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I figured I would make this so that it will be easier for you guys to know when Stories are complete:



TB – Description: What if two people make a wish at the same exact second, and at that second, is between life and death.  What if that wish was granted and they find themselves with the chance to make it all right, to fix everything that had happened.  This is that Chance.

Crossing 1

TB – Description: A rock is thrown from the far past. A future with a child is given up, a death is not as it seems. Everything is going to change. Or else the end of all is going to come.  Gift for Natsgrl1 on the Fanfic Exchange hosted by Queen of Area 5.

I Still Love You 1

TB – Description: One Shot – All Human Sookie leaves, and almost a year later, makes a call that changes everything.

Light 1

The Mummy/Twilight – Description: In the sands of time, a promise was made to a faithful follower.  That promise is finally realized in a future that magic is all but forgotten.  A young woman will make all the difference.  She will be saved by the Gods, in a last ditch effort to fulfill their promise.  A man from the past stuck in the future, a woman lost, and a wolf is all that stands between a future with no magic, and a love that will surpass all of time, not once, but three times. Part 1 of the Light Trilogy.

Carolized 1

TVD/Twilight – Description: A night in a bar brings new revelations thanks to a mysterious tall blonde to Damon. O/S

Wisdom 1

Twilight –  Description: This story is based on Points of Authority. This will tell how Caius and Bella met and fell in love, and it will continue after Points of Authority. Short story, told in three parts. Wisdom is finished on site. Getting ready to write 2nd part – Justice. Bella/Caius



TVD/Twilight -Description: Bella doesn’t become comatose when Edward leaves. Instead she became angry. She went on to become a world-renown researcher, debunking supernatural legends, using her insider information. She even writes a book, all the while hiding from the Volturi. Imagine her surprise when she meets Damon and her entire life is turned upside down. First in a series. B/D

Drive By 1

TVD/Twilight -Description: Being called home was the last thing Damon wanted, but when he got there, what he had spent the last months looking for will show up on the side of the road. One Shot


Banner ED

TB/Twilight – Description: Godric is sidetracked from his errand to Seattle, which not only changes his destiny, but the destiny of a lost girl, which will set them both free. Part 1 of 3

Shortcut 1

TVD/Twilight – Description: A meeting one night in a dusty town changes everything. Now a man becomes a father, a woman becomes a daughter to someone who deserves her, and a love is started. Read what would happen if Twilight had started differently. One Shot

Points of Authority 1

Twilight – Description: We know the story, Bella jumped from the cliffs and Rosalie calls Edward with the news of her death. Then came Bella’s and Alice’s race through Italy to get to him in time. But from their reunion, something is different about Bella, Edward finds… And why is Jasper shocked and floored with the results of Marcus’s findings. What is going on?




Suds in the Bucket 1

Twilight – Description: This is the other half of the challenge I was issued. The first part is in Alice 2009, Songs for Alice. This is the Twilight side of Suds in the Bucket. Bella is in love with Carlisle, but her parents don’t approve though the town does. C/B J/A Em/R

So The Story Goes 1

Alice Songs For Alice – Description: Song: Suds in the Bucket by Sara Evans Challenge!!  Write this song as an Alice songfic and a Twilight Shot.  Same song, 2 different stories. Author Notes:  Yep.  I wondered if I could, and Brumier said yep.  So here it is.  This one will NOT be the song as a fic, I am saving that for Twilight.  This instead is Hatter meets Country.  Remember, there just has to be a line in the story for it to qualify! Also, I live in Houston.  I sympathized with Hatter, and only enjoy happy country.  No freaking ‘my wife hates me’, ‘my dog is dead’ and ‘I love my truck’ songs.  Unless it makes fun of those.

My Love is Pure 1

Alice Songs For Alice – Description: Song: You’re Beautiful by James Blunt. Hatter visits New York City.  He catches a ride on a subway and shared a moment with a stranger.

Has Lost Direction 1

Alice Songs for Alice – Description: Song: Valentine’s Day by Linkin Park. Grab Tissue’s when reading this.  I cannot and will not ruin this one by saying anything more.

Got a Mountain to Climb 1

Alice Songs for Alice – Description: Based on a What If scenario from my own fic, Alice and Hatter. Song:  Enough to Let Me Go by Switchfoot. What is Hatter didn’t call for his Parents when Alice beat the Red Queen?  What if I allowed the movie continue a little bit longer?


Alice and Hatter

Alice – Description: This one is based on the movie Alice 2009 (syfy).  I took it and redid with my own twist on the story.  Lines are from the movie and added scenes are focusing on their relationship.  This also has a large twist in it, hints for the sequel…..

Someone 1

Alice – The story that made Songs for Alice come to be. Hatter notices the pretty brunette that has moved in across the hall from him. But can he get her attention? This is an one shot that has NOTHING to do with any of my other stories. AU

Hatter and Goodbyes 1

Alice Songs for Alice – Description: Song: This Ain’t a Love Song by Scouting for Girls. After Alice left Hatter in the Looking Glass room, what happened.  Or my version at least.

Waiting 1

Alice Songs for Alice – Song: The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script Description – Ok, I am having a problem writing what I want.  I am in a weird mood, and I really can’t explain it.  It is not happy, and so I guess that is why I can’t write. So I decided to write this one shot in hopes that it will help out.  If not, well then you guys get a surprise chapter.   There is a another fic that goes with you, due to feedback.

Welcome 1

Alice – Songs for Alice story Description: Song: F**ckin Perfect by P!nk This is the second part, Alice’s view on Waiting on you.


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March 23, 2016

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