember over 1500 years ago I was in the mountains and I felt this call, talking to it the whole time, and when I followed it to the end, I found the most beautiful sapphire that I have ever seen. It wasn’t all the big, but it had no flaws that I was almost afraid to bring it out of the earth. It finally convinced me to do so, and I have had it with me ever since. In fact, Bilbo can you go get me my jewelry box off that shelf over there?”

Bella pointed to the shelf she was talking about behind where Thorin himself was standing. Bilbo nodded and went and got it for her, thinking over some things because he had been watching everyone for their reactions to what she was talking about, but it was Fíli he had watched the most. He was beginning to suspect Fíli was his sisters’ mate, and from the poor boy’s reaction earlier to what she had said when she was affected by the honey, he knew of something that would make the perfect wedding gift if he was indeed her mate. He would watch and observe, but he would be making his purchase anyway, because his hobbit instincts where telling him he was correct about the wedding gift being needed.

Once Bilbo handed Bella her Jewelry box, she opened it, and got out the sapphire she was talking about. Everyone gasped when they saw the sapphire the size of an acorn, which was completely clear and completely flawless.

“Oh my, you have a priceless jewel there my dear. Would you mind telling me where you found it?” Balin asked in a pretty hushed voice.

Bella got a pretty wicked smile when he asked that, and Gandalf started chuckling, which had the dwarves and Bilbo looking at him funny.

“No I don’t mind telling you where I found it. It’s just pretty ironic, that I found this little guy 1500 years ago, in a mountain that would later on become the very mountain we are going to go and reclaim from the dragon Smaug. This sapphire came from Erebor you guys, but 1000 years before it was Erebor.” She told them, and saw the awe on their faces when they realized the history behind the sapphire she had.

Thorin looked at her, and gestured towards the sapphire in question.

“Yes Thorin you may hold it, but you cannot keep my sapphire. It still talks to me, won’t tell me what it wants to be yet, but it says it will tell me when the time is right. Never had a jewel turn clairvoyant on me before, and it also said it would decide then if it wants to be a boy or girl. Was pretty sure it was joking, but you can never tell with something’s.” Bella told them, and watched as Thorin cradled her sapphire like it was a little baby, and had to shake her head and smile.

When she looked at Gandalf she saw he was also shaking his head, and she said, “You think he’s gonna start singing it a lullaby next?”

Gandalf broke out in very loud laughter from her much unexpected question, and when she looked towards Thorin she saw him giving her a very grumpy look.

“Don’t look at me like that, grumpy little wolf,  you’re the one cradling it like a baby that needs swaddling clothes and a bottle. You looked like you were gonna start crooning a lullaby to it next, and it prefers the ones I sing anyway, so don’t try any of yours at all Thorin Oakenshield.” Bella told him before sticking her tongue at him.

Thorin gave her a grumpy look for calling him grumpy even if he didn’t understand the rest of what she called him, which was until she admitted to singing the stone a lullaby, then he broke out in laughter of his own, and handed her sapphire back so she could put it away.

“Don’t lose that it is truly priceless like Balin said before learning where it came from, based on the clarity alone, but now that we know where it’s from its would be worth a lot because of that.”

Bella nodded her head, then told him, “I wouldn’t sell it for any amount of gold in the world, no matter if they offered me your mountain and all it held in it Thorin Oakenshield.”

Every dwarf looked at her in utter shock when they heard her say that, because to admit that her sapphire was worth that much to her, told them just how loyal a person she would be, and helped them feel just that much more comfortable around her.

Thorin smiled at her, and said, “Then you are a rare person in this world to know what something is truly worth Miss Bella, and I will let you know now that I am glad that you will be coming with us on this quest.”

Bilbo decided to intervene before anymore silliness got in the way by going back to his sisters original question, “Bella I was wondering do you have enough coin to buy the cloth needed for making up some shirts you need for while you are healing, and anything else you would need to wear while during that time?”

Bella turned to him and smiled before answering his question, “Yes but you know that neither of us are very good at that kind of sewing. I’m not bad at hemming garments, but I have always been better at leather work for sheaths, quivers, and saddles you know that Bilbo. So unless we find a tailor that is willing to work overnight I am out of luck.”

Thorin stepped forward and said, “Dori has the skills of a tailor if you don’t mind him doing some of the work.”

Bella turned to the mentioned dwarf and saw him looking at her in question, and gave him a smile and said, “I will give you the needed coin to buy the cloth, leather for the corsets I would need and any supplies you would need. I don’t trust Bilbo with our coin, he has gone to many times to the market and come home with nothing but food, smoking tobacco, and books, and completely forgotten the other supplies I had on our lists, so I no longer let him around our coin. You, however, I can trust, Master Dori.”

Dori gave her a big smile, even though they could all hear Bilbo grumbling about it being only a few times.

Bella looked at Bilbo in disbelief and yelped out “Only a few times, you have been doing this for the last 15 years Bilbo. At first I thought if I took you to the training yard as punishment and had you do your worst skill to train as punishment for 3 hours you would get over doing it, but after being shot in the foot with an arrow, and the ass with the arrows for the past 10 years I gave up trying to teach you archery skills. For someone who can be so deadly with throwing daggers and have no skill with a freaking bow is grrrrr.” Bella threw her hands in the air.

“I have no clue how I have lived the past 21 years training you to fight and survived that is all I know.” She finished with a huff.

By the end of it the dwarves were laughing and poor Bilbo was looking like a grumpy fauntling.

“Wait are you saying he has 21 years of training on throwing daggers under his belt?” Thorin asked in a disbelieving croak.

Bella looked at him in confusion and nodded before saying, “Yeah I started teaching him when his parents were killed during the Fell Winter, and he had such terrible nightmares from not being able to save them or others in the Shire from the wolves, Orcs, and Goblins that had come across the ice and invaded the Shire. There had been no help from the rangers that winter because they had been up in the Blue Mountains helping Lord Agnor with something, and could not get down here; but I had heard the screaming and came to help. I was able to fight off the rest, but when I heard Bilbo’s screams from watching his parents get killed by the orc and goblins and not being able to do anything about it. He was only in his 20’s at the time, and in Hobbit years that would make him about 50 or so in dwarf years so just a wee lad for you guys but he felt so helpless and he was an only child. I felt such rage that I had never felt before, and I had felt drawn to him like he was a sibling. So when I saw them start to advance on Bilbo, I lost it and I don’t remember much after that, but Bilbo said I had started to glow and killed everything that was evil within my sites and didn’t get out of my way fast enough. When the rest saw what was going on amongst them, they ran and I was able to kill the ones that didn’t. After everything had settled down, and I had helped clean everything up, I asked Bilbo if he would like to learn how to fight so something like that wouldn’t happen again and he said yes. So for the next 21 years we went to the training yard we made and trained every day in swords, throwing daggers, because this little guy is wicked good when it comes to things like that, and hand to hand fighting combat. So now when we go hunting together, I am the one that uses the bow, and Bilbo uses his throwing daggers, which is a much better arrangement for everyone’s feet and ass if you ask me.”

Thorin looked impressed but still kind of upset over what he heard, and it wasn’t until Bella heard about how everyone was introduced to Bilbo that she understood. That was when she had to say something about it.

“Well did you ever think that maybe he was insulted about how everyone was treating him, his house, and how not even the same day he was asked about the quest he has dwarves show up on his door step demanding food he never knew he was supposed to provide. Gandalf never informed him you guys were coming until this morning, if I hadn’t of told him about it a few weeks ago, you wouldn’t have had all those lovely biscuits and cookies to snack on.” Bella told him, and then before they could act on the rapidly escalating anger she could see, this time directed towards Gandalf.

“Also Thorin, you did only ask about if he used sword or axe, singular. He uses dual swords, and throwing daggers. So I can see why he never mentioned any of his weapons or skills, he had already had enough of being disrespected by the very people wishing for his help, and all for a home they had lost. You see you came here hoping for a burglar you had already decided to hate because you refused to admit you needed help, well Thorin I think its high time to get the fucking stick out of your fucking ass, before I beat to fucking death with it, and see your heir on the throne.” Bella growled out in anger, and all because she was pissed at their arrogance at the way they treated her brother.

“Bilbo top drawer of my dresser I have a blue velvet sack full of coin. You will hand that to Dori and take him to Daisies house I know it’s late, but you tell Daisy she owes me a favor and I am calling in my mark.” Bella told him, and then told him one more thing.

“If she still gets uppity, tell her if she wants to keep her husband alive she will do as she’s told or I will refuse to make his potion.”

Bilbo looked at Bella in complete shock, and decided not to ask any questions for once. He went to her dresser and got the sack of coin, and handed it to Dori.

“Dori any supplies you need for making these cloths or any others along the quest you buy them while you’re there, and anything else you see while there that you think we may need along the way, go ahead and grab it.” Bella told the dwarf and saw the poor dwarf nod without arguing.

“Dori I also want you not to stint on quality you silly dwarf.” She saw him relax when she said that to him with a gentle smile because he had realized she wasn’t angry at him.

“Oh and Bilbo that gift you thought of earlier, Daisy has it in, so go ahead and grab it while you are there, along with all the things that go with it.” When Bilbo shot her a look, she just looked at him with a wicked smile before shooting him a wink.

“You are so hard to surprise you know that, it gets frustrating sister dear.” Bilbo muttered out as he walked out the door.

“I’m not the one it will be surprising Bilbo.” Bella shouted after him.

She just laughed when she could hear Bilbo squawking and choking on a laugh. She then laughed when she saw everyone else but Gandalf looking at her in confusion; he was just trying not to laugh too hard.

“Oh Gandalf this is going to be so much fun.” Bella said to the wizard, and it had him choking on his pipe smoke.

“You just say that because they don’t have any clue what you’re talking about my dear.” Once he was done coughing.

“Yes isn’t it lovely. Especially certain people that the surprise is meant for, and when the time comes it will be ever so much fun.” Bella said with excitement because when she got the vision of the gift he meant to buy it showed her who it was meant for and why.

This gave her a huge clue who her mate was, now she just had to be patient for the silly dwarf to ask her to allow him to court her.

She all but huffed, “Hmm maybe I need to relearn my skills of being patient.” She started muttering to herself.

Gandalf starting laughing really loud because the dwarves were watching her sit there with her arms crossed the very picture of impatient fairy, muttering this to herself and it was rather adorable.

“Meditation might do the trick my dear.” Gandalf told her humorously.

“No I’ve tried that in the past and I always fall asleep, or I just flicker between forms and that just gets exhausting. I found my best form of meditation is target practice with my bow and arrow, I hold the pose before releasing. My longest hold time is 1 hour so far, and I plan on lengthening that if I can just to see if I can. I also use training with my swords or dagger throwing and as a form of meditation since it’s all repetition. I just have to find sparring partners that I haven’t sparred against for the past 21 years to really get out of my mind because going up against Bilbo isn’t a challenge its meditation for the both of us.” Bella told him in complete contemplation while thinking.

Thorin asked her a question that he had been thinking about since Gandalf helped her heal her back.

“When will you be ready to go on the road?”

“I only need 1 day. Tomorrow I will go to our training field and see after some stretching and some combat fighting with Bilbo, what I can do about sparring, then I can tell you if I can leave the next day and just do some healing chants or drink some Athelas teas and things of that sort, but I will be able to assess more after tomorrow morning. Will that be alright with you?” Bella let him know what she thought she needed to do.

Thorin nodded while thinking over what she said, and then said, “Yes that will be fine, and for sparring I think it will be me or Dwalin for swords, but I would also like to see you use your bow if you feel you are able or your throwing daggers either one you feel you are able to show me.”

Bella just nodded in answer to what he asked, not telling him that she felt she would be able to show him both. She sat back and relaxed and watched as the others were sitting around getting comfortable and talking with each other. She wasn’t too sure why they had chosen her bedroom to do this in, but she wasn’t going to complain because it gave her company while she was healing.

“So you are 2,000 years old?” she heard from Kíli’s curious voice next to her, and when she turned to look at him, she saw that Fíli was standing next to him.

She smiled at the both of them in answer to the question, but looked at Kíli when she answered, “You know it’s never a good thing to ask a woman her age, but since I was technically the one that spilled the answer, yes, curious little wolf,  I am 2,000 years old.”

Kíli huffed when she called him that name again and not being able to understand it, and Bella had to smile when he did.

“Are you ever going to tell me what that means?” Kíli asked sounding quite grumpy about it.

Bella laughed softly about his grumpiness and when they both looked at her in question, she said “I can tell you are definitely related to Thorin by how you sounded just now alone. In answer to your question I will answer it someday, but only when I feel you deserve to know the answer and have let me know by your actions.”

Kíli shook his head and said, “Now you are sounding like Gandalf with talking in riddles.”

They all heard a laugh from across the room and when they looked they saw Gandalf looking over at them.

“Who do you think taught me to talk in riddles Master Kíli?”

Bella laughed at that one, and smiled at Gandalf before saying, “You should have seen how frustrated he use to get when trying to get answers out of me when I talked to him that way. Then he learned how to talk that way and learned how fun it was to do the same to others, especially after I told him it was a way to teach someone that they often learn the answer to the very question they are asking along the way.”

Kíli got a look of understanding on his face and when she saw that she had to smile at him, especially when he looked at her and said, “So you will only tell me the meaning of what you called me when I discover for myself who you are to me?”

She laughed softly before saying, “Don’t ever let anyone tell you that are anything but smart Kíli Durin Son.”

Kíli puffed up when she called him that one, and Fíli had to laugh at him for it. Kíli elbowed his brother and said, “Just you wait till she gives you a nickname and see how frustrating you find it that you don’t understand it.”

Bella had to smile and when Kíli saw that he grinned at her, but she beat him to it when she said, “Who says I don’t already have one for him?”

Fíli looked at her in question and was a little pink in the cheeks knowing she had a nickname for him already. When Kíli saw his brother blushing he almost laughed but he held it in, and asked Bella his question instead.

“So what is it?”

Bella smiled softly at Fíli before answering Kíli’s question, “My golden lion, and he will also have to wait to gain the meaning of that one.”

Before they could pester her further everyone saw that Bilbo and Dori had returned, and were carrying quite a bit of stuff with them. Bella knew that Bilbo had hidden the item he had bought to surprise Fíli with later on, and by the blush on Dori’s face he had figured out what it was. She also knew that he wouldn’t say anything about it.

She had to laugh because the poor dwarf was blushing all the way to his ears, and wouldn’t look at her. So she looked at Bilbo and he came up with a good excuse as to why Dori would be blushing like that.

“Daisy is officially terrified of you and happy to hear that you are leaving the Shire, but glad to know that her husband will be safe since his potion has been locked in for the next 5 years since she not only gave us access to her shop but gave us a discount on everything we bought. At first I thought it was because I had brought Dori with me, but she said a dwarf was less frightening than you and even asked if he would be able to protect her from you if needs be.” Bilbo was giggling by the end of it all and he only laughed harder when he saw the evil looking grin cross Bella’s face.

“Good it will teach the evil little strumpet to mind her place.” Bella purred with her dark voice, and it had poor Fíli shuddering again.

Kíli, Thorin, and Bilbo were the only ones to notice though, and when Thorin looked at Bilbo in question he just got a wink in return and almost growled. Bilbo just giggled and got a questioning look from Bella.

“Bilbo what are you up to little brother, and why are you teasing Thorin?” Bella asked him, and had both Bilbo and Thorin looking like they got caught with their hands caught in the cookie jar.

“Shit.” Bilbo sputtered out without thinking, because he had never been really good about hiding things from his sister.

“Bilbo!” Bella said with a sputtering laugh of her own, and then gestured for him to come over to where she was sitting. When he was close enough, she asked him what she had on her mind but in a way no one but Gandalf would understand.

Why are you teasing Thorin about knowing Fíli is my mate?

When both Thorin and Fíli looked are her funny she knew they understood that she was talking to Bilbo about them, because they had understood their names, but not what she was talking about.

When did you figure it out?” Bilbo asked her with quiet excitement and happiness that had Bella smiling at him gently in return, because she knew that he approved.

“When you decided on the surprise.” Bella answered in Westeron, and had to laugh when Bilbo groaned and Dori blushed bright red to the point that his brothers started questioning him what was wrong, and why was he blushing so.

Gandalf started laughing again, and Bella looked at him and said, “Yes Gandalf I am going to have ever so much fun along the way.”

Thorin just shook his head and told everyone it was time to head to bed so they could get some rest, and then he grabbed his nephews and dragged them both out of the room.

 “Fíli stop arguing nothing is going to attack her in here, and you need the sleep so you can think about how to approach her tomorrow.” Thorin finally said in irritation when Fíli kept arguing about needing to be close to protect her.

Bilbo finally stepped forward and said, “Why don’t they both sleep in front of her door, if that will help.”

Thorin jumped because he hadn’t realized how Bilbo had gotten so close, and saw Bilbo look at him in apology but thought over his suggestion and nodded his agreement.

“You both must stay outside her bedroom though.” Thorin growled at them when they looked at him like eager puppies.

They both just nodded and walked back the way they came with both Thorin and Bilbo watching them. Bilbo tried really hard to muffle his snickers, but he didn’t do too well because Thorin heard them.

“I take it you figured out what Fíli is to your sister, and it doesn’t bother you?” Thorin asked him gruffly and looking pretty intimidating.

Bilbo just looked at him and had to admit to himself that Thorin was pretty good at looking intimidating, but he had 21 years of living with Bella who could be scarier.

“A word of warning Thorin, you are intimidating, but my sister is scarier. To answer your question though, I figured it out when Fíli had to rush off to the bathroom earlier and her marks glowed a color they never have before, and match the color of his eyes. I also have good instincts where this kind of stuff is concerned, and when I went out earlier with Dori I thought of a surprise that would be great for her and Fíli later on. That is what was making poor Dori blush so red, and my sister saw a vision of it and figured it out but is waiting on Fíli to do something about it on approaching her. Anyways, if you must know what the surprise is since I can see you want to ask, its honey dusting powder that you use with a partner in the bedroom, and I bought it for them as a gift for later on.” Bilbo got to see what a rare sight of Thorin blushing red was probably when he figured out what honey powder is for.

“Well…Um yes… I guess…hmmm.” Thorin stuttered out, before he had to stop and clear his throat.

“Then you have no issue with my nephew being with your sister, I take it since you got them such a gift?” Thorin gruffly asked just to make sure and watched as Bilbo blinked at him for a second then giggled.

“No Thorin I do not.” Bilbo gasped out before giggling again.

Then he just shook his head and said a rushed goodnight, and headed off to bed.

“What did you say that had our Burglar laughing so hard?” Dwalin asked him from the doorway to the living room.

Thorin just stood there kind of stunned at what just took place, because he had to admit it was kind of nice that Bilbo took his embarrassment so well, and it was kind of endearing.

“I asked him why he didn’t find me intimidating, and he said he found his sister scarier than I.” Thorin said sounding stunned.

Dwalin barked out a laugh because he had to admit he was stunned about it himself, but had to admit the fairy reminded him a bit like Dis.

“Come my friend let us get some sleep. If we are to spar with the little fairy come morning we will need the sleep. I have a feeling she will keep us all on our toes.”

Thorin followed him into the living room where all the others were settled down and already falling asleep. Having a feeling that the next morning would be interesting but never knowing how interesting. They would all find out though that you never mess with a pissed off fairy.

A/N: Final Word Count was over 11,000. Hoping everyone enjoyed this first chapter. My muse would not let me stop typing until the words were done being spat out of my head.

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