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All my stories are written to song. I own nothing.

Spotify playlist:

Chapter 1: What If by SafetySuit

Chapter 2: Hold Me Now by Red

Chapter 3: Boondocks by Little Big Town

Chapter 4: Wanted by Hunter Hayes

Chapter 5: Halo by Beyoncé

Chapter 6: Ho Hey by Lumineers

Chapter 7: Nothing on But the Radio by Gary Allen

Chapter 8: Preacher by OneRepublic

Chapter 9: Always (Live) by Switchfoot

Chapter 10: A Good Run of Bad Luckby Clint Black

Chapter 11: Roar by Katy Perry

Chapter 12: Burning Bridges by OneRepublic

Chapter 13: From Yesterday by 30 Seconds to Mars

Chapter 14: Perfect by Hedley

Chapter 15: Story of My Life by One Direction

Chapter 16: Demons by Imagine Dragons

Chapter 17: Northern Lights by 30 Seconds to Mars

Chapter 18: Ordinary Love by Ben Rector

Chapter 19: Kashmir (Live) by Led Zepplin

Chapter 20: Smoke & Mirrors by Lifehouse

Chapter 21: Holding On to Heaven by Nickelback

Chapter 22: Those Nights by Skillet

Chapter 23: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Chapter 24: Where I Come From by Lifehouse

Chapter 25: Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

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