Chapter 3 Sea of Tears

Chapter 3 of Heavenly

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He leaves and Bella watches him, her mind whirling. She turns back to the Minister, and says, “Now that the reason for your stalling has left, I expect that my request of who sent me on that mission be forwarded to me immediately. I am calling some witnesses as I retrieve my godson’s belongings from his current residence.”

With that, she leaves, her friend behind her and leaving Fudge to collapse on the couch behind him. He has no doubt that he will only have a matter of weeks, if not days, before he gets a recall notice. How could it go so wrong so quickly?


Bella arrives at the Dursley’s residence 4 Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey. She shakes her head at the uniform feel of the neighborhood and waits for all the other players in her next step to appear. She had talked herself hoarse with Sheila when they had come up with the plan and though Bella is the only one now aware of it, Sheila had vetted the plan. She had voluntarily given her the memories so that it would be all safe.

Listening to the movement inside the house, Bella shakes her head. This is all very… convenient. Harry loses his parents, then sent to the care of one of the worst muggles Bella has ever met? She suspects that there will be plenty of tears before this is all over.

She is also aware of Vernon trying to gain control of her estates and her title. She had been very clear on the matter when she disinherited her other cousin, Petunia. No one of her line will ever receive the Swan estates. Not unless it was the Potters.

In fact, only if there was no body would the estate change hands and even then it would go to Harry when he comes of age. There was no other way to get to the lands. They would be held awaiting confirmation of her death.

So all his attempts have failed. Bella couldn’t stop laughing as she thinks of the money and the loss of prestige he had endured, unable to become Lord of it all.

Soon there are others around her and Bella asks, “Are you ready? Remember you have to touch me to see the spell act out. It may take a while. Who will guard us?”

Moody steps forward. “I will. None will attack while you do this. Though, I would appreciate if someone would show me the results. This is not a spell I have heard of before.”

Nodding her head as she moves forward, saying, “I picked up a lot of spells during my time with the Volturi. Seems there are a lot of witches out there with no formal schooling.” The rest look at her shocked as she knocks on the door.

When Petunia opens the door, she stares shocked at Bella. “Isabella!”

Ignoring the woman she had made sure didn’t exist to her anymore, Bella walks into the house. She looks around shaking her head. “Nothing changes but then that is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

Petunia watches as the people who had been outside with Bella walk in. “What is going on?”

Bella sighs. “I guess I have to deal with you. I am here to take Harry. I know he is at School but I wanted to see what kind of life he had here in order to know what I will be dealing with.”

Petunia fought to keep her alarm from showing, “How? I may not have liked you or my sister but I did pay attention.”

With a dry chuckle, Bella explains the idea and further tells her, “And I am an Adept. I can make spells with more ease than most can cast the normal ones.” She left it that way, not wanting her to know anything more than she already said.

With her disowned cousin watching in clear distress, Bella cast the spell once they were all touching her.

Scenes passed them by, making the group stare in horror at young Harry’s life with these people. How they spoiled their child and gave Harry nothing but an old sock for his birthdays.

How he would have to live in the cupboard under the stairs and how they would punish him severely for things he had no control over.

How they had refused to talk to the boy about the death of his parents and never revealed that the reason Vernon would come home so mad and yell at Harry, threatening him because of Bella’s steps to make sure he would never have her title.

How when his aunt cut his hair awfully, it grew back in a night. He was punished for that one.

How a house elf made his life miserable during the summer and though he has never lied to them ever, they imprisoned him yet again.

How often they made him their slave; how they refused to acknowledge him…

Basically how they abused Bella’s godson, the only child of her beloved Lily whom she loved as a sister.

When the group broke apart, Vernon was there staring with undisguised hatred towards Bella. She had not had the good idea of staying dead, instead making it hard for him to be the man and take control of her lands. She even had the bad grace to appear in his home, do her accursed magic, making all these strangers stare at him with hatred in their eyes and also attempting to take away their errand boy.

But even he shrank back when Bella’s dark eyes turn to him.

“What the hell did you think this was? A free pass to abuse him? He lost his parents. At an age that he can’t remember them and you refused to acknowledge him?” Bella stands straight up, her eyes flashing.

The power flooding the room from her anger and the pain of the others seeing the abuse that their hero has taken for all his life is enough to cause them all to be angry. The boy has suffered enough and these so-called family members have only made it worse.

But even they take a careful step away from Lady Swan. Her rage, while justifiable, is enough to have her power rising to find who had hurt her.

She called out, “Helsta!”

When a house elf popped out in front of her, the other wizards and witches murmur. The rumors of Lady Swan treating her elves so well is proven in front of them. This elf looks nothing like normal ones.

This one is clean and dressed as a maid. She bows in front of her mistress. “Lady?”

Bella asks behind clenched teeth, “Can you get the others to gather up everything that is Master Harry’s? I wish for nothing of his presence to be left in this house.”

The elf gives the Durlsey’s a dirty look as she snaps her fingers. “I will be more than happy to take care of this for you, Lady.” With that, she moves and soon has everything rounded up, even the ratty clothing they had given Harry.

Seeing them, Bella clenches her teeth but she nods. She will ask Harry if he wishes to keep the clothing. She will never take his choices away from him as these people have done.

Petunia tries to protests. “I was told you were dead and that I was the only person he could stay with…”

Shaking her head at the idiots before her, Bella says, “Do you guys have any idea who he really is?”

Vernon growls out, “A freak of nature!”

Chuckling softly, she returns, “That freak of nature is a very rich little boy. But then, you didn’t know. That freak is also my only heir. He is also one of the most celebrated people in our world. Yet you treated him no better than shit on the bottom of your shoes.” Bella gathers herself. “But don’t worry. I will be sure you are recognized for your treatment of him.”

Petunia grows whiter but Bella’s attention is brought back to her house elf, who states, “Lady, I have everything of Master Harry’s. I suspect you will want him to have the other suite?”

Bella nods, watching her disowned and soon to be outcast remaining family. “Yes. I will be heading to Hogwarts and taking up a job as a professor there. That way I can be close to him and protect him. I will be a true guardian to Harry.”

The elf bows very low to her Lady and vanishes. Bella huffs. She turns to the group behind her, asking,  “I trust you will take care of this?”

When the crowd nods, she bows gracefully to them. “Thank you. I go to claim him as mine and to take up my new position. If you will excuse me?” She once again curtsies gracefully and giving the house a look of disdain, apparates out of the house.

The crowd looks to the Dursley’s and they grin evilly. When they take a step forward, the two adults scream.

Outside the house, not a sounds was heard. Amazing what can be accomplished with a spell… or ten.

In another part of the country, a dark shadow chuckles. “Oh yes. Things are going to change. She is back and she is no child to be intimidated. No, no one really knows her powers and soon the whole world will find out about her.”

A small smile is found on the face of shadowed person. “Bella, I wonder if you even remember me. You might not be happy with me but you will understand I have a role to play. At least, I did before now. You love to stir up trouble, darling and I fully expect that all the plans made will be falling down soon.”

A smoky haze passes between the being and the cauldron. When it passes, the smirk is clearly heard in the voice. “This has just become sooo much more entertaining. Soon my lovely Swan, soon you will know more than you ever expected.”

The chuckles that come from the room has many who overhear it looking at each other in worry.

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