Meet in the Middle

A possible one Shot or a story.  Don’t know, keep getting interrupted so here it is, it is VERY short, just getting that idea on paper…

Disclosure:  Twilight is the property of Stephenie Meyers.  Diamond Rio owns their dong obviously; I am just the one that is combining the two in my own funky way.

Song I listened to for this chapter: Meet in The Middle by Diamond Rio

It was a hot June morning as Jasper finishes his chores.  He grins as he runs his hand through his long blond hair, his green eyes twinkling.  He takes off towards the path, his brother laughing as Jasper sprints past him.

“Give Bella a hug fer me!”

Peter shakes his head as he watches his older brother running towards his lit’le lady.  And in Bella’s case, she really was a little lady.

Peter and Jasper’s Ma came out on the porch, wiping her hands on her apron.  She calls over to Peter, “Jasper finished his chores I take it.”

Peter just looks at his ma, “Of course he did, Ma.  Jasper is responsible.  And you know that will be the first question out of Bella’s mouth.  Since Jasper refuses to ever lie to her, he will make sure that everything is done.  He was up before the sun working as he is every day.”

Ma just shakes her head.  “That boy is truly heads over heels in love with her.”

Peter just stares down the path that link their farms. “He always has been, and she is as in love with him as he is with her.  And as stubborn too.”

They both laugh in agreement as Peter goes back to his chores.  He has a meeting with Jessica later.

Bella is sitting underneath their Georgia Pine, reading her favorite book, Wuthering Heights.   The sun is shining down highlighting her hair a beautiful red as she turns the pages.

Jasper slows down as he comes up to her and lies down behind her kissing her neck.  “Hello Darlin.”

Bella looks back at him grinning.  Jasper was her best friend, and then as the seasons turned, they became more.  But that beginning has helped build a strong foundation for their love.


  1. Meridian

    Hey, now, this one needs more words…LOTS more words… 😀

    • kittyinaz

      It does. But I will get to this later… The song is what motivated me…

      • Meridian

        It’s gonna be a great story!! So, when are you gonna find those other 48 hours/day??

        • kittyinaz

          Desperately at this point. WordPress had a bunch of your comments in Spam that JUST showed up. what the heck????? It’s not like you never comment….

          • meridiean

            WP is a recalcitrant li’l bitch on occasion. 🙁

  2. Meridian

    It’s gonna be a great story!! So, when are you gonna find those other 48 hours/day??

  3. wendy

    I like this idea and i think not just because i am a J/B fan, but i just like it.
    It seems as if it will be a good easy going read.

  4. lunjul

    Just found this looks good

  5. kim67255

    I like this idea also. Again when/if you find time for this story, I will continue to read. I also love non canon pairings.

  6. JesskaLK93

    I’m liking this.


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