Brotherhood of Kaschei


A prophecy is to begin, all with a trip in the middle of the night

My original story.

Just some background:  Brotherhood refers to the Russian Mafia.  Kaschei is normally the bad guy in their folklore.  Yeah, I researched it.  And this is not a real factual fic of the Russian Mafia.  I am using the body of it to help my fic.  So don’t go off researching it, because it is all fiction.

Chapter One is published, and readable by all.  It has no Beta at this time, and is unedited at this time.  If you wish to be a pre-reader or part of the Beta’s let me know at my Facebook Group.  You will need to be a member to be a pre-reader and or Beta.

The rest of the chapters will be locked.  This is the precursor to an original work I am currently writing that will be turned into a book.  Hopefully!


Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

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  1. jazzatazz1994

    Only read chapter 1 so far but o my so great can’t wait till I can read the rest!! I wouldn’t mind being his mate;)


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