The Turning Point By Light K

The Turning Point By Light K

As I look at her, I keep wondering how much she can take before she breaks completely… Maybe she’s passing right at this moment that fine line that keeps her together. I’ve wished many times for her safety, but somehow she always finds herself in these types of situations that endanger her safety and most times her life.

When I entered the wizarding world, all that I heard was the “Boy-Who-Lived” was the savior and the destroyer of the bad Dark Lord You-Know-Who… and for some time I had some here crush over someone that even didn’t really existed – only in the books that I read.

I first realized that all that the wizarding world thought of their savior was actually wrong, was when I first met the witch that they believed to be a boy… really how discriminating was a population that forgot to check to see what gender the savior really was. Of course, I wasn’t mature enough to see that the hiding world was not just wonderful, it was prejudiced too – especially for the females.

Being saved from the troll was the only excused that I needed to finally have a friend that I knew would look out for me and never forget who I am, after all, I was her first friend too. Of course, there was Ronald, but thinking about him makes me want to throw up so I just try to forget about the red headed Judas.

The bedroom is lighted with nothing but two candles, one in each side table, which gives a mysterious look to the usually bright and Gryffindor room. Harry look like a true sleeping beauty in the bed of her dear godfather. Pitch black curly hair spread in the deep red pillow that Sirius loves so much, her usually big eyes are closed like she’s sleeping… if I didn’t know, I would think that she was just sleeping today’s events off, but unfortunately, I know better.

In the ministry, I think that everyone was expecting to Voldemort to show up with his Death Eaters after our group had decided to go to London to “save” Sirius. Instead of the Dark Lord, Bellatrix Lestrange was the one to appear and cause havoc. Now that I can think back without the adrenaline in my veins, I can see clearly as water that all of the present Death Eaters were more interested in just bringing the prophecy than fight… that is until the mad woman herself showed up and started to fire spells left and right, one of them at me. Maybe I was imagining it, but I swear that one of the Lestrange’s and Malfoy Sr. healed me from the vicious curse… of course, I didn’t say this to anyone, not even I believe it being possible!

Harry was not so lucky, she was hit with a nasty puke green curse that made her pass out. I know now that she didn’t really defend herself appropriately, being hurt after seeing Sirius passing through the veil. What my dear friend didn’t see was how her beloved godfather was released from the veil’s claws when a gold aura surrounded him. Now she’s here, lying down, unconscious and Dumbledore wants to put her with the Dudley’s… Sometimes I don’t know how I could be so blind about many of the residents of this hidden and magical world.

Leaving the soft sofa that Sirius transfigured for me when we came to Grimmauld Place, I look around the barely lighted room when a white book catches my attention. I bend down and pick it up, and the first thing that comes to my attention is how the cover’s fabric is made of pure silk. Curiously I open the book, sit in the chair again and what I see makes my heart jump for a few seconds. It wasn’t really a book, more like a book of memories with me Harry and Sirius being the main focus. As I flip through the pages, one picture makes me stop… right there was the proof of our love, me and Sirius when me and Harry let him go with Buckbeak the hippogriff. Sirius and I are what many purebloods refer as “Sodales”, soulmates – of course, it entails more than fall in love at first sight…

I was about to turn another page when the screaming started…

I Sirius Orion Black am totally pissed off! First, the is a herd of redheads that want to take over my not so homely home – which I don’t really care that much if it depended on me I would’ve burned it to the ground a long time ago… then dear old Dumbledore brags in and thinks that everything is his, like he is the king of the house.

Like all Order’s meetings the kitchen is the stage. The usual order members are present, even Snape is here. Normally we talk about Voldemort or his Death Eaters, today the discussion is where my beautiful goddaughter is going to pass the holidays. Normally I have a problem with this subject by nature, today I have even more a problem since my daughter is in coma on the floor above.

-No! – I scream with my full lungs – She is not going to go to that place!

Funny how some people show their true colors in these types of situations! Although Harry is not officially my ward to take care of, I’m her godfather by blood and magic and that no one can take from me. Technically, if I was to go to Gringotts and ask for the guardianship, I would be responsible for her the moment that I signed the papers… but if I set foot outside of the house I wouldn’t have just Dementors looking for me but the Order’s members as well.

Sometimes I feel like I’m still in Azkaban, caged in my hateful childhood home. The only good thing about this new type of imprisonment is that here I can interact with my beloved Pronglest, I can pass down my knowledge on the prank business to the twins and of course I can’t forget my beautiful Sodales.

-Sirius, be reasonable! – that damn twinkle is so damn annoying – The blood protections…

I tone him down, I already know this old same old… As I look around, few are the ones that disagree with what the oh so powerful leader of the light is saying – yes, because he can defeat a wizard his age with no problem (after of course many people have died in the process) but he can’t defeat I boy who he himself taught.

-… and Harry needs all the normality that she can have… – when he says this, I just see red. Because I don’t want keep hearing this rambling nonsense, I just storm out of the kitchen without looking back.

With the sound of the door closing violently, my dear mother wakes up. Her screams are just as I remember, annoying and resembling a banshee. Well, normally I would have start screaming myself to shut her up, but I’m in no mood for I screaming contest with dear old mother when I have an unconscious daughter that need a way out of here so she doesn’t go to that horrible place that so many think is the best place to dump an injured teenager.

A pass the portrait of the last official Lady Black and keep climbing the stairs until I reach the floor where my room is. My room was just like I left him, dark and with two beautiful girls inside of it. I remember how I used to have muggle posters on the wall, another attempt of mine to rebel against my prejudice family. It worked for some degree, but after I freed myself from Azkaban and started to inhabit 12, Grimmauld Place and of course met my other half, I decided to take out all the posters and just leave the walls bare waiting to frames of the people I love and not just random girls.

Harry is still sleeping, I prefer to say that she is sleeping than admit that she’s in an actual coma! Looking at her I can almost pretend that nothing is wrong… Hermione is flipping through my precious book of memories of the lasts years after my strategic retreat of Azkaban – the most secure prison on the world.

I enter the room and sit on the bed, beside my talented and angelic goddaughter. I can feel how smooth her skin is and even her messy hair has a fluffy feel to it. I remember how James was so enchanted when Harry was born, she would’ve been definitely a daddy’s girl.

-I don’t know how to help her… – even I can hear the hurt in my voice. I feel really powerless in this situation. I feel my beloved wrapping her delicate arms around my shoulders, and as usual her face finds itself in my hair – What do we do Mia? She can’t go to that hell hole again… especially not like this!

-I wish I knew sweetie… – I know this situation must be hurting her as much as it’s hurting me, after all, Harry is her first friend – We can only hope for a miracle…

When I hear that word, I go stiff. I know someone that can make miracles happen, and if he still is a loner maybe they can have a bonding time… Yes he would be perfect to be her companion, lover and protector!

-Come, I have an idea… – sometimes when I hear this words I feel terrified, today I just want to go with the flow – If I’m right, maybe Harry will have a fierce protector right beside her!

Leaving Harry unprotected was not an issue, especially when two of the most loyal elfs were involved. Dobby was Harry’s bonded house elf – which she just found out this year because of me – and Kreacher is the actor, since he so well pretends to not liking the new Lord Black. Both elfs love Harry, for them she is the perfect Mistress and even friend.

The house was silent, at least the upper floors. Sirius and I descend the stairs and keep the noise to a minimum, we don’t want to alert Lady Black that we are up to no good. After few minutes we’re in the tapestry room – one of the only rooms that Harry really appreciated in this house, I think it’s because of the proof that somewhere she still has a family.

In the many nights that we spend awake, one day Harry confessed something that until today I can’t understand. We were sharing my bed for the night, something that we do since first year, and we just started to talk about the war for some reason – this was in third year, before we knew about Sirius. We talk about the light view on many things and finally we started to talk about the dark families and their position on the war. I remember how Harry said how she could understand the dark families because of the muggle views taking over the wizarding one and how she couldn’t really fault Voldemort in some of the things he fought for… I think, if given time, Harry would join the dark side, and as much as I hate the deaths, I can understand her.

-So, are you going to explain my love… – calling Sirius that way always makes him do everything I say, so I use it when I really want something.

Sirius is tracing his burned picture in the tapestry, when I hear a click, and before us I hidden doo opens – like it’s ripping the old black genealogical tree in half. – This way lovely…

The place is dark and smells funny, but I trust Sirius with my life, so I go without excitation.

-Are you going to explain? – I can’t help but ask. This silence is not normal for the usual cheerful marauder, I guess with the situation the cheerful part wouldn’t appear anyway.

-I met him when I was thirteen. I was alone in London after my dear mother played favoritism again… I was actually lost, never been on the muggle side of London all alone! – I can hear how much this memory hurts and comforts him, this person must be very special to him – A vampire was about to have me as his meal when the most terrible monster appeared… and saved me!

-He… saved you? – I asked hesitantly. What could be so powerful that can kill a vampire when he’s feeding?

-Yes, was surprised too… – he says with a little laugh. It’s good to hear him laugh after the terrible day that we’re having – He’s a vampire like the one that was attacking me, with a little extra… Have you ever heard about the hybrid, love?

Of course I have heard about the hybrid, who hasn’t. Few are the ones that know anything about him, even his name. Some think that he’s just a myth but as Harry uses to say, “Myth comes from reality”. It’s said that everywhere the hybrid passes he lives a river of blood in his path… for him to save a teenager he must have had a great deal of motives.

-We didn’t talk for some time, but I know now that he has an agreement with the Black bloodline, and him saving me was just a consequence of said contract – we’re finally reaching our destination, at least I can see some light ate the end of the tunnel – We eventually became friends, and the marauders were just as enthusiastic as me to know someone so powerful as him, well everyone but Peter…

As we set foot in the actual room, leaving behind the staircase, all the candles light up as one. The room is small, dark without a window visible – which makes me believe we are underground. There’s an altar at our right, on the opposite wall all kinds of herbs are held visible. In the center of the room, there’s a distinct wiccan symbol marking the floor. A strange book floats by itself just above the altar, like it’s waiting to be read. Many vials and boxes full of ingredients fill the mysterious room. The fireplace lights itself like it’s preparing for something…

-This room was created to contact Klaus, the famous hybrid! – Sirius looks at me like he wants to say something, but doesn’t have courage – Only someone that the lord of the house gives permission can see this room, said person has to come down with the Lord since like you notice you can’t actually see anything in the journey here…

-It’s magical – is my only response. From the knowledge that the most powerful being in the world really exists and now this, which I’m sure is a secret kept saved from almost everyone… I just don’t know what to really say.

I hear Sirius suckling, but something inside me starts to rebel. I know that I’m exhausted after the battle of the Ministry, especially after some ugly colored curse it me. I feel Sirius hugging me from behind, and I can almost feel the love being transferred from him to me, but still that is not enough to keep me awake. I feel my eyes starting to shut, but before sleep takes me, a see a portrait above the fireplace that I could swear wasn’t there before. The man in the portrait was blond and had the most blue eyes that I ever seen…

The night was almost over when the two Sodales left the hidden room that housed the most kept secret of the Black family. Few are the ones who still know what a Sodales are, and those who ignore it are the ones who magic dimed unworthy of having one. This two are the instruments of magic that will help get together the two most important people in all the universes – the one who was wrongly punished for something that he is, and the girl who was believed to be a boy!

The plan was simple! While the two Sodales caused havoc in the town house belonging to the Ancient Black family, the famous hybrid – also known as Nicklaus Mikaelson – would enter the house and would take the coma patient – also known as Margaret Herika Potter-Black – to the only one that could help her… The Dark Lord Voldemort!

Of course that Sirius Orion Black and Hermione Jean Granger didn’t know that last part… if they did, maybe they wouldn’t let the hybrid leave with her. Nicklaus swore that he would save the goddaughter of the now Black Lord, and who better to help save her than the one that is the most resourceful wizard alive – even though they’re some kind of archenemies.

The Order’s meeting was finally coming to an end, and the rescue was about to begin. Sirius was eager to start, he liked to cause chaos and this is one good reason to make it happen. He could hear the chairs being pulled, so he prepared himself.

When the first order member opened the door, all they saw, was bright red flames blocking their way out, and of course instead of being an intelligent magical person, no he run inside the kitchen like a mere muggle who can’t extinguish a fire.

First act was complete!

Now was the angel’s time! Hermione Granger was never the one that would play a prank just for the fun of it, at least not before she met Margaret Potter. Now she is mated with the biggest Prankster of all times and she just feels like pulling a prank herself.

-What do you think you’re doing? – Hermione screams to Sirius. This act was so normal that no one was going to question the veracity of the discussion.

The act was just starting, and the rescuer was already in the house. The angel, known as Hermione “extinguish the fire” and looked at the marauder, preparing him for faze two. A good prankster knows how to improve, the best prankster is the one who not only knows how to improvise but that has thought about all the possible outcomes and has prepared for all of them… And the next act is the proof that Sirius Black is the best prankster alive!

You can conceal many things, but smell is very difficult to hide, and having a werewolf in the house makes your job a lot more complicated. You could pray that said werewolf would keep his mouth shut, or you can just include him in your prank and take his attention to another place – making him forget his sense of smell for some time.

Giving a battle cry, the Lord of the house, turned his best friend into a skeleton figure of himself, making Remus clothes disappear and a black cape and a scythe appear in his arms. Making Remus the personification of death was kind of ironic, especially with the next transformations…

-What was that for? – Remus voice resembles Batman, deep and threatening.

The plan was going extremely well, what both Sodales didn’t know was that the resident werewolf ha smell the hybrid as soon as he entered the house, not that he was against the plan mind you! Although Sirius is the best prankster of all the marauders, Remus John Lupin was the intelligent of the group, and a little revenge never hurt anyone. With that in mind, the blond wolf cast a spell at his friend…

The problem with casting things at Sirius Black was that he always knew the time when to dodge, and that was exactly what he did. The spell that Remus had thought originally to Sirius, hit Hermione instead… transforming her in the personification of a cowgirl of the late 1890.

In the meantime, the hybrid has collected his charge, and was ready to take her and try to save her.

And the final act was in the play! To hide the hybrid from view when he was coming down the stairs, the most intelligent witch of her time cast her own spell that would distract the commotion that was watching the course of the prank. Of course they would think after why they had the hybrid take the stairs instead of some of the windows. Pretending to be irritated with Sirius, the witch sends a spell to him, making sure to stick him in the same place so he doesn’t dodge like the first time.

His transformation is instantaneous, and where nothing should be, spreading from his back, appear big white wings – hiding that way the hall that connected with the front door. And with all the confusion no one noticed the man shape racing down the stairs, taking something small in his arms.

Mission accomplished!

Later, after a big lecture from both Dumbledore and Molly Weasley, the two Sodales sneak away to the roof. The environment isn’t exactly the most beautiful that you could get – with all the weeds all over, blocking most of the view. Still in their transfigured form, the two lovers look at the sky, witnessing the sun rising from its sleep.

-So my beautiful outlaw… how did you like to play this prank and rescue mission? – the man asks – Better yet, how does it feel to not follow the law?

-I’m starting to see why you and Harry don’t really follow the rules… It’s fun, especially with you my handsome angel… – she smiles, turning serious the next moment – Do you think she’ll be alright?

-I trust Klaus with my life! – there’s truth in his voice – Harry will be the most protected woman in the whole world!

-You really are her guardian angel… – is the only answer that the woman gives, but she doesn’t need to say anything else, for her definition was correct.

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October 5, 2016


  1. geezerwench

    “… there was Ronald, but thinking about him makes me want to throw up …”


    Wow. Klaus! Taking her to Voldemort? If anyone can make Voldy behave, it would be Klaus.

  2. brookietwiling

    I wasn’t sure about it at first, it didn’t grab me, but something made me stay and once I got into it? LOVE IT! Loved all the twists and changes and crazyness. Epic story!


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