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All my stories are written to song. 

Chapter 1: What If by SafetySuit

Chapter 2: Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan

Chapter 3: All Fall Down by OneRepublic

Chapter 4: Knights of Cydonia by Muse

Chapter 5: Anyway You Choose To Give It by The Black Ghosts & Animal by Neon Trees

Chapter 6: I Saw by Matt Nathanson

Chapter 7: Secrets by OneRepublic

Chapter 8: I’d Come for You by Nickelback

Chapter 9: Numb by Linkin Park & One Thing by Finger Eleven

Chapter 10: If You Can Only See by Lemon Parade & Let It Rock By Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne

Chapter 11: You and Me by Lifehouse

Chapter 12: Resistance by Muse

Chapter 13: Alive by Ryan Huston

Chapter 14: Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Chapter 15: Cat and Mouse by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Chapter 16: The Distance (Serendipity Version) by Evan and Jaron & 15 Steps by Radio Head

Chapter 17: Uprising by Muse & Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars


  1. ladibyrd

    Maybe have the song list separate, like this, and also put the songs at the top of the chapters? It’s a good way to remind people about them, while this format gives more of a playlist, which some people may prefer.

    • kittyinaz

      hmm that does sound good. I want to make sure to give credit since the songs do affect my writing. But like you said it would be nice to have them in one place… I also just found out I can post the playlists on iTunes so I may do that too. Yes, I have actually made playlists of the stories. The finished ones I will post since I am not sure I can post the same one multiple times.

      Thanks for the idea!!! AS you can see, it spawns off many others!


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