Sands of Time by LightK

Sands of Time by LightK

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The fandom that this chapter is about is True Blood (with mention of crossover on the poetry part).

The song that I listened the most for this fic was Just like Fire – P!nk and Castle from Hasley.

Warning: If you don’t like Bill bashing this story will not please you! Balthazar is my OC and he is the only one that I claim to have created.

The clock ticked once, the warrior was dunce
Ticking twice, the Guardians wouldn’t know the price
Three birds across the heart, flying away, breaking apart
Walking among the stars, the fourth knight rested in Mars
Five arms close around the station, hope was leaving the nation
The ocean smiled at him, as he walked the sixth time at its brim
Seven rings to control them, under the mountain waited the gem
Divided in eight, someone has to be the bait
Nine times the sands lay, forming shapes in clay
Ten fingers holding each other, in their minds thanking mother
In the times of scholars, eleven is synonymous of hollers
It was the twelve strokes day, another encounter was on its way…

Fangtasia was pulsing at the beat of the distinct disco music. Those inside of the new vampire establishment were clueless of how fortunate all they were to be witness of the events that will change the course of Earth’s history…

Two of the most precious people in the planet were about to meet each other! Mother Earth was anxious for her beautiful daughter to meet and acknowledge to one who her dear father bought to her soil time and time again, hoping to have the Guardians finally connected.

Suzana, also known as Sookie, was traveling with the new vampire in town. Mr. William Compton was a gentleman, pity Sookie could see behind his lies and even behind his influential and extremely arrogant blood. Fortunately Balthazar was more than happy to block the parasite form his mothers – as he became used to call her – bloodstream.

Over the years, Zar became the rock that Sookie would seek and hold on to if the thoughts of the judgmental people in Bon Temps became overwhelming. Sookie met Balthazar when she was just over 18 years old, just after she finished her high school. She was contemplating one night what she would do after graduation when, out of nowhere a stranger gave her the answers that she was seeking for without even realizing.

The sight of Fangtasia bought Sookie to the present. The bar was what she would think Count Dracula’s castle would look like – if he lived in this time that is. Blood red lights, leather everywhere – it just scream vampire with capital V. Sookie recognize right away who awaited them, Pamela, the one Balthazar was always talking about.

-Who is the doll? – Pam didn’t really look interested in the response, probably assuming that Bill was just using her for her blood, which was kind of true. Their conversation was nothing that Sookie was really interested so she toned down their bickering and observed the one Zar was so protective of.

Clearly Pam knew how to make a statement, and it was also obvious that she felt perfectly fine in her own skin. Sookie supposed that if she played for the other team, Pam was the rule model that Sookie would base her interests.

-Pam, this is Sookie. Sookie this is Pam! – Bill introduced.

The truth about Sookie Stackhouse is that she as many layers and masks, one of them is the one she is known about in Bon Temps – the Crazy Sookie mask. That mask was the one Balthazar was the most proud of, he said that if she really wanted she could win a Golden Trophy for her constant act.

So when she was introduced to Pam, the blond human female just embraced the crazy look and just rolled with it. Talking like crazy Sookie was so natural to Suzana that she didn’t have to force herself to act like it anymore, when it is require of her. Zar compared that precise mask as a blend between a murderous vampire and a clown with a hidden agenda.

After her spectacular act, which she was sure Zar would complain to have missed and at the same time would be proud of, they finally made inside the bar. It sickened the young blond to watch how pathetic the humans looked, throwing themselves to every vampire in neighborhood – and for a moment she thinks if without the help of Balthazar she would be just like them.

Madness was one of the things that Sookie knew well. She knew that if her powers didn’t made her commit suicide, it certainly would drive her completely mad – Suzana believed that that was why she felt so excited to be in a bar full of vampires and why she felt a family bond with the first Viking vampire that she met.

The reason for being in a vampire bar with Compton was that she was seeking the murderer of the girls involved with vampires, and that led to her brother being taken by the police – of course if she could take a glimpse to the one who sired her protector the night would be much more enjoyable.

Making a comment that the bar was like the Disneyland of vampires was definitely something crazy Sookie would say in a bar where 70% of its population could hear everything that she was saying – although maybe mad Sookie wasn’t that tactful either. The images in the thoughts of the humans where nothing new either, since the vamps came out of the coffin it was like someone made a transplant with lustful thoughts to as many humans as possible.

Sookie had to admit, vampires where quite the specimens, even with the arrogance some displayed it was not something that made Sookie not appreciate how handsome they were, but Suzana was a big believer that being with someone for their looks was so outdated… She could appreciate the view but if the attitude rubbed her the wrong way, that was the end of the relationship – that’s why she never looked at Sam as more than a friend, he had some secrets that even he didn’t know that she had found out, with some help of a certain teenager Viking.

-You should try not to gain the attention of the one who owns the place! – Williams annoying and forced accent was making her brain hurt. Why in heavens and hells name did he think that it was sexy she didn’t have a clue, accents from Europe where much better and much more exotic, in her opinion.

-Why? – the act was on again – Can he do anything? I mean it’s not like he can call us or something… – which was a complete lie, she knew that the owner was also the sheriff. Did he dressed himself like a real sheriff? Probably not… but the image was somewhat appealing to Sookie who doesn’t even know how to sheriff really looks like.

William does a “ah ow” sound, which sound weird coming from a vampire. Maybe a young vampire would say something like that, but in Sookies mind someone with Bills age would have more class and demonstrate their worries in another way, a more vampire way.

-Don’t ah ow… Vampires aren’t supposed to say ah ow! – the real Suzana comes to play in few instants, being immediately replaced with the crazy look that her other counterpart was known and recognized for.
-Eric is calling for us! – Williams voice seemed to higher an octave, so not manly…

Being a mind reader was something that Sookie believed to be the best thing that ever happened to her and at the same time a curse that she couldn’t seem to get rid of. Dating was out of question, she tried that once and in the few dates that they had, Sookie discovered every single dark secret that her date had… so no more boyfriends for Sookie.

A great advantage of her power was that rarely anything ever surprised her, since she could just see said surprise through another’s mind… If she was lost, she just needed to follow someone’s mind picture of some map and she would find her way around. Telepathy was without a doubt a fun power to have.

Looking around the bar, Suzana could almost taste the pheromones in the air – and surprisingly it was much more prominent than when she and fake cowboy entered the bar, guess the sheriff was something else…

In an elevated ground, on the other end of the bar – right in front of the beverage counter – stood a chair like throne, made of leather, wood and gold. Even though the object was quite ordinary in shape, all the details and the placement of it gave the impression of power and leadership… Moments after Suzana spotted the throne, the most handsome being in existence walked gracefully to said throne.

The world around Sookie seemed to start buzzing, voices before clear now where a mere distant echo… all the people in the bar was shrinking down, taking their noise with them. Nothing matter for Sookie, beyond the handsome sheriff who now she couldn’t decline was the perfect image of Balthazar.

Balthazar’s eyes were the color of a storm in the ocean, bright and deadly – the greyest eyes Sookie had ever seen – hair the color of gold and skin porcelain white… Zar was the perfect picture of a super star, tall and handsome.

The sheriff on the other hand was what, in Sookie’s mind, a Viking really looked like. Hair long and strait, so beautifully well cared, with the color of the most precious gold that Suzana could imagine. Skin as white Balthazar’s. Eyes the color of the summer sky and the untamed ocean – they were the most captivating eyes that Suzana had ever seen.

Sookie couldn’t have enough of the handsome being that the sheriff was. He wasn’t just a good looking vampire, his eyes told a story full of pain and companionship. Sookie knew some of the things that he had been through, she liked specially the story of his change.

Balthazar was proud of his father, and he wanted his human mother to not judge his biological father just for the masks that the wear. So since the day that they met, Zar – Sookie knew – had been preparing her for this moment, the day when the tall and handsome Viking would meet the short and curvy southern belle.

-Come! – William was a pain, that Sookie already knew, but breaking her of the perfect daydream that she was having was just too much even for him.

Sookie could imagine at least five scenarios where she would give him a piece of her mind, but she needed him to introduce her to the sheriff. He would know how to help her brother, Zar would be happy for them to finally meet and she would be starstruck just by looking at him. Maybe the sheriff even could find a way to get her rid of Compton, he was starting to annoy her to no end.

Playing mad Sookie again was becoming tedious, especially after seeing the sheriff, but she could endure just a little bit longer. So getting her act together, the blond human girl accepted the offered hand of Compton, trying not to show how disgusted to being near him it made her.

Walking to the stage was like walking in slow motion, every step that she took was like instead she was walking backwards.

The sheriff was seated in the throne looking like an angel of death, and all Suzana could think was how he would fit in the era of castles and knights, how he was so sure of himself that he didn’t even needed a crown to be a king. He captured the attention of everyone, being it human or otherwise – and he liked the attention he received, although he acted bored most of the time.

The first eye contact is important! Suzana could see though all the masks when she looked into the eyes of another. Maybe it was a side effect of her telepathy, she wasn’t really sure, but at least this power worked with all races – now her telepathy only worked on humans, or the ones mostly humans.

When sky blue eyes met chocolate brown ones the world was finally aligned. Father Moon sighed in relive, and Mother Earth pulsed with a new light – the Guardians finally met!

As father and daughter expressed their happiness for the most expected meeting of all ages to having occurred, in Fangtasia, the two Guardians where reliving their many past lives where in the end they ended up separated… Both vowing that in this live, things would be different.

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June 29, 2016


  1. mom2goalies

    Well, that was an interesting start! Hoping to read more of this after the contest!

    • Light K

      Hey, thanks for reading and for the comment! I definitely have all the intention to continue this fanfic:)

  2. tleel

    I would love to read more on this story. I hope after the contest is over you continue on with this story.

    • Light K

      Hello, first of all I love your profile picture… that ears are so cute 🙂
      I appreciate you taking time to read and comment on my story, it means very much!
      I view this contents as a kind of sneak pick on what the story will be about, and also they help a lot in creating new things… So yes I will be writing more about this story and the other one that I made…

  3. geezerwench

    I especially liked the way you described Eric: Eyes the color of the summer sky and the untamed ocean.

    Good story.

    • Light K

      My stories have this thing that I just keep adding descriptions and I forget the dialog… I think that it’s because when I started to write the only things that my stories had was lots of dialog and few description parts… What I’m trying to say here is that I appreciate that you liked the way I used my description to describe the character! 🙂
      Thank you for the comment and the reading, I know that most people – me included – likes when the stories have more than one chapter, so to have people actually commenting and saying that they liked my work is very encouraging to be to keep writing!

  4. suzymeinen

    Oh! Now what happens! Why are they being called gaudians? How will she get rid of Compton? So much more here! Hope we can see it after the contest. Great work!

    • Light K

      I like that you have all these questions, not the bad way but that I had made you excited about the continuation of the story! I think when you’re a writer and people read your story and at the end, they are excited to read more is when you know that we did something right! 🙂
      So for reading and commenting I thank you very much… About the continuation, I have no doubt that I will develop more of this story

  5. murgatroid98

    I would love to read more of this. Balthazar is a very interesting character.

    • Light K

      You’ll definitely read more of this in a near future – I am trying to work out my website first 🙂
      Balthazar was kind of a random idea that popped out, out of nowhere, but I think that how I portraited Sookie in this small chapter I needed a reason for her to still be sane – I mean if I was a mind reader and had some influential blood in my veins I probably wouldn’t be that sane either! 😉
      Thanks for reading and for the comment!

      • tleel

        I’m trying to find you in wordpress or even fanfiction but have not been able to. help.

        • Light K

          Hey, so my wordpress you just click on my name and you will be forwarded to my site (which I’m still working on it, and don’t have anything yet).
          My wattpad link is (
          And finally my fanfiction – which I made just now is (

          I don’t have my stories in public yet, just the one that I made for the contest and I’m putting this chapter up too…
          Thanks for searching for me 🙂

  6. GeorgiaSuzy

    I’m a TB/SVM-only fan so I read your story first of all! I’m curious about Eric being Zar’s maker but knowing nothing about Sookie. And the Guardians. I’d read more. Good start 😀

    • Light K

      Well, first I feel kind of honored of you reading my story first 🙂
      I have to admit that I didn’t see the show until the finale, the things that I know are the things that I read in fanfictions… but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love the character – cof Eric cof Godric cof – so for someone who is a true fan liking my work about the stories that they’re fans of is a real honor… 😉
      I intend to continue to write this story so all your questions will be answered – like I said in another comment I am now working on my website to publish my fanfictions and other things related with things that I like…
      Anyway thanks for the comment and the attention

  7. ljhjelm

    I do hope the story is continued. This is a wonderful story.

    • Light K

      Hi 🙂 I will be continuing both my stories that I made for the April and June Kittyinaz contests… 😉
      Thank you for sharing your opinion on my story, it means a lot to me!

  8. jules3677

    What an intriguing beginning. The masks behind the masks, the players moved by seen and unseen forces. Fascinating. Well deserved award for your writing. Hopefully you will grace us with further updates.

    • Light K

      It’s an interesting way how to described the events of the chapter!
      Thank you for the support and for reading… I intend to make more chapters about this story and the other one that I made for the April challenge… 🙂


    I love I can’t wait to see more.

    • Light K

      Thanks for reading and commenting… You’ll sure be reading more of this soon 🙂


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