Fire Series

This story has taken a life of itself.  It is now called the Fire Series.  And There are so many parts to it.  It will cover Bella’s and Strange’s stories while giving the basis for the rest of the series later on…

The first story in the series is:

Description: O/S Bella is giving up, but she soon finds reasons to keep fighting to stay alive after the Cullens leave her, and she is struck with something killing her.  Enter Charlie’s Foster Brother, Clint Barton.  Who is not just an uncle, but is very close to Bella.  Soon the lives of the Avengers are shaken up as Bella reveals truths about the world.

2nd in the series:

Description: O/S Skye being shot is enough to make the last of Garrett’s lies exposed for what they are.  Grant is willing to fight for the woman who he loves.  But who is Athena and why are the Avengers so desperate about finding her?

3rd in the Series:

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Description: O/S  Loki’s Staff is finally found, exposing where Athena is.  But a rescue does not stop the problems.  An Infinity Stone awakens, and the MCU is never to be the same again.

4th in Series:

Description: Multiple Chapter Story:  Bella is now left with trying to figure out how to control her new body and powers.  She heads to learn under the Supreme Sorcerer, ending up a Master of the New York Sanctum.  But forces are moving in the Arcane side of events as well as with the nations of the world.


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May 10, 2017

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