Lost and Insecure

This is a Wolf Imprint Story from Twilight.  Paul/Bella.

Song I listened to for this chapter:  Someday by Peter Schmidy

Bella woke up that morning, not knowing that her whole world is about to change.  Well, she kind of knew it was going to change.  She was moving back in with her father and getting to be with all her friends she had made over the summers she had visited him.

She blushed as a certain someone’s image came up.  She didn’t know why, but she had been dreaming of him for the last year and she never really knew him.  She remembered that he used to pull her pigtails when she would play with the lot of them, often making fun of how pale she was.

Bella pulled her mind away from him, he wouldn’t care much about her, he was an older man and why would he care about a high school kid?

Renee walked in, wishing that Bella would just stay here.  However, Bella had made the decision and done everything to take care of the move last year.  But then something had happened and Bella had fallen down a flight of stairs and managed to hurt herself pretty bad.  It had in fact taken almost all of the school year for Bella to heal, with the physical therapy and surgeries it had taken to fix her leg and arm.  Renee frowned, still wondering why she had been in the hotel in the first place.

Renee shrugged, trusting her daughter and the two people who had helped her when they told her that they were friends of hers from school and had left a couple of years ago.  This had been a chance for them to reconnect on a connecting flight and they had all decided to meet then.

Bella looked up seeing her mother in her room and grinned.  “Well, mom.  It looks like you and Phil will finally get your honeymoon time.”

Renee laughed, then she reminded her, “Bella, honey, Phil and I have no problems with you staying.  You don’t really need to go back to Forks.”

Bella just smiled, and Renee and her chatted for a bit as Bella gathered the last of her stuff.  Everything else had been shipped earlier in the year, in anticipation of her move.  Back then, Bella had been trying to escape more than her mom and stepfather’s newly married status.  Even now, the threat of what happened is enough to drive her to father’s.  She still had no memory of what had happened that night, just that her boyfriend had gone crazy and that two strangers had come to her rescue.  Charlene and her husband had rescued her and begged her to move to Forks with her father.  They had told her that it would be safer all around.

Bella still remembers her emailing the couple and letting them know they can finally leave Phoenix.  They had told her that they will make sure she gets on the plane, then leave.  They also promised to see her, and that while she may not believe them, she will be happy.

Getting ready, Bella quickly finished getting her toiletries together and all too soon she is on her way to the airport.  She watches as they pull over to the curb.  With the new laws and such, Bella had requested that she make her own way into the airport.  Her mother was not happy about it, nor was Phil.  But they both understood, and with some teary goodbyes, she made it in the airport.

A couple of hours later, she disembarks in Port Angeles.  She makes her way carefully to the baggage area and soon stops dead.  A grin breaks out on her face that is mirrored in a face that holds her eyes.  “Dad!”  She had spent all this past year getting used to calling him that instead of Charlie.  She had seen the hurt in his eyes when she accidently called him Charlie in the hospital after her trip down the stairs.

Charlie’s eyes moved over his daughter, happy that she is one piece.  And he hopes, with God’s help, that she will be even more protected after the bonfire tonight. After all, what father would not want a man who would and can protect his daughter, never cheat or hurt her and care only about her?

Yes, he knows all about the Quileute boys and their wolf sides.  Jacob had taken care of that when he attacked Paul one day.  It had only amused Charlie to find out it had to with his daughter, well it did once he got over the shock of his life.

Sam had taken him to the side and explained everything.  Even their idea that while most of the older ones of the Pack had imprinted, they think Paul has been partially imprinted on a memory.  A memory of his daughter.  And how had he fought against that!  And Jacob is jealous.  He wants to have a chance with Bella, and no matter what anyone says, he just can’t give over the thought that Bella is his, not Paul’s.  Sam said once the imprint happens, life would be so much easier.  Jacob will be forced to accept the imprint one way or the other.

Charlie brought himself back to the present.  He has had a year to get over the fact that he may lose his daughter as soon as he gains her, but if everyone is right, he could not pick a better man for Bella if he tried.  Paul owned his own house, he was one of the few who managed to start college before he changed.  Since he was not also Alpha like Sam, he was able to finish his college degree and started his own software company on his own.  His parent’s money had helped him get started, but the boy had put his time in and now has some of the other boys from the reservation working for him or they worked for Sam.

Charlie held his daughter to him, and he murmured to her, “Welcome home, Bells.”

Bella grinned even bigger and she looked back at him, “Thanks, Dad.”

Charlie moved over and helped grab her bags, moving towards a truck that was parked in the lot.  It was a Black Chevy Silverado.  He opened up the truck and put her bags in the back seat and then turned, realizing Bells had not moved.

Bella was looking at the truck, then back to Charlie.  Whose is it and why is Charlie driving it?

“It’s Paul’s.  He let me borrow it muttering that you wouldn’t want to be brought home in the cruiser.” Charlie flushed a little.  He had wanted to buy her a vehicle, but due to the tension running between the two boys, he figured that he will let tonight happen and then decide from there.

Bella frowned, surprised.  The boy who used to tease her so much knew her well enough to know she wouldn’t want to ride in the police cruiser?

She moved over to the passenger side and got in.  She looked over the features of the truck, surprised how nice the interior is.  She shook her head and asked, “So what are the plans for tonight?  You had mentioned on the phone to be ready not to head straight to the house.”

Charlie cleared his throat.  He had taken the bulls by the horns and decided to get it over.  At least this way she will be happy and may actually stay here in Forks if…  “The boys on the reservation are excited to see you.”  That was an understatement.  There is some major betting going on at the reservation and everyone, even the Elders are wanting to see how it all falls apart. “They are throwing a welcome home bonfire for you tonight.”

Bella nodded and they spent the time until they arrived in La Push chatting.  It was an easy time, but also an extension of the last year.  They had connected during that time, and even though Bella had been stuck in Phoenix, Charlie had come down often to be with her.  The only difference in their relationship is that there will be more personal time together instead of nightly phone calls.

Paul is sitting on a log, waiting.  He knew that Bella is it for him, always has been, always will be.  Once he became a wolf, his feelings had grown, he still remembers his first thought was of her and the way that his life had seemed to reorganize itself around the image of her in his head.  Luckily the only other wolf phased at the time was Sam, and he was the one who told him what had happened.

Paul had nodded, and Sam had chuckled in his head.  But, then you have always been in love with her all this time.

Paul whined and dropped down on his haunches.  I have always felt this pull towards her.  I could never just leave her.  I needed to be around her, and when she left for Phoenix, it always felt as though part of me left with her.

Sam had brought it up to the Elders, but they had nodded and told Paul that as soon as he could, he should go to see her.  She had been due to come down and move in, so he had just planned to make sure to be there to see her.

Later that night, he had been patrolling with Embry and had collapsed.  The pure pain going through his body had been exquisite. Embry had howled for assistance and Sam had come running with Jared.

When they had found him on the ground, they had barely managed to get him human and then took him home.  Later that night, they had found out Bella had been hurt and put into the hospital.  It had taken an Alpha order and all the wolves to tie him down for him not to go to her.  Even then, it had been tricky.

Finally, after weeks of agonizing over her, he fell asleep one night and found Bella there in his dreams.  He had not even paused, but had gathered her into his arms and breathed a sigh of relief.  And every night, he met her in his dreams.  At first he had thought it was his head, but later, as they talked and just connected, he realized he really was with her.  He shared it with Sam, and again it was another trip to the Elders.

The old bastards had not helped, just telling them that Paul needed to see her as soon as she was in Washington.

The following morning, he had been talking with Sam about the dreams as they made their way to the Blacks for the monthly meeting.  Each of the Wolves hosted the meeting in their home, it helped relieve the pressure on Emily and Sam.  Paul had offered his home, but Sam had grinned and told him he can once he had his imprint there.  Until then, he might want to wait to make those decisions.

As they made it out of the tree line, Paul had mentioned, “I am really starting to believe you when you think I am already imprinted on Bells.”

Without warning, there was a growl and Jacob ran at him, yelling, “NO!  She is mine!”  And phased as he flew at Paul.  Paul had leapt back at him, phasing in mid-air and rolling Jacob underneath him.  He had growled in his head, She is mine.  I don’t care if you become Alpha, she will never be yours.  I have as much right as you do to become Alpha, and if you try to take her away from me, I will not hesitate, Jacob.

Sam  had stepped in and forced Jacob to phase back.  Paul had phased as soon as Jacob had returned to human.  Then he heard something that had his head whipping around.  A wheeze that had caused his heart to stop.  Charlie!

The only thing that kept running through his head is that Bella would hate him if he was the cause of Charlie’s death.  He had run over to help.  Then he had a shock of hearing Charlie saying, “The Legends are true!”  Then he grabbed Paul and dragged him closer as he asked, “Are they all true?  Is there a chance one of you may imprint on Bella?”

Sam had landed next to Charlie and glancing around, noting how close Jacob was, whispered, “More than a chance.”

And that had solved that.  Charlie had joined the betting pool in La Push.  Gladly on his side, with the comment that he knew that Paul would take care of Bella.

This morning, Paul had been nervous.  Last night he had not seen Bella in his dreams.  This randomly happened, and worried Paul each time it had happened.  He had needed the confidence booster for this morning, knowing he would finally see her.

Thinking of their talks, he had driven his truck over to Charlie’s.  When Charlie had answered the door, he had a guarded look on his face.  Paul quickly told him, “I want you to take my truck to pick her up.”  Seeing Charlie’s relieved face, Paul commented, “I know what you are doing and why.  Do you think I really will take this time away from you?”

Charlie rubbed the back of his head.  He looked up with an embarrassed look.  “Sorry Paul.  I will bring her to you tonight.”

Paul nodded and quickly walked to the woods, stripping and phasing in one smooth motion.  With nothing but work and phasing, Paul had perfected the action.  He is the only one who could phase and leave his shorts in one piece.  With further practice, he had made it possible that he can phase beside objects and not harm them.

That had been earlier today.  Now he was sitting here waiting.  Waiting for the literal woman of his dreams to come into his life.

Jared and Kim made their way to his side, sitting down.  Looking over to where Jacob was acting up, being all cocky that he will be the one to imprint on Bella.  He was joking around with some of the kids from Forks High.  “You know she is yours.”

Paul looked over to Jacob and what he was doing.  He shrugged, “I hope so, and I hope she won’t freak out.  To be honest, Jacob may be better suited.  He is closer to her age, he could actually go to school with her.”

Kim laughed.  “Paul Meraz.  Stop acting the fool!  You have loved Bella longer than Jacob has acknowledged her.  Yes, you teased her, even I remember that.  But I remember when she would leave to go home.  That day you would find her, and get her to come with you to your spot.  And the two of you would come back more peaceful.”

Paul smiled, remembering those times.  He would take her to a spot above the cliffs that had quickly become their spot.  The first time, he had sat there and then apologized.  They had talked, and when it had come to time for them to leave, they had an agreement.  Afterwards, they would act the same, but when he picked on her whenever she would come home, when no one else looked, they would grin at each other.

Then his head jerked up as he felt the pull he had felt since he had phase get strong enough to almost jerk him out of his seat.  He also heard his truck and without conscious movement, was up and moving.

The rest of the Pack, sans Jacob, all looked at each other and grinned.

Bella could feel a slight tugging on her heart the closer they got to First Beach.  She didn’t even notice Charlie’s grin and the slight disappointment in his face.

When the truck pulled to a stop, a second later, Bella’s door was opened and there stood the man from her dreams.

Their eyes met, and Bella breathed out in relief, “Paul.”

With a smirk on his face, he reached in, unbuckled her seat belt and had her in his arms in one fluid moment.  Her name from his lips was a combination of worship, awe, love, devotion and relief.

The two had closed their eyes, both of their bodies relaxing.  This meeting had been way overdue for both of them on this plane of existence.

Yeah , another story.  You guys will get this when the story is much more along and I finished another one.  Unless I get some heck yeahs from the others.



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