Chapter 14: I Will Be There For You

A minor Lime involved in this one folks…more of a lesson to Hatter about Oysters….

Hatter and Alice stare at each other.  Chess has definitely made an impression on Alice.  She smiles, and tells Hatter, “I cannot wait to meet the rest of your friends.”  She hopes he will also understand the gentle allusion to her wanting to stay here in Wonderland with him.

Hatter gazes back at her, his heart light with her implication that she will be here to meet them. Unable to keep the feeling inside, he grins back, dimples showing, as he answers her,   “I can’t wait until then either. That is what our goal is with the plan.”  Hatter reaches forward and caresses her face.  “Alice, I love you so much.  I will be here for you through it all.  You’re mine; my true love.  But can you do this? If you cannot, no matter what Chess says, we will find another way.  It is completely up to you.”

Alice looks back at him leaning into the caress.  “Hatter, I want to start our future as much you do.  If this is what it takes for us to be together, then we will do it.”  ‘Be strong Alice!’  She knows it is going to be hard, trying to act like she has love for a man she feels betrays her, but she knows she can be the one to stand her ground.  She will do what it takes to remove the promises from Hatter and to free this land from the Queen of Hearts.  Chess’s appearance alerted her to the fact that there is more going on than their feelings for each other.  To Alice, there is nothing more important than Hatter, and to Hatter, it is important to free his land.

Hatter smiles at her, leans close so that their heads are touching.  His eyes dart to her lips.  Unable to resist her, his hand slides up, cradles the back of her head.  Looking in her eyes, he softly kisses her, his mouth caressing hers gently. Alice’s eyes close in pleasure and Hatter is elated that his kiss alone can do that to her.

 When they end the kiss, just inches away from her mouth, he breathes, “Alice, we will be together, I have promised you that.”  He quickly glances in her eyes to see if she understands.  When he sees her not only her comprehension, but total acceptance of his words, he feels empowered.  He can do anything with Alice by his side.  Hatter continues to softly tell her, “But, we need to get some rest since tomorrow will be here soon enough.  We have tonight to be together.”

Then Hatter smirks, remembering something she had said earlier that has him curious.  Curiosity is not just a trademark of Alice’s. “You still need to explain ‘rounding the bases’ to me.”

Alice stares at him, only mildly shocked he remembered and starts to laugh. “We won’t get any sleep if I explain that to you, knowing you as I do.”  Then she remembers what he had told her when she had taunted him in regards to the meanings.  She bites her lower lip.

Hatter’s smirk only grows bigger seeing her reaction.  Then when she bites her lower lip, he groans, pulling her closer to him, and murmurs, “Did you want to sleep my luv?”  He starts to kiss her neck slowly.  He hears Alice exhale in pleasure, moving her hands under his coat.

Alice pulls out his shirt, desperate to get her hands on his skin. “Hatter…” She needs to feel his skin, to be as close as she can to this amazing man.

Hatter raises his head and looks her in the eyes. What he sees both arouses him and worries him.  He can see the lust in her eyes, the need she has for him that matches his own for her.  But, he also notices the dark areas under her eyes and that she looks completely exhausted.  ‘Calm your hormones down boy!  Can’t you see she needs to rest more?’  Hatter gathers her close to him and tells her, “We can rest tonight.  You haven’t really slept in two days my luv.”

Alice stiffens in his arms.  ‘What?  Didn’t he want her?’  “Hatter? Why?”

Hatter is surprised by her reaction.  He quickly glances down at her to see what is wrong.  What he sees shocks him, Alice thinks that he doesn’t want her!  “Alice, oh God, no! I just want you to have some rest tonight, who knows what will happen tomorrow.  I love you and I want you so very much.  But I want, no, I need you to be at your best for what is coming.”  He pulls back to intently stare into her eyes seeing if she understands.  Hatter doesn’t want his Alice ever to think that he doesn’t desire her, when all he can think of is her.

Alice relaxes as she flicks her eyes between both of his.  The concern in his eyes is enough to tell her, he is telling the truth.  How could she ever think that he wouldn’t want her? She closes her eyes and murmurs, “I am sorry, Hatter.  This is just so new an-”

Hatter puts a finger to her lips and tells her softly, “Alice, no need to apologize.  Ever.”  He ducks his head down and gives her a look.  When she finally nods, he nods once quickly.  Hatter then asks her, “Luv, when was the last time you have slept?”

Alice does as he asks and thinks about the last time she had slept.  Realizing that she really can’t recall the last time she has slept deeply, she is shocked.  Yes she has taken naps on horseback, and slept a little when she and Hatter had acknowledged their relationship.  But the last time she has really slept?  Before she ever arrived in Wonderland.  All of a sudden, her exhaustion hits her all at once. Hatter has just seen what she doesn’t want to admit: she is completely worn out and needs to rest.

Hatter watches as Alice realizes how tired she is. She sways a little as her fatigue hits her and he quickly pulls her to him.  Once she is steady in his arms, he rests his head on hers.  He needs to get her where she can lay down, but he is unsure how much longer she can keep standing.

Planning it out in his head, Hatter asks her softly, “Alice, can you hold yourself up for just a few more minutes?  I need to get our bed ready.  I will hurry.” Once she agrees, Hatter carefully lets her go, watching to make sure she can stand on her own.   As she is steady, he quickly explodes into movement.  He grabs the blankets from where he dropped them and makes them a bed on the banks of the pond.

 Alice watches him, perplexed as to what he is doing.  They have a bed, don’t they?  Why is he making a bed here?

Once the blankets are arranged to his satisfaction, his jacket sacrificed to make a better pillow for them; Hatter finishes and turns to her.  Seeing her confused look on her face, he explains, “This way we can spend tonight, together, in each other’s arms, safe.”

Alice realizes that morning when he woke with her missing, it had hurt him.  She knows from Chess’s remarks that it had been due to that he had gone Mad.  He had retained control, but the pain of losing her, not knowing if she was okay; it had been enough to make him snap.  He needed this night with her as much as they had needed their affirmation of their love earlier.

Hatter watches her thoughts as the cross her face.  He moves to her side and gently coaxes her to lean into him as he softly advises her, “After tonight, I won’t be able to do this, hold you in my arms, be this close to you.  But, for tonight, I can hold you, letting us just be and no one will know.”

Hatter can feel her shaking with exhaustion from where she is leaning on him and comes to a decision.  He gently picks her up bridal style and lays her in the middle of the bed he has made for them.   Kneeling down, Hatter gently removes her shoes, then moves up her body, and holds himself above her, gazing down at his angel.  He kisses her, his lips gentle, but there was no mistaking the passion he always has for his woman as he stares into her eyes as he does so.  He wants her so much, but knows he has to let her rest.  But, he also wants her to know that he wants her.  His Alice is a little bit insecure in her sexuality and it is his job to show her she has nothing to be worried about with him.  Ever.

 In the back of his head, he wonders if this is part of Jack’s duplicity, and if this insecurity is due to it.  If he ever finds out it be true, Jack Heart will have to answer to him, no matter who he can be to Jack.  The Tea Shoppe owner, or his true identity.  It will not matter.  Nothing matters but his Alice.

Alice is confused.  He doesn’t want her and now, he is obviously letting his passion for her come out? “Hatter, I thought-”

He kisses her again with more ardor evident in it, but it was more about his love for her.  When they came up for air, he quietly commanded her, “Alice, luv.  Just relax, this is about you.  I want to show you how much I want you, and always want you.  This will never end luv.  My love for you, it is eternal. I want you to be aware of this completely and absolutely.  But, you can do nothing, understand?”

She is surprised by him, his kisses, and most especially his words. She nods, unable to speak and watches him smirk, showing his dimples.  Is he aware of what his dimples do to her?

 Hatter moves to her side and gazes down at her, his love and pure lust for her showing in his eyes.  “Alice, do you have any idea of what you do to me?  You don’t think I want you?”  He leans down and using his mouth to caress the points that he found earlier and hears her breath catch. He only stops his ministrations long enough to murmur against her skin, “Alice, I can barely keep my hands off of you.”  Hatter moves back up to her face, to her lips that he is completely addicted to.  Though the kiss starts out gently, his lips moving with her, soon his passion for her overtakes him and his lips grow more insistent on hers, then his talented tongue demands entrance into her mouth. When she surrenders to him, he groans and claims her mouth as his.  He feels her answer back his movements and then feels her hands move up his body to wrap around his neck, her fingers twisting in his hair.

Alice gives in the passion of the moment.  Hatter is making her forget everything, but him; he is definitely letting her know he wants her.  She feels guilty for a little bit, but who can feel guilty for long when it invokes this type of response? She moans as he moves back down to her chest. “Hatter…”

Hatter can’t contain his knowing grins, he loves knowing that he is the one making her feel this way.  He will be the only one for the rest of their lives.  Hatter lifts his head to stare at her and asks, “Are you going to tell me what the bases are?”

Alice gasps, ‘All this just to satisfy his curiosity?’  Then she realizes this is what he is saying, but his mouth, body and eyes tell her another story.  They are advising her that he was doing this because he does love her and wishes her to know this and that he really desires her.  She asks him, “Hatter!  Are you trying to…” she gasps as he pulls her up to him and unzipping her dress, “torture me?”

In answer, Hatter pushes her dress off her shoulders.  He looks her up and down her body, enjoying the sight before him of his beautiful Alice bare before him.  He thanks her silently for not putting her bra on when she dressed earlier.  He raises his eyes to hers and asks again, “Bases, Alice?”

 She moans from the look in his eyes, they are dark, almost black with his desire.  Then he lowers his head to worship the skin above her breasts, his hand starts to caress her it.  “Alice…”

She gasps from the sensation; she loves his hands and mouth on her body.  As he teases her body she blurts, “Sexual metaphors!”

Hatter grins, enjoying watching her react to what he is doing to her.  Wanting to hear more, he pinches a nipple.  “And how many bases?”  He licks her breast and blows on it remembering her reaction to this last time…

Alice arches her back as she gasps,”Four!”

Nope it doesn’t fail to entertain him this time. Hatter chuckles as he continues to worship her body, trying to make her writhe under him with pleasure.

‘If this is torture… I will take it anytime he wishes to correct her!’  Alice tries to grab Hatter, to pull him up to her, but he takes her hands, and holds them.  He looks into her eyes and calmly states, “No, Alice.”  When he is sure of her obedience to his statement, he goes back to what he is doing, which is pure sweet torture.  How has she gotten this lucky?

Hatter can’t stop smirking. He is making his woman go crazy under him. ‘Hmmm… so bases are sexual metaphors.  And where are they at now?’  “Alice… Where are we now?”  He moves down lower, kissing her flat stomach, paying special attention to her belly button, circling it with his tongue. When she doesn’t answer, he gently reminds her, “Alice…”

Alice is trying not to move, but it is getting harder and harder not to.  What is he asking her?  Oh… “Second”

Hatter laughs softly. If this is second, then what is third, or fourth base?

With every intention to find out more, he slowly removes her panties, letting his fingers caress her legs as he does.  Once they are off, he moves his body quickly between her thighs.  Then he looks up at Alice, she has her eyes closed, and her hands are fisted in the blankets.  He grins in anticipation of both of their pleasure and goes down on her.

Alice feels him stop his torture for a second and tries to regain her senses.  She hears him chuckling and then… her eyes fly open, and she stares down at Hatter.  His brown eyes are laughing up at her as he licks her clit.  He then moves down farther and… oh God!  Alice moans Hatter’s name.

Hatter has tasted her before, but this?  This is heaven.  He can feel her moving and then he hears his name, the sound shooting through his body.  He looks back at her and the sight of her takes his breath away.  He moves his tongue back up to her clit and inserts his fingers between her lower lips.  He remembers the pace that had sent her over the edge before and he is determined to do it again.

Alice forgets everything but the sensation of Hatter’s tongue on her and his fingers inside hitting that spot just right…  She can’t help but, come apart for him.  As she lay there panting afterwards, she feels him clean her up and then move back up her body.  She opens her eyes to see him smirking at her.  “And is that one of the bases, my luv?”

She laughs weakly and tells him. “Third.” He leans down and kisses her, his lips only expressing his love.  “I love you Alice.  I will always love and adore you.  You’re my whole heart.  I always want you.” He just couldn’t get enough of her.  He has this need to be with her, to never part from her side.

Alice can only watch his eyes as his love for her makes them a soft brown.  His eyes are so expressive; she can never have long enough to watch them as they show her his soul.  She quietly states to him, “I love you too, Hatter.”  She then realizes, this is the last time they can be like this until their plan, rebellion against the Queen of Hearts, is over.

Hatter watches her face fall and pulls her close to him to comfort her, “Shhh, luv.  It will be ok.  I will never let you fall. I will be here and will do everything in my power to keep you safe.”  He holds her to him, thinking of how hard it will be for both of them to not only keep their distance, but not to show anything more than friendship to each other.  He decides the only way they can make it through this is to take it one day at a time and enjoy tonight. Hatter kisses her temple as he holds her to him, rocking her gently.

After awhile, he lays them down, her head supported by his arm and his other arm around her waist, comforting them both.  When she shivers lightly, he let go of her long enough to pull over them the blanket he had left on the side. Once she is covered, Alice sighs softly.  Looking down, he realizes that she has fallen asleep.  He smiles and then tumbles after her knowing they are safe for now.

The next morning Hatter awakes, his arms tightening around Alice, relaxing as he feels that she is still in his arms.  He smiles and pulls her even closer, not wanting this to end.  He strokes her hair with one hand and lays there, just listening to the soothing sound of her breathing.  This is so far the best morning he has ever had in his life.

Alice slowly wakes to Hatter holding her and stroking her hair.  She looks up into his face, admiring him, still shocked that this man is hers.  But there is no denying the love he has for her, nor her love for him.

Feeling her moving in his arms, Hatter glances down to find she is awake and staring up at him.  He slowly smiles then leans down to gently kiss her. “Good Morning, Alice.”

Alice smiles back at him and snuggles into his arms. Last night was the soundest sleep she ever has had.  A lot of it had to do with the man holding her, she always feels safe in his arms.

 They are both aware of the fact that even this little amount of heaven they have is ending quickly.  Hatter sighs and tells her, “Luv, we have to get moving; I need to get to the city.”  He looks down at his Alice.  “The sooner we get this done, the faster we can be together.”

Alice sees not only how sad he is, but she can feel it in his body.  She sits up, wrapping the blanket wrapped around her.  She then demands of him, “Hatter, come back to me, safe.”  Not wanting to shed the tears she can feel building behind her eyes, she pulls his head to her as she hesitantly kisses her man.  But as she feels his lips against hers, her confidence surges, and so does her kiss turn more demanding of him.

When they surface for air, Hatter holds her close to him.  For once he doesn’t have any smart comments to make; he feels the pain of their upcoming separation too intently.  He kisses her forehead, gets up, and goes to gather her clothes from last night, still not saying anything.  He hands them to her quietly, and goes to get his jacket, shoes and hat.  He is starting to distance himself from her, he has no idea how he will survive otherwise.  He knows how dangerous it will be, and making himself be remote, that may help them get through this.

Alice watches him as she gets dressed, worried.  Why is he acting as though this was no big deal?  Then as he continues to basically ignore her, she couldn’t take it anymore.  She asks, “Hatter?”

He looks quickly up at the tone in Alice’s voice. “Alice?”  What was wrong, why did she sound like she was upset?

She flings herself in his arms.  “Hatter, you can’t…”  She can’t even finish the thought.  He can’t!

He sighs, and though this may make it harder, he can’t do this if it is going to hurt her, “I won’t, but I can’t be myself.  Being myself will put us in danger, luv.”  Does she still not understand his constant need to touch, to hold, and to kiss her?

Alice relaxes at his words. She can’t handle it if he won’t react to her presence or if he treats her as a complete stranger.  She understands his need to do something to help control him.  She feels it too, the constant need to be with him in any and all ways.  But she won’t be able to do this without seeing that he still loves her.  She feels as though she will be cheating on him, and will need his faithful reassurance that it will be okay and he will be there when it is all over.

Hatter hugs her one last time, hard to him.  Then staring into her eyes, he tells her, “Come, let me deliver you to Charlie for safekeeping.  And Alice, if you are in danger, run here. The trees will allow you in and will protect you.  Understand?”  Alice nods.  He had asked Wonderland and the Kingdom to keep her safe.  They had shown him that this will be their hideaway and a safe place for her.

Hatter clenches her closer then releases her to grab her hand as they walk out of the oasis and to Charlie.  After he asks Charlie to watch over her, receiving a flowery reply from the Guardian of the Curtsey, he travels back through the forest to the boat he has hidden.  He sees signs that Mad March had found the boat, and he checks it out to make sure there is no damage, or tracking devices on it.  March must have thought he wouldn’t use it again, since there is nothing wrong.  He turns over the engine and takes off for the City.  All this time, he worked as quickly as he could, feeling the separation from Alice.

After managing to make it through the City undetected, he waits for Dormie.  He knows Dormie always keeps to the same schedule.   He always comes through this part of the city about this time every day.  Sure enough, he can hear him coming, muttering to himself.  As Dormie rounds the corner, Hatter grabs him with his right arm, swinging him around to rest up against the wall, and holds him there.

Dormie screams, “Not the face! Not the-” Dormie opens his eyes to see Hatter.  “Hatter!  What do you want?”

Hatter isn’t surprised by Dormie’s reactions.  He just worries that someone would hear them.  “Just keep your voice down, Dormie.  I need you to get a message to Caterpillar.”

Dormie tries to get smart.  “What makes you think I can do that?”

Hatter shakes his head.  He doesn’t have time for this.  “Don’t get cute.  I haven’t got the time.”

Dormie replies, “Dodo’s the only one I know in the Resistance.”

Hatter gives him a look.  He knows Dormie is connected or if not he will know a way to contact someone, that is how Dormie has survived this long.

Recognizing the look, Dormie explains, “I’m not even sure Caterpillar actually exists. He’s probably some mythical figure made up to keep us all treading the mill.”

Hatter has had enough.  His eyes darken slightly and he tells Dormie, “You tell Dodo to get a message to him then…we still have what they want. We’re ready to make a deal.”

Dormie notices the dangerous glint in Hatter’s eyes and quickly agrees, frightened of the man he has called boss.

Once he agrees, Hatter lets him down and leaves.  Hatter heads back to the Tea Shoppe to one of the secret rooms that Dormie knows about.  He paces impatiently as he waits for Dormie to come back to him with the details of the deal he is sure the Resistance will offer.

As he waits, Hatter thinks about the last couple of days, and the changes it has made in him.  He never thought he will have the type of love his parents have, and made do with the friendships he haves, until he left the White Kingdom.  When he came here, he didn’t let anyone get too close to him; it is too dangerous with his secrets.  Then Alice came into his life, tearing down all his walls, and he truthfully doesn’t mind.  He can’t wait until this is over and he can introduce his parents to her.  Hatter is not sure what Alice’s+ and his future will hold, but he won’t care as long as they are together.  He will do whatever it takes to make her happy.  Especially with the sacrifice she had indicated she will make so that they will be together here.  He will do everything in his power to make sure she will never regret staying with him in Wonderland.

 Hatter sits there in the dark remembering yesterday and last night until Dormie comes back with instructions from the Resistance. Listening to the provisions, he nods indicating their willingness to deal.  Then he turns around and leaves Dormie standing there, not saying a word verbally.

“Hey, nonny, nonny.   The wind and the rain.  The wind and the rain.  Hey, nonny, nonny”

Alice watches Hatter leave her; he is a man on a mission.  She knows he isn’t happy with the plans, but, after Chess has confirmed that this is the only way to go, he has resigned himself to it.  The only time he had been willing to go against it was when he asked her, but she had realized that Chess wouldn’t have interfered or said anything if there had been another way around it.  Chess cared too much for Hatter for him to want to see him in this much pain.  She sighs.

Charlie notices how unhappy she is.  Before she can do anything else, he gets some furs for her to sit on by his side, and in one of his insightful thoughts, gives her the jacket that Hatter had hanged up earlier as they wait on Harbinger’s return.  He breaks branches and watches Alice turn the watch over in her hands.  He stops singing and asks softly, “How old are you when your father disappeared?”

Alice has been thinking about Hatter and hoping he is safe.  She has been playing with the watch as a nervous reaction.  When Charlie speaks to her, she is startled, but hides it, and answers him, “Ten.”

He looks at her sympathetically.  “Huh. Must have been quite a shock.”

Alice looks at him, thinking back to that time.  She is sad, and notices him looking at her as though wanting to know what has upset her.  Alice tries to explain what she feels, “You know how kids are…they blame themselves for stuff like that.”

At her words, Charlie looks off the distance like he is remembering something unpleasant.  Alice gets worried after awhile and asks, “You ok?”

Charlie looks down at her, and softly begins to tell her, “I was ten once.”

Alice smiles slightly, thinking that Charlie is remembering a pleasant time and he is going to tell her about it.

“I was ten when the armies came…one of three squires to the real white Knight.”  His voice is soft as begins his tale.

Alice’s smile fades as she listens. This was not what she had expected of the White Knight.

 “My job was to carry the great lance. But when it mattered, when I was needed the most… I lost my nerve and I ran.  I hid for three days.”

As he tells his tale, Alice’s heart goes out to that lost, scared ten year old boy.  She can tell he blames himself to this day for a child’s fear.

Charlie continues, “When I came out, everyone is dead, even the magnificent Red King up there on his throne.  At first, I wished I’d died with them, but after awhile a deeper feeling took over. I wanted a second chance.  I wanted to avenge them.  So, I stole the White Knight’s Armor, his name… his courage.  And I waited for the right time.  When you showed up, I knew the right time had finally arrived.”

Alice sits there in shocked silence.  This is not the story she expected to hear, but she feels for Charlie.  That would have been a heavy bargain to have to carry, much more heavy than her thoughts about her father.   In her book, everyone deserves a second chance. Especially a little lost ten year old boy thrown into his first battle, and being the only survivor.

 Alice thinks on this and everything going on around her.  She glances up and over to Hatter and her oasis, wishing to be able to have somewhere private to think.

 Charlie looks at her, seeing her thoughts and glances, tells her of a place she can go to think.  He is aware of her preference for thinking alone.  After she has been gone for awhile, he lays down, thinking he will just lie here for a little bit…

Hatter makes his way back to camp happier than when he left.  The Resistance is working into their plans; maybe everything else will work as planned, and they can be done with this charade soon.  Plus he is heading back to his Alice.

As he moves through the Kingdom, Hatter notices it keeps improving. He wonders what is going on, but decides that he needs to concentrate on the plan then figure out what is going on with the Kingdom of the Knights.  He will have some questions for his parents and Mirana.

He makes his way to the Manor and his heart drops for a moment when he can’t see Alice.  ‘Where is she?  Is she safe?’

 The Kingdom responds and he feels she is okay.  He closes his eyes in gratification, sending a thank you.  Relaxing, Hatter goes looking for them.  He finds Charlie sleeping in his hammock and no Alice…

“Charlie!” Charlie jumps and swinging around in his hammock, ending up upside down and falls.  Hatter has turned away, not knowing how his eyes will be reacting. He tells him in his higher pitched voice trying to control his temper, “You’re supposed to be looking after Alice.” “I left her with you to keep an eye on her!, I trusted to you my Alice!’

Charlie is nervous; he can hear how upset Harbinger is in his voice and knows that Harbinger has every right to be so. Nothing is more important to Harbinger than Just Alice, which is how it is supposed to be.  “I know what you’re thinking, but I wasn’t really asleep. I had simply let me soul lift out of its mortal shell to stand sentry on a higher plane.”

Hatter closes his eyes and prays for patience.  If it wasn’t for the Kingdom telling him she is safe, he would be a nervous wreck.  He turns to Charlie and asks, “Where’s Alice?”

Charlie looks and is relieved not to see the black.  He tells him that he had told her of a hill that she can go, and think for awhile, since he knows she will enjoy that.

Hatter sighs and goes looking for his Alice.  He runs through the trees to the place the Kingdom tells him Alice is.  He climbs up the hill, and stops, there is his Alice.  She looks like the angel she is, standing there… and he smiles in pleasure… in her coat he had given her.  She looks so much better, the rest did her so much good.

Alice looks down the hill and sees Hatter making his way to her.  She almost forgets their plan and runs to him.  The relief she feels is unbelievable that he is back here, with her, safe.

Hatter comes up and sees the look on her face.  He is glad they are alone right now, since that look alone would give away the whole plan right there.  But, he can’t blame her.  Since all he wants to do is take her in his arms and kiss her…

He pulls himself together and tells her, “It’s good news.  The Resistance wants to help. They are sending a special agent who’ll take us to see Caterpillar.”  Hatter gazes at her.  Why is she not saying anything?  “Whew.” He points down below him, “It’s quite a steep hill.”   Still nothing, Hatter starts to get really concerned.  “You okay?”

“I thought you weren’t coming back” Alice breathes.  She knows she has to be careful, but it is starting to get late, and he has been gone for so long; she has been very worried.

Hatter understands.  He sighs, and so very softly tells her, “I told you I was coming back, Luv.”

Alice relaxes and nods, “How soon will he get here?”

Hatter is still staring in her eyes, trying to see if she is okay, and answers, “Those guys can move pretty fast when they need to.” He turns to see what she has been looking at, and stops, this is a perfect view of the Kingdom.

Alice looks out with him and turns to watch him.  She understands what he told her the night they admitted their feelings is still true. “You’re going to join them aren’t you? Fight alongside them?”

Hatter glances back at her.  He thinks, ‘How he is going to answer this so the real question hidden in her question is also answered?’ Coming to a decision, he tries to inform her, “I have to try. As Dodo said, I’ve lived my life playing both sides of the court. It’s the only way I could stay alive.  I made the Hearts think that I was working for them, while I fed their enemies.  Those days are over.”  He examines her face to see if she understands what he is really telling her.

Alice understands.  He will fight if he has to.  She just hopes he understands, she will be standing there with him.

Hatter looks in her eyes and nods.  He understands.  He doesn’t want her to, but, he understands, since he will do the same for his Alice. He indicates the way below. “We need to get to the Manor to wait for the agent.”

They walk down the hill with him assisting her.  As they entered the Manor, he notices she is rubbing her glow again.  “What’s the matter?”

Alice has been thinking of what could happen to them if the plan fails.  She turns to Hatter. “What will I do… if I get stuck here?”

Hatter knows she isn’t asking that really.  She is worried what will happen, if something would happen to one of them.  After her basically implying that Wonderland is her new home, and that she will give up everything to be here with him, she wants to know what will happen if something happens to him?   He has thought of that and had a plan… of sorts… Alice will be taken care of, Chess and his parents will ensure that.

He tells her to help assure her, “Then I’ll make sure you’re okay.”   He looks in her eyes and can’t help himself.  He leans closer to her, murmuring, “I think you luck is finally changing.”

Alice looks back at him.  Her luck is changing? Her luck changed when she met him for the better.  She gazes back at him and can’t help it, she needs more from him.

Hatter needs to touch, to kiss her, consequences be damned.  They both lean into the kiss they both need, and right before they have their release, they hear a voice neither of them want to hear interrupt them.

“That’s right, it is.  Hello, Alice. I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”



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  1. missrissa81

    Why must stupid sleep and stupid work conspire to keep me from reading more?? Gah!!!


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