Chapter 9: A Really Thin Line


Alice frantically tries to form a plan as she is taken aboard the scarab. She has been listening closely, and has garnered the names of at least two of her captors, the Ten of Clubs, who was the tall man in the bowler’s hat, and the name to the freak show, Mad March.  Mad March is the one that worries her right now, the comments she has heard from the other suits has her apprehensive.

The Ten of Clubs had pulled her to the side at one point.  He had told her that she needs to be careful and follow whatever Mad March told her to do; also to not mention the name of Hatter out loud.  Remembering from earlier at the Tea Shoppe that Hatter had says that Mad March looks familiar, but couldn’t place him, before having them run away, leads Alice to believe her Hatter is the same as the Hatter that Ten of Clubs is talking about. Plus how many Hatters could there be in this world? According to the Ten of Clubs, that name sets off Mad March, and it is not pretty when he gets mad.  Things get broken, like people.

So Alice listens and bides her time.  She can hear the Ten of Clubs, and Mad March talking about her, and they know she is looking for her boyfriend.  Alice decides to play along with Jack being her boyfriend, hoping that they think she is alone and that no one in this world will try to rescue her except an old man.  And maybe Hatter can get to her, without getting hurt, or even worse…killed.

All this goes through her head on the short ride on the scarab to the gaudy Casino. It was the only time that Mad March, or the Ten of Clubs have left her alone to think.

As they march her through the casino, Alice frowns looking around the place, what era do they think they are in?  Some mixed up sixties retro look?  ‘Alice, this isn’t the time to be critiquing their decorating taste!’   She smiles at herself at her random thoughts. Then she notices as they lead her to a door that has a red carpet leading to it.  ‘Seriously, a red carpet?’ What is this, a bad dream?

 As they travel down the red carpet, Alice can hear music coming from inside, then they open the doors, she is curious to see why Hatter had been so dead set against her ever coming here.  She first hears the casino noises that she expected to hear, and as she walks in, she sees all these people standing around the tables.  They look odd to her and then she realizes, “They’re half asleep!”  She can see the marks of what Hatter had called a Glow on them.  She realizes hers is in an area that can be hidden because she had accidentally been marked.  They are all branded where anyone can see that they are an Oyster.

She is stopped outside the doors of another room.  The Ten of Clubs and Mad March had a short but heated discussion that she can’t overhear.  Finally Ten of Clubs glares at Mad March, stalks off, and leaves the room.  Alice is concerned since she knows it is the Ten of Clubs that has kept Mad March restrained all this time.  Mad March turns his head towards her and stares.  Alice stands a little straighter, determined to not be weak in front of this creature.

Mad March chuckles.  The sound is creepy coming from the porcelain rabbit head.  Alice forces the shudder that the noise had caused.

Mad March then tells her, “You know, I am looking forward to him coming after you, I couldn’t do anything at the time, but, now I can’t wait to see him again.”

Alice’s blood runs cold knowing that the freak show was talking about Hatter.  But, determined to not show weakness, nor admit anything about Hatter, she tells him, “Charlie will rescue me.  He is a Knight you know.”

Mad March starts to laugh at her.  Before he could say anything else, the Ten of Clubs came back wearing some sort of hat on his head in the shape of a club and dressed differently.  Ten of Clubs stares at the two of them, trying to determine what has set off Mad March.  When he doesn’t get an answer, he shrugs.

The Ten of Clubs and Mad March usher her into the throne room after they do another search on her for the ring.  At least this one is not as humiliating as the one they did on her before they got on the scarab.  No comments and no leering from Mad March this time.  But why is she here?

She is brought into the courtroom.  Per the rest of the casino, it is decorated in black and white with the only red in the room being from the thrones the Queen and King of Hearts are sitting on, and the outfits of the court. The Queen of Hearts is seated on her throne that was higher on the dais and shaped like a heart.  Alice’s mind would not stop making its snarky comments; ‘it looks like an IKEA store threw up in here!’  This is not what she expected, ‘Alice, just keep calm!’ She has to deal with the Queen of Hearts herself.  But anything will be better than trying to deal with Mad March.  Right?

The Ten of Clubs goes up to the Queen telling her that they have searched Alice twice and was unable to find the ring.

“Did you ask the girl where it is?”  The man beside the Queen asks in a bored sounding voice.

“Umm, no, Your Majesty.  We brought her straight here as requested.”  The Ten of Clubs looks more nervous than he did dealing with Mad March earlier.  Alice takes that as a hint that she needs to be on her toes.

“Girl, where is the ring?” The old man in red asks.  She looks at him thinking he reminds her of someone she had met before…

“I don’t know of any ring.”  Alice replies respectfully.  She is going to treat everyone with kid gloves until she can make sense of what is going on.  She almost smiles to herself, thinking that she really needs to rename the Stone of Wonderland permanently the One Ring with all the hoopla going on with it.  It seems to affect people the same way…

“She’s lying of course.” Constance declares.  Winston looks at her, then Alice.

“We can search her again, of course, more thoroughly.” He leers at her as he rises and then starts to walk towards her.

Alice is standing at attention and holding her hands in front of her.  She has a habit of fidgeting when she is nervous and right now, she misses Hatter’s hand in hers.  But she does not want to show any weaknesses.

‘Be brave Alice!’ Alice nods to herself, agreeing with her statement, and answers the King of Wonderland, “Won’t do any good.”  Alice is worried and scared.  She is not sure how she can get through this, and Mad March’s words prey on her mind.

When she realizes that, she is worried about Hatter and Mad March, she stops the chain of thoughts and focuses, ‘You need to fake your way through this. Just stare straight ahead and get through this.  Give Hatter time to come get you.  If you play your cards right, you can get Jack out of here also and give him a chance to answer your questions.’ Alice steels herself, keeping these thoughts in the forefront of her brain. She can take them looking at her.  It is better than what the Mad March did, and he didn’t even touch her…

“Oh, I don’t know about that.” The King of Wonderland smirks looks her up and down as he walks up to her.  Why is that reaction of the men here in Wonderland, to look at her as a piece of meat?  She starts to feel dirty and thinks to herself, ‘Is this how Hatter looks at her?’ The looks Hatter gave her could have been termed as leering back the Tea Shoppe, but later they were nothing like that.  But, even back then there had been huge difference in how Hatter had looked at her, and how this man is leering at her right now. And the smirking, another item that seems to be rampant in Wonderland.

But then she remembers last night, Hatter smirking at her waiting for her to lie down next to him…“Will you never change?” “Do you ever want me to?” “No.”No, not all the smirking bothers her.

“Winston!” The Queen purses her lips in obvious annoyance at her husband.  Then she turns her attention to Alice and asks, “Where did you hide it, girl?”

‘I have a name, I heard the Ten of Clubs tell you it!’ “I told you, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve never worn a ring in my life.”  She can bluff.  She has to be strong; she has a feeling that showing any weaknesses will be a very bad idea…

Winston starts to walk around her, talking, “We know Jack gave you the ring Alice. The White Rabbit told us, heaven rest his soul…”

Does this mean this woman killed the White Rabbit?  But, why?’

“But the question is, did you leave it in your world?”  His voice was faintly patronizing as though he thinks she is an idiot.  But Alice wonders, why is he giving her this information?

“Winston, you idiot, now she knows we don’t know whether she brought it with her.” The Queen snaps at her husband.  Is he really that stupid?

Winston stammers, “Ah, ummm… that’s right. Hmmm.”  He looks down as he thinks, then he tells his wife, “I’m sorry dearest.  This interrogation business is very tricky.”  He walks away and then turns around quickly. “Wait, is she really that clever?”

Alice feels faintly insulted.  She knows her best plan of action is to let them think she is stupid, but what person wants to be thought of as stupid.  While she is happy Hatter is not here, especially after Mad March’s comments, she wishes he was here now with his smart remarks.  Her mind was brought back to the matter at hand when the Queen of Hearts moves.

The Queen of Hearts gets up, “Oh yes, I think she just may be.” She starts to walk slowly down to Alice. “You let Mad March bring you here too easily, didn’t you? You wanted him to bring you here, since you didn’t know your way here.  You’d only do that, of course, if you had hidden the ring first somewhere very discreet.”  She stops in front of Alice, looking at her quite intently. “Am I right?  Your plan is to cut a deal with one of my cohorts, make your demands, and return the ring only when they’ve been met.”

Alice stares straight in front of her.  She doesn’t dare look away remembering, that you don’t back down from a predator, and that is what the Queen of Hearts feels like, a very dangerous predator.

The Queen watches Alice, and then continues, “But, suddenly you find yourself face to face with the Queen of Hearts herself, the most powerful woman in the history of literature, and you don’t know whether you can go through with it.”  She looks gleeful for a second. “You’ve lost your nerve. That about sums it up, doesn’t it?”

Alice takes a deep breath thinking of Hatter and that she can get Jack out.  ‘This is it, Alice.  Show what you are made of.’  Alice’s back gets straighter and she answers truthfully as she stares at the Queen of Hearts, “No.”

Constance’s voice sounds shocked as she repeats, “No?”

Alice swallows staring at the Queen, she tells her, “I haven’t lost my nerve.”

Winston crows from behind her, “Now we’ve got her where we want her.”

The Queen rolls her eyes.  “So then, Alice my dear, what are your demands?”

Alice continues to stare at her, ‘What is she up to?  She decides there is nothing to lose, and tells her, “I want you to free my…boyfriend, Jack Chase, and send us both home.  When we’re certain that we’re safe, I’ll tell you where the ring is.”  She remembers at the last second to call Jack her boyfriend.  ‘Can’t let them know Alice!’

The Queen stares at her.  “I see.”  She continues to look intently at Alice as she speaks to the man beside Ten of Clubs, “Number Nine, go fetch this Jack Chase.”

The man stares at her in shock, “But Ma’am…”

The Queen momentarily shows her true face and tells him harshly, “Do as you’re told.”

‘See that Alice… Remember that, keep that in the front of you and be CAREFUL.’ Alice gazes at her in quiet defiance.  The Queen, while making her uneasy, is making her mad at the same time.  Alice struggles to controls her temper with all of her will and as she composes herself.

The man blanches, runs over to the doors, and throws them open.   The Queen‘s voice got sugary sweet, and while she is still watching Alice, says, “What a coincidence. It appears that Jack Chase is waiting just outside the door. Me wonders why.”

Alice is having a funny feeling that things have just gone from bad to worse. Alice turns around and sees, “Jack?” What happened to his hair and why is he all dressed up in red suit?   Why is he here and not down in the casino?  What is going on?  But, even with all those questions, Alice is happy to see that he is alive and well.

Alice runs up to him and hugs him.  He hugs her, but it is brief, and only very cursory.  She pulls back, and looks him over; something is not right “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.  What are you doing here?”  He looks at her so… distantly.

While Alice stares at him, trying to figure out what is happening, the Queen of Hearts answers Jack, “We found her running around the forest all on her todd, so I brought her here.  I was very curious to see what sort of tart my son has been hanging around with these days.” She looks at Alice gleefully, awaiting the reaction to come.

Alice can’t believe it.  Did she really say, “Son? You’re her son?” Her mind is trying to process what is happening.

The Queen smiles as if she is watching an enjoyable play.  “His real name is Jack Heart. He lied to you about that too.” She states offhandily to Alice.

Alice realizes this is the answer to her and Hatter’s questions from last night.  The reason Jack had the ring is it is his mother’s.  Alice’s loses her temper at first.  She reminds herself she is not in the place to do that and that she needs to get out of this.  Right this second she wants nothing more, than to see Hatter burst through the doors of the throne room and take her from here.  The yearning she has for this scenario almost takes her breath away.   But then Mad March moves a little and she is reminded why Hatter’s absence is a good thing.

Alice then tries to find something to help her concentrate and she listens to how Jack’s mother is treating him.  It completely shocks her.  She has never heard any parent ever treat their child this way.  Is this what Jack has suffered through growing up?

Jack tries to admonish his mother, “Mother.”

The Queen turns on her son. “Don’t ‘Mother’ me, you odious quisling. Your girlfriend has hidden the Stone of Wonderland out there in the bushes somewhere.”

Jack stares at Alice, “She’s not my girlfriend. She means nothing to me.”

Oh that hurt.   Not as bad as it would have, had Alice not had Hatter, but still.  To be told that you mean nothing to someone that before she had feelings for?  Is this because of her rejection of the ring? “Jack?”

The Queen continues to attack her son, “So why did you give her my ring?”

Alice wonders, is Jack a part of this interrogation also? Is that why he is here?

Jack answers his mother; in a voice sounding as though he has explained this many times, “As I’ve said a thousand times before, I didn’t give it to her. She took it.”  Looking at Alice like she is far below him, he continues to reply, “She is an affair, that’s all. Someone to pass the time with while I explored her world.  I took the ring so as to be certain I had the power to return. Little did I know she’d go through my things while I…slept.”  Jack looks Alice in the eyes. “Alice, tell us where you hid the ring.”

She can’t believe him, she came here to save him and he is treating her like this? She whispers a broken “What?”

She needs Hatter more and more.  She has never thought she would need a man, but Hatter is different.  She needs his support and love, to know that someone out there cares for her as Jack obviously never has.

Jack looks at her with an eyebrow cocked.  “I didn’t ask you to come here. I certainly didn’t ask you to hide the ring.”  He asks her in a false jolly tone, “So come on, tell everyone where it is.” He then gives her a look.

Alice is shocked at Jack.  He wants me to play along with not giving up the ring?  What is going on here?  She thinks and realizes there is no reason why not to play along; it will buy more time for Hatter to find a way to get to her.

She firms her stance and she states, “I won’t tell anyone where it is until you’ve taken me home.” Or at least where Hatter can get her away from this madness.  She no longer has a want to go home to her world.  ‘Unless Hatter is with me.’  Before she can think more on that, Jack catches her attention.

Jack looks slightly relieved and quickly glances at his mother again, warning her? He then mentions, “Perhaps that is not so bad of an idea after all.”  He walks over to his mother. “If I take her home, you’ll be sure to get it back.”

The Queen smiles at her son. “Brilliant.”  Then she drops the smile and walks away from him. “The only little niggle is, well I can’t trust you if you tell me that the sun is round.”

Winston advises, “Sadly, we’ve had to shut the Looking Glass altogether now.”

Alice is confused.  Which side is The King on? He is making it harder for the Queen to make her threats or rewards even possible.

The Queen takes a deep breath, and replies sounding annoyed, “I’m sure we can win over the lovely girl without having to go all the way back to smelly old home sweet home.”

The doors opens and reveals a very beautiful tall blonde in an almost not there gold macramé dress. The Queen visibly perks up looking forward to more drama. “Ah, look who is here.” The woman comes up and gracefully curtsies to the queen. “Duchess.”

“Majesty,” Duchess answers in a soft voice.  Her voice is even beautiful.  Alice is feeling very plain standing there. She is taking a huge blow to her ego.  She was nothing more than a plaything to Jack.  Would she be anything more to Hatter if this is the type of women here in Wonderland?

As this is going through her mind, she hears a “Meow,” which is Winston’s response to the Duchess. It helps remind her of the danger she is in, but she is having a problem getting through her hurt.

The Queen looks at her son and asks him, “Jack, have you nothing to say to your fiancé?”

Oh god, this is Jack’s fiancé? Then what was she to him when he was in her world?  The plaything he mentioned? The shock in her voice does not have to be feigned as she barely asks, “What?”

Her Majesty looks downright gleeful as she informs Alice, “Don’t tell me Jack for to mention to his lifelong love, his wildly romantic engagement and upcoming wedding?”

Duchess walks around Alice looking at her like she is some type of…thing.  She says in her beautiful voice, “So this is…”

The Queen happily continues to watch the drama unfolding before her as she answers Duchess, “I’m afraid so.”

Duchess comes around and looks at Alice.  “Really?”  She starts petting Alice in fascination, like she would an odd dog. “I’m starting to wonder about your taste, Jack.  I mean, if you think she’s pretty, what must you think of me?”

Alice knocks her hand away and stares at her angry. Who does she think she is? Alice can understand her feelings; Alice is no happier finding out that Jack had a fiancé.  But Alice will not be treated this way by anyone.  Her temper is close to running away with her, but she somehow finds the ability to control it.  But it will not take much for her to lose the precious little control she has over it, which may lead to her downfall for sure, and maybe Hatters.  Keeping that thought in the front of her brain may allow her to keep control.

The Queen is delighted with the show.  “He thinks you’re the most gorgeous creature in the world. That’s why he’s marrying you. You see, Alice, dear,” Alice is still watching the Duchess as she walks over to Jack and drapes herself over him. “Jack’s been engaged for months now. His flight through the looking glass is no more than a diversion, a stag spree, a wave goodbye to his mischievous youth.”

Constance positions herself in front of Alice, and tells her with pure malice in her voice, “You’re going to tell us where you hid the ring and then you are going to wish you had never laid eyes on my son.”

Jack needs to break up the moment, his mother is riled up, and he can tell Alice is close to losing her temper, which would be a sure death for her, “Well, I’d better run.” He walks away from Duchess, walking Alice backwards to put some distance from his mother and makes sure to position himself in front of her so that he is holding her in place. “Goodbye Alice.  I forgive you for taking the ring.  I know you are upset with me.”  Jack takes this opportunity to grab her hands to hide something in them, “And I don’t blame you.”  He quickly kisses the back of her head, whispering, “He’s here.” He pulls away, searching her eyes for a second, hoping that she realizes his true feelings for her. “Goodbye.”  He turns and walks out the door calling out, “Duchess!”

Alice watches her ex-boyfriend walk out with his fiancé.  Jack has managed to completely shock her.    She hides the object in her hands from everyone in the room.

The Queen sighs, disappointed that there was no more drama she can see for today and orders the Ten of Clubs, “Take her to the Truth Room.”

“Yes ma’am.”  Ten of Clubs moves over to Alice and motions her to walk in front of him. He takes her back through the casino floor.

Alice observes that he is giving her some time to be by herself and looks at what Jack gave her. She stares at the watch and turns it over in her hands trying to get a clue.  It looks familiar to her.  Then seeing the inscription on the back she quickly turns it to the front and realizes that it is her Dad’s watch.   “Dad” she exclaims.  She stops and murmurs, “Daddy…”

The Ten of Clubs has tried to give her some time to gather herself for what is to come. Especially after the scene in the throne room, imagine finding out that your boyfriend has been two timing you in front of a bunch of strangers?  And she seems like a sweet girl.  He realizes that if he lets her stand there too long someone may report it to the Queen, his voice is hard with his fear, ”Keep moving.”  Realizing that he sounded hard, he gently pushes her to keep her moving, poor girl.

Alice realizes what Jack has tells her, “He’s here.”  She looks around the casino floor trying to find him as the Ten of Clubs guides her gently to the doors.  They go through the doors without her seeing him.

The trip to the Truth Rooms is long and lets Alice realize that this may be a very hopeless trip.  This place is huge!  How can Hatter find her in here?

They came to a room that makes her dizzy just standing there, and the Ten of Clubs looks at her, with pity?  Pushing her forward, he quickly leaves the room.  Alice is a little worried when she recognizes what the look on the Ten of Clubs face was when he left, fear.

Alice looks around, trying to figure out where she is, and how she can get back out.  And it is really worrying her with how the Ten of Clubs had glanced at her.  Suddenly, she hears someone start speaking to her, and she spins around startled to see… twins?

The first speaks to her, “I know what you’re thinking.”

 Then the second takes up where he left off, “But, it isn’t so no how.”

 The first continues, “Contrariwise, if it is so it might be, and if it are so, it would be.”

The second tells her, “But, as it isn’t it ain’t.”

 The first one finishes, “That’s logic.” He smiles at her, and informs her, “I am Dr. Dee and this is my brother… Dr. Dum.”

 Dr Dum tells her, “Our job is to open you up, pull everything out, until we find the very thing we’re looking for.”

They both laugh evilly at her. Then, together, they chant: “RELAX. LET YOUR MIND GO.  ALLOW YOURSELF TO FALL INTO A DEEP SLEEP.”

Alice tries to fight the lassitude that is overtaking her, but the room and their words soon cause her to slip away….

Alice awakes and looking around, she recognizes her home and remembers, “Dad?”

She hears a voice ask her kindly, “How old are you?”

Alice is always told to be respectful and answer her elders.  She has a vague feeling she shouldn’t answer this but, heeding what she has been taught by her parents, she politely answers, “10.”

The voice asks her, “But you’re alone in the house? Why have you been left alone?”

She remembers, and still shrugging the sense of unease, answers the kind voice, “Dad’s left. Mom’s asking the neighbor to take care of me so that she can look for him.”

The voice inquires of her, “Did he say goodbye?”

Alice feels so sad.  Why didn’t Daddy say goodbye?  He had held her for hours!!  “No.”

The voice tells her, “Why don’t you see if he’s left you something in his study?”

Alice looks at the door of the study; she doesn’t like Daddy’s study.  It’s always so empty when he is not in there… scary even… “No.”

“Why not?” The voice asks.

She turns and faces the doors to the study.  “I’m scared to go in there.”

“Nonsense.”  The voice while still kind somehow was leaving no choice but to do what it says.

Alice looks at the door and fights with herself.  She keeps feeling like there is something telling her, this is all wrong.  But the voice had somehow commanded her to go to the room.  She walks over and slowly opens the double doors.  She sees there is something in the empty room. A cradle?  She walks to it slowly having a bad feeling that something is going to happen.  When she looks into the cradle she sees a… pig!  At that moment her current situation slams into her head.

Alice hears the evil doctors start to chant outside the room.   How had they gotten so large? “Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.  Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall.  ALL THE KINGS HORSES AND ALL THE KING’S MEN CAN’T PUT HUMPTY TOGETHER AGAIN.”

The doors slam close, the cradle disappears, and she swings around.

 And Dr. Dum tells her “Now it’s time for a battle. Let’s see if we can find a little lever…” And Dr. Dee finishes, “and pries the tastier oyster open.”

Without warning Alice hears a bunch of cracking noise around her.   Looking in disbelief, she watches the boards fall all around her revealing a huge hole around her. She screams “No!”  And pleads, “Please no…”  Where is Hatter?  He will keep her safe, oh God…

Dr. Dee looks in obvious delight, “Well now it looks like daddy left you with a fear of heights.”

She tells herself, “This isn’t happening…”Boards don’t just fall down and reveal a hole. “It’s all in my head…” It’s like the Matrix… without any pills. “It’s just a dream.”  She realizes that is what it has to be. “It’s just a dream!  I just have to wake up.”  And she does the only thing she can think to wake up, she steps off the board.

And she barely catches herself as she falls.  “It’s real!”  Oh my GOD.  It’s real!  Alice can barely think.  She wants Hatter with every fiber of her being to save her.

Dr. Dum answers her like she is an idiot. “Of course it’s real”

She screams back at him shocked, “But I’ll die!” Alice is trying to remain calm, but every time she gets something to help her stabilize, something happens to knock her off balance.  Alice is slowly starting to lose it.

Dr. Dee answers her in a sadistic voice, “Undoubtedly.”

Alice can’t believe this…she tries to think of a reason why they will not kill her. “Don’t you want to know where I’ve hidden the ring?” Everyone wants the Stone of Wonderland.  Hatter had indicated that it may be the only thing that she has to bargain with that everyone will listen to her.  But…

Dr. Dum tells her, “Not really. This is much more fun.”

She can’t believe it.  “Are you crazy?” Alice can’t think of any reason why else they were trying to kill her.

Dr. Dee answers her gleefully. “Cynically insane.”

Alice works her way back on the board as the men watch her through the windows.  She makes it up and tries to catch her breath while she holds onto the board with both hands.  She refuses to give in these sadistically evil bastards.  To do so, she will have to gather everything inside of her. Alice realizes that at least now she has her priorities straight now; nothing like a life and death situation to help clarify matters in her head. She pulls the memory of Hatter holding her as she looked up at him glowing in the firelight.  This is why she can’t lose it.

“Ah.   She’s back up.” Dr. Dee observes.

Alice knows it is hopeless but she will not give in.  Her very nature refuses to give up.  She tries reasoning with them again, “If you kill me the Queen won’t get her ring.” She is playing for time and her life now.

Dr. Dum answers in a bored voice, “So, tell us where it is.”

“Not until you get me out of here.”  Alice can’t think of anything more she will want.  Other than Hatter of course, but she knows it will be a mistake to give them him.  In so many ways…

Dr. Dee tells her, “If you don’t tell us, we may as well kill you. And then we’ll just have to tell the Queen it is an accident.”

 Dr. Dum finishes, “It happens all the time.”

Then Dr. Dee observes, “The board is holding her up!”

 Dr. Dum answers him “So it is.  What would happen if it disappeared, I wonder?”

Under Alice’s disbelieving eyes the board starts to crumble.  She starts to scoot backwards as she screams, “STOP!”  Alice’s fear level is almost paralyzing her.  Only her will is keeping her alive right now.  Her mind is starting to fracture slightly from the overwhelming fear.

Dr. Dee starts to chortle and tells her, “We’re awfully sorry, your majesty, but the girl just wouldn’t cooperate.  We tried everything…”

Dr. Dum continues, “Shrunk her down to size…”

Dr. Dee watches her frantically scramble upright, “tickled her darkest fear.”

Alice thinks frantically.   What can she do to make it STOP?  “Wait, I’ll tell you where it is.” Alice is falling apart.  She will do anything to stop what is happening.  And right before she almost blurts out…

Dr. Dum tells her, “You’d better be quick.  It has a mind of its own.”

Hatter’s face appears in her brain before she divulges where the ring is. That was all that was needed.  Her fear and love for Hatter was far greater than her fear of heights.  Alice realizes that she needs to do something that may save her life and get her away from these creatures.  But she has to keep Hatter safe.  If she gives up where the ring really is, no one in Wonderland or in her world will be safe.  Wait, didn’t the King mention that she may have left it in her world and that the Looking Glass is closed? All this flashes through her mind quickly and she decides to act.  “I have to write it down. It’s complicated. I need to draw a map.”

Dr. Dee is incredulous.  “A MAP?”

Alice replies confident in her plan. “It’s the only way you’ll find it.”

Dr. Dum replies, “Ho-hum, very well, if you must.”

In front of Alice a desk appears with a fan, gloves, pen and paper.  She stares at it shocked.  ‘Alice this is Wonderland… haven’t you learned by now that anything is possible?’  She takes a deep breath and leans down to start drawing out the second portion of her plan.  She just has make Hatter safe and this may cost her… her life, but it will make him safe.



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