Light Up The Path


Light Up The Path

In the sands of time, a promise was made to a faithful follower.  That promise is finally realized in a future that magic is all but forgotten.  A young woman will make all the difference.  She will be saved by the Gods, in a last ditch effort to fulfill their promise.  A man from the past stuck in the future, a woman lost, and a wolf is all that stands between a future with no magic, and a love that will surpass all of time, not once, but three times. Part 1 of the Light Trilogy.


This story will be in three parts, and the first one is the banner above.  The second part will follow and so on.  They are not separate books, but will be posted as one story.   Just under different headings here.


Character List

Chapters: The Banners will only be activated when the chapter is up.

Chapter 1 Light

Chapter 2 Light 1










    • Tammy Smith

      I love it i hope you continue the stories

  1. Amber

    I like where you’re going with this…

  2. Rosewell1031

    I Love this story and it seems really interesting

  3. BlackRose

    This is the only Bella and Imhotep story and it is really good. I keep reading the chapters over and over even when I just read the chapter that was just put up because I love it so much

    • Kittyinaz

      Thanks!!! I have all the rest for this part all done, and returned from the beta. There should be a chapter each week until it is done… Then hopefully I will be ready to start the next phase…

  4. msdawnsilverknife

    Am loving this story 😀 Can’t wait till chapter 8 is up then all the rest 😉

  5. BlackWidow

    When will the next chapter be up?

    • Kittyinaz

      It won’t be right away. I am hoping that once I return from writing my own novel, that I can get this one and ITE out pretty quick. But there are a lot of people wanting their sequels. I was supposed to be much further on the editing by the time this ended, nor did I expect anyone to actually like it!

  6. Nymphaea

    I love this story! I’m really looking forward for more of it. As well as I Never Did! They’re my absolute favorites of ally our stories!

  7. Tianna Meeks

    I love this story and I was wondering when you were going to update it?

  8. angel6988

    I love this story please update soon

  9. Jessica burden

    I can’t wait to hear more about your true novel but I do love this story and can’t wait for the sequel. Well done…I’m sorry as a fellow writer that the people were so quick to wrong you. I have been blessed not to have that happen to me. I suppose in part due to my amateur writing skills. I wish you all the best.


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