Chapter 7 Here We Go Again

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This used to be an one shot, but I couldn’t find a place to add to either of the chapters it is between. So we get a short chapter. Fluff.

Song I listened to for this chapter: Animal By Neon Trees

Hatter and Alice walk to their room, trying to hurry now that they are away from everyone. Their Bond is still too new for them to spend much time away from each other. All day they had felt their desires for each other increase, causing them to almost feel desperate for each other. Hatter spots an alcove and pushes Alice into it as he follows, their lips meeting in a demand for each other. He needs to feel her, have her lips on his. They both moan at the same time as their desires spike more.

Hatter ends their kiss and mutters, “Well, this was not as good of an idea as I thought it would be.”

Alice laughs weakly and asks, “How much farther, Hatter? Since we will have an actual bed and locked doors…”

Hatter feels her desire for him increase through the Bond and he mutters, “You’re killing me, Alice.” He grabs her and they start running to their room, Alice laughing as he pulls her along.

Once they get there, Hatter throws open the door, muttering apologies under his breath. Alice looks at him with a confused look, wondering if she really heard him talking to the door. He looks at her, picks her up bridal style and carries her into their room as he kisses her. However, what had started as a light kiss soon turns into a passionate one.

Hatter puts Alice down and backs her into the door, kissing whatever skin he can find. Alice moans, turned on by his aggression and desire for her. She returns his kisses as she helps him remove their clothes.

Hatter loves the way she tastes and he never can get enough of her. He reaches behind her to unlace the dress he had helped her into only hours earlier and pulls it off of her, then shrugs out of his shirt that she has unbuttoned. They continue to shed their clothes in this manner until they both are undressed in a matter of a couple of minutes. It would have been faster, but as more of Alice’s body becomes available for Hatter to worship, he does so.

Hatter knows some of this aggression and need to have Alice is due to the threat he felt earlier from Jack. He needs to prove his love to Alice and possess her. She is his Mate. But, at the same time, a lot of their feelings are just the pure need and desire for each other that they have had most of the day. The two overpowering needs together make this a frantic need for each other since the Bond feeds their needs into each other’s emotions.

Alice moans as she feels Hatter’s mouth move down her neck then she gasps as he lifts her by her bum to make it easier for him to claim her breasts and mark her as his. She knows he is strong, but this surprises her… and makes her desire him even more.

Hatter lightly bites her nipples and then lathes them with his tongue to soothe the bite mark. He is barely restraining himself. He can feel how wet she is for him and the more he claims her breasts as his, the more he can feel her desire mount. He stops for a second and pulls back to stare at her, “Alice…”

Alice opens her eyes and gazes at him. She can feel his need mounting every second and begs him for relief for them both. “Please, Hatter!” She wraps her legs  tighter around his lithe body, trying to bring relief to her need for him to be inside her.

That is all it takes. Hatter can’t and doesn’t want to restrain himself. He plunges into her, taking her right there against the door. Alice throws her head back in pleasure and hits her head on the door. That is the last thing she registers as Hatter begins moving in her, bringing her to her first orgasm quickly. They both gasp as they feel it rip through Alice.

Hatter holds on by his teeth, feeling her tightening around him as he slides in and out of her. He wants nothing more than to bring pleasure to her and take his from her. He needs to posses her and he can feel the same need echoing from her.

Alice can feel him still hard inside her and his need for her is driving her crazy. She can’t believe he has managed to keep it together this long. She can feel his primal desire for her as he keeps moving in her. She tightens her legs around him as he holds tighter, the two of them feeling the fire igniting in then.

Hatter can feel them both getting close and growls, “God… Alice…” He then thrusts in her, orgasming as he feels her release through the Bond. At the same time he bites her shoulder, needing to physically mark her.

Hatter’s orgasm, coupled with his possessiveness and aggression, has Alice seeing fireworks; she screams his name as they both lose themselves in the intensity of their releases.

As they come down from the high, Hatter supports Alice against the door. He kisses his mark on her and murmurs his love for her. Alice reaches up, cupping his face with her hand, staring into his warm brown eyes for a moment before crashing her lips on his. Hatter tightens his grip on her and, after making sure she is secure in his hold, backs away from the door and towards the bed. When his knees hit the edge of the bed, Alice leans forward enough to have him fall on the bed with her on top of him.

Feeling her desire for him, Hatter’s head falls back against the bed, moaning as he told her, “Killing me, Alice. You be killing me.”

Brunette and man 3

He raises himself up then moves them both back further on the bed. When Hatter is back against the pillows, he reaches out to help support her on him with one arm as he kisses her, bringing his other arm up to caress her breast. He is still sheathed inside of her and he could feel himself hardening again.

He murmurs against her lips, “But I be dying a happy man.” Hatter follows her neck down to her breasts, nipping with his teeth at the tops of them then soothing the bites with his tongue.

Alice gasps and holds his head to her breast as he moves his tongue in a lazy circle towards her nipple. She starts to move, unable to deny their need to continue their lovemaking anymore.

Hatter smirks as he senses her start to move up and down his length, taking him in deeper and deeper each time. He looks up at her and can feel her love and see the desire and lust on her face as she rides him. He feels Alice’s hand tug at his hair as he closes his eyes in thanks for this passionate woman whom he loves. He turns his attention to her other breast and feels her moan in pleasure. He keeps it up until she increases her speed and he cannot take it anymore. He grips her waist as he starts to thrust up into her.

Alice lets her head fall back as she feels how deep she is taking him inside of her. She increases her speed, feeling herself beginning to fall apart. She can feel Hatter thrusting into her as she rides him, and then his hand starts to rub her bundle of nerves making her orgasm explosively. She feels him still moving and calls his name in disbelief, “Hatter?!?”

Hatter smirks at her call and flips them, pulling her leg over his shoulder as he claims his woman. He feels her shuddering around him as he pounds into her. When he spills his seed into his mate he growls at her, “Mine!”

Alice is finding herself really turned on by this facet of Hatter. She never had a man who had needed her, could be the most considerate lover, then take her as Hatter is doing now, claiming and possessing her as his. This animalistic side of him is one that had been hinted at and that she has secretly always wanted. But, even as much as he needs to claim her as his, Hatter is still considerate enough of a lover to make sure she has pleasure before him. Even now, as he finishes them both off again, almost collapsing on her in exhaustion, she still senses the burning instinct in him to claim his mate alongside the unconditional love he has for her.

Hatter gathers his mate to him as he gasps for air. He turns to where he can watch her and smiles down at her. He reaches down and kisses her gently, murmuring to her, “Alice, my Alice, my love.”

Alice can barely move. Hatter feels her exhaustion and smirks. He kisses her on the mouth, the kiss as passionate as the one when they entered the room. As she surrenders to him, he explores her mouth. He ends the kiss slowly and looks down at her, unable to hide his pride in making his mate being so completely satisfied and worn out from their lovemaking. He tells himself he will always make sure she is this pleased anytime they are together, whether they are making love or just being together.

Alice reaches out and gently cups his face. “You amaze me Hatter.”

Hatter grins at her, his dimples showing, then turns and nuzzles her hand gently.

Alice smiles back at him, knowing he feels through their bond how she needed this romp as much as he had. And now, now they need the tenderness that is between them.

Hatter can sense her love for him radiating through the Bond. Her lust for him is weaker and no longer what she needs from him. Hatter knows that it had been his own response from the threat to their Bond that had sparked his darker side, but her answering that side with her own desire had inflamed them to the previous level. But now Alice and he need the tenderness of their love. He reaches down and softly moves her hair off her face.

Alice tries to move and winces slightly, mentally acknowledging she is going to be sore tomorrow.

Hatter notices her wince and frowns in thought. He then softly tells Alice, “Wait here, luv.” He kisses her softly again, then moves quickly to the bathroom.

Alice smiles and almost drifts off to sleep, exhausted. When Hatter returns to her, he lifts her up, telling her, “Not yet, Alice. Let’s see if I can do something about those muscles before you get too stiff.” Alice rests her head against him, too tired to say anything.

Hatter looks down tenderly at his love as he carries her into the bathroom and the hot bath he has poured her using some of the potions Mirana stocks in the bathrooms. He realizes she is too tired to be able to take a bath without him. Still holding her to him, he steps into the bathtub with her and lowers them both into the water. She raises her head slightly when the water touches her and Hatter murmurs to her softly, “Shh… It will help Alice.” She nods and rests her head back against his shoulder and neck. Hatter settles them into the water and relaxes, holding her to him and resting his head against hers.

Alice stirs, feeling the water relaxing her muscles and sleepily asks, “Hatter?”

Hatter is lost in feeling their Bond and the emotions flowing across it. It takes a few moments to realize that Alice had called out to him. “Yes, love?”

Alice burrows into him and asks, “What is the difference between us getting married and being how we are now?”

Hatter raises his head to look down at her, “I am not sure I understand, luv.”

Alice tries to figure out in her sleepy brain how to phrase this. “Well, if we got married, what difference would it make?”

Hatter frowns in thought, wanting to answer her completely. “Not much if anything. It depends on you actually. If you want to get married, we can.  According to the way of life in the Outlands, you are my wife. Here in Marmoreal, for us to be married it will take, hmmm… well, Mirana to marry us since she is the only person who outranks us. But Alice, it depends on you and what you’re comfortable with. If you wish for us to be married, we can be. If you are satisfied with the Bonding only, that’s all I need. I just want you to be happy, Alice.”

Alice sighs, thinking out loud, “I don’t know if I want to get married right now.  We have so much work in front of us. I also feel like something is coming and don’t want to take away from any planning or preparing for it. But afterwards…”  She looks up at him and tells him softly, “I would like to. I want everything I can have of you.”

Hatter smiles at her and answers her, “Alice, you have my mind, body, soul, and heart already. It’s all yours, with my love and blessing.” He then leans down and kisses her.


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