Chapter 4 All my Secrets Away

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PART of the Oraculum

Hatter holds his love to him closely, overjoyed that she has accepted his suit for her hand. He hadn’t been worried that she would until his mum dropped her bomb on them. Maybe she would want a prince, but a king? That’s a whole new kettle of onions. The only reason his fa wasn’t King Tarrant, was because they had not made it to the Kingdom. He now suspects that this is why Wonderland is investing them both with so much power. He kisses the top of her head, leans down to her ear and tells her, “We need to talk luv. May I ask Chess to take us to our oasis?”

Alice is happy; he loves her and wants her and no one else. She is very content to just stay in his arms for the rest of their lives. Then she feels him kiss her head and whisper that they need to talk, suggesting their oasis for the location. She looks into his warm brown eyes and nods in agreement; it will be good to get things settled. She has an odd feeling that they need to do this soon. Alice frowns, thinking about the feeling but before she can ask Hatter, he has already asked Chess for the afore mentioned favor. Chess floats down and touches them. The next thing she knows is that she feels as if she is being… welcomed back? She barely notices Chess leaving them.

“Hatter!?!” Alice gasps. The feeling is unbelievable. It feels as though she is being wrapped up in a warm blanket and loved – and not just on the outside. It feels as though her entire being, heart and soul, is being accepted. Luckily, Hatter is holding her or she would have collapsed with the shock of the suddenness and how deep the feeling goes through her body.

Hatter feels staggered with the feelings he started receiving from the Kingdom when they appeared. But, he had been feeling these for awhile now and is somewhat used to them. When he hears Alice gasp out his name, he tightens his arms around her just as her legs give out.

 ‘Calm down!!’ he yells in his head at the Kingdom. He then turns his attention to his love. “Alice!” She looks at him, dazed, and he realizes he is going to have to calm her down. He chuckles to himself. This answers his question of if the Kingdom would accept her; it obviously does and is overjoyed.

“Alice, take a deep breath and let me know when you are ready, I’ll be right here.  It’s the Kingdom of the Knights. I think it is letting us know that it is happy and accepts our engagement.” Hatter picks her up bridal style, smiling to himself, remembering earlier in Marmoreal as he takes her to their bed from before. He lays her down and lays down next to her, holding her to him, murmuring how much he loves her while he waits patiently for her to get used to these new feelings. His experience was nothing like this. It was more gradual since the Kingdom woke up while he was here. Instead, Alice is getting the whole connection to it in one fell swoop.  He needs to tell her more and, truth be told, is wondering how she is going to handle this and the Bonding when he explains it to her.

He thinks back to when he believes they started the process. If he had known his feelings were because of the bonding, he would have talked to her then. The process probably led to her feeling a little more unbalanced in the beginning since all a bonded couple wants and needs is to be with their other half.

Alice could barely hear Hatter and is lost for a second in the emotions. It feels as if she is opening up and becoming more than she was before. She has heard people refer to the land as alive, but this… this is unbelievable. She can definitely feel the love and joy the land has for her. Like Charlie, it is lonely. It has been waiting a long time… for them?  She is puzzled. Does that mean the land knew she was coming? It hastens to reassure her that her choices led her here, not anything it or Wonderland as a whole had done to force this outcome. But, the Kingdom of Knights also knows that to be whole, it will need both her and Hatter. It relaxes its hold on her but left the feelings of happiness and love and a faint feeling of the land’s presence in the back of her mind.

Alice looks up in amazement at Hatter. “How long have you been feeling that?”

Hatter smiles softly at her. “Not quite like that, luv, but since I entered the Kingdom the first time. It welcomed me and steadily grew. I think I woke it up when I first came here and now, it knows that Mum and Fa are giving it to us. I feel like this is what was meant to be, but, luv, there is a lot to explain to you.”  He gazes at her and he looks… worried?

“Hatter, what’s wrong?” Alice looks a little worried herself because of the worry she suddenly feels. What could worry Hatter?

“Alice, I promised to tell you all my secrets. Now that we have got this far, well, I’m frankly worried on how you are going to take most of the information. I need to tell you this, but I also need you to understand this IS Wonderland – it may try to go back to a kid’s story if it can. But, I love you, and if you cannot accept this, well, we’ll find out a way around it.” Hatter stares steadily into her eyes letting her know his worries and that he will not, no, can not, lose her.

Alice’s eyes widen as she replies to him softly, “Someone once told me to start at the beginning.”

Hatter chuckles, remembering the night she is referencing. He thinks for a moment and asks her if they can get a little more comfortable, since this will take awhile. They both sit up and he pulls her to him so that she is leaning back, her back to his chest, and his arms around her.

“It’s hard to decide where the beginning is. Let’s start with a little back story about Wonderland and my parents. Wonderland is alive, Alice, and she seems to have a strange affection for you Alices. No one is quite sure if there were other Alices but we have always seemed to know that there was an Alice everything was waiting on. In fact, Wonderland was in a holding pattern waiting on her.  That Alice was my mum. She first came when she was six and turned the world on its axis. Then she left. The world was somewhat better but still in that holding pattern. No one could figure out why, but everyone went on with their lives except my fa; he waited on her. She later came back. From her perspective, she’d been gone for six months. It was a lot longer from Wonderland’s. That’s when the third Kingdom, the Kingdom of Knights was formed, for her. She won the Kingdom in a game of Chess, but she had to leave and grow up. She couldn’t do that here because of her being an outsider. The Red King had agreed to watch over the Kingdom until she returned.” Hatter takes a breath and continues.

“But Time is finicky. Especially after Fa and he got in a fight and Fa killed him so that he could wait for Alice. Which no one understood the particulars of, though at the same time they had something else occupying their attention. By then the Red Queen, the Queen of Hearts, Iracebeth, decided that she wanted the Crown of Wonderland, and Time was the least of their worries.”

“Hatter, I thought she was the Queen, why would she want the Crown of Wonderland?” Alice interrupts, which she hates to do, however she remembers having this same question earlier.

Hatter blinks and then answers. He keeps forgetting she doesn’t understand everything and will need some clarification. “Well… The land used to be ruled by the King and Queen of Wonderland. You may know them as Oberon and Tatiana. They had Mirana and Iracebeth, and then they just… lost interest in Wonderland. Wonderland spoke with them and they decided to split the land between the two sisters. Wonderland agreed with that, but told them while both will have the title Queen and all the responsibilities, only one could wear the Crown of Wonderland, or as it was called in those days, Underland. The reason is whomever wears the Crown of Wonderland affects the land. Tatiana and Oberon decided that even though Iracebeth was the elder, she was too temperamental, and that Mirana should wear the crown.” Hatter looks down at his mate in his arms and quietly requests of her, “Any other questions, luv? And please ask.  Otherwise I’ll think I have covered everything.”

Alice promptly asks, “Underland to Wonderland?”

Hatter laughs, remembering his lessons from a certain butterfly on this very subject. “Absolem is still upset about that. It’s all my mother’s fault of course.  She misheard everyone when she was six and called it Wonderland. One of the people she met here eventually left, and wanting to honor her, wrote her story in Aboveland and called it Wonderland. Wonderland was enamored by it and decided to change her name.” Alice gasps softly. Hatter looks down at her in concern and asks, “What’s wrong, luv?”

Alice sighs and answers, “I need to speak with my father, but I may be a little more connected with Wonderland than we thought.”

Hatter frowns and thinks for a second. He has had some suspicions and now it seems Alice does as well. “Ok, we’ll visit with your father later and see what we can find out. Not that it matters, I will love you no matter what, you know.”

Alice looks up, smiling into his warm brown eyes. “I know, and I love you too, Hatter.”

Hatter grins with dimples gracing his face as he requests, “If I may continue?”

Alice nods, getting comfortable again, and watches the water next to them reflecting the stars above as she listens to the falls around her.

“So, Iracebeth attacked the White Queen on Horunvendush Day when she was at Witzend celebrating with the entire Hightopp clan. The Jabberwocky attacked and destroyed the village, killing all the Hightopps except for Fa who had been the Royal Hatter. When the attack commenced, he took the White Queen to safety. That attack gained the Red Queen the Crown and the only weapon that can destroy the Jabberwocky – the Vorpal Sword.” Hatter stops for a second and says quietly, “That was when Fa first started to go Mad. He became the leader of the Resistance around that time.”

Alice can hear the sadness in Hatter’s voice. She feels a tear slip down her cheek for the Mad Hatter. She hesitantly asks, “Hatter, Jaberwocky? The thing that chased us in the woods?”

Hatter looks down and gently wipes the tear from Alice’s cheek, touched, as always, by her caring feelings for others. He is reminded of her when they were in the Great Library, when she was asking about the refugees. He had been having feelings for her before then – mostly lust, maybe some pity when she had been scared on the ledge – but when he really started to fall for her? When she showed such sympathy and compassion for the poor souls he had worked in secret to feed.

“The jabberwocks are a lesser breed. There have only been two Jabberwockies,  and Mum destroyed both, once when she won this kingdom and later when she came back. But, you’re getting ahead in the story, luv.” He smiles down at her.

“Where was I?” Hatter kisses the top of her head absently and leans his head on hers in thought. “Oh yes, my fa headed up the Resistance. They used Outlandish to distinguish who was part of it and who were spies. One of the pass phrases was ‘Downal wyth Bluddy Behg Hid’, which, before you ask, means ‘Down with Bloody Big Head’, since Iracebeth had a very large head.  There were other pass phrases as well.” Hatter stops again for just a second remembering the one Mad March had unknowingly used on the son of the man who invented it. The one that had snapped him out of his madness in the torture rooms in the Casino.

“There is a scroll that shows everyday of Wonderland’s past and future. It’s called the Oraculum. Absolem is the keeper of it and it only shows what it wants to.  Due to the pure misery that Iracebeth’s rule had upon the residents of Wonderland, he looked at the scroll and for the first time in Wonderland’s history showed it to others. What it showed was Alice coming back and slaying the Jabberwock on Frabjous Day. Fa saw it and immediately put the Resistance on hold to be ready when she came, and he waited for her at the Tea Table. When it came close to Gribling Day, the day of Alice’s return, Nivens returned to your world and retrieved her. She didn’t remember Wonderland, thinking it was her dream that has been recurring for the past 12-14 years. She hadn’t realized until much later how much time had passed in Wonderland. She had some adventures running from the bandersnatch and having all the people who welcomed her to Wonderland either captured or barely escaping. The Oraculum was lost in the confusion and no one thought they had the right Alice since she had grown up since she was six and they hadn’t anticipated the changes in her.”  Hatter shifts some and lays his head back on her shoulder.

“Chess finally saw her, and though he knew that she was the Alice, he never told. (He’s another one of the beings that seem to know more than he should. He helped bandage her wound from the bandersnatch and took her to Fa, who of course recognized her immediately. He worked to hide her from Stayne, the Red Knave, to protect her and help her regain her muchness.  He gave himself up to the Red Knave to protect her and she came after him to rescue him from Crims.  She retrieved the sword and tried to rescue Fa, but the Red Knave found out who she was, and went after her. She escaped on the bandersnatch, who had befriended her, and made her way to Mirana. She was still denying that she was the Champion of Wonderland and that Alice. Even after Fa had come back with the Oraculum and all the creatures were freed from the Red Queen, she still denied who she was. The following day, Fa, already in love with her, stepped forth to be the Champion. Chess and others also stepped forward and tried to protect what they really believed to be the Alice, the little girl they all loved. They consulted the Oraculum and it showed Alice had to be Champion. She ran off and found Absolem who helped her remember who she was. She acknowledged the debt to Wonderland and donned the armor you saw her in when she appeared in the Red Kingdom. With some help from my fa, she slayed the Jabberwocky. She then left, even though Fa asked her to stay. She told him she had some things to finish and that she would be back soon. Again, she had no idea of how Time was tricky or how it ran differently in Aboveland than here.”

Alice had to stop Hatter. “Time, you act like it is a real person, and what do you mean time runs different here?”

Hatter looks at Alice. He asks her, “How long ago was the story of Alice in Wonderland written?”

Alice thinks on it and answers him, knowing the information very well. “149 years.”

Hatter blanches. “Well here, it’s been 500 years since it was written. And a total of over 6,000 years since the events happened. I am sorry, luv, thought it had been longer than that.”

Alice whitens and asks shakily, “How…how is Alice, your Fa, and everyone else still alive, Hatter?”

He sighs, not wanting to get into this with her yet, but knowing that he needs to address it. “No one dies in Wonderland unless they are killed or want to let go of life, Alice. For those of us born here, we age to what age either we want or Wonderland wants us at. For those of you from Aboveland, it is all up to Wonderland. Most of the time you are frozen at the age you come here. Some of you continue to age. Mum and you, are Champions of Wonderland so you will be treated as though you were born here.”

Alice goes over it in her mind and then as something occurs to her. “How old are you, Hatter?”

Hatter knows this will be a shock and tries to soften it for her, “First, Alice, let me explain Unbirthdays to you. Once a Wonderlander has reached his age that he is frozen at, he doesn’t have birthdays. They are called ‘Unbirthdays’ since he is not aging, and, well, Wonderlanders like to celebrate.”

Alice looks at him with a bad feeling starting to nag at her. “Hatter…”

Hatter sighs, “I am 25 Alice in Wonderland years. But I am over 5,000 years old as you would count it in Aboveland. This does not mean the same as you think, Alice.”

Alice stares at Hatter, trying to wrap her mind around it. The Kingdom and Wonderland cautiously show her what Hatter is saying. Time is truly fickle in Wonderland. That is why years didn’t matter. One year could be a day or 4 years as she would count it. A day can last an hour or it could last forty two hours.  Since Time is so fickle in her land, Wonderland gave the gift of aging to her residents.

These two entities showing her what Hatter means make it easier for her to understand in a few seconds what it would have taken hours for Hatter to help her understand. Age really did not matter in this land and Hatter is really 25, the same age as she is. She looks up at Hatter and smiles. “Hmm well this connection is going to help some. Wonderland and the Kingdom showed me what you mean.”

Hatter slumps in relief and says a silent ‘thank you’ to both of them for helping. They sent a wordless feeling of appreciation and that they are trying to help.

Hatter hugs Alice to him in relief that she understands. He murmurs to her softly, “Thank you, Alice.  Just thank you.”

She realizes that she had worried him and assures him, “I am not leaving you, Hatter. I may need some time to understand some things, but I’m not ever leaving you.” Alice turns her head, staring him in the eye as she says slowly and very deliberately, “I promise to never leave you, Hatter, of my own volition.”

Hatter’s eyes widen as he sees the ripple that means a true promise that is accepted by Wonderland and that she will enforce. Wonderland also tells him that she will help keep this promise. As far as she is concerned, no one is to take them away from each other. He quickly replies to Alice, “I promise to never leave you, Alice, of my own volition.”

Alice watches a ripple in the air and feels Wonderland agree to their promises. Her smile widens as she raises her head for a kiss which Hatter gladly gives her. She relaxes in his arms and enjoys this kiss that is pure love and dedication.  Hatter raises his head and tells her softly, “I need to finish the story Alice. There is something happening to us that you need to know…” Alice nods in agreement trusting that it is not something that is going to hurt her.

“Hmm..” Hatter ponders and then remembering where he had been, continues the story. “My mum left Wonderland and my fa. Devastated him really, but he went back to table to sit and wait for her, believing in her when she said she would be back. He knew that time flowed differently, but he also knew that she had made a promise that Wonderland accepted, so she would be back.” Hatter pauses thinking of the pain his fa had gone through. “He also knew one other important thing – he and Mum had started the Bonding process.”

Alice frowns and opens her mouth to ask a question, but Hatter puts a finger on her lips and quietly says, “Before you ask a question, let me finish, Alice, or else I may not be able to get through this part.”

Alice nods. Hatter continues, “You have probably heard someone refer to either of my parents as the Mate of the other. This is a mark of the Bonding Ritual and it means more than husband and wife. They are married, but the title of Mate is of high honor and they both go by that title than the other. The Bonding process is an ancient right that was meant for rulers and for those in true love. It binds the souls and in times of need, it will help to join the two closer so they will act in concert for the better of everyone. Iracebeth abolished it, thinking her decree would make it disappear, since she didn’t want her king to know her true feelings. Mirana never married, and the last Royal, didn’t remember. But it is a rite in Outland, where my fa and the March Hare are from. A common rite since it is a matter of necessity in that rough land. So, it didn’t disappear, just became easily ignored for the later Royals.”

Hatter sighs softly and then continues, “The Bonding process had started with my parents because they were in true love. When my mother left, it hurt them both badly. You see the process needs them in close contact to each other when it is happening. Neither had acknowledged it, so it was painful but not life threatening. When you are apart, it feels like your soul is torn in half and the pain doesn’t end until you end up back with each other. The short of it was, my mum completed what she needed to and came back. My parents had more adventures both before she acknowledged that she loved my fa and then afterwards, since this is Wonderland, and the adventure never seems to end.”

Hatter smiles at the memories of those stories, and then frowns. “When they did acknowledge it, the Bonding process was completed, but my mum still wanted a wedding. My fa gave her anything she wanted and so they got married. The day they were married, Mirana also reminded Mum of her obligation as a Queen of the land. She communicated with the Red King and found that he was tired. He wanted to leave, so Mum was going to reclaim her Kingdom. Before she left, she found she was pregnant and Fa insisted that she stay in Marmoreal until I was born. The Red King and Mirana both agreed, and so Mum and the Red King communicated until she learned what she needed from him and then I was born. Due to the Red Kings wishes, my mum left me in Marmoreal and went to the Kingdom so he could leave. Somehow the Queen of Hearts found out. That was when she destroyed the Kingdom of the Knights. Thanks to Absolem’s quick thinking, he saved the White Kingdom from having the same thing happen to it by proclaiming that Mum will over throw the Queen of Hearts. Constance reacted to that by making Mirana and my parents promise that they would not overthrow her or attack in retaliation for that awful day. My presence was kept secret and eventually when I found out what happened, I decided that I had a responsibility to the Kingdom and to help overthrow the Queen of Hearts. That’s when I joined the Resistance. The rest you know.” They grin now appreciating what Absolem did in not letting anyone know there was another Alice coming.

Hatter contemplates then tells her another huge piece of the puzzle, “The biggest shock all was that the current Queen of Hearts was the daughter of the previous one. She married Winston, whom Mirana installed as the King of Hearts and is a very distant cousin of theirs. She had to search hard since Iracebeth murdered everyone related to either of them to make sure that she would remain the Queen of Hearts. But Constance was the daughter of Iracebeth and Stayne and she really attacked the Kingdom in revenge of how her parents were treated. That was 5,000 years ago when she came to power and then 1,000 years after that was when she attacked the Kingdom.

Alice stares at him. She works to understand what he has told her and what the Kingdom shown her. As she assimilates everything, something catches her attention. “Hatter?”

Hatter knows what she is going to ask and answers her, “Yes, luv, we are in the process of the Bonding.” He chokes and then says, “I am sorry, luv, it’s not something I knew about either until Chess found me in the maze.” He holds her close hoping she won’t reject him, knowing that she has every right since they will be closer than a couple and he remembers that she mentioned she has had relationship issues before. This is not a marriage as he understands Abovland’s to be. They won’t be able to walk away from it if it doesn’t work. Then he realizes that Alice doesn’t know that Marriages in Wonderland are a lifelong binding as well, they just aren’t soul binding…

Alice thinks about what he has said, and realizes that if promises are binding here in Wonderland, then the only difference is that they really have found their soul mates. She can see nothing wrong with That. This realization shocks her, but she remembers she had made a list of what she wanted in a man and Hatter fit all of it. And, she loves him so much; she finds that she just doesn’t care about the details of their Bonding. She looks to tell Hatter this and see and feels his anxiety.


Hatter looks at her like he is going to say something and she puts her finger on his cupid mouth. “I love you and I have no problem with this Bonding process. In fact, I welcome anything that makes us closer…”

Hatter looks at her in amazement and feels her conviction through their bond. It is so much clearer because she has accepted it. He leans down and kisses her hard. She moans in his mouth as she goes limp in his arms. Hatter stops and stands both of them up. He wants her close to him.

“Alice, my luv….”  He kisses her neck and then moving his way up to her ear and murmurs, “My Mate.”

She moans again and replies back huskily, “Hatter” as he kisses her neck in one of her spots he had memorized earlier. She barely chokes out, “My Mate.”

The emotions explode between the two. Neither can get close enough to the other, each feeling the other’s desire. Hatter barely keeps control as he kisses down her neck. As he kisses her, he can feel her moans echoing through her throat. Each sound makes him harder with his need for her.

Hatter slowly lowers them back to the bed. His hand slides down to her pants and then inside them. “I could really learn to love these, Alice. Not only do they…” He kisses her neck where it meets her shoulders. “Look great on you…” He leaves open mouth kisses as he worships her shoulders, his free hand unlacing her top to allow him more access. “But they make this so much easier,” and he slides his hand under her knickers, caressing her clit until he can sink his fingers inside of her. Alice gasps. Through the bond, Hatter can feel her desire for him spike. “Alice…”

Alice couldn’t think. She knows from the last two times how good Hatter is at making her feel good. But now…  Oh ye GODS!!! His kisses and his caresses are not just felt by her, but he can now feel the effects of them as well. He can feel what his his caresses do to Alice which heighten his own desire, and she can feel his desire and love increase. Their emotions and desire compounds on itself until Alice drowns in the sensations.

Hatter is slowly losing it. He wants Alice, and she wants him. Not only does he know it, he can feel it and it’s driving him insane with need. He can hear them both panting though he has barely started to love her. He takes a second and kisses Alice to gather himself. He will not take his Alice like an animal!!

He leans his forehead against hers to gather himself. As he tries to settle, he feels her hands on him, unbuttoning his shirt. He opens his brown eyes to her brilliant blue ones, and she smiles as she touches his bare skin.

Alice tells him, “I have been wanting to touch your skin since Marmoreal when I saw you standing there smirking at me…”

Hatter smirks at her, the same smirk she is referencing, as he answers her, “That was the plan, luv. I always want you and will use whatever I can to have you.”

He leans to the side, grabs the hem of her shirt, and helps her out of it after shrugging his off. He kisses her shoulders as he holds her in his arms. He slowly lowers the straps of her bra off her shoulders to get them out of his way. “Your shoulders drive me nuts, luv.  I always want to kiss them and see them bare…” He leaves open mouth kisses as he trails across her shoulders. Hatter leans back and, reaching in front of him, unhooks her bra in one quick action and then removes it, leaving trails of fire on her skin. He pulls her closer and lays her back down on the blankets they had left earlier. They lie there, skin to skin, one breathing out as the other breathes in, feeling each other through the bond. Hatter reaches up and pulls Alice’s face to his and kisses her tenderly.

Alice can feel her heart melting. Is there any way she could love him more? She leans into him and then, kissing her way up his neck, she huskily tells him, “I know you want more Hatter, and you know I want more…” Her hands make it down to his pants and she loosens his belt and then unhooks his pants.

Hatter groans and grabs her hands. “Alice…” He smirks down at her and undoes her pants, watching her eyes laugh up at him in enjoyment. He removes her pants and knickers as one, kissing her skin as it is revealed. She raises herself on her elbows and looks down at him with an eyebrow raised.

His smirk grows wider and he moves up her legs, kissing and worshiping them. He skips her sex, knowing she wants and expects him there, to trail lazy kisses up to her breasts. He teases one breast by licking below them and then trailing kisses between the two and outlines the tops of them with his mouth. Feeling her lust jump again, he grins even more than before as he raises his head.

“Want more, luv?”

She looks at him with desire and lust in her eyes as she bucks up at him. He growls knowing he is losing control.

Alice hears it and pulls his face up to kiss him, feeling sparks jumping on their tongues. She reaches down and frees him from his pants and boxers and slides her hand up and down him slowly.

Hatter moans and rolls off her trying to control himself, knowing he needs to speed up their movements.

Alice grins knowing that he is ridding himself of his clothes. Soon enough he is back on top of her kissing her passionately. Alice can feel his need for her, both physically and emotionally, knowing that with the Bond, he can feel hers the same way. There is an intense need to be one, with nothing separating them.

Hatter leans up on his elbows, his cock at her entrance and as he pants with the need to make her his, he still waits for her to tell him it’s ok. Alice throws her head back and calls his name, as she wraps her legs around him. At the same time, he slides into her, both moving as one.

Alice can not believe how good this feels. It feels so right for him to be in her. “Hatter…” she moans.

Hatter leans down and kisses her as he slides in and out of her, trying to rein in his need to posses her.

Alice can feel his need and lets him know that she needs him too.

 Hatter closes his eyes and kisses her as he picks up his pace. He can feel himself slide deeper and deeper into her and when he feels her orgasm starting, he gasps, “Alice,  Mine!” as he comes, seeing angels and devils flash before his eyes.

Alice screams back, “Yours!” as she sees stars exploding.

They collapsed together and lay there, Hatter trailing lazy kisses wherever he can reach. “You’re mine, Alice, from now to the end of time. My Mate.”

Alice is still coming down from her orgasm, but she can feel his love through their bond and looks him in his eyes, “I’m yours and your mine, Hatter. Nothing can separate us,  My Mate.”

Their actions and words seal the last of the Bonding.

The feelings that envelope the both of them with the complete acceptance of the bond overwhelm the two exhausted Champions. Hatter sighs and rolls to the side, pulling his mate in his arms and lies there with her as the Bonding finishes sealing the two souls to each other. Alice and Hatter lie in each other’s arms until they finally fall asleep in their Kingdom.

Wonderland rejoices at the completion of their Bonding and keeps a careful watch on these two, her Champions and the two who will bring about the future of Wonderland. Nothing will disturb them as they sleep.


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