Chapter 10 The Underbelly’s Sicker Than it Seems

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He looks at his mate, and once she is fine, he turns his attention to the idiot, “Bill Compton, it has been a while.”


Sookie resisted the urge to laugh as she realizes what Eric is doing. ‘Really?’ The memory of their first time meeting is engraved on her brain, every nuance as well as the look in Eric’s eyes the first time they locked eyes.

He looks at her then back to Compton, ‘Lover, it amuses me that while you remember, our dear Mr. Compton has no recollection of that time.  Shame he was ever turned into a vampire.  Surely there were better idiots to turn?’ His mirth is very present in the bond which makes it harder to resist laughing out loud.


Not knowing of their internal conversation, Compton angles his head slightly down as he asks Sookie, “Where did you go?  I looked everywhere for you.  Eric had no right to take you, you are mine!” He growls the last out, thinking he sounds threatening.

At that statement, action explodes from everyone but the King and Queen.  She just rolls her eyes and asks Eric, ‘Can he be any more predictable?  That same ole Sookeh you are mine.  Eric is lying to you.  I am the best for you.  Look at me!’ She is feeling irritated by the idiocy of the vampire in front of her.  Who does he think he is?

A ghost of a smile comes over Eric’s face as he looks down at her.  It then disappears as he looks at Compton and mentions to him in a dry voice, “Come now Compton, you can smell that we are bonded.  You no longer have a claim on her.  If you are done with the posturing, we have questions of you.” He is as amused as Sookie at the imbecile in front of them.

Looking out of the corner of his eye at the crowd of beings who popped up, Compton cannot but help to compare them to the ones who ended Russell on live television.  Especially with how they appeared out of thin air to surround him.  Some are growling, those noises sounding positively animalistic, barely human in fact.  Also, combined with their robes, while looking like a uniform are still unique to the person wearing them, he suspects they are not human or any supernatural he knows of.

When they only press in closer, Compton feels a drop of his blood well out from one of the many weapons now touching his skin. He nods finally, accepting that Sookie is not his right now.  Although once he is done here, he will see what he can do to have her back.  She had the purest blood he ever tasted, as well as the tightest pussy he ever fucked.  He had looked forward to training her how to please him.

Seeing that the rest of the guard is ready to kill Compton if he even breathes, Eric waves his hand at the guards, telling them to stand down.  He, however, did not ask for them remove themselves.  He wouldn’t want to besmirch their honor by implying he doesn’t trust their judgment.

Compton, not noticing what Northman is doing, is lost in his thoughts of how Northman may have taken care of that for him.  Yes, he may have to unteach her a few tricks, but if rumors were to be believed, Northman had a sexual appetite that strayed into taboo for humans.  If he had Sookie, he might have already broken her of those so-called forbidden arts. Yes, this might not be so bad after all.

As he is thinking these things, the guards withdraw, leaving two behind at either side of him, ready to discipline the idiot if he insults their Queen again.  She is too kind and smart for this moron.  They all know what she has suffered since this being came into her life.  All of it unneeded if he had not been greedy to have Sookie.


Shaking his head, at the thoughts going through the oxygen thief’s head Eric tells Compton, “You never learn do you?  No, you are not going to unteach her anything.  She is perfect as she is, and you will NEVER have her.” The last is said indifferently.  He doesn’t care what the moron thinks, he is here to provide assistance in something so out of his league, that he couldn’t imagine it if he tried.  Once they are done with him, with any luck, he will fall on a stake soon.

Compton quickly picks up the fact Northman just read his mind, and with his eyes widening, he questions, “Sookeh?” Hoping it is somehow she who actually read his mind since the idea of Northman able to read minds is too terrifying for him to imagine.


Shaking his head, Eric quickly corrects him with a smirk on his face, “No, since we have been gone, we have been taught and gained some new tricks.  Remember, Sookie could never read minds of a vampire.  It took a vampire to be able to do that.”  All true.  Eric has learned the trick of speaking half-truths long ago.  Now he uses it often and enjoys the play on words and how he will show up people when they accuse him of lying.  He never wants his mate to have vampires wanting to attack her for the fear that a so-called human can read their minds.  She can take them, but he never wants to take the chance that a stray hit will kill her.

Tired already of the measuring of dicks that Compton is trying to instigate, Sookie sighs, “Enough you two.  We have much more on our plates, Eric, than you poking at the village idiot.  See if he will do what he can for Shadoe, and then get him out of our lives.  He is stinking up the place and taking up space that can be put to better use.” She dismisses him and gets a few cheap hits for the way he treated her before.

Offended by the words, Compton is about to say something, when Eric tells him, “Enough.  Sookie is right.” He indicates the fox-like creature. “I want you to see if you can lift the Glamour on him.  I will be following you, and if you try to harm our Advisor, I will kill you immediately.” He is not above threatening Compton, and he will be following him, as well as Sookie, to make sure that he gets nowhere where he can endanger them.  He will be carefully monitored, but they need the information that is being covered up in Shadoe’s mind and it’s worth the risk.  Not that they are going to do everything to make sure the risk is as low as they can make it.

Looking at the being, Compton cocks his head to the side, “We cannot glamour beasts.” He rolls his eyes as he speaks down to Northman, like one would to a child asking a stupid question.

Tired of the twit, Shadoe stands up and looks to his Majesties, “I am not sure if he can help.  Obviously, he is an idiot who cannot believe even the evidence of his eyes.  I vote for waiting on Warlow to come back from his mission and see if he can do it.  I rather trust him than that thing.” The last is said with disgust.  He has no doubt that without his blood all but drowning Sookie, he would have never gotten close to her.

Growling at the insult from the beast, Compton jumps as he is hit with something.  His head turns in a blur looking for what hit him.  He is taken back when he looks over and Sookie is glaring at him, her hand lit up.

She growls out, “Enough!   Shadoe is right.  We might as well wait on Warlow.” While she feels the same need for information that Eric feels, this has been a colossal waste of time.  Compton cannot do anything without thinking he can overrule those who are better than him.  He cannot even think of anything outside his precious box.

Still startled that Sookie attacked him with her light that he had last seen her use on the Maenad, Compton tries to think where he heard that name before. It sounds like a name that is important.  When he cannot place it, he finally asks, “Warlow?”

Dismissing him, Eric sighs. “I just feel like this is something we needed to know sooner.  Ah well.  You may go.” Ignoring Compton, his use of Eric over.  At least he had the fun of needling him. And he has learned everything he can from his mind as well.

They watch as he protests being taken out of the room, and once he is out of Eric’s hearing, Eric looks to the others in the room. “He knows something, but it is hidden from him.”

Sookie looks at him startled, but soon they are all discussing what else Eric had found in Compton’s head while he had waited on Sookie and Shadoe to come in.  The Assassins listen and then two leave to follow the idiot.  They need to know what he does know.

Two of the assassins that have excelled in teleporting are beside Warlow as he looks at the building that they had found in a world hidden from curious eyes.  The only reason they had found it is that Jason had pointed out the anomaly in the maps from his probes.  Jason is quickly working to update their records with current information.  Luckily the droids he is sending out have abilities that are so far from Earth’s imagination that they travel very quickly and are intelligent enough to send back information when they see something unusual. And a gravity well when there is nothing there to cause it had certainly been unusual.

Luckily, Warlow’s ability to jump does not need really anything but his will.  If he thinks there is something there, either he will be there, or not.  If not, then there was nothing for him to land on.  If it were airless, he would be wrapped in a bubble of air. Simple.

Well, as long as you accept magic as being sentient.

Glad they appeared behind a rock formation, he catches the scent of a being, but it is so laden with anger as well as neglect that he cannot be sure.  It might be Godric, but the other smells so overlay it that there is no way for him to be sure.

He looks to them, telling them silently, ‘Something is in there.  There is only one being.  Are you ready?’ Sending to them is hard, but possible.  And since they have no idea if their adversary can read minds also, they are all working with their shields up.  It is only a very fine line that is open for them to communicate mind to mind, but they don’t want to expose that crack to anyone.

The two assassins nod then disappear, with Warlow blinking out a second after them.  If you watched very closely, you might have seen them as they move forward, but it is very, very unlikely.  The split microseconds they are present are only so that they can make sure that all is still clear.  It is a trick that the assassins use and were glad to teach the three to help them be safer.

Soon they are creeping in the building, the two watching Warlow’s back as he walks into the room with the bound vampire in it. He stops in shock of the being in front of him that is almost unrecognizable. “Godric!  Finally.  Are you ready to ditch this shit hole and go home?” He hides his amazement that Godric is still alive after everything he has suffered from.

The creature in chains looks up, his eyes still glowing, and he asks, “Who are you?  And why do you smell of Eric?” His voice is almost gone, but there is no doubt to any in the room, that the ancient is not broken.  His body, yes; in fact, how he survived this long in this condition is a testament to his will.

Warlow grins as he then kneels in front of him as one of the others loosen the chains on the ancient vampire, “I am Warlow.  And I happen to be the actual father of Eric.” Then he reaches out and, gently putting his hands on Godric, takes him to freedom.

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    Erics father???
    Yay Godric!

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    oooh snap! all this time I thought sook was going to have two trees to climb in some crazy tri-bond mate thing…not have a a five thousand year old faepire for a father in law in warlow…fun!


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