Will of Fire, Cast of Iron

Will of Fire, Cast of Iron

Description: Charlie didn’t accept that Bella was just mourning and demanded that she get checked out.  This made it where her Uncle became involved, then eventually all the Avengers.  Things happened, history as we know it changed, and now the multiverse now rests on two shoulders instead of one.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the MCU or Twilight.  I do, however, own the rights to the ideas that I wrote down.  Don’t steal them.  It isn’t nice.


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December 29, 2016


  1. lolalafy

    What pairing is it?

  2. galwidanatitud

    can’t wait to read this one. i do love me some Cumberbatch. 😉

  3. Bethany

    Would you consider ever putting Loki with Bella?

    • Kittyinaz

      I love Loki and Bella. I hope to be inspired to do one of my own someday. Right now I can hint there will be a crossover with Loki and another major character. Not Bella….yet!


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