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  1. tj6james6

    Much better. Thank you. I love the pics and everything but they slow down load time and I’m an impatient person when it comes to knowing what I want and having to wait to get it, lol.
    As Jeff Dunham says via Walter about what Walmart greeters should say, “Get your shit and get out!” I like to come in, click a story and read :D.

  2. bannerdawn

    I was on fanfiction and found your story I never did and then i got to the last chapter at least what I thought was the chapter and was so sorry to read what was happening on that sight but I also read of your page here and am so impressed with everything that you have done and the stories you have created. So I just wanted to tell how much I have enjoyed reading all of your stories….you are a great writer and deserve many accolades……

    A fan who just wanted to let you know
    Ps hope you finish “I never did” I love the twist and turns in that story so different from everything else

  3. Danielle Louise Ellen

    I’m sorry you had to leave I love your work and I can’t wait for the new mummy fic to be started

  4. DuchessFaleen

    Idk if you remember who I am but I was your biggest most hugest fan. You’d send me chapters of Alice and Hatter late at night and they were my “bed time stories” I would even help find you pics for the chapters. I am actually subscribed to you on AO3 and I’m so excited to be reading your stuff again. Hope all is well I see you have been quite busy with writing. Anyways I just wanted to say hi…so hi *waves awkwardly*

  5. Judy Birchall

    I was just wondering if it was possible to subscribe to your site and be sent notifications when you post as I couldn’t see anywhere to do that. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter.


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