Chapter 4 Song of the Star


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Song I listened to for this chapter: Council of Elrond by Enya.


The voice was melodic, but Bella has herself shaking from the odd peacefulness that had descended and there was a melodic laughter, “Oh yes, I will be glad to meet you, Daughter of the Valar.”

The thoughts that came rushing in as that name was given was enough to have Bella sway in her saddle, and her last thought was of falling and being caught by the silver haired elf.


Bella wakes to a room that seems to move and even when she rapidly blinks the view does not change. She realizes that the room is slightly moving, but the ceiling is made of cloth and ripples in the breeze.

She rises, and finds herself in an exquisite gown, that shockingly felt like having nothing on her. Moving to the railing that is visible to her she looks upon a city in the trees. It takes her breath away as she can hear some singing as if the very trees sing to her.

Then a voice comes from behind her, “What makes you so sure that they are not singing a greeting to you, Nielíqui? For you are the one that is here to clear many misunderstandings.


Bella turns, puzzled at the name she had been given, and turns to see who can only be Galadriel. She is instantly bedazzled by the look of thousands of stars caught in her eyes, and bows to the woman she knows as the ruler of Lothlórien.

Galadriel smiles at her, telling her, “There is no need for you to bow to me, Daughter of Oromë. In fact you are the one who has come to lead us in the following times.

Shaking her head, Bella tells her, “I do not understand.”

Holding her hand to her, Galadriel tells her, “Come. Your father is awaiting you in my throne room. He is most eager to meet you.”

Feeling as though she is in a dream, Bella takes her hand, and walks with her to the room she had spoken of. There was the silver haired elf she remembers, as well as her companions, Legolas, Beriothien and Sidhiel.   But in the room was an elf that she felt a connection, one as deep as the one she felt for the Silver haired elf.


The elf smiles, and opening his arms, calls out to her, “Daughter, you have returned.”

Moving into his arms, she feels a deep satisfaction within, and the others gasp as the shimmer is released, and her true form is shown to all. Her hair is still mahogany, but the color defies description as such. The rich colors remind them of the summer, the light playing on the trees. Her eyes are a golden brown, the same as the elf who had greeted her.

While the others watched her change, Bella experienced a whole other life. She finds herself in a place that the male that had called her daughter as another being. She stares at him as memories fall into place, and as Legolas had commented, truth came to her.

Oromë smiles at her, caressing her face in fondness. “Long have I missed you my daughter. It was with great reluctance I gave into Eru’s wishes and allowed you to grow in the future.”

She shakes her head, and asks, “I don’t understand.”

Sighing as he watches her, he tells her, “You are the last hope of Middle Earth. As you know, there is to come the Fellowship.  But what you don’t know is that we made a mistake. The Valar wanted to remove the elves from the hardship of Middle Earth and have them live in a realm that was more open to their gentle ways. “

He looks away, with pain in his eyes, “But we had no knowledge of what was to come. Men became greedy, and the races disappeared from the face of Middle Earth. They were poisoned by the changes that men brought. But this is not the fault of Man, but of us, the Valar. By removing the grace of elves from here, Middle Earth was unbalanced. “

He then looks at her. “When you were born, Eru, or as the elves call him, Ilúvatar, came to me and told me of the mistake we had made, and asked if I will be willing to do what it took to solve it. He explained that you are the one who would befriend the races, and be the one to make our realm what it was meant to be.”

His eyes grow teary, as he remembers the pain of letting her go, “I did as he wished, but only because he promised to make sure you were not alone. He gave you into the keeping of a couple in that far off time. The female knew what and who you were, but the male, who you called father, thought you were his. It was painful to have to watch you, and not be able to be there as we normally are for our children. You see, for the Valar, children are rare. So rare, that you are my only child. We treasure our children, and to have to watch you grow so far from me was extremely painful. Even more to see the pain you had experienced. It was not until later I saw the strength you gained, but when that…Vampire had left you in the forest, well it took Eru himself to prevent me from coming.”

Shaking her head, as she is being told that everything she suffered had been done at the hand of another, she backs away.

Oromë reaches out to her, “My sweet, sweet Nielíqui, Eru himself wept as he saw your pain. But you learned what was needed, and he sent you a steed to help you. He would have rather send one of the ones that would become your family, but how painful would it have been to shove Legolas or Beriothien into your world?”

Staring at him, Bella finally thinks on what he is asking her. Her shoulder fell as she whispers, “Very. That world would be too painful to them.”

With that he brings her to him, holding her as a father would any daughter. “Even when you were brought here, I wanted to retrieve you, and again I was held back. But I understand why. You had to meet your family. Legolas was meant to be your brother. He will be at your side as family should, along with Beriothien and Sidhiel. Their future is by your side, but Legolas will always remain by your side, as his future is much happier with you here. He has suffered from the lack of affection, or rather too much affection from his father.”

Then her father chuckles. “And then there is your guardian, the one named Haldir. I wish you luck with him, my daughter. He will be a handful, but he is yours. Your Guardian, your everything. As you had met, the two of you danced the deadly death. He is your other half, and as he is your guardian, you shall be his. He is not used to his emotions, having pushed them aside throughout his life, never believing that he shall ever find the grace of his other half. So allow him some time, but then…” He looks into her eyes, and says carefully, “You too need that time.”

Bella searches his face, and finally says to him, “So much information. I do not know what to do with it. If it had not been for the memories unlocking in my mind as you speak, I would not believe you. I am not sure what I am supposed to do.”

He smiles and speaking in the same language. “You are to fix my mistake. You are to make the time you grew up in, never happen. You have to be yourself. You will make friends with many, and that will make it so that this future will not come to pass. Your friendship will have the races banding together in a way that the Fellowship will only be an example of.”

Looking at him as her mind is working to grasp everything that was imparted to her, she finally asks, “Am I to rule them? I do not wish to rule anyone. And what am I?”

Oromë laughs, and cups her face tenderly. “No, my daughter. You do not need to rule them. You are the glue that was missing, and the one who will keep the elves in Middle Earth. You, my daughter, are Valar. You will have powers that exceed the elves, and Mithrandir will guide you in the use of some of these, as well as Galadriel and Celebron. Once Sauron is defeated, you will find that you can have a home anywhere, but home will be a place that Eru has prepared for you and your companions. It will be a place that different races can come and settle their differences. The place that you call Rivendell is a reflection of your home. But come, our time in this instant is coming to an end, and many truths are yet to be told.”

She nods, and then she finds herself back in the throne room.

When she pulls herself from the arms of her father, he rests his hands on her, and tells the rest, “I wish to introduce you to my daughter, Nielíqui. On her shoulders rests a heavy burden, one that Eru himself has asked of me and her. She is to correct a mistake that we, the Valar, have made. The disappearance of the elves is causing an imbalance to happen that would have far reaching effects. Nielíqui knows of what is to come, and is to help to start correcting that imbalance. To assist her, Eru has named Haldir as her guardian, with Beriothien and Sidhiel. Legolas, you have claimed her as kin, and both Eru and I agree. You are her brother, and your father will accept this. Why should he not, having the daughter of the Valar to name as kin? There will be others who will become family to Nielíqui.”

Then his gaze turns dark. “You will need to be on guard. Sauron himself knows who she is, and his minions will try to take her, to have her work for him. As you all know, there are ways for him to work to accomplish this. Are the orcs not descended from elves?” Looking at them all, he turns his gaze on Legolas and Haldir. “You are the two who will be closest to her. I charge you with her safety. Especially you, Haldir. You are named her Guardian. You, and now Nielíqui, know what you are to each other, and I expect you to treat her well.”

He sighs, feeling the weight of this world where he has only been granted brief times due to the sacrifice he made in allowing her to be raised far from him. “I have left this realm, but by the grace of Eru, I am allowed to visit for brief times.” He turns his daughter to her, and cupping her face, tells her softly in her language, “I am sorry, my Bella. But I shall return when Eru allows me to. Do you forgive me in the mistakes you are correcting?”

She smiles at him, and knowing he had done as he had thought right, forgives him. The light that glows from her makes the others gasp. He hugs her to him, kisses her forehead, bestowing his legacy on her, and then he disappears.


Legolas is the first to her side, smiling, “I am glad to be able to claim you as Sister.”

She laughs, and begs, “Please call me Bella. I thought Beriothien had a mouthful for a name.”

Galadriel looks upon her Marchwarden, then smiles. “Haldir, I release you from your duties, and hope you shall find happiness in your new role.”


He bows to her, then looks upon his soulmate, his other half. He had never thought to find her, and in fact felt as if there was something missing in the very air. He had hoped that when he would go to the West, he would encounter his soulmate. Instead, he finds that she had been gone from the realm, and when he had woken with his body singing to him, is when she had appeared.

He had been startled by the fact that she is here, and had been the one that the very forests had called upon him to come to. To find himself dancing the Death Dance with her had shocked him also. But he had not denied her, and ran along the forest tops to make sure she is safe. When she had fallen from the saddle, he still had no idea how he got to her in time. He had rode on her horse, and brought her to his home, and her guard had helped him with changing her clothing and healing her.

With all this in mind, he comes forward, and catching her eyes, ones that remind him of the sun, he bows before her. In halting sentences, he tells her in her preferred language, “I am honored to finally meet, you, my Lady. I am also honored to be your Guardian, though I doubt that you truly need one, having danced with you already.” He takes her hand, and kisses it, looking boldly into her eyes.

He may not have anticipated ever meeting her, but now that she is here, he will make her his. ’Twas only fair, since he is now hers.

Final count:  2,342 words.


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