Revelations of an Hatter and an Alice

Revelations of An Hatter and An Alice_edited-1

Stories listed under here:

Alice and Hatter

The first one and based on the Alice 2009 movie on SyFy.  I redid it, only concentrating on their story and the what if their relationship started sooner. – Completed and on both sites.

Revelations, Legends and Champions

The direct sequel of Alice and Hatter.  Alice &Hatter have freed Wonderland from the Queen of Hearts, but are they ready for the rest of the reason Wonderland brought Alice? – On FanFiction, but split up for T and M Ratings.  After Tea Shoppe, this will be worked on next.

A Revelation of the Past

A Bond that is only a Legend in the past is now resurrected, a new Kingdom is founded, all in need of an Alice to arrive.  This is the prequel to my story, Alice and Hatter.  You do not have to know anything about it to read this.  Wonderland is Alive! – Waiting on a chapter from Revelations to approved, it starts this chapter.  Will start this once it is approved.

There is a planned sequel to Revelations…  Just to let you know.


  1. Emma

    I really like this series, I started reading it on Fanfiction and moved here when you moved the story. I was disappointed when some chapters did not transfer and I eagerly await updates.

    • Kittyinaz

      I have chapters just when I feel better


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