Kittyinaz’s Group Banner Contest – 2016

Kittyinaz’s Group Banner Contest – 2016

2nd Entry for 0514_edited-2 Banner Facebook

This is the banner page for 2016’s contest for the Banner covers for the Kittyinaz’s Group.  The winner is the Banner for the group, and the 2nd place is the banner for the Kittyinaz Page.

The rules are simple:

Banners are 801×250.

All need to have the words: Kittyinaz’s Group and the on them.

They need to be one of the following:

  1. Story banners with the story name on it,
  2. Character Banner with a quote,
  3. Pairing with the story name,
  4. or an Owl.

Here are the Banners!!  Latest ones are always on top:

December 2016

November 2016

damon-4padfoot1st – You’re All I Am Asking For by 4Padfoottired-wings-12nd – Tired Wings are Falling by Kittyinazowl-2-robinOwl Banner by 4Padfootowl-1Owl Banner by Kittyinaz

October 2016

youre-11st – You’re All I Am Asking For by Kittyinazowl-falling-1Owl Banner by Falling Starsowl-falling-2Owl Banner by Falling Stars

September 2016

kittyinaz-owl-banner-11st – Owl Banner by Kittyinazfalling-stars-owl-banner-22nd – Owl Banner by Falling Starsfalling-stars-owl-banner-1Owl Banner by Falling Starstwilighted-tea-shoppe-1A Twilighted Tea Shoppe by Kittyinaz

August 2016

youre-falling1st – You’re All I Am Asking For – Falling Starsowl-1-anna2nd Owl Banner – Annasun-holds-the-moon-falling-starsThe Sun Holds the Moon – Falling Starsbrotherhood-1Brotherhood of Aos Si – Kittyinaz

July 2016

Owl Falling Stars1st – Owl – Falling Stars4th of July Falling StarsPatriotic – Falling StarsFreedom is Never Free 12nd-Freedom is Never Free – KittyinazRevolutionary War 1Revolutionary War – Kittyinaz

June 2016

Falling Stars Owl Banner 31st Place – By Falling StarsKittyinaz Will Of Fire 12nd Place – KittyinazFalling Stars Owl Banner 1By Falling StarsFalling Stars Owl Banner 2By Falling Stars

May 2016

In The End 11st PlacePoints of Authority 12nd PlaceDying to Start Again 1

April 2016

Best 1 KittyinazThe Best is Yet to Come by Kittyinaz Has Lost Direction 1Has Lost Direction by Kittyinaz
I Still Love You 1I Still Love You by Kittyinaz

March 2016

Niall And Freya 1gKittyinaz Banner

February 2016

12541078_1008307135931407_5976478485522688419_nFalling Stars Banner

January 2016


Falling Stars Banner (Used previous years)


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March 23, 2016

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