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This is for a story I have in mind for writing that is all mine.  So, we will see how it goes.  I will password protect the thing until we get further along and I have a beta and so on.

Brotherhood of Kaschei

My original story.

Just some background:  Brotherhood refers to the Russian Mafia.  Kaschei is normally the bad guy in their folklore.  Yeah, I researched it.  And this is not a real factual fic of the Russian Mafia.  I am using the body of it to help my fic.  So don’t go off researching it, because it is all fiction.

Chapter One is published, and readable by all.  It has no Beta at this time, and is unedited at this time.  If you wish to be a pre-reader or part of the Beta’s let me know at my Facebook Group.  You will need to be a member to be a pre-reader and or Beta.

The rest of the chapters will be locked.  This is the precursor to an original work I am currently writing that will be turned into a book.  Hopefully!

Brotherhood of Tregeagle

Yep another Brotherhood story.

Don’t read if you are reading You’re and want to know some spoilers.

This is Klaus’s story and is bridging the world of You’re and ED.

Aos Si_edited-1

Brotherhood of Aos Sí

A group of students meet one day.  Never knowing that it would be the meeting that would help define them for the rest of their lives.

Yep another one.  This will tie into Kaschei, so you need to know about it and that universe to read this.

There will be taboo, blood play and such in this.  Just warning.

Disclaimer:  This is out of my head.  Not fanfiction.  So no stealing!

Brotherhood main Character page

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  1. Valarie

    Loving the story can’t wait till the next chapter


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