Chapter 2 Dreaming of Paradise

Emma Hook

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Then he remembered what Roberts told him and Westley.  True Love was worth everything.  It changed people, made them more than they were.  Westley had suffered greatly and his reward had been well worth it.  Hook stared at the ground and then looking up, he candidly said, “I will not give up the chance of True Love, but at the same time, I will not give up on revenge.  The Dark One has done nothing but cause misery for the realms.  Why can I not get my revenge for what pain he has caused me and the rest of the worlds?” He stared at them, challenging them.

The Chief seemed to think over his words.  Then he asked, “If it came to revenge or True Love, which would you choose?” This was the important part.  They needed him to realize that the choice may come.

Hook seemed taken aback.  He thought for a while then looks to them. “Do you promise that my True Love is coming?” He would give up everything for True Love.

Tatiana smiled, lighting up the room.

“My dear boy, not only do I promise she is coming, but we are wanting to teach you how to recognize it; how to be able to know for yourself when she is here, when she will need you.  There is so much to teach you, Child, that it will take many years.  Are you willing?” She started to glow, her inner happiness showing to everyone.

Hook stared at her, measuring her.  Then he finally nods. “I am.”


For the next 50 years, Killian learned everything he could about True Love and more specifically, his True Love.  He learned how to sense his soul mate; how to use that sense to be able to find her within the Worlds.  He was advised that if she were to travel to a world without Magic, it would be difficult to sense her but he would still be able to feel her emotions as though she were near.  During this time, he also gathered more information on the prophecy and had been shocked to discover what their future held. It appeared that they were to live in Neverland for the remainder of their lives but would venture between the Worlds.  The magic of Neverland was such that if it were considered to be your home, you would always return to it, one way or the other and should you wish to never grow old, Neverland’s magic would do its part in making that desire a reality.  It was the one World that was bordered by all realms and because of this, its history had filtered among them, become legend within all the Worlds.

While he gathered this knowledge, he also learned something astounding; he and his True Love were to be unique; unparalleled.  Each True Love pair was unique in their own right, with a specific trait that was shared between them alone, however all couples shared traits unique to True Love.  Unlike other True Love pairs, Killian and his Love would transcend all others, exceed them.  They alone would share all the gifts that had ever been known to True Love with one unique element; magic.  Killian was amazed to learn that his Love would hold her own distinctive magic and when combined, they would surpass all who had come before them.

Snow and Charming 1

As the years rolled by, Killian came to hear about a True Love pair; Snow White and Prince Charming.  Unlike any others he had come by, something about them drew him to them, called to him, and created a yearning within him he had never known before.  Killian found himself studying them, researching them much more thoroughly than he had ever studied a pair before until he learned all he could about their lives and the gift that was born from their love.  Snow and Charming appeared to have an affinity with animals with Snow always singing to and utilizing birds.  Charming, he discovered, had been touched with the gift for animals also.  He added this gift to a book be was compiling on True Love; the first record of it’s kind, detailing the unique gift for each ‘True’ couple, feeling compelled to record and learn all he could.


Killain’s old friend Westley seemingly gained immunity to poisons when united with his True Love, but was unwilling to risk his beloved Buttercup to discover if this trait had indeed been shared.  It was a gift that had not been known among the pairs before so Killian was convinced this was indeed their gift.  As with all True Love couples, they were known for their bravery and kindness, for their fearlessness in standing against those who committed wrong-doing but most of all, for the love that was evident between them and inspired others to their cause.

Rumpel 1

While Killian gathered information on these unique couples, he never stopped researching Rumpelstiltskin.  He told the fairies that he believed their story to be far from over and during his research he discovered that when he eventually found his True Love, together they were to take a stand against the Crocodile.  Every being in the Worlds had another who both complimented them and yet was their opposite, making them more than they were, growing them.  Killian was Rumpels’ just as Rumpel was his.  They existed to antagonize one another, making it seem as though neither would ever be defeated, but when Killian’s love eventually came to be at his side, the playing field would become levelled.  Secretly Killian understood and acknowledged that he would be unable to kill the Crocodile, but he swore to spend his life making the other’s a living hell.  True Love, his True Love, is to be the remedy to the Dark One’s power but he can never be defeated entirely.  No, while he can never be destroyed, Killian and his Love would be the ones to keep Rumpel in check, to stand between him and all those he had ever wronged.  They alone would be the pair to bring peace to the realms.


Something Killian had always found surprising was how close he had always been to Tinkerbell, but Tatiana informed him that while Tink would remain close to him for the rest of their lives, she was not HIS fairy. They both wondered at this.  Fairies were rarely born; when they were they had a specific person they were connected to for the duration of that person’s life.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, the person dwelled within Neverland or was brought.  He and Rufio had a laugh at how Tink seemed to be the only fairy for all the Lost Boys in the tales.  If this had been the case, she would have spent all her time making fairy dust to fulfil each of their needs!

And so life was for Killian.  He spent his time researching, learning, gathering knowledge for the days to come so he would be prepared for when his True Love came to him.  Each day blended into the next until one day when sailing the high seas with his crew. They had been tasked with making sure that no other boats had accidently stumbled upon Neverland, when suddenly Killian felt something surge within him.  He fell to his knees, shocked.  Closing his eyes as he felt the surge grow stronger and move through him, his stump began tingling.  A smile ghosted on his face as he stood up and started ordering the crew to be ready for passage through the Worlds.  It was time to begin.

He sent Tinkerbell to tell the council, knowing that she could reach him in the Enchanted Forest, and with that, he set sail for waters he had not seen for almost 300 years.

When he had arrived, he was shocked with the intrigue going on, as well as this new-found connection not being as clear as he expected, figuring it must be the time difference from Neverland and having travelled through the portals.  He used the time after his arrival to gain more information on Rumpel, finding that he was the root cause of so much of the goings-on.  In fact, the couple that Killian admired above all others seemed to be suffering the most due to Rumpels’ interference.  Nothing had been directed toward them as such; his Rival was too big a coward to stand against True Love.  Instead, while he would appear to be aiding them in their trials, in truth he was the cause of their troubles, setting them up with their enemies only to offer them a solution at the last minute; moving them as though they were pieces on a chess board, setting them up for his ultimate checkmate.

Killian decided that he would need to involve himself, let his alter ego, Hook, become known as he could sense that this was the World his Love would be tied to.  He watched and observed all that was happening and decided his best course of action would be to seemingly work from his own agenda; this would be the easiest way to infiltrate those he would need to get close to.  It was in this way he had felt he could best defend his love should their enemies make a move against her.  His decision made, he forged his way into the Enchanted Wood to make his name known.

Hook and Belle 1

Sometime later, a hooded man infiltrated the Dark Palace and was stopped by a guard.  Fighting ensued and the hooded man prevailed, revealing himself to be Hook.  Taking the keys from one of the fallen guards, he opened the door to a nearby cell revealing a beautiful young woman named Belle, the one person who could prove to be The Crocodile’s weakness.  She asked if Hook had been sent to kill her but he replied that he was there to rescue her, sent by “a friend”.  He explained that her father was being attacked by Rumpelstiltskin and must be stopped; asking her about a magical weapon that could finish him.  When Belle was unable to help him, Hook knocked her unconscious and prepared to strike her and as he swung downward, his hook suddenly disappeared.  In the doorway, Regina – The Evil Queen – stood, hook in her hand.  He asked for it back, the Queen refused and stated that she had heard of Hook and knew of whom it was he wished to kill.  She stated that she could help him, but only if he helped her first.  Inviting him to tea, they turned and walked away.  Hook looked back briefly at the poor woman he had struck in the cell and allowed regret to fill him momentarily.  He hated having to assault an innocent but he had needed all in the Enchanted Forest to see that he was one who would do anything for revenge.  Little would they know that while the desire was very real, his true rage, his true thirst for revenge, would be reserved only for those who would hurt his Love.  Right now, he needed to be Hook.

Killian and Cora 3

After striking a deal with Regina, Hook found himself in another world; his heart in another woman’s grasp.  Sent to kill Cora, Regina’s mother, Hook found himself at the mercy of the woman he had been tasked to destroy.  Revealing that he had been sent by her daughter, Cora seemed hurt by this information and continued to squeeze Hooks heart to torture him.  Hook closed his eyes briefly against the pain and thought of his Love; the only woman who would ever truly hold his heart.   Continuing to interrogate him, Cora revealed it should have been Regina to come and then released Hooks heart.  She then offered him the choice to travel back to the Enchanted Forest with her.  Confused why she would allow this, Cora told him that the curse Regina was preparing to unleash on the realm would erase his memory, erase all knowledge of who he was thus rendering him unable to remember his feud with Rumpelstiltskin.  Feeling a moment of panic, Hook allowed Cora to believe it was his fear of being unable to exact revenge when in truth, he was rendered terrified that he would no longer remember his Love and therefore would never find her.  Agreeing to Cora’s request, Cora asked Hook to get her close to her daughter and in exchange, Hook would be spared from the curse.

Cora's spell

Later, as the curse began to spread throughout the realm, Hook stood beside Cora as she plunged a staff into the ground, causing a magical barrier to shoot into the sky and settle over a portion of the Enchanted Forest, shielding them from the curse.  Revealing that everyone in this corner of the land would be frozen for twenty-eight years until the saviour came to save them, Hook suddenly felt his heart stretch out.  Hook placed a hand over his heart as warmth burst throughout his body; she had arrived!  His True Love was finally in the world!  He had been barely able to keep himself from screaming as he fell to the ground, feeling her being ripped from the world, from his soul.  No!  He had just found her, only just felt her presence in his soul; he could not lose her now!

Searching for the bond, he calmed as he discovered it was still there, weakened, but active nonetheless.  Tink suddenly appeared beside him and revealed she would not have much time.  Using the majority of her magic, Tink was able to shield herself from the effects of the spell Cora cast.  She and she alone would be unaffected by the freezing spell, thus allowing her to move around the bubble freely but she was able to shield Hook’s mind also, basically rendering him asleep for the duration of the curse and would be able to interact with him through his dreams.  She also revealed that a tiny crack had been left open between the Worlds, and it would be through this crack that she would be able to enter his Beloved’s dreams also, preparing her for the day Hook would come.  Smiling, Hook was overwhelmed when his Love’s name was revealed to him and it was with this knowledge that the spell finally took effect and Hook succumbed to a deep sleep.

Throughout the next eighteen years, Tink kept watched over Emma Swan, watching her grow into a beautiful and fiery young woman; the exact sort of woman needed to compliment one Killian Jones.  Hook remained in his slumber but Tink made sure to visit his dreams often, ensuring that he was kept abreast of the happenings of his True Love, but leaving enough for the two of them to talk about, to know each other directly.  In his dreams, Hook lived a life that would have happened should the occupants of the bubble not been frozen.  In his dreams he worked to make sure Cora had no reason to doubt neither his loyalty, nor his thirst for revenge and spent his nights wondering about his Love.  Over the years, Tink had begun to find it more and more difficult to enter Emma’s dreams.  Emma believed herself to old for such ‘imaginary friends’ and so her mind now rejected her fairy friend.

One night, as Hook sat speaking with Tink about his Beloved and how he missed hearing daily updates, he suddenly felt such despair coming through the Bond he immediately sent Tink to her at once, hoping that Emma would allow her friend in.  To her surprise, Tink found that she was able to enter the Other World in her physical form.  Deciding to ponder this new information later, Tink flew immediately to Emma’s side.

When she arrived, Tink found Emma distraught and heart-broken.  Believing she must be dreaming, Emma told her old childhood friend that she was pregnant and the man she thought she loved had abandoned her and left her to take the fall for his crime.   Comforting her, Tink swore her loyalty to Emma, revealing that she was her fairy.  Asking if she trusted her, Tink used her powers to access the child in Emma’s womb.  Searching it’s DNA, Tink began a change that would ultimately alter it to match the one who should have been it’s father.  This was a change that would impact so many.

Tink was mystified as to how Emma had become pregnant in the first place.  Those destined for True Love were only ever able to produce children with their Other Half, as these children were truly born out of love.  Killian had once revealed to Tink that this was due to the fact that True Love’s were only compatible with each other and to bear a child to another would create a trauma that not even magic could undo.  This had been the first time Killian had outwardly acknowledged that while he had loved Milah, she had not been his other half and in fact, could have been no-ones except Rumpel’s.

Tink wondered if perhaps Fate had known she would change the child, or if perhaps the binding magic of True Love had not fully carried over to this other World.  The only other option was that this child would be needed and with Killian unable to help bring this child into the world, Fate stepped in.  With Emma now in a deep restful sleep, Tink made her way back to Hook, her powers all at once fully restored and stronger for having been in the physical presence of the one she was born for but weakened for the intensity she had used them to alter their child.  As she appeared to him once more in his dream, Hook caught her and, holding her carefully and tenderly in his hand, he made his way to his ship.  Once there, he laid Tink carefully on his cabin table then asked, “What happened?”

Tink closed her eyes to centre herself and said, “I found my person, the one I was born for, and it is your True Love.  I was somehow able to physically enter her World and once I was in her presence, I knew.”

Taking a breath she continued, “It is bad Killian, very bad.  Your Love had fallen in love with another and he has abandoned her.  This has damaged her ability to trust”.

Her heart was breaking for her Person and the trauma she was suffering.

Killian sat heavily in his chair.  “How much more can she take until she breaks?  How much more until I can be with her, can heal her?”  He rested his head in his hand as he felt the pain she was feeling through their small bond.

Tink reached up and touched his cheek. “Killian, trust in your Love.  You do what you need to, and the rest will happen.”

He looked into her blue eyes, and nodded.  The heartbreak she saw reflected in his eyes made her keep hidden the knowledge that his Love his with child, a child conceived and to be born away from him.  Knowing this would break him.  ‘Later’, she thinks. ‘Later he will be happy when he finds out.’

Hook continued to keep up with his Love’s life through Tink.  She did not tell him much and he accepted this as she explained that there was nothing he could do for his Beloved at this time and that it would help both he and Emma to get to know once another if they were on equal footing.

Then came the day he felt her rage.  He was brought to his knees, unable to move; her fear, rage and helplessness throughout the day washed over him.  Although still trapped in a dream, he was relieved he had been in his quarters and no one could see him react to something they couldn’t see.  He concentrated on his Love and sent her as much love and calm as he could.  Suddenly he felt magic rush through him and overwhelmed, he blacked out.  When he came to he found himself on the shore he had stood with Cora long ago, and looking up, he found her watching him.

“The curse has been broken.  Now we just need to just work on getting to the other world.”

He nodded as he got up and was resting his head on his hand.  The sudden restarting of time and ending of the Curse was affecting him greatly but he forced himself to hide this from Cora.  He had to be careful.  She was a powerful witch after all.

Cora sighed and then told him, “There is a camp not far from here that I must go to.  Let me know if you hear anything.”

When she left, he called Tink back to him and said, “Tell Tatiana that it is starting.”

For the next two days, Hook worked on getting ready for his Love, knowing that with the curse now broken, they should be together soon.  All of a sudden he is brought to his knees by feelings of fear and determination and a sudden burst of energy through the Bond.  It was fully alive! His eyes snap open as realisation hits.  “She is here!”

He scrambles to his feet, calling for Tink.

When she blinks into being, he tells her, “She is here!  Tonight I need to be in her dreams.”

His eyes were showing the joy and anticipation he feels for finally being able to be with her, even if only in her dreams.

Grinning back at him, Tink nods then tells him, “I will bring you into her dreams.  Right now, I am going to her and to try to keep her out of trouble.” Knowing her human, this will not be an easy task but she too is excited to be able to be with her human in person once more and not just as a dream figure that Emma confided in as a child. Nodding, Hook begins journeying in the direction the Bond pulls him toward.

After a while he pauses, realizing that she is in the Enchanted Forest and this causes him to worry.  Cora is going to be a bitch as normal but there are also ogres and so many other things that could threaten her.  Hook didn’t want them to be this close to finding each other only to lose her because he wasn’t fast enough.  With that in mind, he started moving quicker until it becomes too dark to see.  He finds himself a safe place to rest as he knows that soon he will be sleeping deeply as he makes the connection to her.

Later that night as he falls asleep, he fades into Emma’s dream. He grins as he looks at himself and sees that he is whole.  He flexes the missing hand and is pleased to feel that it was as though he had never lost it in the first place.  He then looks around and as his eyes fall upon her, she notices him at the same time.  Jumping up, Emma looks up at him.

“Who the hell are you?”

Her heart is beating erratically and her fear is taking control.

Killian 25

Killian bows in front of her.

“Killian Jones at your service, milady.”  ‘Truly, in every single way you or I can imagine…’

She stares at him distrustfully.  “Why are you here?”

Killian waves his hand and a pair of chairs appears.  He smiles as he asks her, “Will you sit?  I have a lot to tell you and not a lot of time to do it in and knowing what I know, I don’t think you will be receptive if I don’t do this properly.”

He cannot help but feast his eyes on the one person he has waited all this time for.

Emma just watches him, distrust in her eyes.  He sighs.

“Will it harm anything if you sit and listen to me?” ‘This might be harder than I thought, but if nothing else, when we are close to each other, our very scents will be enough to make the other give in.  Unless she is as stubborn as Snow was with Charming.’

Staring at the handsome man in front of her, Emma stiffly sits in the chair nearest to her. He is right; there is no harm her in listening to him.  Besides, she will probably forget all about this dream anyway.

Killian smiles.  He sits down also, crossing his legs and asks, “When you came into this Land, did you feel anything?” He decided to start at the beginning and go from there.

Emma tightens her jaw.  When she fell into this World, she had felt a pulse throughout her body.  It had been that, and not the fall, that made her black out.  Ever since she awoke she’d had this feeling, a pulling that had been insistent, but hadn’t had a chance to ask her mother in private about it.

Watching her, Killian is blown away by the fact that in front of him is the woman who completes him.  She is everything he has ever wanted in a woman in looks; her blue eyes, unlike his, are stormy and reflect her emotions clearly, her blonde hair makes him crave to be able to run his fingers through it. Everything he is seeing makes him yearn for the time they will be passed this awkwardness and uncertainty.

Finally, under the gaze of those dark blue eyes, Emma says to him, “Why do you want to know and why would I trust you?”  The walls she had built around her heart were up and functioning, but…something is trying to get her to trust him, her own gift telling her he is being truthful.  She has trusted this quirk of hers before however and it failed her the most the one time she trusted it the most.

Killian can’t help the sigh of frustration; he will make whoever hurt her this badly pay.  Thinking, he leans forward, clasping his hands in front of him.

“Let me tell you a story.  There was once a babe born into a world.  Nobody knew how, since it was not from parents, not as we know them as.  It was as if the child was born from a wish from the Land itself and the breath of a star.  This child was sent to another world to age, since the child’s homeland was of eternal life.  At this time, a Prophecy was found in the books of the world. ‘There will be a babe born to the land.  He will endure loss and pain that will drive him as none before but True Love will reveal him to be the one who will lead the worlds to peace.  His beloved will be hailed as the Savior, and with her at his side, they will bring magic back’.  This prophecy was not revealed to any but the council members.” He looks into her eyes the entire time, letting her see he is being truthful.

He fidgets with his hands for a second before continuing, “This babe grew up and his adopted parents abandoned him.  He was brought back to his world and allowed to play.  He never aged, but during this time, it was found that he was a natural leader, and ended up bringing others like him to the world to give them the love and companionship that he craved.  He was also taught by the council, preparing him for his departure so that he could grow some more.  He eventually left, wanting adventure, wanting freedom that he felt was critical to his very self.  The Council arranged for him to be a cabin boy with a pirate, feeling this might be a meeting of minds, giving him the adventure and freedom he so craved.  This man became a true father to him.  As he grew, he was trained by his father in war, swordsmanship and how to be a gentleman.  Then a stranger came on board.  This brought an awareness of True Love to the young man.”

Killian flashes a grin at her as he tells her, “The young man gained his own ship and took to sailing the seas of the Worlds.  One night he stumbled across a young woman.  They fell in love and the young man thought this was it; this was True Love.  He then discovered that the woman was married, and he turned to walk away, but the woman convinced him to fight for their love, which frankly, he was willing and eager to do.  Her husband gave up without a fight and he thought that this proved this was True Love.  Many years went by, and they pulled into a port to gather supplies.  It was revealed her husband had become a monster; the Crocodile.  Knowing that he would not survive, the young man made arrangements for his crew to get to safety and for them to take the woman he loved with them.   The following morning, he fought on his own ship, buying time for them to escape.  As the Crocodile reached into his chest to pull out his heart, the woman appeared.  After the two of them sparred with words, the man forgave her for leaving him, then he stepped forward and grabbing her heart from her, he held it in his hand as he told her he didn’t forgive her leaving their son.  And he crushed it as she lay in the man’s arms.”

Emma is staring at the man across from her; her heart tugging at this story. The similarities to her own story and the death of Graham brought a twinge to her heart.

Killian is staring at her also, hoping with everything he is that she is truly listening as he continues.

“The young man was heartbroken and to add to his pain, the Crocodile chopped off his hand and left him there to die.  The man’s loyal crew took him down below and set sail.  Once he was able to move, he took them all to his homeland, vowing vengeance for the death of his True Love.  Once he reached home, after many, many years, it was revealed that it was not his True Love who died; that She was yet to come.  When given the option of living for True Love or dying for revenge, the young man thought it through.  He decided that he would live for True Love, but would still take the chance at revenge should the opportunity arise, citing that it was more than he that had been hurt by the Crocodile.  The Council accepted this and began teaching the young man how to recognize his True Love when she comes and many other things.”  He takes a breath and lets it out.  Here was the end of the tale, shortened though it is.  She can corroborate all the details if she wishes, but he wants her to know what has brought him to her at this time.

“Many years later, that young man was surveying the oceans of Neverland when he suddenly felt a pulse.  Recognizing it for what it was, he left Neverland for his chance at True Love, only to find that time moved differently between the Realms and he had arrived too early.  He bided his time, making alliances, doing what needed to be done to be ready for her when one day, this pulse returned, stronger than before. She had been born.  He was brought to his knees by joy, knowing she was finally here but then felt the devastation and loss to his very soul that came with having her ripped away from him.  He spent the next twenty-eight years feeling a shadow of that bond, hoping to have her returned to him, or for a way for him to be brought to her.   Then, today, she came back.”

He leans forward in his chair, waiting for her answer, knowing it will take a great deal of work to get her to believe, and if nothing else, to get close enough to her to take that crucial final step in completing their Bond.

Emma jumps up.  “No!”  She can’t be his… No… Just No.

Killian looks up into her eyes.  “Yes, my love.  You came back into this world and while you are moving, so do I; moving toward you, eager for tonight, knowing we would finally meet.  I have done nothing but work towards this moment for over 600 years.”   With his final statement, he let her see the true him, the truth of his words, the Him, the one that used to be carefree and light and cavorted with his crew.

Emma’s mouth opens in shock as she stutters out, “S-six hundred years?”  How could anyone wait for somebody for a year, much less that amount of time??  For her???  The one that is thrown away or everyone dies on her?

killian and emma at night

He smiles as he stands up and rests his hands on her shoulders.

“Six. Hundred. Years.  I have waited for you for such a long time but nothing in my long life has been as difficult as these last twenty-eight have been;  knowing that you were in pain, and I could not get to you, could not help you; could not even find a way to let you know I was here waiting.  Instead, I was trapped in a deep sleep, living a life that did not truly exist, dealing with a woman who wanted nothing more than to cause her own daughter harm, while I worked with her to get to you.”

He is so close, hating to put all of this on her, but he loves her, has waited so long that he gave himself over to the bond between them the moment he felt it burst back into life.  It hurts to feel the rejection from her.

Emma shakes her head.  “How can I believe this?  This stuff just isn’t real.”

She still doesn’t completely believe; how could she?  She knows in her heart that this is real, but her mind won’t allow her heart to rule her.  The first time she did, she was left alone to deal with somebody else’s crime and pregnant.  The second time, before she was able to do much more than allow him inside her walls, he died in her arms.  The third time was her own son, and even though she had saved him, still, he had died… And now this?

He tips her head up to meet his eyes.  “Oh, love, it is.  Tell me you can’t feel something inside of you yearning for me, that you haven’t felt like something great was just outside your reach, that you were not whole.  All of that?  That was your heart and soul needing me and none of it was your fault; it was mine for not being where you needed me.”  His voice grows soft at the end.  “Please forgive me for failing you, milady.” His eyes beg for her forgiveness, for not being able to be there for her.

Emma closes her eyes against the sheer need she sees in his.

“If you are my True Love, then how did I break the curse by kissing my son?” she challenges him, as she is destined to do for the rest of their lives.

Killian’s eyes widen.  “We have a son?”

A son?  How? Why? His whole world shifts again as he realizes that Emma is no longer the sole being he cares for; they have a son!

Emma’s eyes pop open as she tells him, “I have a son.”  No one claims her son.  No one.

Killian pulls her into his arms. “No, darling.  We have a son.  As my True Love, your son is mine.  Don’t ask how, I have no answer for you but I believe this to be the magic.   Even if it wasn’t, I treasure everything about you and this would include your son.  Why would you think this to be any different?”

His mind is whirling as he realizes all that is waiting for him.  Not only his True Love, but a son!

Emma just shakes her head and mumbles, “This is too fast.”

No one falls in love this quickly nor do all this man is saying and telling her.  It must be false!

Holding her close, he breathes in her scent he tells her, “Not on my end, love.  Now, take a deep breath and relax.”

His own eyes close as he feels one of the cords that make up the bond between them, tighten.  Only one cord remains unbound and it was either True Love’s kiss or them getting horizontal.  He wouldn’t mind some vertical action or any action she wishes.  In fact he is looking forward to seeing what she knows…

Wanting to fight him, Emma is tempted to revolt, but as she opens her mouth to tell him off, she takes that breath of air that he has been waiting on and her whole body feels like a bell has rung next to it.  She slumps in his arms, unable to keep herself upright.  “H-h-how?”  Her walls shatter and all she can feel is the man holding her up; she can feel how he feels, not only because of her quirk, but because of something so much deeper between them.

Smiling gently, he tells her, “True Love, darling.  I cannot explain it any better.  You’re mine and I am most certainly yours.  I will fight for you; die for you if it came down to it, though I’d much rather live with you, it being the greatest adventure.  However, with this being True Love, your kiss alone would heal me of anything and mine would do the same; our children included.  Now love, for tonight, let’s just talk.  I told you my life story and nothing is more interesting to me than yours and we will keep doing this until we meet, however love, there is someone in this world that is very dangerous and someone in yours that is also dangerous.”

His eyes go dark as he thinks of the danger the Queen of Hearts and the Crocodile pose.  He will defend what is his, no matter what.

Emma chokes back a laugh as she feels him pick her up and seat them both back in his chair.  “Oh I think there is more than one in my world as dangerous and in this one.  Right now I am tied up and during the day I’m being dragged behind a horse along with my mother.”

Her voice is sarcastic, biting.  She had never been so humiliated in her life as the past day.  Not even when she was in prison.

Killian stiffens.  “What?”

Emma opens her mouth but he puts his finger across it. “No, I heard.  I will be trying to get to you faster knowing this.  Emma, I will free you.” He promises her; his eyes meeting hers and his mind busy behind them, planning.

She looks into his eyes and whispers, “And get me home to my son?”

This is her one wish, beyond any other.

He nods. “And get us home to our son. I promise.”

For now… Later he will bring them both to their real home.

Final count: 6, 589 words

Fairfarren~ Wendy

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