The Brotherhood of Aos Sí

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Description: A group of students meet one day.  Never knowing that it would be the meeting that would help define them for the rest of their lives.

Yep another one.  This will tie into Kaschei, so you need to know about it and that universe to read this.

There will be taboo, blood play and such in this.  Just warning.

Disclaimer:  This is out of my head.  Not fanfiction.  So no stealing!


Chapter One – Like It Was All A Dream
Chapter Two – Dare to Dance the Tides
Chapter Three – Fighting Against the Tide
Chapter Four – Fallen Harder Than a Landslide
Chapter Five – It’s Cold and Loveless
Chapter Six – Whispers of Treachery
Chapter Seven – Let You Have Your Way With Me
Chapter Eight – The Only One Who’s Ever Known
Chapter Nine – No One Else’s Eye Can See Into Me
Chapter Ten – Warm Me Up in a Nova’s Glow
Chapter Eleven – Take What’s Ours
Chapter Twelve – The Bridges are Gone
Chapter Thirteen – I am the Rising Tide
Chapter Fourteen – Sugar Plums and Fae

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    I look forward to reading it.


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