Chapter 5 Lift Up Your Eyes


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With all this in mind, he comes forward, and catching her eyes, ones that remind him of the sun, he bows before her. In halting sentences, he tells her in her preferred language, “I am honored to finally meet, you, my Lady. I am also honored to be your Guardian, though I doubt that you truly need one, having danced with you already.” He takes her hand, and kisses it, looking boldly into her eyes.

He may not have anticipated ever meeting her, but now that she is here, he will make her his. ‘Twas only fair, since he is now hers.



A few days later, Bella stands on the ledge of a platform, one she had found Haldir claims as his. He had made it clear that it was now hers, and Legolas had backed him. But she had thought it was funny that since then Legolas has made it clear, that although the silver haired elf is her other half, he is to treat her better than a princess, since she is his sister.

Evidently there was some process involved when elves met their other halves. But, the fact that they did this Dance of Death thing, is a huge deal. She has a lot of information in her head, but has no idea about that. It is some elven thing, not a Valar thing, and as she often finds, the two are not the same.

Beriothien thinks it is hilarious, and teases her often on it. Sidhiel has become more of a servant, saying she needs one, and since Bella can’t seem to get anything, she finally acceded. But Legolas is the one who is the happiest about everything.

She finally cornered him this morning, and he told her about his father. Her eyes widened when she realized yet again, the Hobbit is real. She sighed, and then tells Legolas, “You will need to get over your dwarf thing. I am not sure when, but I will be leaving to visit the Lonely Mountain.”

He stopped and thought for a little bit. He finally gave a look of resolution as he told her, “I suspect that this is part of the whole fix the imbalance issue.”

She nods, “Galadriel tells me that Mithrandir is coming, and then I guess we will go over the information I have. She is also calling for some elves from different areas to come and transcribe the contents of my iPad. She is purposely picking those that have no knowledge of my language and can draw the words.”

Legolas agreed, “That is the best way, it will make sure we won’t give Sauron a chance to learn what is in your head. I can’t read your language.”

They had talked some more, a rare time that Haldir had not been there, and Legolas told her a little more about the phenomenon of Elven Halfs. As he explained, they are considered betrothed, and no one will ever try to get between the two of them. Legolas also informed her that it was a good thing that Haldir had been named her Guardian, as she is expected to travel, and the March Warden does not often travel beyond the realm.

That leads to now, with her waiting. She is not completely alone, but as alone as she can be nowadays. Her father’s kiss had apparently allowed her powers to flow, and Galadriel had been shocked at how easy Bella grasped her lessons. In fact, she had learned everything, and even with her ring, Galadriel couldn’t match Bella. But the lessons had been used to strengthen the wards around Lórien, making sure that the lands would be safe, since they will be staying longer than the race had thought.

Word had gone out and that is where Haldir had been this morning, sending the newest messengers to the far north, where some elves were rumored to be. The swift action of the elves had amazed Bella, and Beriothien had laughed telling her that they always act quickly when new threats or anything happen. What did she expect?

When Haldir had returned, he had, as always, come to her and greeted her first. He would stay there often until she acknowledged him. And he had started to bring her little things. Today it was some beautiful flowers, not in a vase as most would, but in a planter that was just as beautiful. He told her he had made it last night and thought that she would enjoy some beauty around her.

She had blushed and Ber, as she had finally nicknamed him, saying his name was too long to be able to say in an emergency, had teased her.

But Haldir had watched, as he always seemed to do. As he is doing now from the doorway.

“I can see you, you know.”

His voice comes back, “But can you feel me?”

She is still staring out into the forest, “Your eyes on me, yes.”

Sighing, he heads farther into the room, coming to rest right behind her, and she gets goose bumps. He comments to her softly, “I feel you everywhere. I know where you are at all times. And strangely enough, it soothes me. I only wish the same for you. I wish for you to know how it feels knowing where I am.” He then chuckles, “I can see by your arms I affect you, at least there is that.”

She finally turns and immediately steps back from him as he is right there. He takes that step with her, and his arms come up and rest on either side of her on the rails. He stares at her, awe in his very gaze, and murmurs, “Fair maiden of mine. Why do you back away from me? I will never harm you, nor will I allow others to harm you. Tell me what you fear and I will slay it for you. Tell me you wish for the very stars, and I will endeavor to bring them to you. Tell me anything, so I can treasure the words that your mouth utters to me. I am yours.” He watches her facial expressions, wanting to learn all he can of her.

Bella’s breath catches in her throat, at his words, but Edward flashes in his place and his similar expressions. A tear falls from her eye as she realizes that while he does affect her, at one time so did Edward.

Haldir reaches up and catches the tear drop, his own eyes sad at the sign of her pain. “I only wish to cause you happiness, Nielíqui. This tear…is not one of happiness, I can feel the sorrow in it. Will you not talk with me, tell me what is so troubling for you to shed it?” His eyes turn from the tear on his fingertip, and locks with hers.

Her hand goes to her mouth to stifle the noise coming from her, and she swallows hard. Haldir waits patiently, and when she speaks, he listens, “I am not able to speak of that wound. For it is one, I have felt for many years as a hole in me. But he made promises to me, which he broke, as well as me in a forest when he left me there. There is much about you that reminds me of him…” She trails off, unable to speak more of it.

Thinking over what she says, he moves closer, cupping her face as he tells her, “I cannot leave you, my Lady. I have been named your Guardian and Ilúvatar himself has joined our two souls as one. To leave you, would only damage your subconscious, and it will harm us both. To not acknowledge you as my other half, would wound us both, and deny us happiness. I cannot allow another man to have what is mine, only because they are not yours. They may leave you, and I cannot have you suffer again. So I will work, harder than anything I ever have done, to have you trust me, to become one with me.” With that, he trails his hands down her cheek to her arm and then her hand, raising it up and placing a kiss on her hand, he tells her softly in her language, I will be here if you should need me.”  With this last statement hanging in the air, he steps back and somehow fades into the shadows of the room.

Bella searches for him, and finds him under the light of the moon, which reflects off in his eyes. She stares at him, completely surprised by his actions. This being the most he has spoken to her of them.

Before she could react, a call from outside has her turning on the edge and looking down at Legolas who is smiling at her, “Bella! Mithrandir is here! Come, he wishes to meet you.”

She nods, and as she leaves the room, her shadows fall in place around her, with Haldir as always by her side.


Gandalf is standing, speaking quietly with Galadriel, and turns when he feels a presence enter the room. His grey eyes widen as he takes in the Valar in front of him. He bows, telling her, “I am pleased to meet you, Lady Nielíqui. I have been told you bring us words of council. Lord Elrond is here, and will be meeting with us shortly.”

Bella smiles at him, happy to be in the presence of one of her favorite characters from the books. She tells him, “I am most pleased to meet you! Your tale has been one of my favorites, and I look forward to talking with you.”

The Grey Wizard cannot help but smile in her presence. His eyes bore into the elf beside her and see not only who he is, but what he is to the Lady. He also notices one of the elves he has kept an eye on, standing at her other side, and two other elves behind her that are obviously guarding her back. He nods at the placement, as well as the bonds he is seeing between the people in the group.

Before he can say anything, a voice intrudes upon them, Gandalf the Grey! I see I have come at the right moment.

Bella laughs, and her musical laughter brings all attention to her as she speaks, But a wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he is supposed to.

Gandalf blinks, an odd feeling of déjà vu overcoming him. But the rest of the group is laughing. Lord Elrond comments, “That is something I can see this old Wizard saying.”

Bella blushes, and it is evident that she realized she had said something she was not supposed to, but before she could get too embarrassed, Lord Elrond comes forward, and greets her, “This can only be Lady Nielíqui, the one my messenger spoke of who has come forth to correct the great imbalance.”

Legolas is smiling as he steps forward, “Lord Elrond, long has my father spoke of you and the valor you have. I am Legolas, brother of Lady Nielíqui. On the other side is Lord Haldir, the Guardian of the Lady, and her Lady’s grace.”

Elrond looks at the two and softly says, “You are our Estel, and he is your fëa. Together you are the ones who will help us bring about the reconciliation of Middle Earth.”

Bella’s mind translates the words as she is their Hope and Haldir her Spirit. She glances at him, and as always, finds his eyes locked on hers, then he is once again looking around them, watching for anyone who may harm her.

Elrond watches them, and seeing the wound on her soul, hurts for them. Haldir has decided that he accepts the signs, and she cannot. So the both of them hurt.

He clears his throat and gently states, “Mayhap we shall meet and allow what needs to be said, spoken?”

Galadriel nods, her own eyes seeing the two and the pain they have. She doesn’t wish to interfere, since working this out will allow them to gain much trust in the other. But to witness their pain is one that she doesn’t wish for any other.

She soon leads them to a private flet up at the top of their talan. They all seat themselves, with the two who have deemed themselves Bella’s dae, guarding them from others overhearing their words.

When they settle in their places, Bella looks over her shoulder at Haldir, frowning when he stands there, while Legolas and the rest are seated.

Gandalf watches and offers her the knowledge, “As your Guardian, he stands to be able to defend you easier. He places himself as a shield to make sure there is no harm to come to you.”

Bella sighs, and leaning forward, rubs her forehead. When the silence stretches too long, she looks up, seeing everyone staring at her. She smiles hesitantly, but before anything else is said, Haldir’s hand comes down on her shoulder and the sense of calm that comes with it is an acute relief.

She then remembers the iPad, but to her relief, it appears over her shoulder with the comment, “I had taken the liberty, my Lady. I did as you had shown Legolas, and made sure it is…Charged?”

She looks back at him and nods. He nods, then his eyes go back to the table.

Gandalf and Elrond lean forward to observe the strange looking tablet in her hands, and when she opens it up, and turning it on, a slight “Oh!” comes from them.

Reassuring them with a smile, Bella proceeds to tell her tale. “From what I gather from my father’s words, The Valar, in offering the elves a place outside of Middle Earth led to the world I had thought it was my birthplace. And it is one where you are described in a tale told in a book to the rest of us. There are people who might be Hobbits, but mostly, it is a world of Men. The world was dying in my time. The air was dead, nothing like it is here, alive. There are very few places in my world that are not corrupted by man.”

She sighs, her mind full of those memories. “I was sent to the world from what I can tell by the edict of Eru. Well, it was a choice by my father, to correct the imbalance he caused by following the Valar’s offer to the Elves. You believe the Age of Man is to come, and the Age of the Elves will soon come to an end. Instead, neither is true. There are no ages. Elves are needed to balance the Middle Realm, for without your active presence in the world, the other races are gone.”

The others stare at her, taking in her words. Finally Gandalf asks, “What would your presence in that time offer?”

She looks up at them, “The future to you. I know about the tale of the Hobbit, of Bilbo Baggins. I know of how he accomplished some of his tricks, though much is to be lauded about that Hobbit. His nephew, Frodo is made of the same stuff, and will have a burden placed upon him that will change him. Sauron is active. He has been quiet, subverting members of your trusted council. These that are here are spoken of in my tales. The tale I know is one of suffering, tears, and triumph. But it is before the tale, and after the tale that concerns me. There will come a Fellowship, of man, dwarf, Hobbit and Elf. This company will work together and through their loyalty and love for each other, conquer insurmountable odds. But it is the end of Middle Earth.”

Taking a deep breath she concludes, “This fellowship should have started a time of peace and harmony between the races. Instead, the Elves, by thinking their time of stewardship is over, leave the shores of Middle Earth and disappear. The dwarves are either all killed, or die out. And as I said the Hobbits, well there may be some of their descendants on Earth, but so few, that it is thought to be a birth defect that causes them to be short in stature. There are no Ents, they are forgotten until this tale brought them back to the minds of men. There are no other wondrous species other than man and base animals. This tale of your trials is highly lauded, but thought to be taken from other tales of Man.”

Hearing this, Elrond frowns and asks, “But why you, and why would it be so important to find out the future?”

Closing her eyes, she goes back into her past and recounts “I went to a place of higher learning and found that the tale of the Lord of the Rings came easy to me. The languages that had been thought of by a man, have not been spoken before his tale. He started with the Hobbit, and I have read through that. It had been told as a children’s tale. But the tale would not leave his mind. He sat down and after a long many years, told the Lord of the Rings tale, and others that made his world richer in detail. I studied his world, I had specialized in this world.”

Gandalf blinks and asks, “I am not trying to be insulting, but are you not too young to be studying to that degree?”

Bella sighs and she swallows. “I am, but there were painful happenstances in my past that encouraged me to study and not to allow myself to be distracted as others my age are.” She closes her eyes as the pain of the separation from humans runs over her, and she does not realize that Haldir had stepped closer to her, and by resting his hand on her shoulder, tries to give her his strength to continue.

Opening her eyes, and not noticing Haldir stepping back again, she tells them, “On this tablet, these stories along with my own notes and thoughts are laid out. To be frank, if Sauron was to get his hands on this, it will change the fate of this realm. But from what I gather, I am to be a guide for the time ahead, and for afterwards. To be frank, I have no idea what to do.”

Elrond places his hands carefully on the table as he thinks. “You are tasked with exactly what, Lady-“

She interrupts him, “Bella. Please call me Bella. The other is a mouthful.”

He smiles, as he continues, “Bella? Mayhap this will help us.”

She thinks, and then tells him, “To correct the imbalance and to correct my father’s mistake and the mistake of the Valar. To help the Fellowship become an example, not a one off happenstance, a memory of the war.”

Elrond then looks to the others, and when he meets the eyes of the Wizard and the Lady of Lórien, he tells her, “Then if you say we are to be trusted, tell us what you can.”

And with that statement, Bella looks down, then opens the app to her Kindle version of the book, and starts to tell the tale of the Lord of The Ring, hoping that this is not a mistake.

Final count:  3,313 words.


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