Chapter 8 Listen to Your Heart

Tin Man 8

Word count before editing:  3,453

Song I listened to for this chapter: Gravity of Love by Enigma.


Popsicle leans back in his seat.  He finally asks, “What happened to her?  She would take blame for things, but not like this.”

Jeb is still picking his jaw off the floor, so Az answers, “Whisper Spell.”

Momster and Popsicle both gasp.  “Whisper Spell?”

And Ambrose looks up at them, “And Cain is going to break it, the spell.”


Cain is running after DG.  He doesn’t know what is up with Ambrose, but he cannot help his brother at the moment.  DG means so much more to him and he cannot allow her to run away from him.  This morning he finally gave up fighting this bond he feels with her.  Now he is following that bond and rounds the corner, sliding to a stop.

DG is in front of him, collapsed next to a tree sobbing.

Cain slowly moves to her, crouching at her feet.  He can’t watch her be like this.  He knows that even though it is supposed to be Ambrose and her, he can’t do it.  He can’t stand to see her in this pain.  That is what had caused him to unconsciously give in and led him to this moment in time, for him to convince her to give in to this feeling, to give up the feelings of worthlessness.

DG tries to pull away, He will hurt you! But Cain doesn’t let her.  He pulls her to him and just sits there with her, letting her cry it out.

When she calms down, he tells her softly.  “I have never blamed you.  How could I, DG?  You were only a child.”

DG is tired; she keeps feeling they are all attacking her, but her rational mind and her feelings are fighting within her.  This is why she ended up sending Cain away.  Tutor had threatened him, and she couldn’t find her balance with him around.

But right now, her filter is completely failing her as usual around this man. “Cain, or Wyatt, as you keep insisting, you could barely look at me when we first met.  There were times you turned away from me.  Why would you do that if you didn’t blame me for Adora’s death?” It is what she keeps going back to on why he ­­­couldn’t not blame her.

And just like that, the elephant in the room is acknowledged.

Cain realizes that here and now is it.  This is when he will have to prove he loves her and what has happened.  It may be now that the Life Bond will be settled, if it hasn’t been present all this time.

He looks down and lifts her face so that he can see her eyes. “DG.  I never, not for even one second have ever blamed you for Adora’s death.  Ever.”  And when she opens her mouth he softly puts one finger on her lips. “Now is time for me to tell you, DG. I need to tell you what went through my head. Can I do that, Sweetheart?”

DG stares at him. He is only doing this to be in a better place to hurt you!  Then she found herself arguing back, Cain has never lied to me, never tried to hurt me.  And with that thought, she nods.

Cain relaxes some.  He smiles down at her, and unable to help himself, he kisses her forehead.  He settles them more comfortably against the tree.  He is still looking in her eyes, needing her to see the truth in his own.  “I am not going to lie to you.  I loved Adora, so very much.  However, the second I saw your face in the view plate of the suit, my world reordered.  Then you opened the suit and I saw you clearly.  DG, it felt as though every single thing in my world coalesced around you, and you were all that mattered.”

He pauses, searching her eyes.  “I was confused.  To me, I felt guilty for that sudden change in emotions.  That is why I couldn’t look at you, I felt…guilty. As though Adora and Jeb didn’t matter.  They did.  They still do. But not as much as you do.  Then, each time I looked in your eyes, the Bond became stronger.  I found myself reacting to any danger you were in.  And as time went by, I came to the realization that even if it had not been for that Bond, I still would feel the same way.  The only difference is that the bond gives me more than I would normally have.”

His eyes close as he remembers one of the scarier moments in his life. “At the Northern Palace was the first time I truly stopped fighting it.  And I can’t tell you how scared I was when you were missing, and that I had a large chance of not being able to have you by my side.  You see, first there was Glitch.  Before you were killed, Ambrose had sued for and received permission to go through the Courting process.  He succeeded, and all of the O.Z. knew of it.  We also knew that he had refused to allow the Suitor Bond to be dismissed.  He is in love with you.  As Glitch, he fell in love with you all over again and I was scared that you would be taken from me that way.  Then as I fought Zero and lost, I fell to the lake below thinking of you.   You are the reason I didn’t die in the Lake.  I couldn’t give up; I felt as though you were calling me.”

His arms tighten around her as he opens his eyes to continue to gaze into her eyes, “Then to find out that you were taken by your sister, who had already killed you once…It physically hurt.  When I woke, your name was the first one on my lips.  That was when Glitch admitted how he felt, and forced me to face the fact I, too, was in love with you.  He had no idea I had admitted it to myself already.  That wasn’t what I was fighting; I was fighting more than that.  I was fighting our everything.”

Cain takes a breath.  “Then we get into that damned Tower and you had already rescued yourself.  But by that time, I was feeling guilty. Zero had taunted me, telling me my family was still alive.  I was so conflicted.  And then when you hugged me, I felt whole.  And I realized that I couldn’t do that to you.  I could not love you the way you deserved until I spoke with Adora.  So I walled myself off from you.” He softly snorts. “I should have known better.  The minute I had found out that you were in danger in Central City, I was done for.  But, I was a fool.  I fought it.  I fought it so hard; telling myself that I would guard you, and once I found Adora, I would explain what was happening and hoped she would forgive me.  Instead, I found out that she had died, and you were there for me.  I remember how you slept that night, so close to me.  That night I thought on it so much.  I wanted to talk to you, see how you felt, but again, there was Glitch.  And we had just found out how much he had given up to protect the O.Z.  I couldn’t do it to him.”

His eyes are turning into a more intense blue. “DG.  When you called for me when the Seeker took you, it tore my heart apart.  Even finding my son alive didn’t help.  I was anxious to get to you. I knew you were alive, but I needed to be there.  Once I was able to leave, well let’s just say that the mutt didn’t need to lead me to you, I could have done it myself.”

DG hesitantly says, “That was the first time you willingly hugged me.”

He nods.  “The relief I felt was unspeakable.  Damn, DG.  If I could have, I would have taken you somewhere and told you then.  But, as a fool, I didn’t listen to my heart.  I continued to hide from you everything I felt.  Until I realized that you were going into that Tower, and I would not be by your side.  I couldn’t be by your side.  Later I would realize I knew the instant you fell from the balcony, when you needed me to shut down that machine.  I threatened Ambrose’s brain because I could feel your fear.  That was the second that it all melded for me, you were far more important to me than anything else.  I was so worried until I saw you again, it was indescribable.  Then to have you go and collapse, you scared me.  I couldn’t feel anything.  Then to find out you were trying to kill yourself.  DG, my heart collapsed.  It was after that, when Az suggested me becoming a Suitor for your hand, I went for it.  The Bond just settled into me.  Everyone wondered why, but I knew that it was due to the Bond that was already there.  The Suitor Bond was nothing next to it.”

Then the pain of what she did to him shows in his eyes, “Then you sent me away.  I didn’t know about it right away, I found out that part just a few days ago.  I also found that you had blocked yourself from me.  Even if Az and Glitch hadn’t asked me to come home, I was getting ready to anyways.”

He closes his eyes, and then opens them, their intensity taking DG’s breath away. “I came in and saw you.  I almost fell to my knees to see you in that much pain.  You were sleeping, so I moved to your anteroom and fell asleep.  In the morning you were gone, and the instant you disappeared, it tore into my very soul.  I was desperate, as were Az and Glitch.  We met and talked; Jeb joined us, everyone telling their point of view except for me.  Once we put the pieces together, and figured out what had happened, I was fit to be tied.  I hunted down Tutor, but he somehow got away.  We called everyone back and the following day received a shock.  Your ancestor came to us and sent us on a quest to find you.”

He smiles, “I will tell you more about that later; but basically, we are all here because we love you so much.  But your mother and father were completely torn up to find that you are blaming yourself.  You see, not one of us blames you.  It has never crossed our minds.  It is completely impossible to cross my mind, since there is nothing to blame.”  He takes a deep breath, “DG, I love you.  So very much, darlin’. I have since I met you.  I am sorry that it has taken me this long to tell you.  You deserve my heart that has been yours from the very start.”

DG can’t help staring at him.  She asks, “You love me?” The shock, the awe that he, of all people, loves…her is evident in her face.

Cain stares into her eyes, “And will for the rest of our lives.  DG, I cannot explain how I feel completely.  But I will spend the rest of our lives together making up for the fact I didn’t tell you about this from the very start, if you will have me.”

Still staring at him, DG knows what he is saying.  When he was shot, she had felt the punch of it.  When he hit the water, she had gasped with the shock of it.  It had allowed Az to catch her.   When Az messed with her memories, the thought of him was there.  He was the one that Tutor threatened, somehow knowing how she felt.  Him not being there made it so she felt more that everyone blamed her.

Realizing this, DG frowns.  Why would it be his absence that made it worse?  He is the main reason she accepted the blame. Her head explodes in pain as she explores the reasoning.

Cain gasps, “DG!” the pain she is feeling is immense, and it came on all of a sudden.  He pulls her closer to him, trying to pull the pain from her, anxious that she not feel this.

She looks at him and can only gasp out, “Why?”  The pain grows to the point that she arches her back.

Cain grabs her head and forcing her to meet his eyes, he tells her, “It is a spell DG.  The only way to break it is to accept me.  Please, DG!” He realizes in that second that he is the one.  And he accepts it fully, and it fills him with a power that is calling to its other half, the fragile woman in his arms.

Frowning, DG actually puts it all together in a flash.  It is a spell that is doing this.  And for some reason, Cain is the answer to it all.  That is why he was threatened.  Why she was forced to send him away.  Why him being here is making it worse.

DG opens her eyes fully; they latch on his, seeing the same pain she is feeling.  And somehow that is what makes her give in.

They both gasp as a silvery blue light fills them both, opening them both up to the other.  DG sees the dark parts of Cain’s soul and accepts them as he accepts hers.  She also sees his love and devotion to her as what it is, not what the spell in her head had twisted it to.  Tears fill her eyes at the beautiful feeling.  She feels his guilt still over what he feels is his desertion of Adora and she soothes it, showing he never has and never will desert the feelings for Adora.  And at the same time reassures him that he is not slighting her at all with this.  His love for DG is so totally different, there is no comparison.

Cain sees her feelings of unworthiness and pain from so much that has happened to her, and he soothes them all with his love for her, while promising that he will be at her side for the rest of their lives.  He sees how her love for him was twisted to the point she felt it was wrong.  He uses his own feelings to show her how wrong that idea is.  Her love for him is the center point of his thanks to the gods every second that she is with him.  He also proves to her with his memories how no one blames her, and how much he admires her for the fact that even though she thought this, she did everything in her power to make sure she put it right.  He shows her the beauty of the Papay fields and the thanks the Papay have for her.

They both felt it when the Whisper Spell broke under the power of the Life Mating.  And they both feel the Bond solidify for both of them, a marking on their ring fingers and hands burning.  They look into each other’s eyes, noting the silver ring around each other’s pupils.  The glow fades away and Cain holds DG to him.

DG mutters, “Well, that was different.”

Cain chuckles as he is working to catch his breath.  He leans back so he can stare at DG. “I would ask how you feel, but I can feel it.”

Chuckling, DG looks back into his eyes.  “Woah.  That will be different.”  At Cain’s look of puzzlement, she tells him, “Your eyes have always been different, but now there is a silver-”

Cain finishes it for her, “Ring around them?” DG nods.  “You have the same thing, darlin’.”  Then his face grows serious.  “Thank you, DG.”

Her smile grows, “There is nothing to thank me for.  I was just as stubborn as you were.”

Cain just laughs.  “What a pair we make.  I think this will be one of the interesting Life Matings.”

DG frowns, “Is that what this is?”

Cain looks down at her.  His face gets serious.  “Yes.  Life Mates are what it sounds like.”  He frowns, trying to put it where she can understand, “You are basically the other half of my soul.”

Feeling his frustration, she tells him, “Basically, no one can separate us?”

Cain chuckles, “Not just no one, nothing can separate us.  It is very powerful, sweetheart.  So powerful it can make species able to be together.  The last one was your ancestor in fact.”  He frowns.  “Deeg, while I want nothing more than for us to be together, I think it is time for you to hear everything.  It sounds like the O.Z. needs you again.  And as much as I don’t want it to be you, the O.Z. is not listening to me.” And with that Cain sighs.

Shaking her head, “Well, I guess I can go and rescue the O.Z.  But it sounds like we need to have a talk with it.”

Cain grins down at her as he stands and grasps her hand to pull her up to him. “About what?”

She matches his grin. “Well, I think that I deserve a break.  The last time didn’t count since I was under a spell.  But now, since the O.Z. has seen fit to basically marry us, she can grant us a honeymoon right?”

Cain’s grin turns into a smirk and he pulls her closer to him.  He murmurs, “Well, I don’t know about you, but I feel cheated of even being able to kiss you at our wedding.”

Her face is angled towards his, as she answers, “I agree.  Shut up and kiss me, cowboy.”  And without a second to spare, he closes the distance between them.

Their lips touching sends a shock wave through them, and they both turn the kiss from a simple meeting of lips, to one of love.  Their lips caress each other’s, Cain’s hand on the back of her neck, holding her to him as the other slips down to her back.  DG’s hands are on the back of his neck, one playing with the hair at the back of his neck.  The experience is the key to the gravity of their love for each other.

Cain soon slows the kiss down and bestows kisses to her lips to where they both open their eyes to stare at each other.

DG’s lips curve into a smile and she tells him, “We waited way too long for that.”

Cain matches her smile and he pecks her lips.  “I agree.  But we need to head in.”  He kisses her again, not being able to contain the joy he feels in being with her.

They turn and Cain wraps his arm around her waist as she leans into him.  They both are smiling softly, frankly amazed at how they are feeling.  But all too soon, DG stops.

Turning his head to hers, he feels her guilt and pain.  “Deeg?”

She looks up at him and asks, “Glitch?”

He closes his eyes at the pain his brother must be feeling but before he can say anything, Ambrose tells them, “He already knows, Doll.”

DG spins to face him.  Glitch is standing there before her.  She runs to him and he catches her in a hug.  “Glitch, I am so sorry.  I never wanted to hurt you-”

Glitch catches her face and he lifts it towards his.  His eyes search hers, and they momentarily widen when he sees the ring and his eyes flick up to meet Cain’s to see the same ring in his.  He smiles. “I knew you two were Life Mates.”  Then his face looks back down at the woman he loves in his arms, “DG, it would have hurt so much worse to know you chose me over him.  Cain loves you to a point I can’t, and you love him the same.  You both would have been miserable.  I love you both too much to do that.”

Cain walks up and clasps him on the shoulder.  Ambrose looks at him and nods. “I really am okay with this.  I knew yesterday for sure.”

Ambrose grins, “Besides, I have someone out there for me.  I was promised.”

DG looks up at him puzzled.  But before she can ask, Cain tells her, “It is part of what we need to meet about, Princess.”

Ambrose grows concerned; he looks up at Cain, “Did it break it?” Please don’t let it all be for nothing.

Looking up at him, DG tells him, “Yes. “

With that Ambrose nods.  He lets her go and grins as Cain wraps his arm around her again.  He bows to him, “Well, I guess Ahamo will be stocking up on that oil.”

Cain grins back at him, “Guess so.  At least this way he won’t worry about the monkeys anymore.”

Looking at both of them, DG shakes her head.  She puts her arm around Ambrose and tells them both, “C’mon you two.  I get this feeling I need to be brought up to speed.  Let’s go.”  With that, the two men laugh and putting both their arms around her, escort her into the house.

Word count:  after editing 3,580 

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