Jupiter Perihelion

Jupiter Perihelion

Jupiter Perihelion 1

Description: Time has passed as Caine and Jupiter spend their time on Earth, enjoying being together.  Then an attack happens, and Caine barely protects Jupiter, only to have another wave come through.  Luckily Titus and Kalique arrive with the Aegis to rescue the two lovers.  They come to tell of Civil War, the demands of the empire to stop the harvests, while there is more sickness happening.  Races were beginning to die, and no one knows why.

Jupiter is asked to go to the place that may hold the answer.  The forbidden planet, which holds the answers, but will only allow one person to enter with someone who is part of their heart.  The place that only allowed their mother.  The fate of more than Earth rests on her shoulders this time.  Will Jupiter reach her highest height, become who the Universe needs, or will she allow it to start its descent?

Disclaimer:  I own none of the rights or the original ideas behind Jupiter Ascending.  I just own my unique take on the story.  To steal that is Plagiarism.


This is what would be termed as Sci-Fi.  A space opera.  This will not be everyone’s cup of tea, and I understand that.  But this is letting me be free with an imagination fertilized with some of the greatest writers of all time read over years of devouring books.  And this is my nod to my father. John Robert Larrick who encouraged me to read these.  To embrace the technology as something not to be feared.  And to both my mother and my father, for both encouraging me to dream.   Thank you both.


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June 18, 2015


  1. goddessnyte22

    i’ll read this but is the pairing gonna stay as caine and Jupiter?

  2. brookietwiling

    Love Jupiter Ascending, one of my favorite filmes! The idea is very interesting and I’m intriged on how it will go.


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