Chapter 10 Time Began To Blur

Chapter 10 Light

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Now it is time to battle. Time to fight for the right to have magic in the world, to begin the end.


As they make their way through the City of the Dead, Rick stops and listens, trying to catch what he thought he had heard. He then clearly hears the booms that he thought he had heard. Though he is confused on what could be making the sounds, Bella grabs his arms and pulls.

He looks at Bella and finds her eyes are wide, frightened. “They are here! We need to get to the chamber!” She knows that sound; it’s the sound of ripping metal which tells her all she needs to know.

He nods, trusting her, and he is soon going through the treasure room, smiling as he notices that she does not even pause. As with him, love is more precious than anything in this room.

When they go past, he sees the mummies rising up, and the statues themselves moving as if they are all waking up. He wonders if it is Bella who is actually waking the statues.

They run from there, soon finding themselves in the room and around the bier that rested his Evie last time he was here. There is nothing, not even a mummy.

He is gasping for air, and waves his hands at Bella. “Go! Do whatever you have to get him here. The faster you can do it, the better!” He is relieved to have made it to the place that he thought of as safe.

Bella stares at him.

His heart falls as he stares at her. “You don’t know what to do?” His voice is high.

She shakes her head. “I told you all he knew was that the book and I had to be here. We had no idea past that.” There is panic in her eyes and her arms surround her, as though holding herself from braking apart. She too had thought that once they were here, they would be safe.

He hangs his head. He can hear the booms clearer and it worries him. He tries to think of anything that may help them.

But before he can say anything, the big vampire that had knocked on his door in England appears from the way they had just passed through.

Rick rolls his eyes. “Really? Fighting in this room. So original!” He shakes his head, his earlier thoughts coming back to haunt him.

The vampire blinks at him, confused. Hermes stands before Bella, growling, and Rick stands next to the wolf. “Princess, you need to get the book out and find out quick what you need to do.”

Rick grabs a sword lying on the ground, probably a weapon left from his last fight here. He takes his place before the vampire and waits. He trusts in the powers that be. They helped him survive in the past, and he no longer doubts that they will help him this time also.

Felix can’t help but laugh. He had been part of a group of thirteen, and only he remained. The majority of the others had fallen due to the army outside, the statues themselves coming to life and attacking them. They had lost four on the journey, lost to the sands of this god forsaken country.

Three of them had fallen before they had reached the gates, and three others had told them to go when they reached the gates of this forsaken city, as they fought to give him time to stop the girl. His last site of them was their death. One had died as some sort of beetles swarmed over him. His screams will haunt Felix until his true death.

Another had died when he touched one of the gold coins on the way through the treasure room. The coins swallowed him up, and there was nothing remaining. Though they had no need to breathe, Felix had no doubt that his companion is as gone as the rest of them. Felix had come here, to the final chamber, expecting more nightmares even to one such as him.

Instead, he has one human with what looks like a gold sword looking ready to fight him. Please! That sword won’t even cause him to feel anything.

He is cocky and quickly pays for it with one arm gone. The very first rush had lead him to being the loser that suddenly.

He drops to his knees in shock, holding his stump as he looks up at the human in front of him. “How?”

Rick snorts. “This sword allowed me to battle mummies as undead as you are. Why would you not think it would allow me to hurt you?” In his head it all makes sense.

Felix shakes his head. “It’s gold.” It makes no sense.

“And you are dead. This is the City of the Dead. It doesn’t take much sense to figure it out Einstein.”

With that smart comment, the fight becomes real. Felix finds that the sword is not the only abnormal thing fighting him. The person in front of him is not human.

He is too fast and he uses the sword as though it is part of him. Even when Felix manages to get the sword from him, the man simply grabs a spear and handles it the same way. It is as though he was born to wield the weapons, trained with them for untold hours.

Rick never lets him get close to the ring of mummies that had appeared when he started to fight, wanting to let Bella have the time she needs. But he is not hearing anything from her. “Anytime, Bella!”

She shouts back, “I can’t open the book!”

He growls as he dodges another punch. “Use the damn key!”

Frustrated as he is, she screams at him. “Rick! What happens when I open the fucking book?” She is actually tugging on her hair as she tries to think of another way to do this.

That almost got him killed. He barely dodges the arm that would have crushed him. He moans. “Dammit!”


He grits his teeth as he works to dismember the creature before him. Slowly he manages to slice off parts. The dismembered pieces are taken to Bella by hands that come through the sand, moving through it as water. Rick shudders as he realizes what they are. When he manages to slice off the head he jumps back, remembering the lesson with the mummies. He smells something sickly sweet and sees that she is burning the pieces. He slices down the middle of the torso, and slumps forward breathing hard. “I’m too old for this shit!”

A snort comes from the circle, and he raises his head. “Stay there! I don’t trust these guys not to have another group coming through!”

The mummies shuffle, so that he can see her, and he smiles. “I’m fine. Immortal remember?”

She nods. “Rick what the hell are we going to do?” Her hands twist around each other.

He stands up and looks over at her. “You are either going to go to sleep and see if lover boy can answer you, or find a mirror to talk to him. You are going to use that fine brain of yours to figure out the solution.”

“And you?”

He smiles at her cockily. “I will do what I do best, Princess. I will fight to give you time to figure this out. Get busy, because I will need help soon!” And with that another vampire comes in the room.

Bella clenches her fists feeling as impotent as always. She looks at the book that she pulled out and it floats in front of her. She looks back at Rick.

He is fighting and holding his own, but the pithy comments are not coming as fast. As he executes that one, two more come in.

She cannot take it, and walks over to the book. Gritting her teeth, she opens the book. Instead of falling open and a page being chosen at random, the pages turn and settle on one that glows more brightly than any other. It rises above her, and then bursts into the gold dust that Rick observed before. That is the last thing she remembers.

Rick is fighting against three of these cold fuckers, and he can hear someone laughing as he is doing so. He manages to slice off their heads, jumping back as a bright flash highlights the room in color, wiping out the three in front of him.

He was going to turn to see what she had done, to tell her that was great, but they really need Imhotep back. But before he can do any of that, three others make it in the room, with an honor guard around them, Rick quickly figures out these are the so called Kings.

He stands there with a long dagger in one hand, the sword in the other. He wants so badly to turn to check on his sister, but he cannot. He needs to trust her.

The one in the middle tsks as he looks around. “A gold sword that can cut us? What else will this horrid city come up with? Statues that move, dead who attack and the very earth fighting us.”

Rick lifts an eyebrow. “Normally that would make someone think they are not welcomed.”

The man laughs. “How amusing!”

The blond teenager sighs, “Really, Aro? Can we just kill him and grab the damn book you wanted so badly?”

Rick watches the other one stare at him in shock, then look as though he is following something unseen to behind him. His eyes flick back to him, and the being finally asks, “How are you alive?”

Aro turns to him, and touching him lightly, looks at Rick the same way. “You have bonds as strong as any vampire, and one half is gone. The others are also gone, but for the one leading to the abomination!”

Ricks grits his teeth. “She is not an abomination. I have seen those and battled them. She is nothing more than a woman who has been abused by your species, and loved by someone you are working to make sure is not here! You yourself are the abomination. ”

Looking shocked, Aro asks, “Why do you think that?”

Rick just lifts an eyebrow and glances to the pieces that are starting to move around him.

Waving his hand, Aro tells him, “We don’t care about her other than she needs to be killed. The book is what we are after. We were told that the book would result in slavery of our race, and that just cannot be. If anyone will be doing the enslaving, it will be us. Who else would be more qualified?”

A voice sounds out behind Rick. “Me.”

Aro lifts his eyebrow at the bald man who is wearing a suit. He walks to stand beside Rick, and winks at him as he turns to the vampires.

Aro asks, “And you are?”

Imhotep smiles, enjoying the feeling of being alive, to feel the power coursing through him. “The husband, mate, promised of the so called abomination. Oh, you will need to excuse her, bringing me back took a lot out of her, and I made sure she is safe before I came here.” And comfortable, but these people do not need to know this, and the man who would care, should know he would do so. It would be what he would do for her himself.

Aro is lost staring at the man that looks like he had come from a board meeting.

Imhotep laughs. He turns to Rick. “For what you have done, I thank you. You have kept safe my heart, and I can never repay you.”

Rick smirks. “Maybe by dealing with these guys? I really want to get to the next stage. And your Princess will need help too I suspect.”

Imhotep looks behind him, then back to him. “She is changing. A large step. When she wakes, I suspect it will begin our new task. But you are right. I need to take care of this situation.”

The white-haired teenage vampire suddenly jumps towards them. Imhotep casually puts his hand out and captures the vampire by the throat. The being screams. He starts to flake in Imhotep’s hand.

Imhotep just sighs and tells the creature, “Silence.” And the screams cease immediately.

He looks back to Rick. “I am told you are as immortal as I am now, my brother. This is good. Will you be my right hand?”

Rick nods and at that time, there is nothing but dust floating away as Rick and he grab each other by the shoulders. Imhotep just smiles at the trust from Rick.

He turns to the creatures standing before him shocked.

Aro asks, “What did you do to him? He was a king!” As if this is enough to prevent any harm to come to him.

Rick snorts. “This should be good.”

Imhotep looks back at him and grins. He turns back to the vampires. “I take it you have no idea who I am.”

Marcus comes to him, awe on his face, and kneels before him. “End me. I have suffered the loss of my other half for too long. I am forced to live in this pain. It would be a blessing. I can see the bond you share with your mate, and it is one I am truly blessed to see.”

Imhotep looks down at him and asks, “Who was your mate?”


Nodding his head, Imhotep asks, “If I bring her back, do you promise to serve me and my Queen?”

With eyes full of tears that will never fall, Marcus bows completely before him. “I do.”

Imhotep reaches out and pats him on the shoulder giving a side look at Rick that he understood completely.

He stands before Aro, the two of them matching in height. “I am Imhotep. Servant of Anubis, King of the Dead, and King of the land you are standing on. As you are one of the dead, you shall kneel to me, or die. The choice is simple.”

It is said with such complete confidence that it rattles the vampire king. He looks to where Caius had died in seconds, and from the scream he had uttered, very painfully.

But how can this human have this power? He can hear his heartbeat clearly, and see the blood pumping in the man’s veins.

He looks and widens his eyes as he watches beings climb out of the walls, the bugs he had thought he had eradicated come forward and surround them. The very land seemingly coming to life with what would be termed monster by even such as he.


Rick laughs. “From the love of a human, from what you told me was an abomination.”

Aro shakes his head. “I was told if I did not stop her, that the end of the world as we know it will happen.”

Imhotep laughs. “You have been had. Yes. It is the end of the world as you know it currently. Coming back will be magic. Creatures will walk the earth never seen outside illustrations. The end of the world as you know it will come. But it is not the end you think it is.”

Aro blinks, feeling the power coming from the man, and shakes his head, trying to see.

Imhotep shakes his head. “Very well.” And with that he puts one finger on Aro and then walks away, telling him, “Please be silent. My Queen needs her sleep.”

Rick just watches in awe as this creature turns to dust before him. But when Imhotep walks by him, he turns and falls into place with him.

They reach the place where Evie had lain. Seeing his sister there, Rick asks, “Is it just the page affecting her? And if so, who is with her in her sleep?”

Imhotep smiles at him. “She is with Anubis. He will keep her safe as we head to our next destination. Are you ready, O’Connell? This will be a trip and it won’t be easy. In fact from what I have gathered, this is the easy part.” He has his hand on Bella, tracing her face with his finger very gently.

Rick lifts his eyebrow. “Easier than everything that happened on this trip, or period?”

With a smirk, “Period. We fought to gain our loves. The next step is to keep them. Are you up for it?”

Rick grins back at him, and the two grin. Then they are gone in a flash of lightning, time frozen, then blurring….

To Be Continued……

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