Character List

Here is a character list of everyone.  I will do one with cars, since I could not add the pics when all the action was going on too.  Actually I probably will do them together…


Bella Swan

Bella’s Orginal Truck

Charlie Swan

Just for laughs, Here is Charlie’s Cruiser.

Cullens and their cars


Carlisle’s Car

Edward Cullen

Edward’s car

My Rosalie (those of you who know me, know where I got her from)

Rosalie’s Car

Emmett Cullen

Emmett’ Jeep

Alice Cullen

Alice’s Car

Major Jasper Whitlock

Jasper’s Bike.

The La Push Pack

Sam Uley, Alpha of The La Push Pack

Paul Lahote and his wolf

Seth Clearwater-Swan

Jacob Black and his wolf

New Characters:

Bradley Cooper 1

Bradley Cooper aka

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