Chapter 10 I’ll Be Alright

Chapter 10 Tea Shoppe 1

Song I listened to for this chapter: Over my head (Cable Car) by The Fray

Bella was very restless that night with nightmares and is startled awake by them many times.  Peter holds her and soothes her each time.  When she falls asleep, he thinks of what he wants to do to the people who did this to her.   He falls asleep about four am when Bella finally reaches a sound slumber.

It’s after noon when Peter wakes.  He remembers the night before and pulls Bella tighter to him.  He can smell his shampoo still in her hair and lightly smiles.  Peter realizes he will need to be calm for Bella today.  She had a bad day yesterday and her sleep pattern from last night probably didn’t allow her much rest.  He would be surprised if she doesn’t wake grumpy.

Bella feels Peter moving and slowly wakes.  She remembers all the nightmares from last night and Peter soothing them away.  She sighs and turns to him, trusting that he will make her feel safe.

Peter feels her turn, he looks down at her as she burrows into him.  He pulls her head closer to him and kisses her head.  He closes his eyes as he feels her shiver, promising himself a turn in the gym and the punching bag in there later.

Bella tries to forget yesterday.  Well, the bad parts of yesterday, seeing her home destroyed and violated had torn her apart.  If it wasn’t for Peter and her friends, it would have been devastating.  Instead, it has torn her heart apart.  She is unsure if she can ever step foot in the house without those images coming into her head.  She can’t hold her pain back anymore at the thought and her tears fall.

Peter feels his chest getting wet and holds Bella tight.  He rubs her back and softly tells her, “Bella, I am sorry.  I wish there was so much more I could say, but there isn’t.  I love you and will take care of you to the best of my ability.”  He keeps saying that over and over as well as anything else that comes into his brain.  He hates knowing she is crying and he can’t do anything about it.

Bella lies there in Peter’s arms letting go of her grief, not only hearing him trying to sooth her but also feeling his words through his chest.  When she calms down she feels him loosen his arms, then his hand is under her chin, pulling her face up.

Peter feels it when she finishes crying and her body relaxes.  He lets go with one arm and uses the other to pull her face up.  He searches her face trying to see if she is okay.  He sees her eyes reddened from crying but still full of love for him. He leans down and kisses her.

Bella loses herself in his kiss; she needs the connection to him.  She gives herself over to the kiss and drowns herself in him.

Peter breaks the kiss and leans his head against her forehead.  He still watches her carefully knowing she is very fragile.  When Bella looks back at him, he smiles gently at her.

Bella returns the smile and tells him softly, “Peter, I love you and thank you.”

Peter whispers, “You never need to say thank you to me, Bella.  That is love, doing things for the other and being there.  I would never knowingly leave you to face anything like that alone, Bella.”

Bella sighs and lays her head on his arm.  Relaxing completely, she tells him quietly, “Love may be all of that, but it’s also not taking advantage of the other.  And you have done that also, what you did last night; I don’t think another man could have done that.” She frowns in thought and tells him honestly, “If you would have, I wouldn’t have blamed you.”

Peter frowns; he thinks of what she says and tells her, “I would have blamed myself when I looked in your eyes this morning, luv.”  He leans down and kisses her on her temple.  “Bella, I was not joking when I told you I wanted to romance you.  Take you out to dinner and then go see a show or go dancing.  I want you to have all that Bella.  You deserve it.”

Bella looks up at him and smiles at him through her tears.

Peter reaches up and brushes them away, saying, “I really hate to see these, luv.”

Bella softly replies, “Not these tears Peter, they are tears of happiness; of amazement that someone like you loves me.”

Peter sighs, kisses her gently, then looks into her eyes and tells her, “I be the lucky bloke here, Bella.”  And he kisses her again, leaning over her and holding her to him, lightly caressing her lips. Then he moves his lips, kissing along her jaw line.  Peter can’t help it, he wants the little he can have before he has to stop himself, but at the same time, he wants her to always remember that he desires her.  He smiles when he hears her sigh in pleasure.

Bella relaxes knowing that Peter won’t take it too far and she enjoys him kissing her.  It felt wonderful to know she is loved and desired, especially after last night.  She reaches up and runs her hand through his hair.  He gives her a last kiss and looks down at her smiling.

She smiles back at him and asks, “How do you do that?”

Peter looks at his love, confused by the question. “Do what, luv?”

Bella shakes her head and tells him, “Take my mornings and no matter how they start, make them into all about us and making me happy when we get out of this bed.”

Peter’s smile gets bigger and he tells her, “That, my dear, is part of having a man love you and when said man has to beg to have his woman stay with him, he does everything in his power to make sure she is happy with him.”

Bella looks into his eyes, then pulls him down, kissing him passionately and with a little hesitation, Peter answers her kiss.   He feels himself harden with their mutual passion and he moans into her mouth.  He then rolls them over and has her on top so that he can run his hands down her side in a vain attempt to not push her into anything she doesn’t want. Not yet, at least.

Bella pants when Peter moves from her mouth to her neck and back up to her ear.  She can’t believe that he was still controlling himself, but she remembers her one other time and knows she is lucky.  But as his hands run up and down her body, she finds herself wanting more.

Peter is shocked when he feels Bella move on top of him. He stops to look at her and can see the naked desire on her face for him.  He smirks and tells her softly, “I love you, Bella” then kisses her gently, trying to bring the two of them down back to earth.

But Bella did not want to be calm and begs him. “Peter…”

Peter is fighting not to take her now.  He thinks and flips them again to buy him some time.  But his Bella wants more from him.  He moans and buries his head in her shoulder. “Bella, luv. Cor, do I want you.”  He kisses her neck, then down to her shoulders and listens to her sounds of pleasure as he leaves open-mouthed kisses along her.  His shirt is big on her and he uses this to his advantage, giving him access to more of her than he would have had without it…  Encouraged by her sounds and by the look on her face, his hands move his shirt up on her and he spans her waist with his hands, amazed at her soft skin.  Without thinking, he moves down and kisses her stomach.

Bella gasps at feeling him leaving open-mouthed kisses on her stomach and feeling him lifting his shirt up higher to give him more access to her skin.  She can’t help the noises coming out of her; she loves what he is doing to her.

Peter works to gain control of himself, he kisses her skin while moving back up her body to her mouth, kissing her again.  “Cor, Bella, I love you.” He peppers kisses on her mouth, face and anywhere he can until he feels them calming down.

Bella looks up at him and smiles.  She knows she can trust him; she can not only see his naked desire for her in his dark eyes, but can feel him as he lays on her and yet, even though she would have welcomed him making love to her, he restrains himself.

Peter finally just looks down at her, making sure she is aware of his love and desire for her.  Once he is sure, he lays on his side, pulls her to him and rests one hand on her stomach under the shirt and the other supports their heads.  He sighs, kisses her under her ear and whispers, “Never doubt that I love or desire you.” Bella snuggles closer to him and they lay there for awhile just enjoying being in the bed together.  But life interrupts by a large noise coming from Bella’s stomach.

Peter laughs and kissing her head, tells her softly, “I guess that is our cue to get out of bed, luv.  Besides, since I didn’t get my wish to have you moved in our room yesterday, why don’t we call a down day and get you settled in.  I think we both could use the time.”

Bella nods, feeling Peter move behind her, she sits up and stretches.  His shirt rides up on her and she feels his arms wrap around her and him say, “If we didn’t have those trucks showing up sometime today, I would keep you in these clothes so I can feel and see this skin.”

Bella laughs, “I could just stay in these clothes they are comfy.”  Then she turns to him and asks in a serious voice, “But, are they huggable?”

Peter laughs, then kisses her neck and down to her shoulders and as she gasps lightly he tells her huskily, “They are huggable, but they are very kissable and tha’ is unacceptable for others to see.”

Bella says breathlessly, as he continues to prove how kissable the clothes are, “So… Kissable is acceptable only in… ohhhhh… private?”  She is proud that only one moan has made its way in her words.

Peter smirks and kissing his way to her ear, murmurs, “That would be right on, luv.  Though there are degrees of kissable.  Right now these are extremely kissable.”  And he covers her mouth with his, demanding entrance with his tongue.  She gives it readily, he swallows her moan as he ravages her mouth, laying claim to it.  His hands are on her stomach, he holds her closer and moves them up slowly, grazing the bottom of her breast with his hand.  She makes a sound of pleasure as she gives into him.  He slows down again after awhile of his stroking her stomach and teasing her breasts. He lifts his mouth from hers and says, “Don’t you agree?”  As he waits for her to respond, his smirk grows wide as it takes awhile for her to gather herself together to reply.

Bella can feel the warmth of his hands radiating up to her breasts from where they rest.  She can feel her nipples hardening with desire and finally looks up to see him smirking down at her.  “That was a dirty move, Peter!”  And he laughs at her, but she can feel his hands tightening as he tells her, “and you don’t play dirty yourself, Bella?”

Bella narrows her eyes and says, “Game on, Peter.  Game on.”

Peter laughs harder.

 He looks down at her and flicks his fingers up and seeing her react, tells her, “Are you sure, Bella?”

She looks at him, gets out of bed and walking to the bathroom, she reaches down and takes off his shirt.  Bella then looks over her shoulder as she tosses it while walking into the bathroom.

Peter stares at her and tells himself, “Yep, she’s sure.”  And he grins wider, grabbing her robe as he follows her into the bathroom.

Bella is still shocked at the size of the room and before she can make it to the sinks, she feels her robe descend on her and then Peter’s arms follow as he trails his hands lightly over her breasts as he reaches down to grab the ties.  Looking into her eyes in the mirror he helps her put her arms through the sleeves, pulls her robe closed and ties it, resting his hands on her waist.  Bella never knew you could be turned on by something so simple and she stares back at him.  He turns her to him and tugs her into his arms.  They stare at each other and Peter smiles at her.

Bella smiles back; she reaches up and pulls him down for a kiss.  He is more than willing for another kiss and smiles when they break it.  He murmurs to her, “As you wish, my luv.  We go only as far as you wish.”

Bella tells him, “I know Peter.  But you were right… This is so much better.  And it helps knowing you are controlling it too, since you make me lose my head.”

Peter smiles and then he pulls away, asking her, “Do you need to worship the shower gods this morning, luv?”

Bella laughs and tells him, “No, I think we did enough of that last night.  But I have no idea what clothes are in which bags, Peter.”

Peter glances at her and thinks for a second. “Are you wanting jean comfy or more comfy than that?”

Bella smiles and tells him, “Yoga pants would be a blessing right now with a shirt.  I have no idea how much work we need to do, but I rather just be me if that is okay with you.”

Peter had started to move out of the room, but hearing that he turns around and tells her, “Please don’t be anything but yourself with me, Bella.  Since it was you I fell in love with.”  He smiles and leaves the room.

Bella stands there smiling then goes to wash her face.  Peter drops off her clothes.  Bella notices he has just put a shirt on. When she pouts he has a laugh and leaves, the door still open.  She grins, acknowledging the change in their relationship as she turns her back and gets dressed in the clothes.

She comes out, notices he has opened the doors to his closet and is looking inside.  She walks up, puts her arms around him and asks, “Am I going to destroy your feng shui of the closet?”

Peter glances at her and tells her in a puzzled voice, “No…”

Bella nods and says, “Well, if you are sure, then I guess I can survive using this room.”

Peter is looking faintly amused and asks, “And if I would of said yes?”

Bella looks at him and says, “Well, you know to someone that is trained in the Japenese arts would never want to destroy someone’s Feng Shui and I would have had to not move in this room.”

Peter can’t help it, he laughs.  “Good thing I had made the room for you already, eh?”

Bella glances at him and this time she is the puzzled one.  “Made room for me?”  She looks around, sees the same empty places as the last time and looks at him.

Peter pulls her to the front of him and tells her, “Remember that I told you I had already known that I loved you and wanted to spend the rest of my life with you?”  He waits for her to nod agreement and continues, “Well, I had a bug up me bum, made room for you in here and everywhere else.  I didn’t dare hope to see you use that room for awhile, but it gave me a faint feeling of hope that I would see your stuff in here.”

Bella stares at him and smiles.  “You really believe we are here to last, Peter.”

Peter gazes into her eyes and tells her softly, “I believe we are forever, luv.  We just need to deal with some minor trifles first.  But there will always be trifles on our path and I am looking forward to us dealing with them all.”

Bella can’t stop staring back at him and says, “Well, I can see how you made it.”  She kisses him, then turns and looking at the room says, “Is there some sort of organization in here?”

Peter grins and tells her, wrapping an arm around her waist, “I think we need to unpack your bags before we decide that.”  And then he picks her up, throws her over his shoulder, waling back to their bed that he has already made and tosses her on it.  And unable to resist, he jumps, landing with his legs and arms holding him over her. Grinning, he lowers himself onto her and kisses her.

He murmurs to her, “Bella, I can’t get enough of you.” He kisses her on her chin and continues, “I think we will need to take frequent breaks for my new addiction.” He continues to kiss her, evading her tries to kiss him back.  He can hear her frustration and smirks.  He then in turn moans when he realizes she is not wearing the bra he had left. “Naughty, Bella!”

Bella grins and tells him, “Point to me.”

Peter growls at her, then purposely moves his hands up her shirt and skims her breasts, remembering her reaction to it earlier.  She arches her body towards him at his touch; he smirks as he traces them softly and tells her, “I think the point went to me.”  Then he feels her nipples harden and smirks again. “No, I guess the point is yours still.  Two points.” Peter then raises the shirt and unable to resist, he sucks gently on her nipples.  He hears her moans and smiles.  He continues to enjoy one before he moves to the other.  He raises his head and looks her in the eyes.

Bella is shocked at the possessive look on his face when he tells her, “These are mine, luv.”  She nods, turned on by his look and he moans himself, seeing her desire.

Peter knows he needs to calm down, but her sounds are driving him nuts.  He lowers his head, resting it on her and tells her, “You drive me crazy with need.”

Bella sighs and tells him, “I’m sorry.”

Peter looks up quickly and tells her, “it’s nothing bad, luv.  I just don’t want to be moving too quickly for you or us.  But I cannot deny me love of your body and I am not going to lie and say I be not happy with what we have done.”  He smirks down at her, “And I be thinking that you like it too if your responses have anything to say.”

Bella smiles up at him and says, “I like it so much I even gave a brief thought of going topless for awhile.”  She grins up at him as his eyes widen.

He moans and tells her, “Killing me.  Never thought someone could die so happy,” and Bella laughs.

Peter looks down at her with so much love in his eyes and on his face. She can see the desire darken his eyes as his gaze drops to her breasts.  His hand moves up and massages one then the other before his mouth drops down onto the other one.  Desire drives through her as a steam train while his mouth works wonders on her breasts.  She doesn’t even try to hold in any sounds of pleasure from his ministrations.  She feels him smirking and can feel his reaction against her leg. It makes her desire for him increase when she realizes his restraint.

Peter looks up at her, moves up and kisses her thoroughly.  She loves how possessive he is, but at the same time, loving and kind.  He wants her to understand she is his, but that he will take care of her and love her.

Peter calms himself while kissing Bella.  He ends the kiss, saying, “Mmmm  I really like these little interruptions.  My addiction to you has seemed to have found another part that will need to be fed.” He kisses her, pulls down her shirt, making sure to tweak her hard nipples as he does so.

He pushes himself up and tells her, “Stay on the bed, I’ll bring your bags to you and you can start sorting things out.”  Giving her a quick kiss, he leaves her on the bed and brings her the bags.  They work the rest of the afternoon, joking and taking ‘addiction’ breaks until her clothes were sorted.

Bella stands up and almost trips with the blood returned to her legs.  Peter reaches out and catches her.  “M’kay luv?”  Bella nods and stomps her legs trying to get blood going back to them.

Peter watches her, trying not to laugh.  Then he thinks a bit, gets up as she moves to the close and catches up with her.  Peter picks her up and pushes her against the wall inside the closet.  She instinctively wraps her legs around him and he kisses her passionately.  She moans, she feels him tugging her shirt up and then to her surprise, he removes it completely.  He then rains kisses down on her shoulders, breasts and everywhere. She gasps and holds onto him as he ravages her upper body and unable to keep quiet, she moans his name, “Peter”.

Peter hears her, manages to control himself and looks up at her.  “I’m so sorry, Bella.  I have no excuse, I had meant to be playful, but when you wrapped your legs around me, luv, I am so sorry-”

Bella reaches up, grabs his chin, forces him to her mouth and she let him feel her desire.  When they come up for air she tells him, “I was not complaining.  I loved it, knowing you can lose control and that I did it.  I can’t explain it or how you can manage to stop us.”

Peter looks into her eyes and he can see she is telling the truth.  He tells her, “I desire you and can barely control myself.  But I just wanted to bring you pleasure today and realize what you do to me.”

Bella tightens her legs and says, “You have done an absolutely wonderful job.”

Peter smiles at her, he then leans in, kisses her and tells her, “Maybe I will take you up on your offer to go topless.”

She grins down and is about to retort when they hear the doorbell ringing.  Peter curses and Bella lets her legs go loose.  Peter catches her and sets her gently down.  He grabs a shirt, hands it to her and after watching her yank it over her head, he walks over to a monitor in the wall, turning it on, he sees the trucks from her house have arrived.

He looks back at Bella and tells her, “Either you will need more clothes, luv, or you will need to stay here.  I would appreciate you staying here until I make sure that they are who they say they are.”  Seeing her nod while staring at the screen, he walks over and kisses her, cupping her head in his hands.  “I love you.  I will show you everything later, luv, just for now wait for the all clear if you want to come down.”

He goes out and passing by the dresser, he grabs his cell phone and as he walks out the room he makes a call to the gatehouse to find out why they didn’t call.  After talking with them, he makes it to the front door and opens it.  He speaks with the men and directs them to bring the pieces inside.  When they turn the other way, he looks up at the camera and nods, letting Bella know it is fine to come down.

She comes down dressed and they work to place the pieces in their home.  But Peter notices Bella is nervous and when he glances at her worried, she mouths to him that she will tell him later.  Though she glances at the camera and raises an eyebrow at him asking him if it is on, and he lightly nods.  She nods and they go back to figure out the last pieces.  Peter sticks by Bella’s side and he sees some of her nervousness fade but not disappear.

The last truck is opened; Bella gasps and turns to him quickly.  Peter stares at the destroyed furniture in the truck and holds Bella.  She trembles for a second, then stands still and steps away from him.  She then asks in an icy voice, “Someone might want to tell me what happened.”

Peter though, is staring at her, can see it is a front. He nods.

He turns, looks at the men in front of him and they shrink back from the look on his face.

“Umm boss, we locked the trucks last night and were only to drive them here this afternoon and that is what we did.  There was no need to open them.”

Peter stares at the man who had spoken and tells him coldly, “If I was you, I would report to your boss, let him know what happened and let him know I am very displeased.  Now leave.”

The driver blanches but nods, closing the doors and locking them.  The others get into their vehicles and they all leave.

Bella walks back into the house, stands there staring at nothing until she feels Peter’s arms around her.  She stiffens and asks him softly, “Are you sure no one is hanging around?”

Peter had been hurt until he hears the fear in her voice and tells her, “Hold on and I will.”  He grabs her hand and she follows him into the office.  He sits down in the chair and she stands by him, her hand gripping his shoulder hard as he checked the cameras.  After he has double checked all the cameras, he reaches up and using her hand on his shoulder, pulls her in his arms and asks, “What’s wrong Bella?”

She looks up at him and tells him calmly, “One of James’s people was here, Peter.”

He freezes, glances at her quickly and asks, “Why didn’t you say anything?  I never wanted you to feel threatened in our home.”

Bella closes her eyes. “He may have left James.  But when the last truck was opened, I knew he was there to watch me.”

Peter is mad that the blooming arse wipe dared to have someone attack Bella here.  It is not a physical attack but still an attack.  He pulls her up and asks, “None of your stuff is in here or in our room right?”  Bella looks at him and shakes no.

He pulls her to him and mutters so only she can hear.  “I need us in our room and while we are in there, I will sweep the house for bugs.  Our room is camera free and the closet is a safe room.  The whole room is a safe room.”  He pulls away, looks in Bella’s face and seeing the determination in her eyes, he nods and they leave with him touching her lower back.  When they make it to the room, he shows her a button and presses it, which locks the door.  He then grabs her hand, walks to the closet and going to the monitor that is there, he shows her how to set the security from it, then how to run diagnostics.  After starting the bug search, he pulls her into his arms.

“Bella, luv, we need a way for you to tell me if you feel like there is something I need to know.”  Peter holds her close.

Bella rests her head on his chest and relaxes in his arms knowing he will protect her.  “Peter, right now I can barely think.”  She stops and Peter notices.

“What is it Bella?” He lifts her head so he can look into her eyes and sees her pain shining there. “Bella?”

Bella closes her eyes and says, “I just want one day for us.  But this is normal for James.  He probably hates the fact he cannot get to me physically or know if he is getting to either of us.”  She opens her eyes and stares into Peter’s eyes.

Peter tightens his arms.  The bloody arse wipe did this to her?  He calms himself and tells her,  “We can deal with it luv.  And he can only win if you let him.  Today can be still about us.” He tugs her closer and just holds her.

They stand like that for a couple of minutes and then the system beeps at them.  Peter looks down, sees Bella staring at the screen and he gently lets her go.   Peter walks over to the screen and taps on it.  He feels Bella coming up beside him; he reaches out and pulls her close to him as he softly tells her what he is doing.

Bella listens quietly as he explains the workings of the scan he had run, until he pauses unexpectedly.  “Peter?”

Peter starts to swear and he looks down at Bella.  “I was right and he did bug a couple of pieces.”  He taps a few button on the screen and it brings up a couple of pieces.  Peter looks back at Bella and asks, “Do you remember where those pieces are, luv?”

Bella stares at the screen and she clenches her fists.  Her voice is hard with fury as she asks, “Peter, can you tell how long something has been bugged?”

Peter turns to her quickly. Seeing her anger, he answers, “Depends Bella.  Why?”

She is still glaring at the screen as she spits out, “One of those was my dresser and the rest are pieces that were scattered through my house, scattered enough that if they were bugged at that time, he could have heard anything.”

Peter stands absolutely still as her words trigger his protectiveness and anger. What Bella doesn’t know is that the one she had indicated as her dresser and a couple others, were not just listening devices.  He literally sees red. That blooming arse licker dared not only to try to get into their home, but that he may have watched Bella in her home.

Peter quickly realizes that he needs to think clearly, especially with Bella here and angry.  He turns, walks out of the room and heads down to his den to grab what he needs.  Bella stares after him and then follows him, her curiosity winning out marginally over her anger.

Peter walks in his den and to the desk.  He opens the lower drawer, pulls out a black bag and looks up at Bella with a questioning look on his face.  She nodded, takes him back upstairs to the guestroom and gestures to her old dresser.  Peter nods, walks over to it and stares at it.  He frowns looking back and motions for her to come closer.

Bella tries to figure out what he’s doing, but when he motions for her to come closer, she walks to him without hesitating.  He pulls her over to the window, puts her in front of him as he stands at her back, holding her.  He then leans forward, kisses her neck and makes his way to her ear and murmurs, “Bella, don’t react, but where do you think a camera could have been hidden on your dresser.”  Bella freezes at what he said.  Before she can give them away, he takes her earlobe in his mouth and sucks, making her gasp.  “Bella…” She takes a deep breath; she glances at the dresser and then tells him, “Hatter, enough.  Let me look over my dresser and see if it got damaged.  It was my mom’s, you know.”

Peter sighs and releases her, knowing she understood when she used his nickname.  He turns and watches her, leaning against the wall as she looks at her dresser.  He can see her hand trembling and his eyes narrow.  He will take care of this, but he needs to look at what the bloody fucktard is using.

Bella looks and then she sees something shiny on one of the bird’s eyes on the side of the dresser.  Thinking quickly she grabs it and shakes it.  When it is loose and moving, she tells Peter, “Hatter, I think that I need to fix this.  This birds eye is loose and so are some of the other carvings.”

Peter nods and comes over saying, “Let me see luv.  Maybe it can be fixed easily, if not we can call someone in to fix it.”  He leans down and staring at it, realizes that the bloody arsehole had somehow replaced the carving with one that holds the camera.  He nods and tells Bella, “Let’s see the other pieces and make sure there wasn’t any other damage.”  He stands up and holds out his hand, which she takes and they walks out of the room. He pulls her into his arms and tells her softly, “I will take care of this Bella.  Give me a couple of hours and they will be all gone, eh?”

Bella nods and softly tells him, “Peter…”  She hides her head in his chest and Peter holds her, comforting her, telling her, “It’s not your fault luv. Don’t ever even think of it.  Let’s go and you point out anything you think is ‘broken’ and I will become the doting boyfriend trying to fix it for you and breaks more than I fix.”

Bella chuckles, “Doting boyfriend?”

Peter looks down and asks, “Which part are you objecting to?”

Bella glances up and coyly says, “Well, hmmm.  My doting boyfriend would be hurrying to fix this so we can return to our previous fun.  But, then maybe said doting boyfriend didn’t enjoy our previous activities.”

Peter stares down at her and smirks, “Well then, I guess we better hurry so we can return to said previous activity.”  He leans down and says huskily in her ear, “I am really interested in the topless activity meself.”  He then kisses her neck, releases her and indicates that she show him where to go next.  Bella stares at him and giving her head a shake, walks past him, trailing her hand across his waist.

He straightens quickly in shock and hears her say, “Point to me.”  He grins and shakes his head, his shy little Bella is getting bolder. He follows her to take care of the intrusion into their home.


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